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Account of Rev. Dr. Zouch, Hon. Arch. Fraser, &c.

[Feb. 1,

which design was set aside in favour of under the title of “ Love and Truth;" and
the present bishop of Bristol. The same the year after, the Lives of Donne, Hooker,
minister, however, gave him the second Herbert, anu Sanderson, by the same, with
pretend in the cathedral of Durham, in noics and a life of the author. Two po-
1805, and in that year he took the degree of etical pieces by this divine are included in a
D.D. In 1999, Dr. Zouch afforded such volume of “ Oles on Peace and Wat,
an example of moderation as, in these times, written by many eminent and distinguished
is by no means common, in declining, on persons," published in 1795.
account of his advanced age and bodily in- On the 8t1 December, 1915, at his seat,
firmnities, the ofier of the see o: Carlisle, The Beaufort Castle, il the Aird, near Invernes,
literary career of Dr. Zouch commenced in in the Both year of his age, the Hon. ARCHI-
1765, with the printing of a Sertonian prize BALD FRACER, of Lovat, colonel commandant
poem, On the Crucificiun. Besiiles some of the fi i regiment of Inverness-shire Local
anonymous publications and detached ser- Militia, su: netime British consul at Algiers,
mons, he was the author of: “ An Inquiry and afterwards member of parliament for the
into the Prophetic Character of the Rou.ans, county of Inverness. He was married to
as described in Daniel viii. 23-25." 8vo. Jane, only sister of Sir William Fraser, bart,
1792 :---- The Good Schoolmaster Ex'm late of Rax Luge, in the county of E-sex,
plified, in the Character of the Rev. Jolio by whom lie had five sons, all of whom pre-
Clarke, formerly Fellow of Trinity College, deceased himself. His eldest son, who rose
Cambridge, and successively Master of the sessed distinguished abilities, sal in the first
schools of Skipton, Beverley, and Wake- imperial parliament of the United Kingdom ;
field,” svo: 1799:-“ An Attempt to illus- he was also colonel of the Fraser fencibles
trate sonic of the Prophecies of the Old and for many years, and went with them on ser-
New Testament," imo. 1800:-“ Me- vice to Ireland, where be fell into a con-
moir of the Life and Writings of Sir Philip sumpiin from faugue, and died at Lisbon,
Sidney,” 4t0. 1809:-“ Memoir of the life whither he had gone for the benefit of his
of John Sudbury, D.D. Dean of Durham," health, in April, 1803. The disconsolate
4to. 1808. In 1795, he reprinted, with widow and mother still survives to lament
notes and a preface, a tract by Izaak Walton, the loss of all her tamily.

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Wm. P. esq.


Died] Al Yelden, Mary, wife of Mr. Married.) At Hanslope, Mr. Wm. Crick,
Rich. Life, of Wisbech, and third daughter to Miss Eliz. Bevan,
of the late J. Underwood, esq. of Potton, 35. At Aylesbury, Mr. Rob. Woodman, le
At Great Barford, Miss Pedley, sister to Bailia, eldest daughter of Mr. Philip Payne.

Died] At Aylesbury, the Rev. Dr. Lloyd,

vicar of that place and rector of Great WoolA Savings' Bank is about to be established

ston, Berks, 66. at Newbury, where the smallest sums will

Al Eton, aged 84, Mr. Rob. Hulson, be received and interest given when they

Mus. B. senior member of the Chapel Royal

and vicar choral of St. Paul's Cathedral more amount to ten shillings.

than 60 years. Married.] At Windsor, Mr. P.J. Phil

At Wycomte Marsh, John Bates, esq. 72. lips, to Miss Eliz. Hamond.

At Weston Underwood, 41n, relict of
At East Ilsley, Mr. Hewett, surgeon, to
Eliza, daughter of the late Dr. Hemstel.

Mc Wm. Filby, of Croydon, Sustey, and
Al Cookham, Thos. Clewson, esg. of

mother of Mrs, Roberts, of the former place, Dublin, to Miss Forbes, daughter of J. F.

CAMBRIDGESHIRE, esq. of Maidenhead.

A riquisition, signed by some of the most Died.] At Reading, Sarah, wife of Chas. respectable proprietors and accu; iers of land,

has been made to the high sheriff of this Mrs. Buckmaster, late of the Duke's Head, count, (0 convene a meeting, to take into Clewer.

consideration the expediency of a petition to At Sunninghill, Mr. J. Turner, who for pariament for relief under the numerous many years kept a respectable boarding, distresses which continue to press upon the school there.

landed interest. At Thatcham, Mr. J. Hunt, 72.

Married.] At Cambridge, Mr. John
At Crane's Farm, E. Herne, esq. 81. Deighion, jun, bookseller, 10 Saiah, young.

At Oakingham, the Hon. Lieut. general est dalig hier of Mr. Rich. Wheelcr.
Bennett, brother to the Earl of Tankerville, St March, Ms. Jos. Ewen, to Miss Se


Stock, esq.



Cheshire Cornwall-Cumberland.



At Newmarket, Mr. Chas, Hustler, to At Padstow, Mr. John Peters, 55. Miss Sopbia Chapman.

At St. Columb, Mrs. Hicks, 88. Died.] At Cambridge, Mrs. Wilson, 75,

CUMBERLAND. At Downham, Mr. Parker, dissenting This county in common with the whole minister.

of the north of England, and the greater At Ely, Mrs. Barlow, wife of Mr. B, part of the south of Scotland sufig red sekeeper of Ely gaol.--Mr. Win. Capon, ser- verely from Aods occasioned by it rapid geant of the I. of Ely Local Militia.--The thaw attended wih violent rain on the 29th Rev Mr. Morton, rector of Southery, Nor and 30th December, The rivers Eden, folk, 70.---Sarah, wife of Mr.d. Flanders, Caldew, Pererill, Line, Irihing, and others, 56.

overflowed their banks, inundaring whole At Chatteris, Mr. Nich, Smith.

districts, sweeping away caitle and compelAt Duilingham, Mr. Henry Reynolds, 32. ling the inhabitants to take refuge in the

Ac Saxon-streei, near Newmarket, Mr. upper apartments of their houses. The Elisha Chambers.

Eden rose to a greater height than it has At March, Rob. Crawley, 01.

been known for upwards of 40 years past. At Wisbech, Mr. George Gibbs,

The new bridges at Carlisle erected at an exAt Newmarkei, Mis. Tutin, mother of pense of 150,000l. have received so much in the Rev. Mr. T. of Boston, Lincolnshire, &2. jury from the flood that one of them it is

feared must be re' uilt. That over the CalMarried.) At Great Budworth, John dew is so much staken that it must be taken Barlow, esq. to Miss l'ercival.

down. Botcherby bridge also over the Peterill At Knutsford, Mr. Arder, surgeon, to has sustained considerable damage. The Mary, youngest daughter of the late Thos. swell in the Irthing exceeded the memorable Kinsey, esq.

flood of 1771 at the time of the irruption of Died.] At Mere Hall, Thos. Langford Solway Moss. Part of Irthing bridge was Brooke, esq. 46,

carried away.

At Gilsland, the wooden At Oldhouse Green, Mrs. Lowodes, 42. bridge, newly erected bathing houses and

Ai Chester, Mrs. liaswell, 75.- Mr.T.P. quay were likewise swept off by the torrent. Grant.

The Carlisle Library, founded in 1768, At Macclesfield, Thos. Gould, esq. many numbers at present 165 subscribers, and years steward to Lord Ducie.

from the spirited manner in which it has At Northwich, Mrs. Barnes.--Mrs. Veary, been supported, it has now to boast an exrelict of Mr. V. many years postmaster of cellent collection of works in every dcpartthat town.

mert of literature and science. Its receipts At Yearnslow Grange, Mr. Joynson, 71. ia the past year amounted to 1441. 125. At Boughton, Mr. John Venables, 84. Birth.] At Whitehaven, the wife of Jas.

Ac Dunham Massey, John Boardman, Taylor, apprentice to a ship carpenter, of esq. 72.

three children.

Married.] At Harrington, Mr. Adam Married.] At Padstow, Lieut. Dunstan, Peel, of Corkikle, near Whitehaven, to Miss R.N. 10 Susan, youngest daughter of the Key, daughter of John K. esq. late Hoblyn Peter, ecq. of Percothan.

Ac Whitehaven, Ms. Sherwen, to Miss At Launceston, Mr. T. F. Morgan, to

Lister, daughter of Capt. L. of the Eleanor. Miss Ross,

Died.] At Carlisle, Mr, Matthew Boak, Ded] At Camborne, Win. Harris, esą. Jane, fourth daughter of Rob. Mounsey, of

clerk to the commissioners of taxes, 52.who is supposed to have died worth more than 200,000!. He has left only one child, Castletown, esq. 16.–Mary, daughter of

Mr. Wm. Losh, 17. a daughter, un married.

At Blackhall, Mrs. Mary Teasilale, 32. Al Falmouth, Mr. Baker, iate surgeon in bis majesty's packet service.-Francis, in

At Scale Cottage, Greystoke, John Wilson, fant son of Mr. Rob, Symons-John Gwenwap, esq. 78.--Charlotte, cidest daughter of

At Egremont, Mr. Thos. Bragg, formerly F. S. Symons, esq. 19.

master of a West Indiaman from Liverpool, At Lower St. Columb), of a fever, Miss 70.-- Mis. Benson, a maiden lady, 10.Hugo, 16. It is remarkable that her father

Mrs. kliz, Grayson, 63.--Mr. J. Guest, 19. and brother died some time since, and her

At Broughton, Mrs. Fletcher, 76.

At Penrith, Mrs. Ann Strickland, 94. mother and sister at present lie ill of the same complaint.

At Whitehaven, Mrs. Sarah Lister.--Mrs.

Elizabeth Railton, 77.--Mrs. Jane ThompAtiflogin, Mr. John Fox, 89. At Liskeard, Mrs. C. F. Willians, 55.

s011, 4.--Mr. Alex. Reed, 37.-Mrs. Rowe,

91. At Boskenna, M. Wm. Freethe.

In the Isle of Man, at Douglas, Rich. At Penzance, Mr. Thos. Penny, 84.-J. Hussey, esq. of Salisbury.

Symonds, esq.--At Peele Town, Miss Tho. At Mousehole, near Penzance, Mr. Thos.

mas, daughter of the late Dr. T. Johne, 100.

At Towey, Capt, John Hoskings, 28. Died.] At Summercoats, Saran Hollings?


esq. 09.

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[Feb. 1, worth, 102. She had never experienced a At Alston, the Rev. John Huxham, 41. month's illness in her life, and retained her At Exeter, Mr. John Bennett, comedian, faculties to the last.

63. His first debut was on the 24th of At Spital, near Chesterfield, Anne Kathe- March, 1783, in the character of Lubin in rine, relict of the Rev. John Bourne, and the Quaker. He continued several seasons only daughter of the late Rev. Dr. Samuel with the Excter and Plymouth companies, Pegge,'80.

was afterwards a favorite for many years in Ai Higham, Mr. Jonathan Chadwin, who the Norwich circuit, and latterly belonged to formerly kept the Royal Oak Inn, Mansfield. the Theatre Royal, Drury-lane. — Sarah. DEVONSHIPE.

youngest daughter of Mr. Berry.-Mr. Wm. We notice with pleasure the spirited man. Humphreys, many years master of the New ner in which the inhabitants of Plyinouth Inn, Cowley Bridge.- Richard, eldest son are proceeding, by means of institutions and of Mr. Edward Buxton, 21.- Mr. John improvements equally useful and honour. Spratt, 60.-Admiral Edmund Dod, 81. able, to give that town a solid consequence At Torpoint, Mr. Hooper, ship-builder. and prosperity. At a meeting held there on Ac Tiverton, the Rev. Thos. Wood, 79. the 20th of December, it was resolved that At South Zeal, Mrs. Taylor, relict of the a Provident Institution and Savings Bank Rev. Mr. T. should le established. A plan has been cir. Ai Barnstaple, Letitia, widow of the late culated for raising a fund for an annual Ex- Wm. Barber, esg. of Fremington House.. kibition of Paintings, and for the foundation Mr. Rich. March, 81. of a School of the Arts. For this purpose it At Ashburton, Mr. Rich. Lear, sen, of is proposed to raise 2,000l, in shares of 251. Shillingford, 66. each. The stimulus recently given to the At Bickham House, Timberscombe, Mrs. commerce of this port, continues to operate Jewel, wife of Capt. J. of the North Cornwith the best effect. Mr. Blewett, in his wall Militia, and daughter of the late Edw. last Commercial Report for last year, in- Gostwyck, esq. of North Lawton. serted in the Plymouth Chronicle, informs At Tavistock, Charlotte, wife of Fras. us, that two ships of 380 tons burden, are Willesford, esq. and youngest daughter of equipping for the Southern Whale Fishery, the late Rev. Walter Burne, rector of Lifton, and that, in 1815, from 20 to 30 vessels

DORSETSHIRE. have been built in this port, and added to the list of Plymouth shipping.

A noble monument, executed by Mr. A Gas Light Company has been esta Hamilton, has been erected in the churchblished at Exeter. The plan of lighting yard of Wyke Regis, by Charles Forbes, esq. part of the city has been carried into execu M. P. and the owners, “ to record the netion by Messrs. Phillips and Goisworthy, lancholy wreck of the Alexander East Inand it is calculated that a capital of 12,000l. diaman, which on her voyage from Bombay which it is proposed to raise in 240 shares, to London, was totally lost in the West Bay, will be fully adequate to the completion of on the night of the 26th March, 1815, when the design.

all the crew and passengers, consisting of Married.] At Heanton, near Barnstaple, more than 140 souls, unhappily perished, Jas. Copner, esq. surgeon, to Miss M. Coles. with the exception of five lascars.” The

At Plymouth, Lieut. Elliston, R. N. to bodies of her commander, Capt. Auldjo, his Robina, eldest daughter of John Kent, esq. wife, and several of the passengers were of the Royal Naval Hospital.- Lieut. P. found, and buried close to this spol. Laurence, R. N. to Miss Harriet Wharton. Dird.) At Wimborne, Mis. Talbot.

At Crediton, Jas. E. J. Ricard, esq. soli At Bridport, Mrs. Saliren, relict of the citor, of Southmolion, to Miss Russell, Rev. John S. daughter of the Rev. John R.

At Wareham, Mr. Wm. Cole, alderman At Exeter, Lieut. Tullock, R. N, to Ann, of that borough, 76. second daughter of the Rev. J. B. Bartlett. Rev. Rob. Hunter, D.D. rector of Oke

Died.] At Shiphay, the Rev. Thos. Kic ford Fitzpaine. son, vicar of Lamerton, and a magistrate for the county, 79.

Married.) At South Shields, Mr. John At Cullompton, Maria Selina, widow of Masull, surgeon, to Miss M. A. Huichinson, Nicholas Jerningham, esq. of Yeovil, So second daughter of the laie Mr. Jas. H. of merset, 78.

Whitby, architect. At Crediton, Mr. Tracey, 65.

Al Haughan le Skerne, Wm. Wetherell, At Plymouth, Mr. P. Penny.--Mr. Isaacs, esq. of Holme House, to Elizabeth, eldest silversmith. --Mr. Thos. Sleep, of the Seven daughter of k. Wastall, esq. of Ailey Hill, Stars inn, 48.--Mr. Rich. Lovell, 86.-Mrs. Darlington. Marg. Roberts, 80.--Mr. W. James, of the Died.] Ai Whittam, Mrs. Phillips, wife Ordnance department, 71.-Mr. Sampson of the late J. P. esq. of Barwick-in-Elmet. Reynolds, schoolmaster, 55.-Deborah, wife At Cotfield, Gateshead, Mr. Thos.Thompof Mr. Hayward, schoolmaster.-Miss Drew, son, merchant, of Newcastle, after a short

illness, caused by cold and fatigue, in bis








exertions to save timber during the late de At St. George's, the Rev. John Latey, to structive flood.

Susan, second daughter of the late Henry At Gainford Mr, J, Ward, son of Rob. W. Davis, esy. banker, Bristol. esq.

At Tewkesbury, Mr. Rob. Young, to Miss Ac Darlington, Mr. Wm. Todd, formerly Honiatt, daughter of the Rev. Mr. H. proprietor of a stage-waggon between Lon Died.] At Upleadon, Letitia, eldest don and Newcastle, 79.

daughter of Mr. John White, 22. At Etherley, Mr. Wm. Caile, near 70 At Stonehouse, Mrs. Sarah Taylor, 36. years school-master at that place, 89.

At Leigh, Mrs. Barnes. At Gateshead, where she had resided 50 At Tewkesbury, Mr. Bagguley. - Mr. years in the poor. house, Ann Carpenter, aged Rayer, 39.-Ellen, youngest daughter of the 110 years.

late Mr. Thos. Cox, of Worton-under-Edge.

At Gloucester, Mrs. Taylor, wife of Mr. Married.] Ac Great Baddow, Geo. Hugh T. 60.—Mr. Rich. Burrup, 66.-Mrs. Young, esq. of Blackheath, to Mary Ann, Adey. daughter of John Bax, esq. of Great Bad At Cirencester, Mrs. Gardner, 55. dow Court.

At Oldbury-on-the-Hill, Mr. Wm. HolAt Finchingfield, the Rev. Chas. Fisher, borow. rector of Ovington, to Fanny, daughter of At Tetbury, Mr. Shipway, of the Three the late Thos. Ruggles, esq. of Spains Hall. Cups Inn.

At Chelmsford, Capt. Edw. S. Ellis, of the Neptune East Indiaman, to Miss Tempe A Savings' Bank has been established at Green.

Southampton, under the auspices of the Rt. Edw. Jas, Clarence, esq. of Chingford, to Hon. George Rose, whose zealous support Sarah, third daughter of Mrs. Joslin, of Steb- of the principle of these institutions reflecis bing

on him the highest honour. Died.) At Walthamstow, Edw. Warner, The Grange, near Alresfurd, the seat of esq.-Ann, wife of Sam. Dobree, jun. esq. Henry Drummond, esq. has been purchased

by Alexander Baring, esq. At Marshall's, neai Romford, Mrs. Bar Married.) At Romsey, Mr. Chas. Godfrey, wis, relict of Jackson B. esq.

to Miss Naish. At Leytonstone, Mary, the infant daugh. At Andover, Jos. Wakeford, esq. o. Crickter of Wm. Davis, esq.

Jade, to Elizabeth, daughter of Thos. Pyle At Saffron Walden, Miss Baron.-Mr. Bowle, esq. of idmiston. Jos. Gray.

At Fareham, Capt. Kittoe, R.N, to Miss

Hayward, of Catisfield. The foundation-stone of a new chapel was Died.) At Southampton, Jas. Baverstock, laid on new year's day at the bottom of North- esq. late an eminent brewer at Alton, and place, Cheltenham. D. Capper,'esq. one of author of some excellent tracts on brewing, the magistrates, is the founder.

74.-Lucy, second daughter of the late Sir In turning over the provincial papers, it is John Shelley, bart.- Mr. New, sen. truly lamentable to observe the numerous At Winchester, Mr. Warton, attorney, fatal accidents which are incessantly occur. grandson of the late Dr. W.-Capt. John ring all over the kingdom, from the pertina- Butcher, paymaster of the 2d battalion of city with which game is defended on the one the 6th foot. -The Rev. Isaac Peach, curate hand and stolen on the other. In some of Wootton St. Lawrence, and formerly of places indeed the rencounters between the Pembroke Hall, Cambridge, 63. parties almost assume the character of formal At Petersfield, Rich.Andrews, esq. who had engagements. Thus, on the morning of formerly practised as an attorney there with Jan, 19, the game-keepers and assistants of the highest integrity, 76. His death was the manors of Lord Ducie, Miss Langley, occasioned by an injury received from a fall and Colonel Berkeley, to the number of 30, when shooting, divided into three parties, were attacked in a At Shrub's Hill, Lyndhurst, Brownlow, preserve, called Hillswood, near Berkeley, eldest son of B. Mathew, esq. by a gang of poachers, supposed to amuunt In the I. of Wight, at Newport, Mr. Wm. to about 20, all armed, when William In- Wilkins, 66.-Mrs. Liningion, 66.--Mr. gram, a servant of Colonel Berkeley's, was Hayball.---At Ryde, Mr. Geo. Sustin, 68. killed on the spot, and several others wound At Portsmouth, Mr Parker, jun. - Mrs. ed. Search is making for the murderers. Boyd, wife of Jas. B. esq. of the 5th foot.

Birth.) At Woodchester Park, Lady Du- Mr. A. Stevens, son of of Stroud, cie, of a daughter.

Gloucestershire, who was pursuing a course Married.) At Nailsworth, Mr. John of studies under the Rey. D. Bogue, as a Wilkins, to Miss Pride.

missionary for the East Indies, 20. At Cheltenham, the Rev. Rich. Watson,

HEREFORDSHIRE, son of the Bishop of Landaff, to Dorcas, Married.] At Hereford, Mr. Kelley, daughter of the late Rob. S. Sanders, esq. of school-master, of Bromyard, to Miss Fanny Dublin.

Eckley. NEW MONTHLY MAG.–No. 25.

Vol. V. M


John S. esq.






S2 Hertford--Huntingdon--Kent--Lancusħire-- Leicester--Lincoln. (Feb. 1,

At Leominster, Mr. Watling, surgeon, to John Birley, esq. to Nancy, fourth daughter Sarah, eldest daughter of Sam. Nicholas, of W. Fisher, esq. esq.

Died.] At Woolion Hall, near Liverpool, Died.] At Ross, Mrs. Preece, widow, 74. Thomas, son of Nicholas Ashton, esq. At Bosbury, Mrs. Siedman, widow of At Liverpool, W. Marsden, esq. 80.- Mr.

Thos. Billinge, proprietor of the Liverpool At Chilstone, Mr.Jolin Lloyd.

Advertiser, 74. At Hereford, Wm. Symonds, esq. for- At Wigan, Mrs. Bullock, 77. merly a banker of this city.

At Prescot, Mr. John Harrison, surgeon, At Mawfield, Mr. John Symonds, for- At Warrington, Miss Mary Taylor, 22. merly an eminent solicitor of Oxford, 62.


Birth.] At Melton Mowbray, Lady Eliz. Married.] At South Mims, Geo. Wood, Norman, of a son. esq. of Hadley Common, to Miss Mary Ann Married.) At Diseworth, Rich, Gough, esq. Mackenzie.

of Misterton, to Sophia, the second daughter Died.) At Watford, Dr. Chas, Kilby, 63. of Rich. Cheslyn, esq. of Langley Priory.

Near Watford, Benj. Kent, esq. of Clif- At Hinckley, Capt. Thos. Walker, of the ford's Inn, 67.

ship Venus, to Miss Sansom. At St. John's Lodge, Lady Cuyler, wife Died.) At Medbourn, Mr. John Wade, of Gen. Sır Cornelius C. bart.

66. At Chipping, near Buntingford, Mary, At Leicester, Mr. R. Chamberlain, schooleldest daugbter of the Rev. D. Lloyd, Regius Professor of Hebrew in the University At Kibworth, Edward Barnard, esq. of Cambridge, 18.

The magistrales of Boston, in consequence Died.] Al Huntingdon, Mrs. Hunt, of the depressed state of the times, have dewidow of Jacob 11. esq. formerly an alder- clined granting a license to the Lincoln comman of that town, 95.-- Alicia, third daugh- pany of comedians for the present season. ter of Mr. Robson, organist, 26.-Mr. Rich. The proprietor of the Lincoln, Rutland, Bale, 72.

a:d Stamford Mercury informs the public, At kamsey, Mr. Wm. Shepperson, 74. that during the last year, the sum paid for

stamps for that paper was 2,756), and the A District Committee of the Society for duty on advertisements 1,200l., so that this Promoting Christian Knowledge, has been single print yielded to government 4,016). established at Rochester

in that time. The amount paid for stamps Birth.] At Canterbury, the lady of Major proves that the weekly circulation must conWallace, of three girls.

siderably exceed 3,000 copies. Married.] Ar Margate, Mr. Franklin, of The duries received at the Custom House, the Bull's Head hun, to Mrs. Palmer. Grimsby, for one year ending Jan. 5, 1816,

Died.] At Duver, Thos Kios, esq. late amounted to 110,8091. an eminent ship-builder, 75,

Birth.] At Ufhngton House, Stamford, At Rochester, Mrs. Narracott, relict of the Countess of Lindsey, of a son. John N. esq. formerly builder of his Majes- Married.] At Coningsby, Henry Rogers, ty's Naval Yard at the Cape of Good Hope. esq. solicitor of Boston, to Mary, eldest daugh

At the Bower, near Maidstone, Mr Sam. ter of John Burcham, esq. Chambers, comfactor of that town, 58.

Ai Barton, the Rey, J. Collins, minister of At East Farleigh, Mrs. Charlion, relict of Providence Chapel to Miss M. Sparks. Mr. John C. 64.

Died.] At Boston, Mr. Hellaby, printer At Canterbury, Mrs. Walsby, relict of and bookseller, 38.-Mrs. Baines, 80.-The the Rev. Dr W.-Mrs. Gregory, relict of the Rev. Michael Underhill, upwards of 50 years Rev. Wm. G. master of Eastbridge Hospital. Presbyterian minister in Boston, 77.

At Hythe Barracks, Thos. Henry Mann, At Pinehbeck, Mr. Joshua Belts, 90. esq. paymaster of the 2d battalion, 3d regt. At Grantham, Mr. Andrew Strawder, or

ganist of that place 54 years, 86.--Mrs. The new church at Liverpool, erected by Eliz. Collingwoud.-Mr. Wm. Day, 45. Mr. Gladstone and dedicated to St. Andrew, At Lincoln, Mrs. Hales.-Mrs. Bradberry, has been consecrated by the Bishop of Ches- late housekeeper to Charles Mainwaring, ter. It is principally of brick stuccoed and esq. of Coleby.--Mr. Wm. West, 88. coloured to imitate stone.

At Louth, Sam. Goe, esq. one of the A public meeting has been held at Man. members of the corporation. chester, to deliberate upon the expediency of At Cowbit, Mr. Kirk., schoolmaster, erecting a tree church in that town for the At Gainsborough, Mrs. Eliz. Hunt, 57. poor. The measure received universal ap- --Mrs. Sarah Ellington, 77. probation.

Ac Sandfield, near Market Weighton, Married.) At Liverpool, the Rev. John Mrs. Vauser, daughter of the late R. C. RudFearon, to Miss Willasey.

ston, esq. of Hayton. At Kirkham, B. D. Yate, youngest son of


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