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Commercial Treaty between Great Britain and America.


provisions of this article, but each party shall the dominions and territories of the other remain in the complete possession of its party, but before any consul shall act as such, righis, with respect to such an intercourse. he shail in the usual form be approved and

3. His Britannic Majesty agrees that the admitted by the government to which he is vessels of the United States of America shall sent; and it is hereby declared, that, in case be admitted, and hospi:ably received, at the of illegal or improper conduct towards the principal setuements of the Brittish doni laws or government of the country to which nions in the East Indies; viz. Calcutta, Ma he is sent, such consul may cither be pudras, Bombay, and the Prince of Wales's nished according to law, if the laws will Island ; and that the citizens of the said reach the case, or be sent back, the offended United States may freely carry on trade be- government assiguing to the other the reatween the said principal sertlements and the sons for the same. said United States in all articles of which the It is hereby declared, that either of the importation and exportation respectively to contracting parties may except from the reand from the said territories shall not be en sidence of consuls such particular places as tirely prohibited; provided only, that it such party shall judge fit to be su excepted. shall not be lawful for them, in any time of 5. Tuis Convention, when the same shall war between the British government or any have bein duly ratified by the President of the state or power whatever, to export from the United States, by and with the advice and said territories, without the special permission consent of their senare, and by luis Britannic of the British Government, any military Majesty; and the respective ratifications stores or naval stores, or rice. The citizens of mutually exchanged, shall be binding and che United States shall pay for their vessels, obligatory on the said United States and his when admitted, no higher or other duty or Majesty for four years from the date of its charge, than shall be payable on the vessels signature, and the ratifications shall be exof the most favoured European nations, and changed in six months from this time, or they shall pay no higher or other duties or sooner, if possible. charges on the importation or exportation of Done at London, this 3d day of July, in the cargoes of the said vessels, than shall be the year of our Lord, one thousand eight payable on the same arricles when imported hundred and fifteen, cr exported in the vessels of the most favous.

(L.S.) JOHN Q. ADAMS, ed European nations. But it is expressly

(L.S.) H. CLAY, agreed that the vessels of the United States

(L.S.) ALBERT GALLATIN, shall not carry any articles from the said

(L.S.) FRED, J. ROBINSON, principal settlements to any port or place,

(L.S.) HENRY GOULBURN, except to some port or place in the United

(L.S.) WILLIAM ADAMS. States of America where the same shall be Now, therefore, be it known, that I, James unladen. It is also understood, that the Madison, President of the United States of permission granted by this article is not to America, having seen and considered the extend to allow the vessels of the United foregoing convention, have, by and with the States to carry on any part of the coasting consent of the senare, accepted, ratified, and trade of the said British territories, but the confirmed the same, and every clause and vessels of the United States having, is the article thereof, subject 10 the exception confirst instance, proceeded to one of the said tained in a declaration made by the authority principal settlements of the Brittish doni. of his Britannic Majesty, on the 24th day nions in the East Indies, and then going of November lase, a copy of which declarawith their original cargoes, or any part there

tion is hereunto annexed. of, from one of the said principal settlements In testimony whereof, I have caused the to another, shall not be considered as carry

seal of the United Srates to be hereunto af. ing on the coasting trade. The vessels of fixed, and have signed the same with my the United States may also touch for refresh hand. ments, but not for commerce, in the course Done at the city of Washington, this 22 of their voyage, to or from the British terri- day of December, A. D. 1815, and of the cories in India, or io or from the dominions independence of the United States the 40th. of the Emperor of China, at the Cape of

(L.S.) James Madison, Good Hope, the Island of Si. Helena, or By the President. JAMES MONROE, such other places as may be in the possession

Secretary of State. of Great Britain, in the African or ludian seas : it being well understood, that in all

Declaration. that regards these articles, the citizens of the The undersigned, his Britannic Majesty's United States shall be subjecied, in all it Charge d'Affaires in the United States of spects, to the laws and regulations of the Bii America, is commanded by his Royal Hightish Government from time to time establish ness the Prince Regent, acting is the name ed.

and on the behalt of his Majesty, to explain 4. It shall be free for each of the two con and declare, upon the exchange of the ratifitracting parties respectively, to appoint come cations of the convention, concluded in Lone sels for the protection of trade to reside in don on the 3d of July, in the present year, New MONTILY Mac.-No. 25,

Vot, V.



Incidents, &c. in London and Mildlesex, [Feb. 1, for regulating the commerce and navigation or approach to that island. It has therefore between the two countries, that in conse- become impossible to comply with so much quence of events which have happened in of the 3d article of the teary, as relatis to Europe subsequent to the signature of the the liberty of touching for reinshments at convention afuresaid, it has been deemed ex- the island of St. Helena. And the Idrifica. pedient and determined, in conjunction with tions of the said treaty will be exchanged the Allied Sovereigns, that St. Helena shall under the explicit d claration and underbe the place alloited for the future residence standing, that the ve-sels of the United of General Napoleon Bonaparte, under such States cannot be allowed to touch at or hold regulations as may be necessary for the per any communication whatever with the said fect security of his person ; and it has been island, so long as the said island shall conresolved, for that purpose, that all ships and tinue to be the place of residence of the said vessels whatever, as well British ships and Napoleon Buonaparte. vessels as others, excepting only ships be- (Signed) ANTHONY ST. JOHN BAKER. longing to the East India Company, shall Washington, Nov. 24, 1815. be excluded from all communication with,


With Biographical dccounts of Distinguished Churacters.


Bulletin of the King's Health.

street, who rendered himself conspicuous 6 Windsor Cusile, Jan, 5. last suminer, by procuring a subpæna for “ His Majesty has enjoyed good bodily Buonaparte, was indic:ed at the old Bailey health, and has been generally tranquil dur- for forging a bill of exchange ; and allar ing the last month, but his Majesty's disor- a trial of cleven hours, was acquitted on the der is not abated.”

ground of insanity The following is the general bill of all the Mr.J.S. Arnold, to whom the publicowe christenings and burials, within the bills of the establishment of the English Opera, is mortality, from December 13, 1814, to De- erecting a new ed hice for that entertainment, cember 12, 1815 :

on the site of the Lyceum theatre. The Christened in the 97 parishes within the architects are Mr. Samuel Beazley and Mr. walls, 990- Buried, 1085.

Albinus Martin, whose ctief study in the Christened in the 17 parishes without the design has been accommodation and convewalls, 4990-Buried, 3564.

nience, facility of ingress and egress, and Christened in thc 23 Out-Parislies in Mid- security against every accident. Simplicity dlesex and Surrey, 12,210 -- Buried, 2585. is intended to be the chief characteristic of

Christened in the 10 parishes in the city its decorations. The form is a portion of an and liberties of Westminster, 5274--Buried, ellipsis, the transverse diameter of which is 5226.

35 feet, and the distance of the front boxes Christcued.

only us, so that no person will be removed Males 1 2,281

to such a distance from the actors as to require

In all Females

23,114 11,133

any efforts either to hear or see. It will

contain two circles of boxes, with galleries Buricd. Males

and slips above; and the staircases are so 9,882 Females

19,560 contrived as to prevent the mixture of com

pany in the dress boxes with that of the upWhereof have clied.

per circles. To give greater facilities to the Under two years of age

5200 entranets, a new thoroughfare has been Between two and five

1916 opened from the Strand io Exeter street, in Five and ten

870 which will be placed the pit and gallery Ten and twenty

677 dvors. From the pit to the street oere is Twenty and thurty

no step up or down. There are large ranks of Thirty and forty

water, with connecting pipes to every part of Forty and fifty

2075 the building, and the use of iron, wherever Fitty and sixty

1896 it can be properly introduced, will give addiSixty and sevenly

1621 tional security against the danger of fire. Seventy and eighty

Promo!ons and appointments, } - Colin Eighty and ninety

A. Mackenzie, ("q. anul George Lewis Newn. Ninety and a hundred

167 ham, est. to be Comniissioners of LiquidaA hundred ..

tion: George Hammond, esq. and David R. A hundred and one

Murier, exy. to be Commissioners of Arbi. A hundred and three

tration; and David R. Morier, esq. and Jas, Dease in the burials this year, 923. Drummond, es4. to be Commissioners of Jan. 12, Anthony Máckcurot, of Gower Deposit for the Examination and Liquidation


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1816.) Promotions, Births, Marriages, fe. in and near London.

of the claims of British Subjects against the Married.] The Hon, and Rev. Armine Government of France.

Wodehouse, third son to Lord Wodehouse, Lord Amherst, to be a Member of the Privy to Emily, youngest daughter of Sir T. B. Council.

Proctor, of Langley Park, Norfolk. Rear-A Imiral Chas. V. Penrose, to be a James Blair, esq. 10 Elizabeth Catharine, Knight Commander of the Order of the youngest daughter of the late Lieur. Gen, Barh.

the Hou. Edw. Stopford. Colonel the Hon. Sir Richard Le Prer J. Flower, esq. only son of Sir Chas. F. Trench, and Lieut. Col. Sir Joseph Cairn- bart. to Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Sir eross, have received the honour of Knighr. Walter Stirling, bart, hood from the Lord Lieutenant of Ire The Rev. J. Kirby, of Mayfield, Sussex, land,

to Lousa, third daughter of Thos. Murdoch, Lieut Gen. Sir Robert Brownrigs, K.G. esg. of Portland Place, C. B. to be a Baronet.

Lancelot Shadwell, e q. barrister, to FraniA. St. John Baker, esq. to be his Majesty's ces, youngest daughter of the late Rob. Consul General in the United Sacs of Lecke, esq. of Newpori, Isle of Wight. America

The Rev. Edw. Ellis, under-master of Ecclesiastical Preferments.] The Hon. Westminter School, too Elizabeth, cldest and Rev. EDWARD LEGGE, L. L. D. to the daughter of the late Rev. J. Russel, of Helmbishopric of Oxford.

don, Northampton, Rev. W. N. DARNWELL, to a prebend in Rob. Feilows, jun. esq. of Shorisham, the Cathedral of Durham.

Norfolh, to Louisa, second daughter of Ralph Rer. P. EGERTON, to the rectory of Tar- Shekion, e q. M. P. porly, Cheshire.

Walter Wilson, esq. of Gray's Inn, to Miss Rev. Edward Ellis, to the rectory of M. A. Hodge, of Brislington, near Bristol. Chippenham, Willy.

J.J. Krug, esq. to Miss Hester Jarvis, of Rev. JCEN FRANCE, to the rectory of Upper George-street, Bryanston Square. Brandon Parva, Norfolk.

Henry Burke, esq. of Jamaica, to HenriRev. ROBERT CLARY Griffith, to the etta, eldest daughter of John Bolton esq. of Rectory of Crosley, Wilts.

Greek-street. Rev. JOHN IRELAND, D. D. to the deanry Capt. Fras. Edwards, of the 81st foot, to of Westeninster.

Mis. Scott, of Lamb's conduit Place. Rev. ROBERT HENRY Johnson, to the John Capel Rose, esq. of Cransleys, rectory of Cutterworth, and vicarage of Northamptonshire, to Maria, youngest daughClaybrook, Leicestershire.

ter of the late Robert Harper, esq. of HarleyR:v. WILLIAM BRUCE KNIGHT, to the rectory of Llantrithryd, Glamoiganshire. Rich. Barrett, csq. late of Eden Vale, co.

Rev. T. W. LANCASTER, to the vicarage Clare, to Elizabeth, relict of John Price, of Banbury, Oxfordshire.

eso. of the £. 1. C. medical establishment, Rev. ABLE LENNON, to the rectory of Fry- Bombay. ern Bamei, Middlesex.

Fraz. S. Darwin, M. D. of Litch held, to Rev. PHINEAS Pett, D. D. to the canonry Jane Harriet, youngest daughter of the late of Christ Church, Oxford.

John Ryle, esq. of Macclesfield. Rev. H. I'HILLPOTTs, to a prebend in the Dier.] In Bedford-place, Sir Chas. Blicke, cathedral of Durham.

an eminent surgeon. Rev. THOMAS Slapr, to the perpetual cu In Grosvenor-square, Lady Smyth, wife of racy of Oi! Backenham, Norfolk.

Sir Wm. Smyth, vart. of Hill Hall, in Essex, Rev. JOAN THOMAS, to the vicarage of In Artillery place, Mil Satierth waire, Olleton, Herefordshire.

esq. banker, 72. Rev. JOIN THOMPSON, to the vicarage of In Tavistock-square, Ellen, eldest daughHorton wish Woodlands Chapel, Dorser. ter of John Butler, esq.

Rev. ROBERT WALPOLE, to the united in Baker-street, Phineas Bond, esq. lare rectories of Tyvetshall St. Margaret with his Majesty's consul-general for the Middle Tyvetshall, St. Mary, Norfolk.

and Southern of the United States of America. Rev. THOMAS WATTs, to the rectory of At the Rev. Dr. Bell's, prebendary of WestPlumpton, Northamptonshire,

minster, Mrs. Lucy Bell, 88. Rev. B. H. WHITELOCK, to the perpetual In Devonshire-street, Queen-square, Mrs. caracy of Chorlton, Leicestershire.

Ball, of Barnes Terrace. Hon, and Rev, WILLIAM WODEHOUSE, In Percy-street, Mrs. Loughnan, widow of to the rectory of Crownthorpe, Norfolk. Jas Loughnan, esq.

Rev. JAMES STANER CLARKE, to be one !n Portugal-street, the infant daughter of of his Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. Thos. Knox, esq. M. P.

Births.] The lady of Dr. Warren, of win In Curzon-street, Mrs. Mary Salisbury. boys,

In Pimlico, Jas. Eaton, esq. 82---Wn. The lady of the Hon. T. Erskine, of a son. Keale, esq. 57.

The lady of Mr. Thomas Taylor, of Ma. In Baker-street, Jas. Laird, M. D. fornos Place, Walworth, of a son.

merly of Bengal.



Biographical Account of Licut. Gen. Sir Geo. Prevost. (Feb. 1,


In Northumberland-street, Chris. Fagan, into the notice of his sovereign as lieutenant esq, senior knight of the order of St. Louis, colonel in a battalion of the 60th regiment,

serving in the West Indies; in which situaIn Red Lion-square, John Stanley Smart, tion he distinguished himself at St. Vincent, esq.

where he was severely wounded, and for his In Buckingham-street, John Hethering- conduct on that occasion, as well as in the ton, esq.

subsequent operations in the West Indies, Mrs. Hodgson, relict of Mr. Hodgson, of he was promoted to the rank of brigadier, ! the Piazza Cofree-house, Covent-garden, 55. and had af!erwards the goverument of Dumi

In Somerset-street, Portman-square, Har- nica conferred upon him, as a mark of his siet Ann, wife of John Chas. Purling, esq. Niajesty's approbation for his gallant and

At Hampstead, Mrs. Hodgson, wife of successful detence of that island against a Henry H. esq. one of his Majesty's com. very superior foice of the enemy, as well as missioners for the affairs of takes, and eldest for his conspicuous conduc ar Sl. Lucia, in daughter of the late Jas. Lloyd Harris, esq. of 1803, he was created a baronet. Shortly the Moor, Herefordshire, 64.

after his return to England, he was appointed At Harrow, Jas. Edmonds, esq.

lieutenant governor oi Portsmouth, and to At Kennington, Rich. Bannister, esq. of the command of thư troops in that district. the Stock-exchange, ;:0

In the year 1808 he was selected to fill the At Kensington, Geo. Sutherland, esq. 60. important chaise of lieutenant governor and

Ann, widow of John Stone, esq.- Mrs. lieutenant gencial commandag the forces Thompson, relict of the Rev. Seth T.-Caro- in the province of Nova Scotia.

In the au; line, sixth daughter of Wm. Woodley, esg. tumn of the same yeu he proceeded mina a governor of Berbice.

division of the troop: froni Kialitax in the At l'ottenham, Mr. Thos. Alsion, formerly West Indies, and was second in c. nanand of Bread-street, Cheapsidt, 84.

upon th. expedition at the copilule of the At Fulham, J. Roe, esq. serjeant of his kland of Martinique. After that service Majesty's chapels royal.

had been completed, he returned to his goAt Hammersmith, Col. Rob. Campbell. vernment in Nova Scotia, and upon the

In College-street, Westminster, Mrs. Short- resignation of Gen. Sir James Craig, he was land, relict of Cape. S. R.N. and mother of called to fill the high ilua'ion of governor the late Cape S. who fell in defending the in chiel, and commander of the forces in Junon against four French frigates.

all Buitish North America. He retuined to Iu Upper Brook-street, Elizabeth, second. England last year, to answer chain charges daughter of 1.H. Vavasour, esq. of Rochdale. pretenied against him, the investigation of

In Albion-street, Blackfriars, Ambrose which had been alone prevented, prior to Hall, esq. 77.

his decease, by causes alt gether beyond At Turnham Green, the Rev. Christopher his control. The disorder which shortened Lake Moody, L. L. D. a principal contributor the days of this distinguished officer was w the Monilly Review, 62.

dropsy, occasioned by a debilitated constituAt Brompton, Elizabeth Ann, wife of tion, wom down by the fatigues and anxieJchu Walter, esq.

ties attendant upon the arduous duties of his In George-street, Hanover-square, Mrs. late command. The first symptoms of the Sulivan, wife of Stephen S. esq.

disease made their appearance during the In St. Helen's Piace, Henry, eldest son of journey which he was obliged to undertake Henry Burmester, esq. of Gwynne House, over land, ai a most inciement season, from Essex,

Quebec to St. John, New Brunswick, in In Bentinck-street, Livia Sophia, wife of order to embark for England; to che exer. James H. Greenwell, esq. 34.

tions of which it has since appeared he was In Coleman street, Join Norris, M. D. wholly unequal. Sir George married in Late of the Island of St. Croix

1789, Catharine, daughter of Major Gen. At Stoke Newington, Edw. Scales, esq. 75. Pripps, who survives him, together with a

At St. John's Woud, Mary-le-bone, Mary Sosi, a minor, who succeeds to the cirle, and Ann, wife of the Rev. Okey Belfour, 25. two daughters. This two surviving brothers In Bakci-sueet, Lieutenant General Sir

are born in his Majesty's service, the one GEORGE PREVOST, bart. colonel of the 16th being a post capiain in the navy, and the regiment of foot, and late governor-in-chief other a colonel in the army, and commander of the forces in the British

in Berkeley-square, ALAN Hyde, viscount colonies in North America. This officer, who GARDNER, K.C.B. vice admiral of the white. was born in 1766, was the son of Major His lordship, born in 1772, succeeded his General Augustine Prevost, who served under father, the late Lord G. in 1808. He enGeneral Wolfe, was severely wounded on ihe

tered early into the naval service, of which plains of Abraham, near Quebec, and after- his ta her was such a distinguished ornawards eminently distinguished himself in the meni, and was made post in 1790. In 1796, war of the American revolution, by his de- when Loud Keith was sent against the Cape fence of Savannah. Sir George, who en- of Good Hope, he detached Captain Gardtered early into the army, was first brought ner with a squadron of small vessels, to re

1816.) Account of Ld. Gardner, Adm. Patton, Rev. Dr. Henley, Sc. 77.


duce the Dutch settlements in Ceylon, the means of ameliorating their situation ia which service he performed most success the service. fully and expeditiously. He has since been At Rendlesham, Suffolk, the Rev. San. employed, with uniform credit to himself, HENLEY, D. D. rector of that parish, 71. and benefit to his country in various quarters He was previously to the rebellion of the of the globe, and received well-earned American colonies, professor of moral phi

honours from his sovereiga. While serving losopny in the college of Williamsburg in ; on the India station, he married, in 1796, Virginia, and afterwards one of the assist

at Madras, Maria, only daughter of Thomas ants at Harrow school. In 1778, he was Adderley, esq. of Innishannon, in the county chosen a merm jer of the Society of Antiquaof Cork, by Margaret, afterwards the first rics, and presented, about the same me, wife of the earl of Buckinghamshire, who to the rectory of Rendlesham.

In 1805, was then governor of that settlement. This he was appointed principal of the East India marriage was dissolved by act of parliament, College at Hertford, from which office he and his lordship was united, in 1809, to not long since retired. He was the author Charlotte, daughter of Lord Carrington, who of “ Three Sermons," preached in America, died in 1811 leaving him a son, Alan Legge, 1. For the benefit of a fund for poor widows born Jan. 1810, and one daughter, Char- and orphans of clergynien in Virginia. 2. The lorte Susan, born December 1810. The for- distinct claims of gvernment and religion mer, of course, succeeds to the cities and considered, (1772). 3. On the anniversary

of the foundation of the college at WilliamsAt Penrlıyıı, in the county of Carnarvon, burg.-" Dissertation concerning the conANNE SUSANNA, relict of Lord PENRHYN, troverted Passages in St. Peter and St. Julle, whom she married in 1765, and who was concerning the Angels chat sioned,"8v0.1778. elevated to that title in 1783. She was the -“ Observations on the Fourib Eclogue, the only daughier and heiress of Gen. Warbur- Allegory in the 3d Georgic, and the Design ton, of Winnington, Cheshire, by Anne, of the Æneid of Virgil,” 8vo, 1788.4" Eswho with her sister, Gwen, lady Yonge, of say toward a new Edition of the Elegies of Escut, in Devonshire, became co heiresses Tibullus, with a Translation and Notes," on the death of their brother, Sir Robert 8vo. 1792. Dr. Henley was also the editor Williams of Penrhyn, bart, without issue.-- of “ The History of the Caliph Vathek," Sir William Yoge sold his moiety to the late from an unpublished MS, hy Willian Lord Penrhyn, by which that fine property Beckford, esq. with Notes, sro. 1786; and became again entire, and enabled his lord- there are some papers from his pen in the ship 10.exert the active beneficence of his Archæologia. disposition, and to render his extensive do At Sandal, near Wakefield, the Rev. mains at ce productive and ornamental. THOMAS ZOUCH, D. D. F.L. S. preben

At Flevianld, near Fareham, Hants, at a dary of Durham, and rector of Wyclife, very advanced age, Philip PATTON, esq. ad Yorkshire. This venerable divine was born miral of the red. This officer served as a in 1737, at Sandal, and in 1757 removed midshipman under Bo cawen in 1755, was from Wakefield school to Trinity Cuilege, preseni at ihe siege of Louisburg in 1754, Cambridge. In 1760, he was elected to one and the rear following in the naval engage of Lord Craven's scholarships, together meni off Lagos, as well as in that fought by with Mr. Joah Bates, afterwards celebrated Hawke with Confinns. He was made post for his skill in music. The year following in 1772, and in the Belle Poule cook ihe he took his degree of B. A. and was classed Colone, commanded the notorious Luke as the third wrangler. Having been chosen Ryan. In 1780 he was flag captain to ad fellow of his college in 1763, he was apmiral Digby in the action with the Spanish pointed assistant tutor, which office he disfleet under langari, From 1782 he re. charged with extraordinary credit, though mained unemployed till 1503, when he his assiduity so much impaired his healih, hoisted flag as port admiral in the Downs, that he was obliged to quit the university; on and was next year appointed to a seat at the which his college presented him, in 1770, admiralty board, which he held till the

to the rectory of Wycliffe, in the North Richange of ministers in 1806, since which time ding of Yorkshire, In this retirement, te he has lived in retirement at Fleetland. Here continued many years, performing the office however, the leisure of this gallant veteran of parish priest with exemplars diligence, was devoted to the welfare of his country, and enlarging his knowledge of natural hisand in 1810 he published a valuable work, tory. His botanical excursions in a pleasant under the title of “ The Natural Defence of and romantic country tended not a little to an Insular Empire earnestly recommended," invigorate his constitution. In 1795, he suc4to. His remains were interred at Fareham, ceeded, on the death of his elder brother, attended by about 70 warrant officers of the the Rev. Henry Zouch, 10 an estate at Sanroyal navy, as a tribute of grateful respect dal, where he afterwards resided. In 1793, to his memory, for his having, m the work Mr. Pitt had it in contemplation to appoint above-mentioned, carnestly recommended bim to the mastership of Trinity College,

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