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1816.) Monmouth - Norfolk--NorthamptonNorthumberland-Notts. 83



along the banks of the Tyne in common Married.] At Chepstow, Capt. Walter with the rest of the north of England. That Davies, of the Lord Hill, to Esther, daugh- river rose higher than it has done since the ter of Mr. W. Davies.

year 1771. Considerable damage was ocDied.] Ac Abergavenny, Mrs. Mary casioned by the fury of the torrent among Din woody, relict of the late Wm. D. esq. the shipping at Newcastle, and some lives of Twy Dee, 77.

were lost.

The Lords of the Treasury in compliance Bitth.) At Wition, the Hon. Mrs. Wode- with a petition of the ship-owners of North house, ut a daughter.

and South Shields have granted permission Married.] Ai Norwich, Mr. Rix, to Mrs. for the establishment of a Branch customWright, of the White Lion.

house there for the clearance of coasting Died. At Colrishall, Mr. J. Fidely, 49. ressels only.

At Norwich, Ann, wife of Mr. Walker, Married.) At Gosforth, Mr. Isaac Lamb, 51.-Mrs. Mary Wade, 66,-Mr. John Wile of the Hexham Theatre, to Annett, only son, 45.- Mr. Milenam, 73.-Mr. Wilmot, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Barrett, Methodist 67.- Mr. John Coleman, 72.--Mr. Whaites, preacher. jun., 37.-Mr. Sam. Wyer, 69.-Mr. Geo. At Alnwick, Mr. Mark Smith, boukseller, Thain, 25.

to Miss Ann Wailes. At Lynn, E. R. Elsden, esq. merchant Died.] At Newcastle, Mrs. Embleton.and alderman of the corporation, 60.

Mr. Wm. Brumwell, surgeon and druggist, At Denver, Mrs. Hicks, relict of the Rev. 61.-W. Rawlinson, esq. of Graithwaite Jas. H., 85.

Hall, Lancashire, 22.-Mr. Ambrose HarAt Swaff ham, Mr. Thos. Brighton, of the per, 64.--Mrs. Mary Dixon.-Mr. John King's Arms, 62.

Bell, commissioner and land-surveyor, 00.Rob. Brett, esq. Capt. and adjutant of the Mr. Graham.-Mr. Mich. Aynsley, of 9d. Western reg. of Norfolk I.ocal Militia. Newham, formerly steward to N. Ogle, esq.

At Yarmouth, Capt. John Boulter, 71. of Kirkley Hall, 82 --Margaret, widow of Miss A. Bell, 15.

the Rev. Jas. Robertson, minister at the At Hethersett, Mr. Claudius Walpole, 88. Sallyport Meeting-house, who died in 1767. -J. L. Iselin, esq. 70.

- Mr. Chas. Stow, 83. At Thetford, Mr. Brett, 36.

At Ellingham, the wife of Thos. Hag. Ac Brizley, Mr. John Ward, 34.


At North Shields, Mrs. Isbister, wife of A dispensary is about to be established in Cap. I. of the ship John, of Newcastle, 49. Peterborough, under the patronage of Earl -Mr Giles Smith, 82,- Mr. Reed, banker, Fitzwilliam, Earl Carysford, and the Bishop At Alnwick, Mr. Thos. Beal.-Anne, wise of the dincese. A considerable subscription of Mr. Transom, Methodist preacher, 29. has already been entered into, and the former At Morpeth, the wife of Mr. Jacob Hudnobleman has been chosen president.

son, 63, The tenants of earl Spencer, 150 in num

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. ber, have presented to his lordship at his seat Ac Nottingham during the last year the at Althorpe, in this county, an elegant silver number of baptisms was 1068, and burials vase, value 1,330l. as a mark of their sense 609.-At Newark baptisms 281, burials of his constant attention to their general in 158, marriages 81. terest.

Married.) At Wilford, John W. Swann, Married.]. At Blisworth, Mr. Geo. Gre- esq. of Hull, to Elizabeth, only daughter of gory, of Chalton, Bedfordshire, to Casandra, the late Benj. Bradley, esq.of Trowell. second daughter of Mr. G. Gibbs.

At Nottingham, Mr. John Birkhead, At Sywell, George Worley, esq. to Eunice, Eliza, second daughter of the late Rob. Lasecond daughter of Mr. Jones, Manner Vison esq. of Amold. House, Flint.

Mr. Win, H. Allen, of the house of Died.] At Clipston, Thos. Wade, esq. Black, Parbury, and Allen, Leadenhall street, 88.

London, booksellers, to Mary, eldest daughAt Northampton, Mrs. Hawkes, 70.-At ter of J. Pearce, esq. of Cuckney. the house of her daughter Mrs. Woods, Mrs. Died.] Ac Newark, Mrs. Mary Bell, who White, widow of the Rev. Henry White, for more than 55 years was employed in derector of Fyfield.-Mrs. Watkins, 67. livering letters from the Post-office in that

At Eye, near Peterborough, Mrs. Allen, town, 84.-Mrs. Haywood, 44.--Mr. Wm. widow, 101.

Walker, 77.-Mrs. Stevenson, 62.
At Oundle, Mr. Balderston, attorney. At Westhorpe, Major Wm. Watson.
At Peterborough, Mr. Roebury, 75.

At Bingham, Mrs. Giddings. Ac Harringworth, the Rev. Thos. Mat At Nokingham, Wm. Wells, gent. one of thews, vicar of that parish, 75.

the coroners of that town, 80. At Wellingborough, Mr. Blunsom, 78. At Carlton, Mr. John Follows, late proNORTHUMBERLAND.

vost-major to the Duke of Wellington's The effects of the great thaw and flood army in Spain. which concluded the year were severely felt


Oxfordshire -Shropshire-Somerset-Stafford-Suffolk. [Feb. 1,




Died.] At Bath, Wm. Whittington esq. Married.) At Bicester, Joseph Randell, fifth son of the late Thos. W. esq. of Hamsgent. of Southam, Warwick, to Hetty, eld- well-house, Gloucestershire.- Mrs. Fydell, est daughter of the late Jas. Egerton, esq.

wite of John F. esq. and eldest daughter of At Wendlebury, Benj. Price, esq. of West- the late Willoughby: Wood, esq.-Elizabeth, bury, Bucks, to Eliza, daughter of the Rev. wife of Major Parry, of the royal marines, Geo. Dupuis, rector of the former place.

and daugliter of the late W. Williams, esq. At Oxford, the Rev. Wm. Vaux, fellow of of Lower House, near Beaumaris.-Wm. Baliol College, rector of Long and Moor Joshua W. Taylor, esq. an eminent soliciCritchell, Dorset, to Mary, eldest daughter tor, and a member of the corporation of this of Dr. Wall. - Mr. Warr, printer, to Miss city. Marcham Goold, esq. 65.-Henry Freeman

Monck, esq. eldest son of Lady Araminta M. At Steeple Aston, the Rev Edw. C. Frith, Eliza, wife of Dr. Crawford. — Marmaduke chaplain to the forces in France, to Miss Peacocke, esq. 86.-Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Armetriding, daughter of the Rev. Mr. A.

Newport, and daughter of C. Garratt, esq. Dred.] Ai Oxford, Mr. Coggin, 49.

of Market Lavington, Wilts. Mrs. Fisher.-Mrs. Allum wife of Mr. Al

At Batheaston Villa, Mrs. Kemeys, wife lum, baker, 45.-Mr. Martin Smith, broker, of John Kemeys Gardner K. esq. of Bertho56.--Mr. Henry Higgins, sen. 80.-Mrs. ley House, Monmouthshire. Lyster, near 30 years bed-maker and porter

At Clifton, Rich, Carter, esq. formerly a to Magdalen Hall, 65.-Wm. Rede, esq. banker in London. Margaret, eldest daughformerly an eminent attorney in London, ter of J. Montgomery, esq. of Fulwood Lodge, 84.-Mr. John Brown, many years bedo Lancashire.-Roger Metcalf, esq. late deputy maker at All Souls' College. -Mrs. Ann commissary general, 83. Modson, mother of Mrs. Ward, of the Marquis of Granby's Head, 77.-Mrs. Elizabeth

Births.] At Teddesley Hall, the lady of Capenter, 58.—Henry, youngest son of Jas. E. J. Littleton, esq. M. f. for this county, Crowdy, esq. of Highworth, Wilts, 20.

of a son and heir. At Woodstock, Mrs. Perrins, 48.

At Aqualate Hall, the lady of Sir J. F. Boughey, bart. M.P. of a son.

Married.] At Newcastle, Terrick Jones, Married.] At Wrockwardine, the Rev. esq. of Netherton Hall, near Liverpool, to J. Gilpin, vicar of that parish, to Mrs. Wat- Elizabeth, eldest daughterof Bernard Coombe, kins.

esq. alderman of the former place. At Shrewsbury, Jas P. Johnson, M.D. to

At Drayton, Geo. R. Dawson, esq. M. P. Jane, eldest daughter of the late John Simp- for Londonderry, to Miss Peel, daughter of son, esq. of Earlstoke, Wilts.

Sir Rob. P. bart, Died.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Griffith

Died.] Ai Highwood, Utroxeter, John Gwynn, 82.- Mrs. Stanton, 67.-Mr. Jos.

Smyth, csq. Parker, 63.- Mr. Edw. Home, 77. Mr.

At Stone, Mr. Thos. Styles, of the Crown Geo. Crump, 67:---Henry, eldest son of Mr. Inn. Peplow, 16.-Mr. Lewis Davies, so.

At Wolverhampton, Mr. and Mrs. IronAt Prees, Mr. John Dicken, sen, bailiff to

monger.-Mr. Moore, sen. Sir John Hill for the manor court of Prees.

At Ashwood House, Eliza, second daugh-Mr. Wm. Baugh.

ter of Edw. Dixon, esq. high sheriff of At Preston, on the Wildmoors, Mrs. Hamp- Worcestershire.

At Newcastle, Mr. Thos. Massey, postAt Muxton, Mr. Laurence.

master, 64. At Westbury, Mrs. Meredith.

At Walton, near Stone, Chas, Hales, esq. At Linley, near Bridgnorth, Thos. Lacon, esq.

At Stone-hill House, near Lichfield, Mrs. At Astley Abbots, Mrs. Cath. Phillips, 95. Simpson, relict of Dr. Stephen S. 88.

At Stafford, Mr. Sam. Wiggin, 32.-Mr. Married.] At Clifton, Wyndham Lewis, Chris. Collins, clerk to Messrs. Salt, Stevenesq. of Green Meadow, Glamorgan, to Mary son, and Webb, bankers, 46. Ann, only daughter of the late John Evans, At Burslem, Mr. John Sherwin, Lironesq. of Brampton Speke, Devon.

founder, 63. At Bath, the Hon, and Rev. J. C. Maude, At Stoke upon Trent, Mrs. Outram, 80. brother of Viscount Hawarden, to Mary, -Mrs. Eliz. Tomkinson, mother of Mr. T. eldest daughter of Wm. C. Trevelyan, esq. bookseller, 61. of Middleney, Somerset. - Wm. Jermingham, esq. son of the late!Sir Wm. J. to Anne, Married.] At Blythburgh, Mr. Pawlet, of daughter of the late Jas. Moore, esq. of Dub. Nottingham, to Mrs. Richardson, eldest lin. Peter Henwood, esq. 10 Miss Bailey, daughter of John Harrison, esq. of Bury. of Thatcham, Berks.--The Rev. Jos. Hunter, Mr. Sam Robinson, of Holton, 1o Anne, minister of Trim-street chapel, to Mary, youngest daughter of J. H. Darby, esq. surfourth daughter of Dr. Hayward.

geon of Lowestoft.





lian D. esq.

1816.) Surrey-Susser-Warwick-Westmoreland-Wilts, 85

At Woodbridge, Thos. Cobbold, esq. of on the 19th of January, the preceding day, London, to Mrs. Daw, widow of Maximi- on which it is usually kept, having been

fixed for the Thanksgiving Day.-- ConsiderRes. W. Garthwaite, of Cratfield, to Ann able improvements are about in the price in Eliza, e disse daughter of Mr. Woodroffe, of this favourite resort of royaiey

ane range Beccles,

of houses on the norih side of 'atle-square, Died) Å Bury, Mr. Thos. Warren, will come down, in order to the enlargemany years an eminent land-surveyor, and meni of the south side of che Pavilion ; and 25 years parish-clerk of St. James's, in this the North Stcyne is to be inclosed with a town, 76. By his two first wives he had handsome palisade and planted, in order to 37 children, 14 of whom with his third correspond with the grounds of the royal wife survive.

mansion. By a projected new cut in the At Weston Market, Mr. Neale, youngest road from this place to the metropolis, for son of the Rev. Mr. N. of Waldingfield. the making of which the whole money reSURREY.

quired is already subscribed, the distance Married.] Ac Farnham, the Rev. Geo. between them will be shortened four miles. Burdon, of Folkstone, Northumberland, to Married.) At Chailey, R. W. Blencowe, Maria Susan, daughter of the Rev. Dr. S. esq. to Charlotte, second daughter of the Locke.

Rev. Sir Henry Poole, but. At Richmond, Jos. Hockley, jun. esq. At Brighton, Alex. Turnley, esq. of Beltown-clerk of Guildford, to Miss Ann Tay- fast, to Katharine, youngest daughter of lor.

Chas. Greenwood, esq. of Brize Norton, At Nork House, Fred. Stuart French, esq. Oxon. eldest son of the Dean of Kildare, to the Died.] At Rose Green, near Battle, Gen. Hon. Miss Helena Perceval, second daughter Prescor, colonel of the 28th reg. 89. of Lord Arden.

At Bishopstone, near Seaford, Mrs. HurAt Wandsworth, the Rev. Edw. Smedley, dis, mother of the late Rev. Dr. H. profesjun. fellow of Sidney College, Cambridge, sor of poetry in the University of Oxford, 85. to Mary, youngest daughter of Jas. Hume, At Broadwater, Mrs. Taylor, who many esq. of Wandsworth Common.

years kept the White Horse Inn, Steyning, Ac Mortlake, John Hugh Smyth, esq. 87. only son of Sir Hugh S. bart. to Miss Ann At Battle, Mrs. Watts, relict of the late Provis.

Dr. Giles W. 91. At Croydon, Mr. Rob. Best, of Newbury, John, eldest son of the Rev. Geo. Wells, to Amelia, second daughter of the late John rector of Wiston. Grantham, esq.

At Treeman's, Rich. Wyatt, esq. who Died.] Ac Clapham, Peter Broadley, esq. served the office of high sheriff of this many years an active magistrate for the county in 1787. county,

At Bexhill, Sarah, second daughter of Ms. At Godalming, Mr. Thos. Cook, formerly Wm. Russell. a stationer in that town, 70.

WARWICKSHIRE. At Combe Wood, the seat of the Earl of Married.] At Southam, Mr. Wm. Simpu Liverpool, Wellesley, second son of C. Ric- son, law-stationer, of Wolverhampton, to ketts, esq. 13.

Sarah, eldest daughter of the late John At Stockwell, Capt. Geo. Sheldon, 46. Blundell, M.D.

At Camberwell, Mr. John Tooke, for- Died.] At Kinfare, the Rev.John Fox, 84. merly a merchant of Yarmouth.

At Birmingham, Mr. Thos. Baxter, 66.At Mixcham, Mrs. Rutter, wife of Mr. Mrs. Mary Dutton, 50.-Elizabeth, third Jobo R. of Ravensbury Mills.

daughter of the late Mr. Hancock, 21.-CaAt Carshalton, George, third son of Edw. roline, youngest daughter of Mr. Dewson, Pulland, esq.

stationer.-Mrs. M. Reynolds, late of LizAt Cheam, Mrs. Palmer, widow of Thos. P. zard, near Shiffnall, 84.-Mr. John Snape, €5q. 71.

an eminent land-surveyor, 78.-Miss S. At Richmond, Mrs. D'Aranda, widow of Ansell, youngest daughier of Mr. Isaac A. the Rev. Peter D's, late of Twickenham, -Mrs. Mence, 76.-Ann, relict of Mr. and vicar of Great Berstead and Wakering, Thos. Salt. Essex, 79.

WESTMORRLAND. At Gaildford, Mrs. Drew, 56. - Anna, Died.] At Natland, near Kendal, the relict of the Rev. Dr. Hill, rector of Putten. Rev. Thos. Briggs, minister of that place. ham and vicar of Wonersh.

At Kendal, Mrs. Agnes Moore, 87.-Mar

garet, wife of Mr. B. Nicholson, 20.-Mr. During the past month the town of Brigh- Wm. Burton, 29.-Mr. R, Rooking, 52.ton has been honoured with the presence of Mrs. Smita, widow of Mr. S. surgeon. the Prince Regent and his accomplished

WILTSHIRA. daughter, the Queen, the Princesses Eliza

A new paper was commenced with the beth and Mary, and the Duke of Clarence. present year at Salisbury, under the title of Her Majesty there celebrated her birth day Simpson's Salisbury Gazette. Its conduc




[Feb. 1,

tor, in a manly introductory address, assures At Hawkesbead, Walter Fawkes, esq. of his readers, that his sentiments shall not be Farnley Hall, to the Hon. Mrs. Butler, relict influenced by party-motives, and that he of the Hon. P. Butler, third son of the Earl “ shall have no interest in concealing or of Carrick. palliating, on the one hand, the faults of any At Ottringham, the Rev. Rob. Pickering, organ of the Crown; nor, on the other, will of Louih, to Miss Jane Jefferson. he seek to sour the temper of his readers by Died.] At Hull, Mr. W. Wride, 64,caprious fault-finding?"

Mr. John Walmsley, of the firni of Cool Married.] At Laycock, Jas. Burgess, esq. and Walmsiey, grocers, 49 -Mr. Edw. of Westbury Leigh, to Miss Ann Taylor, of Wand, 68.- Mr. Dav. Morrison.-- Mr. John Cartridge Farm.

Munckman, 46.--Mrs. Eliz. Walker, 69. At Devizes, Mr. Hayward, of Roundhay, At Barrow, Jas. Edwards, esq. eldest son to Miss Mary Fitchew.

of the late Mr. E. of Halifax, bookseller. At Bradford, Rich. Olleston, esq. to Miss At Knowle, Mirfield, Joshua Inghami, Eliza Heale,

esq. banker, 42. Died.] At Highworth, Richard Marsh, At Welton, John Richardson, esq. lately M.D, whose loss as a medical practitioner an eminent brewer of that place. will be severely felt in his neighbourhood. At Skeffling, in Holderness, Mr. Henry

At Sherston, at his father's, the Rev. Thue Bird, 93. mas Turner, Henry Turner, esq. M. D. At Skipton, Rob. Birthwistle, esg.

At Marlborough, Mrs. Martin, who for At Heath, near Wakefield, Frances, reliet many years kept the Castle and Ball Inn,67. of Le Gendre Pierce Starkie, esq. of Hunt

At Malmesbury, Mr. John Sale, 82. royd, Lancashire, only daughter of the late

At Froxfield, Mrs. Mary Crook, grand- W. Hawksworth, of Hawksworth, esq. and mother of the Rev. R. Exton, of Greensnor- grandmother to the present high-sheriff of ton, Northamptonshire, and of Mr. Wm. E. Lancashire, 68. master of the school at Great Horwood, At Murton, Mrs. Hartley, relict of Geo. Bucks, who had nearly completed her 92d H. esq. of Middle on Lodge, 73. year, 63 of which she had passed in widow- At Gransmore, Wm. Borton, esq. 75. hood.

At Hollym House, near Partington, the At Devizes, Abel Fülkes, esq. a gentleman Rev. Rob. Barker, A. M. formerly of Sydney highly distinguished for his scientific and Sussex College, Cambridge, rector of Holmpphilosophical attainments, 64.

ton, and vicar of Hollim and Welwick, 59. At Membery, Henrietta, wife of Richard At Wetherby, the Rev. Rich. Kaye, 53, Townsend, jun, esq.

incumbent of the perpetual curacy of WeWORCESTERSHIRE.

therby, formerly of Sydney Sussex College, Married.] Mr. Samuel Woodward, of Cambridge, 77. Pershore, to Mary, third daughter of Mr. At Thorp Arch, the Dowager Lady ClifOldaker, of Fladbury.

ford, youngest daughter of the last Lord J. Benbow, esq. of Dunley Lodge, to Langdale, and married in 1780 to the late Miss Carter, of Bewdley.

Hugh Lord Clifford, elder brother to the preDied.] At Malvern, the Rey. John Witts, sent Lord Clifford, by whom she had no isvicar of Cordington, Salop.

At Bewdley, J. Seager, esq. attorney, and At Sheepscar, Sir D'Arcy Molyneux, bart. mayor of that town.

by whose decease one of the oldest titles in At Worcester, Miss Oliver, 58.-Mrs. the baronetage is extinct. Ainsworthi-Mrs. Lloyd, sister of Mrs.Jones, of the Star and Garter Inn, 26.-Mr. N. Died.] In Carnarvonshire, Capt. John Willoughby, architect, Mr. George King, Crawley, R. N. 53. 73, and Isabella, his wife, 70.

At Carmarthen, Vaughan Horton, esq. forAt Wichenford, Mrs. Timothy, 83. merly town-clerk of that borough, senior Ac Henwick, Thomas Hill, esq.

magistrate of the county, and many years YORKSHIRE.

the active and able chairman of the quarter At the late quarter sessions for Hull, Mr. sessions, 74. John Casson, surgeon, his apprentice, and At Llantrythid, the Rev. George Williams, another youth, were tried for taking away rector of that parish and a magistrate for Glathe body of a female, interred in the burial- morganshire, 53. ground of the Holy Trinity church. They At Llandaff, Jos. Williams, esq. 77. were sentenced to one month's imprison- At Place Laurence, Pembrokeshire, Thos. ment each, and the former to pay a fine of James, esq. formerly a captain 12th fout, and 100l.

since lieut. col. of the Fishguard Local MiBirth) At Sculcoats, Hull, the wife of litia. John Murray, mariner, of three boys.

At Landawke, Carmarthen, the hon. John Married.) At Ripon, the Rev. J. Gates, Edwardes, fifth son of lord Kensington, 6. to Miss M. Hodgson.-J. W. Harrison, esq. At Hay, Jas. Williams, esq. a magistrate to Frances Elizabeth, second daughter of for the counties of Brecon, Radnor, and HeJohn Dalton, esq. of Sleningsord, York. reford, 67.




[ 87 ]

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE pursuits in Agriculture depend much upon the appropriate state of the atmosphere in all seasons, and are more or less affected by the stability or changeable state of the wea. ther. This renders it necessary for the British farmer to be at all times on the alert to sieze the opportunity of availing himself of the appropriate time for his particular purposes : A circumstance which, if not properly attended to in this fickle climate, will subject him to losses and crosses that will teach him the imperious necessity of attending to the old adage of “ making his hay while the sun shines.”

The weather of the last month has been remarkably changeable for the season, and has much impeded the field labour of the farmer, but has not in the least injured vegetation.The young wheats are very promising throughout the whole of the midland counties, except in low silua'ions, where they have been injured by the floods, or where the water has been penned up for wan' of drainage, but these are very partial spots, owing in a great measure to the neg cct of the farmer.

Turnips on the loamy soil have not fed off well, owing to the late wet weather. The farm-yards, from the same cause, have had some relief, where any old rowen renaine din the pastures.

Every kind of agricultural produce, except butter and cheese, is much fallea, and continues very low. This is but a common and natural effect. The lands that produce butter and cheese are old pasture land, which has of late been much broken up, owing to the high price of corn. This land cannot be returned to pasture again to produce the same effect for many years to come, and consequently will keep those articles in demand for a considerable time.

The Brassica, and all the soiling tribe, are in the must promising and early state.

Corn EXCHANGE, JAN. 22. -Wheat, Foreign, 42s. 10 675.; English, 42s. to 675.Rye, 23s. to 315.-Barley, 20s to 255.-Malt, 50s. to 615.-Oats, 14s. to 275. Flour, Fine, 505. 10 555. ; Seconds, 455. to 50s.

SMITHFIELD MARKET, JAN. 22.-Beef, 48. od. to 5s. Od.-Mutton, 4s. od. to ss. Od. -Veal, 48. 8:1. to 6s. 60.-- Pork, 4s. 4d. to 55, 6d. per stone of 8 lbs.

Hay, 31. to 41. 55.-Straw, 11. 85. od. 10 il. 145.-Clover, 41. to 61. 55.

Hops, New Pockets.-Kent, 71. to ul. 11s.--Sussex, 6l. 6s. to sl. 105.-Essex, 9l, to 111. os.-Farnham, 121. to 171.



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Averuge Prices of Corn,
By the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, from the Returns received in the Week ended

January 20, 1816.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats.
S. ds. d. s. d. s. d

s. d. s. d. s. d. 8. d. Ist Essex, 152 2/30 0.21 6 Middlesex, 154

5 Kent, 54 24 682 0 Surrey,

54 8/30 0 24 4124 Sussex, 56 ON


o Hertford, 50 030 0 22 820 10 2d Suffolk, 19 1

21 017 7 Bedford, 19 8132 021 2.18 10 Cambridge,

21 6/12 10 Huntingdon, 147 6

19 11117 6
3d Norfolk,
10142 4 18 11 14 8 Northampton, 46 on

21 $16 8 4th Lincoln, 46 5


Rutland, 18 61

S3 9/20 9
47 1031

6 16 5

Leicester, 51 935 0.23 618 0 5th Durham, 18 0

29 0/18 5 Nottinghain, 55 033 0.25 819 6 Northumb. 45 01+1 021 718 1 Derby,


9 6th Cumberland, 52 5132

8 16 2 Statord,

54 10

28 7/18 3 Westmorland, 58 0134 0.05 4 17 8 Salop,

51 7133 827 719 10 7th Lancaster, 56 26 8/23 3 Hereford,

ildo 5 Chester 50 9 30 0 18 10


53 10135 8132 0 24
8th Flint,

48 7
30 416 10 Warwick, 19 6

27 012 0 - Denbich, 50) 1

28 11 15


23 1012: 10 Anglesea, 50 0

012 4
136 4

320) 11
160 0
25 4.22 8 Oxford,

6 61

20 10/18 6 Merioneih, 63 4

30 521 0


23 5/21
gth Cardigan, 55 1

21 012 9
Brecon, 55 10138 4/25

8 Pembroke, 13 9

29 4110 8 Montgomery, 152 933 5. 5 18 4 Carmarthen, 18 7 22 1011 7 Radnor,


26 Glamorgan,

61 1

0 29

10th Gloucester, 52 8

1120 9 Somerset, 59 9 27


AVERAGE OF ENGLAND AND Monmouth, 160 5 18 8

11th Devon,

23 316 6

|| 52 % | 33 2 / 4 8 ! 18 7 Cornwall, 165 8


2 16 19th Dorset, 55 7

02 521 0 Hants, 151 8

22 9.19 9




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