Notes Relative to the Late Transactions in the Marhatta Empire: Fort William, December 15, 1803

J. Stockdale, 1804 - 197 páginas

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Página 69 - I formed the infantry immediately in two lines, with the British cavalry as a reserve in a third, in an open space between that river and a nullah running parallel to it.
Página 85 - Sir, I have the honor to transmit for your information, a copy of my letter of this day's date, with enclosures to the honorable' majorgeneral Arthur Wellesley.
Página 40 - Highness' dominions, and the due correction of his subjects or dependants, who may withhold the payment of the Sircar's just claims ; but it is not to be employed on trifling occasions, nor like Sebundy to be stationed in the country to collect the revenues, nor...
Página 48 - By command of his Excellency the Most Noble the Governor- General in Council, J.
Página 110 - Naulniah, and there received a report that Scindiah and the Rajah of Berar had moved off in the morning with their cavalry, and that the infantry were about to follow, but were still in camp at the distance of about six miles from the ground on which 1 had intended to encamp.
Página 90 - I have the honor to be, MY LORD, With the greatest respect, Your excellency's most obedient And faithful humble Servant, (Signed) ARTHUR WELLESLEY.
Página 173 - Mysore cavalry the left, nearly parallel to that of the enemy; with the right rather advanced to press upon the enemy's left. Some little time elapsed before the lines could be formed, owing to a part of the infantry of my division which led the column having got into some confusion. When formed, the whole advanced in the greatest order ; the 74th and 78th regiments were attacked by a large body (supposed to be Pathdns) and
Página 39 - The subsidiary force will, at all times, be ready to execute services of importance, such as the protection of the person of His Highness, his heirs, and successors, the overawing and chastisement of rebels, or exciters of disturbance in His Highness...
Página 122 - Assye are not inferior to the splendor of the action. The immediate consequences derived from the exertions of that day have been the complete defeat of the combined army of the confederate chieftains ; an irreparable blow to the strength and efficiency of their military resources, especially of their artillery, in the...
Página 51 - It is considered in this country as one of its strongest forts; and excepting Vellore in the Carnatic, is the strongest country fort that I have seen. It is in excellent repair, excepting in the part exposed to the fire of the British troops. I shall hereafter have the honor of transmitting to Your Excellency an account of the ordnance, stores, and grain which it contains.

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