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562 Sir Samuel Whitcombe, Mrs. Valpy, Rev. Sir Herbert Croft. (July 1, sheep, which he had made his practical constantly but judiciously exerted, and emistudy on a most extensive scale. His origi- nently useful; her goodness was universal. nal works were a volume of poems, “ The Her religion was fervent, but calm; bei Ring, or Merry Wives of Madrid;" “ The piery was sincere and active; her devotion Recal of Monius;" and a variety of plays, was warm and habitual. She did not, like many of which have not yet been acted; some gloomy enthusiasts, avoid society; but

Godolphin,” a drama, performed three she never went into company without kar-' years since at Drury. Jane ; and “Oberon's ing an affecting example of modest beerOatli," a romance, acied at the same theatre, fulness, sweetness of temper, affability of which was rising rapidly in public estima- disposition, dignity of manners, and parity tion, when a tatal attack of apoplexy pre- of life. She made all around her happy, vented his author from making several me- and she was happy herself in her family, in ditated alterations likely to have secured its her connexions, and in her own reflexioas. success. Mr. Thompson, in his prosperity, Towards the pupils of the establishment so warmly patronised the provincial mem- over the domestic part of which she presided, bers of the histrionic art, that he was known she acted not as a friend, but a moiber. A throu hout the profession by the title of the short time ago they gave her an interesting actor' friend."---in his adversity, he is said proof of their love and gratitude, by present10 bive experienced much of unkindnessing her with plate amounting to 250 guifrom persons of his own rank and connec- neas ;--a gift, the value of which was cogtion, but there is reasın to believe that his siderably increased by the endearing manner Thespian trends remeinbered his kindnesses in which it was made. She has left a husto the last. While living, he was every band and eleven children to deplore her thing that could be wished on the score of loss, revere her memory, and imitate her domestic attachment, as his widow and six virtues. children inost affectionately feel--and dead, At Paris, the Rev. Sir HERBERT CROFT, he is poignantly lamented by those whó bart. L.L.B. of Dunston Park, Berks. This knew his wowh, and were, it is to be hoped, gentleman, grandson of Sir Archer, the not aware of sorrows, which, preying upon second baronet of the family, was born in an independent but most sensitive mind, 1751, and received his academical education most probably led to his unexpected dissolu- at University College, Oxford, where he took tion.

his degree of B. C. L. in 1785, while a stuAt Greenwich, in consequence of a fall dent in the Middle Temple. After being from his horse, Sir SAMUEL WHITCOMBE, called to the bar he entered into holy orders, knt. The vigour of his understanding, his and was for some time chaplain to the garri. extreme accuracy, and his almost unexam- son of Quebec, till he succeeded to the title pled assiduity, early raised him to the most on the death of his cousin, Sir John, in distinguished eminence in his profession; 1797. He married, first, Sophia, daughter while the peculiar kindness of his heart, the of R. Cleeve, esq. by whom he had three honourable feelings of his mind, and the daughters; and, secondly, Elizabeth, sister sincerity and fervour of his attachments, en- to H. G. Lewis, esq. of Malvern Hall, War. deared him in the highest degree to his fa. wickshire, and to the Countess of Dysart, mily and to an extensive and most respect- who died a few months since in London. able circle of friends. Deeply versed in Sir Herbert was an intimate friend of Di. political history, and ardently attached to our Johnson's, to whose Lives of the Poets be inestimable constitution in church and state, contributed the memoirs of Young. He he boldly stood forward on all occasions, the commenced his literary carcer in 1775 with determined opponent of innovation. As an a volume in 12mo, under the title of "A author, the nervous style and acute and cor- Brother's Advice to his Sisters;" which was sect reasoning which pervaded all his writ. succeeded in 1780 by “ Love and Madness, ings, secured to him the most hattering at- à Story too true, in a Series of Letters." tention and respect from the highest charac- These letters are given as a correspondence ters of the age.

supposed to have passed between the unfor. June 2, MARY, the wife of Dr. Valpy, of tunate Miss Ray and her lover the Rer. Mr. Reading. She was the sister of the Rev. Hackman, by whom she was assassinated. William Benwell, of Trinity Col. Oxford, In 1792, Sir Herbert issued proposals for who died in 1796, universally admired and publishing by subscription “A new edition lamented. Like her brother, she died of a of Johnson's Dictionary, enlarged with more fever, occasioned by her anxious and un- than twenty thousand words." The subremitting attention to some sick members of scription was to have been twelve guincas, her family. It will not be too much to say, one half to be paid at the time of subscribe that, in her general conduct, and in all the ing, and the other on the delivery of the relations of life, she approached as near per- third volume; but the desigu was dropped fection as human nature will permit. "No for want of encouragement. Embarraeed one was acquainted with her without ad- circumstances obliged him to go abroad, and miring her ; she never lost a friend, and she he resided for some years at Hambats

, never had an enemy. Her benevolence was where he printed, in 1797, " A Letter from

316.] Bedfordshire-Berks.--Bucks. Cambridge.--Cheshire. 503 ermany to the Princess Royal of England Verses addressed to the Duchess of Angoua the English and German Languages," lême," 4to. 1814. This was the only poetito. He was afterwards one of those English cal essay ever published by him, though he hom the mean revenge of Buonaparte de- is said to have left several volumes of M.S. ined in France. Since that period he con behind him. tantly resided in that country, either at At Bombay, on the fifth anniversary of ille, Amiens, or Paris, and produced various Iris sister's demise, George William Alexpublications in the French language. While ANDER TRAPAUD GRANT, esq. an only son, it Lille he gave to the world part of a whose premature excellencies have been Dictionaire critique des Difficultés de la faithfully, though feebly, pourtrayed by maLangue Française, which he never com ternal affection, yet with strict veracity, in pleted. At Amiens appeared l’Horace eclairci the Popular Models. Some youthful minds par la Ponctuation, a singular work, which may be excited to generous emulation, when among many bold and sometimes gratuitous assured, that the virtues ascribed to Edwin hypotheses contains a great number of ob- Selby, in William Campbell, and to the Elservations, striking by their novelty, and phinstones, really and uniformly appeared in expressed in a lively and original manner. the daily actions of an individual, before his On the restoration of Louis XVIII, Sir Her twentieth year removed to the regions of bort printed at Didot's press Consolatory eternal happiness.





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Vanhattem, esq. eldest son of the Rev. Wm. Married.] At Biggleswade, Mr. R. Lind. Goodall, 17. sell, to Miss Wells.

At Water Eaton, Mr. Thos. Linnell, 85. Died.] At Toddington, Mr. Thos. Gregory, 58 years schoolmaster and 33 years

The spirit of riot which appeared a few parish clerk of that town.

weeks since in Suffolk and Norfolk, extended

to this county also, and manifested itself in Our readers will recollect a robbery to a a very alarming manner at Littleport, near very extensive amount, and the subsequent Ely, on the night of the 22d May, where a insolvency in consequence of the bank of mob assembled and destroyed the house and Messrs. Vincent, Tanner and Co. of New furniture of the Rev. Mr. Vachel, a magibury, By a negociation of the assignees of strate for the Isle of Ely. Many others of the estate with a person supposed to be a the inhabitants were plundered of considerparty in the robbery, it is said that upwards able property. These outrages were, howof 13,000l. of the stolen property has been ever, stopped on the 24th, by the active inrecovered.

terference of the gentlemen of Ely and a Married.) At Sutton. Mr. W. Drewett, small military force, but not without resistof the Canal Wharf, to Martha, youngest ance on the part of the rioters, many of daughter of Mr. White, of Bugg's Mill, whom were armed. One of the latter being

Died.) At Reading, Mrs. Mabbott, relict killed, the rest fled, and were pursued in all of Wm. M. esq. of Southcote Lodge. directions; upwards of 100 were secured,

At Windsor, Thos. Baverstock, esq. 44.- and a special commission was appointed for
Mr. J. Wagstaffe, 57.-Mr. J. Lunn, 56. the trial of the prisoners.
At Langley, Mr. Geo. Lander, 49.

Married.) Mr. Stephen Stanton, of Le-
At Wallingford, Jane, daughter of Mr. verington, to Miss Todd, of Wisbech.
Rich, Brooker, 16.

Mr. Rob. Emmerson, cook of Pembroke
At Hyde End House, Mrs. Hyde, wife of Hall, Cambridge, to Ann, fourth daughter
John H. esq.

of Mrs. J. Ripsher, of Ickleton. Ac East Hanney; C. Dewe, esq. 46.

Mr. Jon. Norton, of Harston, to Miss At Abingdon, Wm. Allder, esq. a princi- Jane Grigg, of Stapleford. pal burgess of that corporation, and who had Died.] At Cambridge, Mr. Rob. Scaplethrice served the office of chief magistrate, horn, wine-butler to Trinity College, 69. 78.

Ac Isleham, Mrs. Palmer. At Picket Field, near Hungerford, Gra Ac Fordham, near Newmarket, the Rev. tian Hart, esq. many years in the depart. John John, 61. ment of the Ordnance. BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

A new grand stand, capable of accommoMarried.] At Aylesbury, the Rev. R. W. dating 1,000 persons, is to be erected at the Williams, of Thame, to Miss Terry, daughter Chester race course. It will be supported

by massy stone pillars, with a betting-stand Died.) At Dinton Hall, John Goodall on the pof, on the large hill nearly opposite



of R.




Cornwall-Cumberland Derby-Devon. (July 1, to the coming-in chair. The exterior will be At Penryn, Mrs. Whiteway, 43.-Mrs. faced with white stone from Manley quarry. Grace George, 79.

The Ellesmere and Chester Canal Com- At Liskis, Mrs. Vincent. pany have established an elegant packet, At Pillaton, Mr. John Rennels, 71. worked by steam, to ply daily between El- At Falmouth, Alice, sister of Mr. Lazarus lesmere Port, the termination of their canal, Hingston. and Liverpool. She is go teet long, 31 wide, At Redruth, Mr. J. Wilkinson, a trareller and is propelled by a power equivalent to in the woollen trade, from London. that of 32 horses.

Ai Truro, Mary, widow of Mr. Peter RezMarried.] At Stockport. Mr. J. B. Hind- nolds, 78. ley, of Duckenfield, to Mary, eldest daugh

CUMBEILAND. ter of Nath. Buckley, esq.

A correspondent of the Carlisle Patriei Died.] At Egerton Green, Mrs. Bithall, has, in a well written address, called the pub82.

lic attention to the propriety of establishing, At Marple, Mr. Braddock, attorney. in the capital of the county, a Museum for At Chester, John Francis, youngest son the Antiquities and Natural Curiosities of of H. A. Leicester, esq. 14.-Mrs. Baugh, Cumberland. For want of such an establish

ment great numbers of British and Roman At Macclesfield, Harriet, second daughter remains have been taken out of the county of the late Mr. O. Wood.

by strangers, who attached no other value to At Weston, Mr. Ant. Fulchola, a native them than the sum they would produce. of Italy.

Cumberland is not less fertile in natural cuAt Sandlebridge, Mr. Holland, 82. riosities than in the relics of past ages. She

possesses the treasures of the mineral king. The church at Bodmin has long been in a dom in great abundance, and a place of pubruinous state, and public worship has been lic deposit would operate as a stimulus to performed in the Assize Hall; nor is there their collection. The writer observes, tha: any probability that the case will be speedily in case of the establishment of a Muscum, altered. The corporation are, by prescrip- there is reason to hope that the owners of tion, liable to keep the church in repair ; but such rarities, if they did not think fit to their funds are stated to be inadequate to the make a donation of them, would, however, expense which these repairs would now re- 'send them to this collection, where they quire.

might remain private property as before. The late meeting of the Cornwall Agricul- Married.) At St. Bees, the Rev. George tural Society was well attended. The show Lewthwaite, rector of Addle, near Leets, of rams was particularly good. That to York, to Martha, eldest daughter of Thos, which the first prize was adjudged, was of Birley, esq. the pure Leicester breed, from the flock of At Carlisle, the Rev. Jas. Macadam, to Mr. Burgess, and brought into the county Miss Mary Pattinson.- Mr. Benj. Harrison, by Mr. Rodd, who signified his intention of of Liverpool, to Miss Sarah Harrison. letting the fams bred from him for the im- Died.) At Rockcliff, Mrs. Carrick, wife provement of the stock in Cornwall.

of Mr. C. sen. banker, of Carlisle. Married.) At St, Agnes, Capt. Thomas Ar Wigton, Mrs. Eliz. Jefferson. Stephens, to Miss Tregillas, of Goonvrea.-- At Clea Green, Mr. John Johnson, 83. Capt. Seymour, to Mrs. Nichols.

At Maryport, Mrs. Eleanor Slack, 10.At St. Hilary, Mr. Thos. P. Gurney, sur- Mr. Cowells, 53.-Rebecca, wife of Ms.Geo. geon, to Lydia, eldest daughter of Mr. Rich. Brough, 04. Moyle, surgeon, of Marazion.

At Cockermouth, Mr. Thos. Tyson, ju. At Padstow, Capt. John Hogan, of the of Whitehaven, 25. sloop Dick and Harry, to Miss Guy.

At Workington, Mr. Geo. Moore, 67. At East Love, Capt. Clements, of Polperro, At Parton, Mrs. Sanderson, relict of it to Miss Rebecca Reath.

Rev. Mr. S. of Ponsonby, 45. At Budock, T. S. Beauchamp, of the At Whitehaven, Mr. John Wilson, 76.Royal Marine Artillery, to Georgiana, only Isaac, son of the Rev. H. Johnston, of Mar. daughter of the late Rev. Geo. Allen, of tindale, 17. Redruih.

DERBYSHIRE. At Truro, Mr. Martin, chief mate of the Died.) At Derby, Mrs. Lessey, wife of revenue cutter Alarm, to Miss Odgers, the Rev. Theophilus L. 20. daughter of the Rev. Jas: O. of Bodmin. At Edensor, Mrs. Barker. At Madron, Wm. Grenfell, to Jane Wer- At Hardscaff, Mr. John Brown.

As they are both deaf and dumb, the At Ashbourne, Mrs. Mellor, 31. mother of the former, and father of the latter made the responses.

A correspondent of the Plymouth Teleo Died.) At Launceston, Mrs. Pope, many graph suggests the following insprovements years of the White Hart Inn, 74.

in this county :-"le is to be hopet," says At Callington, Mrs. M. Hawke, 77. he," that government will convert that exAt St. Austell, Mr. John Gawler. cellent building, Dartmoor Prison, into a



Devonshire-Dorset - Durham.

505 penitentiary house for convicts; a rail road Rev. Rob. Lampen, tu Elizabeth, youngest from thence to the nearest point of the Ta- daughter of the Rev. John Gandy.--Licut. mar would then be worihy the expence of O'Connell, of the 13d regt. to Frances, government. No canals in this hilly coun- daughter of Mr. Irving:- Wm. Parr, esq. to iry will answer, unless the ores will repay Mrs. Marshal. the subscribers. When the Tavistock cana! Died.] At Exeter, by shooting hiniself, on is finished, a steam boat might ply with ad- account of pecuniary embarrassments, as it vantage from chence every morning to Ply- is supposed, Lieut. Premiet, k N. mouth, and back in the evening, the dis- 3i Tornes, Mr. 1. Fisher, many years thcatance by water, 27 miles would take not trical manager in Devon and Cornwall, 43. more than five hours against tide. A rail The great losses he sustained in his expediroad from Launceston to Callington, and tion to Portugal, together with the almost thence to the Tamar at Halton quay, would

tvtal failure of his laie theatrical speculations, be a distance of 153 miles. Including the

involved him in embarrassments, which expence of an ct of Parliament, it could not preyed upon his mind, and are supposed to cost above 0000!. and woull amply repay

have hastened his end. the undertakers, and increase greatly the coal At Barnstaple, Rob. Harding, esq. of and cuim rade to Plymouth, by lowering Mountsandford House, 47. the prices of coals and lime in the interior." At Exbourn, the Rev. Henry Bate, forty

The death of the late J. P. Bastard, esq. years curate of that parish. produce ! a spirited contest for the honour of Ac Da wlish, Mrs. Deacon, wife of J, H. representing this county in parliament, be- D. esq. of London, and daughter of the late tween the nephew of the late member and Benj. Goldsmid, esq. Viscount Ebrington, son of Earl Fortescue. Ac Bude, Capt. Kingdon, of the 21st MaThe total number of votes given for the can

dras Native Infantry. didates were : for Mr. Bastard, 2338, and for At Axminster, Miss Cott, eldest daughter Lord Ebrington, 1702; when the latter de- of the late Mrs. C. clined any farther opposition.

At Plymouth, Mr. Trickey, 80. On the 4th of June, the foundation stone At Sharpham, Edmund Bastard, esq. bro. of the new church, in the parish of St. Da- ther of the late John Pollexfen Bastard, esą. vid, Exeter, was laid with the usual solemni- 60. He had been lieut. col. of the East Deties in Berry Meadow. The intended edifice von militia, and mary years one of the rewill be a Grecian building of the Doric order, presentatives in parliament for Dartmouth. with a spacious and lofty portico at the west He was a man of retired habits, but distincno.

guished for his amiable disposition and manGreat alarm has lately been excited at Ho- ners, the soundness of his judgment, and his riton by the mischievous attempts of incen. unblemished integrity. diaries; most of which were, however, dis

DORSETSHIRE. covered in time to prevent much damage. Married.] At Gillingham, Mr. William A reward of 100 guineas was offered without Stone, to Miss Kiddle. success for a discovery.

Mr. Good, of Damry Farm, near BlandMarried.] At Barnstaple, the Rev.J.Gam- ford, to Mury, second daughter of Mr, Lane, ble, to Eliza, eldest daughter of Wm. Law, of Gussage All Saints. esq.

Diedi.] At Weymouth, Mary Ann, wife of At Stoke Rivers, John Budd, esq. of Wil- Rich. Prior, esq. formerly of Clapham. Jesley Cottage, to Julia Anna, eldest daughter of the Rev. C. Hiern.

Married.) At Stockton, Wm. Sanderson, Ai Collumpton, Mr. W. Warren, of Gos- esq. to Anne, third daughter of the late Chris. ford, to Sarah, only daughter of John Holc, Smith, e q. esg. of Peverstone.

Died.) At Hart, Edw. Ellerker, esq. an At Exeter, Capt. Geo. Bignell, R. N. to eininens breeder of race horses. druong Miss Charlotte Patch, second daughter of the others, the celebrated Saxoni, Cardinal York, late Mr. Rob. P.surgeon.-Mr. Geo. Simp- Cleveland, &c. were bred by him. son, printer, of Salisbury, to Miss Flindell, At Bishop Auckland, Mrs. J. Webster, 104. eldest daughter of Mr. Thos. F. proprictor of At Sunderland, the Rev. Wm, Gardener, the Western Luminary.

12 years minister of the presbyterian chapel At Branford Speke, John Mudge, esq, of there. Halifax, Nova Scolia, 10 Jessey, youngest At Monkwcarmouth, the wife of Mr. Wildaughter of the late Rev. Wm. Colton, of kin, ship owner. Lancaster.

At Cockfield, near Staindrop, John Dixon, At Plymouth, Mr. A. F. Stone, son of the esq. a considerable cual proprietor, and one late Rev. Fras. S. rector of Cold Norton, Es- of the society of quakers.--[By some error sex, to Miss E. K. Baker.--Capt. Covell, ist in the print from which we transcribed it, Veteran Battalion, to Mary, youngest daugh- this gentleman's death was mentioned under ter of Lieut. Kennedy, 2d Garrison Compa- the head of Essex, in cur Number for May, ny. - Mr. W. Evans, surgeon, to Mary p. 367, where he is called a couch proprietor. Ann, eldest daughter of Mr. Gohegan.. The We are thankful to the correspondent who NEW MONTHLY Mac. No. 30.

Voi, V.



566 Esser.- Gloucester.-Hants. Hereford.--Herts.- Hunt. [July 1,


has favoured us with the correction of this in- At Hope Cottage, near Cowes, Major Gore accuracy.]

don, lately from the East Indies. ESSEX.

Mrs. Tyreman, wife of the Rev. Dan. T. Married.] At Leyton, Mr. R. J. Brereton, At the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, only son of Rob. B. esq. of Blakeney, Nor. Wm. Prioreau, lieut. gen. in the French arfolk, to Saralı, youngest daughter of Pearson mies, and knight of the Order of St. Louis, Walton, esq. of Knott's Green.

83.- Arthur, second son of Capt. Thomas Died.] At Fairmead Cottage, near Lough- Mitchell, royal marines. ton, Miss Margaret Bridges, 16.

At Bradley, the Rev. J. C. G. Seare, recAl Castle Hedingham, Mrs. Unwin, relict tor of that parish, and one of the chaplašas of Thos. U. esq. 89.

to the Prince Regent. At Great Tey, Mr. J. Collis, 35.

At Kite Hill, 1. of Wight, aged 58, John At Braintree, Mary, wife of Mr. Jos, Popham, esq. being the last male branch of Bowtell, 67.

the ancient family of Popham, in HampAt Lexden Lodge, Miss Merchant.

shire, which is descended from the celebrated The Rev.W. Bowra,vicar of Clavering, 69. Lord Chief Justice and counsellor of Queen

At Little Totham Hall, Catherine, third Elizabeth. He was an alderman, justice of daughter of Mr. W. B. Carter.

the peace, and the oldest member of the corAt Writte, William, eldest son of Mr. poration of Newport-was for many years Sam. Reeve.

Major Commandant of the Isle of Wight At Maldon, J. Tomlinson, esq. one of the militia, and one of the deputy-lieutenants of aldermen of that borough.

the Isle. His valuable manor of Shanklin,

and other estates, descend to his only survikGloucester new bridge over the Severn has ing child, the wife of the Rev.Walton White, been opened to the public. The first stone rector of Wootton. of this noble arch was laid on the 17th of

HEREFORDSHIRE. July lastand since that time more than 6,000 A Pitt Club has recently been established tons of stone have been used in its erection.

in the city of Hereford, and the members Birth.) At Woodchester, Mrs. Hawker, met for the first time on the 28th of May, to wife of Maj. Gen. H. of a son.

commemorate the birth of that stalesman. Married.] At Cheltenham, Mr. Thomas The chair was filled by Sir Hungerford Hos. French, to Miss Hughes, sister of Mr. H. kyns, bart. coach proprietor.

Married.] At Marstow, Edw. W. Fry, Died.] The Rev. Thomas Ireland, D.D. esq. of Rio Janeiro, to Miss Davis, of Penone of his majesty's justices of the peace for craig Cottage. the counties of Gloucester and Somerset, pre- Mr. Benj. Kings, of Dymock, Gloucesterbendary in the cathedral church of Wells, shire, to Miss Catherine Pye, of Munsley. rec'or of Bourton-on-the-Water, in this coun- Dicd.] At Westhide, Mr. J. B. Apperley, ty, and of the consolidated parishes of Christ

58. Church and Si. Ewen, Bristol, 74. He was At lluntingdon Park, Mr. Rich. Levett, an orthodox minister of the Church of Eng- Jate of Ocle, Gloucester. land, zealous in the discharge of his duties Ai Hereford, Mr. Wm. Morgan, of the an active and upright magistratc-and in his Mille Inn. private character, a stedfast and sincere friend.

Married.] Bransby Blake, eldest son of At Cheltenham, Mrs. Kidman.-M..Lau- the Rev. L. Cooper, of Great Yarmouth, rence, many years in the excise, 32.

to Marianne, only daughter of John Reel At Marshfield, Mr. John Tiley, 93, ing, esq. of Broxbourne. At Longney, Mr. Thos. Stephens.

Jas. Field, esq. of Chesham, Bucks, to is

abeila, daughter of Ms. Thos. How, of AldMarried.] Ar Sopley, Jas. W. Willis, esq. bury. to the third daughter of Edw. Walcot, esq. Died.] At Potterells, the lady of Justinian of Winckton,

Casamajor, esq. At Upton Gray, R. T. Hawley, esq. of the At Baldock, Mrs. Chemis, who, as well as dragoon guards, to Louisa, only daughter of her late husband, is frequently mentioned in J, H. Beaufoy, esq.

Cumberland's Memoirs of his own Life, 30. Chas. Bloxham, esq. of Amesbury, to At Hitchen, Mr. John Tapp, brother of Mary Hope, eldest daughter of Jas. Ouchter- the Rev. Wm. T. of South Cave, Yorkshire, lony, esq. of Jamaica, and of Vicar's Hill, in 64; and four days afterwards, in the same this county.

house, his mother, Mrs. Clarkson, 94. Died.] Elizabeth, relict of John Tyson, The Rev. Thos, Cecil Grave, natural son esq. of Bursleden House.

of the late Marquis of Salisbory, rector of At Southampton, Mrs. Harrison, relict of Clothall, 59. the Rev. John H. rocior of Brighton, 72.

HUNTINGDONSHIRE. At Newport, I. of Wight, Mr. Chessell.-- Married] Ac Savtry, Mr. Waddington, The only daughter of Mr. Jeans.-Mr. John of Kettlethorpe Park, Lincola, to Miss HatMortimer, sen. 58.




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