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Feb. 1,



per lb.


Price for Home|Board a British

Consumption, Ship for Es.
Duty paid.

portation, SUGAR-Double refined loaves

105 a 172 110 a 118 Hambro and Turkey do.

137 a 145

85 a 98 Single and powder loaves

126 a 142

81 a 97 Good and fine lumps

Muscovado sugars pay a duty of

127 a 128

84 a 92 Brown and middling do.

305. per cwt. and clayed 358. pert

121 a 127 76 a 81 Crushed lumps cwt. for renning or home con.

84 a 78 Brown Candy sumption; and for exportation

170 12 a 13d Molasses the refined receive a bounty, and

28 a 295 Moscovadoes-Fine Jamaica the raw and clayed a drawback

86 a 985 60 a 72 Good do, of other islands .equal to the full duty paid for 86 a 96 58 2 68

home consumption. Brown and middling

80 a 86

54 a

59 Fine clayed

112 a 130 82 a 96 East India-- White and fine

90 a 105

60 a 76 Brown and yellow

75 a 80 44 a

50 Havannah--Fine white These are only imported for re.

80 a 90 Brown and yellow exportation. Being the growth

62 a 76 Brazil-White and fine of foreign plantations, they are

68 a 78 Brown and yellow subject to such heavy duties as

50 a 60 COFFEE--St. Domingo, mid. & fine are equal to a probibition for

74 a 78 Do. ordinary and good home consu:nption.

652 70 Porto Rico, Havannah, and Brazil

65 a 72 Cheribon, Java, and Bourbon

1025. sd. per cwt.

75 a 80 Mucha

110 a 120 Demerara, Dominica, &c. fine

725. 4d.

94 a 100 Do. ordinary, middling, and good

62 a 90 Jamaica, fine

96 a 100 Do, ordinary, middling, and good

56 a 80 RUM-Jamaica

115, 7d. per gall.

38 4d'a 45 60 Other I lands

210 3 3


10 a 104 PEPPER-Company's black

15. 10d.

10 a 99 Privilege and light do.

of a 9 TOBACCO- Fine Virginia

3s. 2d.

10 17 Do. Maryland

9 a 16 Ordinary qualities :S

5 a 7 WINE-Port

521. 105.
per pipe of 138 gall.

461 a 50l Sherry 481. os.


30 a 60 Madeira 421, 5s.


30 a 70 Lisbon 521, 1os.


50 a 55 Spanish red 481. os.


10 a 15 Claret

251. los.
per hhd. of 60

61 a 101 RICE-Carolina

per cwt.

27 a 28 East India

20 a 22 COTTON WOOL-Permambucco

pr lb.

2s 3d a 2s 4d Maranham and Babia 85. 7d. per 100 lbs.

2 0 a 3 1 West India, Demerara, &c, imported in a Bri

2 1 a 2 3 Fine Sea Island tish, Portuguese, or

7 a 2 10 New Orleans American ships, and

17 a 18 Bowed Georgia -258. 60, in others.

16 a 17 Bengal, Surat, and Smyrna

11 a 13 SPICES-Cloves

55. 7d5.

3 4 a 36 Mace

8 6 a 100 Cinnamon

2s.6d. Nutmegs

55. 5d.

11 6a 13 3

0 a 64 Cassia

per cwt.

141a 151 TEA-Bohea and common Congou

18 od a 25 d Congou middling and good

2 9a35 Souchong do. 96 per cent. on the

8 4 a 3 10 Twankay sale price.

2 a 3 5 Hyson Skin or Bloom

3 2 a 4 6 Hyson good and fine

5 4 a 5 11 TALLOW-St.Petersbgh yel.Candles 36.2d. duty per cwt.

565 57$ Do. White and Soap do.

52 53 South hmerican :) ship, and 3s. 1 d. For.

55 HEMP_Riga, Rhine, & St. Peters-Y gl. 28. 1d. BS per ton


341 a 351 bugh clean & Half clean&outshots 10l. 55. 10d, FS


32 a 31 Flax PDR, and PTR.

78, 11d. BS

78 76 a 78 St. Petersburg 12 Head

118, 10d, SF

64 65 64 a 65

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The whole of these articles are generally sold by the merchants at the exportation prices, and

when intended for home consumption the buyers pay the duties affixed, which added to
esportation price gives the price for home consumption.

Os. 2d

per lb.

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Spel cwt.







Commercial Report.


ON the 18th ult. was received the ratification of a commercial convention for four years with the United States of America, which we have inserted at length in a preceding part of our present number. It does not contain any clause to afford any new feature of commercial intercourse on either side, or to produce the least impression upon the intercourse already established between the two countries: it is more remarkable for what is excluded from it than for what it contains. It will be fouud by this con· vention that the United States of America, by their acts of hostility towards Great Britain, have lost much and gained nothing, being entirely excluded from any intercourse with our West India Islands, which heretofore constituted their most valuable branch of commerce.

The return of the Emperor of Russia to his capital, and our present amicable relation with that country, induce a belief that some commercial regulations will be agreed upon to the interest and mutual advantage of both, previous to the renewal of intercourse the ensuing season; and our existing connexion with France likewise suggests the probability of some extended regulations with regard to the commercial intercourse of the iwo countries. For this reason an outline of the comincrcial treaty concluded at Versailles in September, 1786, may be interesting to such of our readers as have not the immediate means of reference to the same. The baueful anarchy in France that so inmediately suc. ceeded the period of this treaty, prevented the effects of its infiuence being ascertained by either country. It would therefore probably form the basis of a future treaty; and as such, render an atten. tive perasal of its contents, and the debates in Parliament on the 12th February, 1787, upon its consi. deration, highly interesting.-The treaty of 1786 contained 47 articles; the 6th, as containing the tarif, and disclosing nearly the substance of the whole, we shall here insert at length.

ART. VI. The two high contracting parties have thought proper to settle the duties on certain goods and merchandizes, in order to fix invariably the footing on which the trade therein shall be established between the two nations. In consequence of which they have agreed upon the following tarif, viz.

1. The wine of France, imported directly from thence into Great Britain and Ireland, shall in 10 case pay any higher duties than those which the wines of Portugal now pay.

2. ( Relates to duty on vinegar, now not worth repeating.)
3. (Reduces the duty on brandy from 9$ 60. to 75. per gallon.)

4 ou of olives, coming directly from France, shall for the future pay ng higher duties than are now paid for the same from the most favoured nations.

3. Beer shall pay reciprocally a duty of 30 per cent. ad valorem.

6. The duties on hardware, cutlery, cabinet ware, and turnery, and also all works both heavy and light of iron, steel, copper, and brass, shall be classed, and the highest duty shall not exceed io per cent. ad valorem.

7. All sorts of cotions manufactured in the dominions of the two Sovereigns in Europe, and also foollens, whether knit or woven, including hosiery, shall pay in both countries an import duty of 19 per cent. ad valorem, manufactures of cotton or wool mixed with silk excepted, which shall reinain prolibited on both sides

8. Cambries and lawns shall pay in both countries an import duty of five shillings, or six livres, per demi piece of seven yards and three quarters English measure; and linens made of fax or hemp, manufactured in the dominions of the two Sovereigns in Europe, shall pay to higher duties either in Great Britain or France than lineus inanufactured in Holland or Flanders imported into Great Britain 30w pay. And linen inade of fax or hemp, manufactured in Ireland or France, shall reciprocally pay Do higher duties than linens nianufactured in Holland importod into Ireland now pay.

9. Saddlery shall reciprocally pay an import duty of 16 per cent. ad valorem 10. Gauzes of all sorts shall reciprocally pay 10 per cent. ad valorem.

11. Millinery, made up of muslin, lawn, cambric, or gauze of any kind, or of any other article admitted under the preseni tarif, shall pay reciprocally a duty of 12 per cent. ad valorem ; and if any articles shall be used therein which are not specified in the tarif, they shall pay no higher duties than those paid for the said articles by the most favoured nations.

19. Porcelain, earthenware, and poltery, shall pay reciprocally 12 per cent. ad valorem.

13. Plate glass and glass ware in general shall be admitted on each side paying a duty of 19 per cent, ad valorem.

His Britannic Majesty reserves the right of counteracting by ad litional duties on the undermen. tioned merchandizes, the internal duties actually imposed upon the manufactures, or the import duties which are charged on the raw matcrials, namely, on ali linens or cottons staived or printid, on beer, glass-ware, plate-glass, and iron.

And his most Christian Majesty also reserves the right of doing the same with regard to the following merchandizes : vamely, cotton, iron, and beer.

And for the better securing the due collection of the duties payable ad rolórem which are specified in the above tarif, the said contracting parties will concert with each other, as well the form of the declaration to be made, as also the proper means of preventing fraud with respect to the real value of the said goods and merchandizes.

But if it shall liereafter appear that any mistakes have inadvertently been made in the above tarif, contrary to the principles on which it is founded, the two sovereigns will concert with good faith upon the means of rectifying them.

The five first articles of this treaty stipulate for the freedom and protection of the subjects of both sovereigos residing in either country with reciprocal privileges,

Ast. VII stipulates that all merchandizes not specified ii the preceding article shall be admitted Tespectively on equal terins with the most favoured nations.

Art. XV stipulates for the reciprocal abolition of all tonnage dues on the shipping of both nations; and the remainder relate to regulations for the prevention of litigations and conti»cations in cases of false entries; reciprocity of assistance in cases of distress of shipping upon the coasts of either country; tegulations of letters of marque and privateers in case of war of either country with any other power; conuaband goods in such cases; &c. &c. &c, New MONTHLY MAG.No. 25.



90 Bankrupts.

[Feb.), The commercial transactions of the past month, as is usual for this season of the year, have been limited, and speculation having almost entirely subsided, redders the complaint of inactivity in every department of commerce general. Sugars of all kiuds have declined 2s. to 3s. per cwt., and still indicate a further depression. Coffee, howerer, semains steady, and some sales have been effected without a de cline; and rums liave improved 4d. to 3d. per gallou. Dye woods, and dyeing articles in general, although most of them at very low prices, do pot recommend themselves to purchasers, and remain without a prospect of improvement.

As to American produce, tobaccos fully support their prices, without any immediate prospect of decline, and hy some an advance is even auticipated. Cotton wool has improved three half-pence lo two-peace per lb. upon the extren.e depression it had experiepced in the course of the month, and remains at present very ready at the prices quoted. Pot and pearl ashes and rice are in limited demand, and present prices not readily realized.

From the East Indies, several more ships have arrived with cottons, sugars, coffee, indigo, &c.; which, added to the ample supplies already on hand, leaves no prospect to the importers of any improvement in value.

Spices of all kinds, it will be noticed, have submitted to a considerable decline in price.

In Baltic produce, tallow and flax have also experienced the same result, whilst hemp remains without any buyers of consequence at last month's prices.

The present low prices of grain, which has gradually declined in value, since June, 1819, from 1$0s. to 55s. per quarter, tends very considerably, by the diminution of the capital produced, to abridge the demand throughout the couutry for colouial and toreign produce in general, as well as for inanufactnred goods; and induces all classes of the community to look forward to the proceedings of the ensuing session of parliament for a more explicit developement of the political state of Europe, whereby to ascertain what advantages are likely to result, e ther by cominercial treaties such as we have previously referred to, ly exportation bounties upon the productions of the soil, or by a diminution of laxes.

Bulbhın has remained throughout the month without any variation deserving of notice. Nor has the fluctuation of the exchanges been such as lo demand attention, except with Ireland, which, in the course of the month, attained a premium of 10 per cent above par, but again receded on the oth to 8 per ceut. The funds, it will be noticed, towards the close of the month, experienced au improvement,


BANKRUPTS. FROM DECEMBER 29, 1815, TO JANUARY 23, 1816, INCLUSIVE. Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside at the

same place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses. ADAIR S. Bristol, haberdasher. (Strickland. Brinkley $ New Kent-road, corn-dealer. (Clettan Adams W. & J. Edwards, Cumberland street, Fitz- & Carter, Southwark. roy square, chair-makers. (Saunders, Char.

Burtenshaw S. Brighton, tter. (Abbolt, Ad. lotte street.

church yard. Armistead . Liverpool, straw hat manufacturer, Burton J. & S. Little Coggesliall, horse.dealers, (Finlow.

(Dawson, Gale st. Lincoln's Inn-fields. Ashbey J. Boxstead, Herts, farmer. (Bond, Ware. Bury J. Kinfare, Stafford, butcher. (Roberts, Ball W. Newcasile-upon Tyne, innkreper. (Reed. Builer J. Deal. lailnr. (Osbaldoston, Loudon-st. Barthrop B. Blaxhall, Suffol., merchant, (Irod, Chainvers G. Rochester, coachmaker, (Harvey. Woodbr.dge.

Cursitor street Baseley 'T V. & W. Stipleton, of Newport Pag Chandley J. Slockport, grocer. (Johoson & LonsDell, dealers (Foss & Son, Essex-street.

dall, Manchester. Beasley R. G. Austia Friars, merchant (Wadeson Clark J. Repton, dealer. (Fowler, Barton-upon& Co.

Beck J. Braunston, llants, dealer. (Wardie, Clarke C. Ilminster, druggist. (Jesse.

Cleland A. Charles-street, St. Mary-le-Bope, CA. Bigaell R. B. Middleton Stoney, Oxon, scrivener. binet-maker. (Saunders, Charlotte street. (Aplin, Banbury.

Clewley H. M. Charlotte Terrace, Blackfriars, Bivad 11. & T. Mortlake, grocers. (Robinson, linen-draper. (Pope, Modiford.court. Half-moov-street.

Cohen J. Whitechapel, hat mauufacturer. (PasBlack W. sev Loughborough, coal-merchant (Jes. more, Warntord court, Sopp, Derby.

Cooke J. Lower Brooke-street, upholsterer. (PulBlakeway J. & R. Bilston, grocers. (Ilunt, Icn, Fore-street. Cripplegate. Stour bridge

Cooper W. Sheptun Mallet, stocking-maker. Bolling W. & J. Sellwood, Holborn, linen drapers. (Maskell. (Parton, Walbrook.

Crosby R. Stationer's-court, bookseller. (Birkort, Botting.C. Cadoxton juxta Neath, Glamorgan, gro

Cloak.lape, cer. (Cwyan, Nea:).

Crosley J. Liverpool, merchant. (Pritt & Kevley. Bowdler F. Newport, Salop, innkeeper. (War. Cross D. Bodham, fariner. (Marsh & Barnard, ren, Draytou in Hales.

Norwich. Bowser J. Broad street, Ratcliff, ship-chandler. Davis E. Butcombe, shopkeeper. (Maskell, Shep(Kearsey & $purr, Bisisopssale strcel.

ton Mallet. Bramley H. Lloyd's Cofice bouse, insurance. Davis W. Newbury. upholsterer. (Wasey & Bakes.

broker. (Kearsey & Spurr, Bishopsgate-street. Dawe J. Plymouth Dock, mercer. (Solo. Bravo J. London Wall, merchaut. (Hackett,

Debenne J. S. North Walshamn, grocer. (Foster, New conrg.

Norwịch. Brewerron T. & $. Rackham, Norwich, liquor. Dixon J. Oldham, shopkeeper. (Hadwell & inerchants." (Goodwin,

Lcicester, Manchester.

1816.] Bankrupts.

91 Dižon W. Southwark, millwright. (Clutton & Morrison N. C. Tuttenham-court-road, oilman. Carter.

(Shaw, Field-court, Gray's ina. Dowding R. Melksham, clothier. (Bevan, Bristol. Mossop C. Prestou-Hows, Cumberland, check-maEdwards ] Nantgartow, grocer. (Vowles,

nufacturer. (Walker, Whitehaven. Bristol

Neale J & S. Warner, Mick-street, linen-drapers. Famworth S. M. Old Broad-street, merchant. (Lowlesse & C, P, Si. Dildred's-court. (Janes, Bucklersbury,

Nelmes W. Croti, Hreford, rer. (Paleshall, Fearn H. Sculcoates, merchant. (Broadley & Hereford Swann, Hull.

Nicholls T. Carinan-street, batmanufacturer. Fellows E. S. Braincote, cheese.factor. (Horst, (Ballachey & Bridger, Angelrout. Nottinghang.

Nutt J. Alrews, Strfforil, urapır. (Osborne, Field W. Croydon, shopkeeper. (Gay.

Burton upon Treat. Finch T. Ratcliffe Highway, baker. (Chapman & Painter R. W. Sidmouth street, wise me cbant. Co, Queen Street,

(Chapman & Co. Queen-street. Fox J. Birmingham, victualler. (Hicks.

Palmer W. Elsing, miller. (Simpson & Rack. Gaskell J. Wigan, four-dealer. (Jackson, Liver. ham, Norwich. pool

Palyart S. London-street, merchant. (Crowder Gayton T. Ediponton, coach-master, (White, & Co. Frederick's place. Cambridge.

Pianock W. & Co. Newbury, booksellers. (Dawes Gore S. V. Bisloopsgate-street, haberdasher. & Chatfield. Angel court. (Wright, Hart street, Bloomsbury.

Pope II. Warminster, brandy.merchant. (Davies & Gridths T. Pennant, Cardigan, shopket per.

Davis, (Messrs. Daniel, Bristol.

Porter T. Birmingham, merchant.

(Avison & Gyde T. Painswick, clothier. (Crombe, Gravel Pits. Wheeler, Liverpool. Haiden E. Farnham, (Gec, Bishop. Price F. & H. Le Sonef, Winchester-street, mer. Storford.

chants. (Ilolt & Farren, Threadneedle-street: Haides R. Lower-road, Islington, wine-cooper. Priday W. Quedgley, Gloucester, victualler. (Okey, (Mayhew and Price, Symond's Ino.

Gloucester. Hall R. Steventon, Hauts, fartner. (Warne & Pyne T. Horselydown, leather-seller. (Buffar, Lewis, Basingstoke.

Holborn-court, Gray's Inn. Haacocks W. Stretton, pig dealer.

(Harris, Leo

Rannscar E. Stockport, victualler. (Walters. miaster.

Reader M. Bristol, fancy dress-maker. (Cross. Harding R. & J. Trowbridge, clothiers. (Egan &

Redford A. London road, prioter.

(Rippon, St. Waterman, Essex-street.

George's place, Blackfriars. Haris W. St. Austell, Corowall, malcster. (Rash. Renshaw J. Nottingham, lace-manufacturer. leigh & Co.

(Renshaw & Cursham. Haslain J. Brentwood, Essex, shopkeeper. (Jones, Richards G. Strand, furrier. (Deaton & Barker, Size-lane.

Gray's Jou-square. Haynes R. Islington, wine.cooper. (Mayhew & Rivers H. Ivy-bridge, Devon, innkeeper. (Buzon, Price, Symonds Ioo.

Ply-mouth-Dock. Hearder G. Torquay, cabinet-maker. (Cosserat. Rivers M. Bishops-Sutton, Hants, maltster. (Dunn, Herbert J. Uckington, Gloucester, farmer. (Pruen,

New Alresford. Cheltenhau.

Rose D. Northfield, Worcester, dealer in cattle. Higginson C. London, merchant. (Nind, Throg. (Smith, Broinggrove. morton street.

Rothwell S. Fenchurch-street, printer. (Topping, Hill W. Cock Hill, grocer.

(Holloway, Chan. Greville street, llatton Garden.

Sanders J. & J. Ewbank, Paternoster sow, wareHodges T. Dymocke, Gloucester, dealer. (Dineley, housemen. (Castle, Cursitor-street. Pershore, Worcester,

Saul T. Manchester, wool-stapler. (Buckley, Houwd G. H. Manchester, chemist. (Lawler. Schroder H1.. College-hill, sugar refiner.

(Patten, Hunter W. East-street, Manchester-square, carpen

Hatton Garden. ter. (Carton, High-street, St. Mary.le-Bone. Sergeant B. Kingston upon Thaines, , carpenter. Joseph S. Gosport, slopseller. (Messum, Portsea. (Jemmett. Ketkero S. Mansel Lacy, Hereford, miller. (Built, Sewell M. Lincoln, winc merchant. (SWAR. Hereford,

Silver W. Portsea, grocer. (Edgcombe. Kirk D. Circus-street, Mary-le-Bone, haberdasher. Simcox W. Birmiogliam, thimble maker. (Parker, (Watts, Warwick-st. Golden.sq.

Sly R. Chedworth, Gloucester, miller. (Bevir, Lanceley E. Chester, currier. (Dicas.

Cirencester. Lansdown, W. Bedminster, grazier,

(Davis, Smart W. Bradford, Wilts, clothier. (Bush & Bristol.

Hughes, St. Mildred's.court. Lee T. Minories, mercer. (Walton, Basinghall-stre Smith J. Friday.street, wine-merchant. (Young. Liseter T. Drayton-in-Hales, Salop, innkeeper. Smith T. Austin Friars, merchant. (Dann & Cros(Warren.

land, Bioad-street. Lowle J. Oakbill, hosier. (Higgins, Shepton-Mallet. Solomon M. Birmingham, jeweller. (Webb. Lupton J. Bolton le-Moors, tallow-chandler. (Cross Soper J. Bristol, hatter. (Messrs. Smith. & Rushton.

Sparshott T. Southwark, grocer. (Bourdillou & Lash J. & W. Holborn, distiliers. (Bovill & Hewitt, Little Friday-street, Tuston, New Bridge-street.

Spitta C. L. & Co. Lawreuce Pountney-lane, mer. Machell R. Liverpool, merchant. (Griffith & Hinde. chants. (Kiye & Co. New Bank-buildings. Mandy A. Tipton, Stafford, iron.master. (Bourne Sykes J. & J. Marshall, North Collingham, malt. & Son, Dudley

sters, (Allsop & Wells, Nottingham. Mana $. Hull, merchant. (Sandwith.

Taylor J, Nottingham, cotton-spinner. (Fear head. Marsden E. Wakefield, joiner. (Scholefield, Hor Tazewell S. Bridgewater, grocer. (Boys. burg.

Thompson J. sen. Culpho, Suffolk, merchant. Moorhouse J. Chelsea, wine-merchant. (Letob & (Brame & Notcutt, Norwich. Co. Prioces-street, Bank.

Tipton E. Gloucester, vintner. (Bоwyer.

cery lane.



[Feb. 1,

Trowman J. Cradley, gun-barrel-maker. (Roberts, Warner H. & S. Selfe, Bristol, druggists. (Cooke. Stourbridge.

Watt D. Southwick, Durham, ship-builder. Vaughan D. Pentwyn Mawr, Monmouth, coal. (Hinde, Bishop-Wearmouth.

merchant. (Jarmau & Clarke, Bristol. Watt S. Aldermanbury, merchant. (Amory & Wade J. Alvaston, Chester, drover., (Edleston & Coles, Lothbury. Elwood, Nantwich.

Watts W. Bristol, hosier. (Burges. Wakley H.jun. & Co. Bridgewater, hardwaremen. Welford J. Broad-street, Ratcliff, slopseller. (Osborn & Ward, Bristol.

(Battye, Chancery-lane. Walker J. Nicholas lane, insurance-broker, (Rear Wilson M. Aldgate, woollen-draper. (Hurst, don & Davis, Corbet.court.

Walker J. chief officer, and G. Lamb, surgeon of Winsor W. Plymouth, tavern-keeper.

(Bozon, the East India ship Lord Melvilla, (Loxley Worrall T. Wrexham, grocer.

(Thompson, Li. & Son, Cheapside.


DIVIDENDS. ABBOTT J. Ancaster, butcher, Feb. 8

Ellam J. A. Barking, rope maker, Feb. 13 Abraliams M. Duke street, Aldgate, merchant, Ellis T. & E. Alder, Crouked Jane, merchants, Jan. 9

Teb. 10 Adcock J. St. Mary Axe, druggist, Feb. 2

Evans T, Worcester, merchant, Jan. 20 Adderton J. Lower Shadwell, ship chandler, Fawcitt P. Stamford Baron, innholder, Feb. 9 Feb. 13

Finlay A. Castle street, Oxford road, linen draper, Aliham W. Tokenhouse yard, broker, Jan. 30

Jan. 30
Anderson D. Giay's inn lane, coal merchant, Footner W. Lambeth, underwriter. Feb. 24
Feb. 17

Fowle T. Barning, coal merchant, Feb. 3
Armstrong J. Manchester, manufacturer, Jau. 31 Freeborn T. Finchingtield, butcher, Jan. 17
Ashby R. Poultry, printer, Jan. 30

French J. Northampton, ironmonger, Jan. 25 Baglehole C. & J. Redgrave, Mark lane, mer. Gale J. Axminster, linen draper, Jan 27 chants, Jan. 6

Gelthorp J. Lambeth, carpenter, Jan. 30 Barnard S. Southwark, rictualler, Feb. 3

Gibson T. & J. Jolinson, Lawrence lane, bankers, Barnett D. Portsea, mercer, Jan. 30

Feb, 10 Bayly F1. St. Alban's, corn chandler, Fcb. 27 Gillespy T. Coal Exchange, coal factor, Jan. 2 Becher J. A.C.C. & J. Hargreaves, Copthall build.

Godbold S. Hatton garden, upholder, Jan. 30 ings, Feb. 6

Goldney F. B. Seymour court, Bucks, lace mer. Best E. jun Birmingham, merchant, Jan. 20

chant, Jun. 21 Bickerdicke W. Now tead, York, innkeeper.Jan. 19 Goldsmith T. Shoreditch, dealer in wines, Jan. 50 Blackburn, P. Plymouth, ship builder, Feb. 3 Greaves J. Queen street, Cheapside, merchant, Blackledge C. Eccleston, cotton manufacturer, Feb. 6 Feb. 15

Green R. & W. Crabb, Lisle strect, saddlers, Blackmore W. U. Croydon, corn dealer, Mar. 30

Feb. 3 Blount J. Lancaster, mercliant, Jan. 24

Grisdale G. Ship alley, Wellclose square, jeweller, Bolton W. Bury street, plumber, Feb. 10

Feb. 3
Bradshaw J. & R. Lancaster, tallow chandlers, Guild J. London, merchant, Feb.6
Jan. 23

Hall T. Oxford street, engine lath manufacturer, Brassington S. Burslem, glazier, Feb. 14

Feb. 3 Bristow J. Reading, barge master, Feb. 5

Hamper J. Southwark, hosier, Jan. 30 Brown R. Worcester, grocer, Feb. 19

Hardy W. Cheapside, merchant, Feb. 10 Bryant L. Bath, wine merchant, Jan. 25

Harman J. Bush lane,ironmonger, Feb. 20. Burton J, Liverpool, merchant, Feb. 19

Harper C. and J. M.Whinnie, Snow fields, blacking Carlill J. Hull, merchant, Jan. 16

manufacturers, Jan. 30 Carrington J. Beaumont, farmer, Feb. 19

Harre W. & II. Suthmier, Denmark street, sugar Carter 0. Camomile street, merchant, Feb. 10

refiners, Feb. 13 Chapman T. Littlebury Hills, mealman, Feb. 6 Harvey M. B. & J. W. Hadleigh Hall, baakers, Christopher T. Dunster couri, Mincing lane, wine

Mar. 9 merchant, Feb. 20.

llarvey W. Jeimyn strert, wine merchant, Jan. 16 Cooper J. Rothwell, farmer, Jan. 24

Hayne J. Paternoster row, straw hat manufacCoien P. Chancery lane, scrivener, Feb. 10

turer, Jan. 30 Coward J. Fountain place, City road, carpenter, Hetley W. Alwallon, miller, Feh. 10 Jan. 27

Higgins W. Gt. St. Helen's, winc merchant, Jan.30 Cox J. Woolwich, stone mason, Feb. 17

Bilditel T. Shrewsbury. shoemaker, Feb.9 Coxe P. Throg morton strert, auctioneer, Feb. 3 Ilill J. Newington, pawnbroker, Feb. 3 Crilly B. Chelsea, coal merchani, Jan. 30

llodeson R. Northallerton, surgeon, Feb. 15 Cross W, Uninster, victualier, Feb. 28

Hodshon F. L. Strood, brewer Feb. 10 Curtis E Greenwich, victualler, Jan. 07

Holmes S. Limehouse, soap m. kris, Jan. 27 Curtis R. Bristol, cheesemonger, Feb. 20

Hopkins R Bath, giocer Jan. 6 Davis G. Newington, carperior, Feb. 3

House W. Cleveland street, coarhmaker, Jan. 27 De Joachimn T. R. Bowie giren buildings, distil. Hudson H. Salford, manufacturer, Fob. 10 ler, Jan. 20

Hughes J Holborn, linea diaper, Feb. 27 Dempsey J Coleman !. tailor, Jan. 30

Hutchings 1. battle, innker (r, Jan, 27 Driver J. Kervaly, cotton spireer, Jan. 27

Iocledon T.II Taunton, aruggist, Mar. 1 Duckham J. & R. Lankestei, Bead street, wait. Ireland R. East treet, St. Marylebone, cheese. housemin, Feb. 3

monger, Feb.3 Edwards W. Worcester, banker, Feb. 15

Isaacs G & M. Bevis, Mark , merchants, Feb. 27 Ligar W. Maidstone, grocer, Jan. 30

Jackson J. tarnham, surgeon, & W. Weaver, St.

Swithiu's lane, merchant, Jal. 30

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