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General Treaty of Vienna.

[July 1, XC. The right that the Powers who signed Venetian Frioul, the territory of Montefalthe treaty of Paris of the 30th May, 1812, cone, the government and town of Trieste, reserved to themselves by the 3d article of Carniola, Upper Carinthia, Croatia on the that treaty, of fortifying such points of their right of the Save, Fiume, and the Hungarin states as they might judge proper for their Lillorale, and the district of Castua. safety, is equally reserved without restriction XCIV. His Imperial and Royal A postolic to his Majesty the King of Sardinia. Majesty shall unite 10 his monarchy, to be

XCI. His Majesty the King of Sardinia possessed by him and his successors, in full cedes to the canton of Geneva the districis property and sovereignty ; of Savoy, designated in the 8oth article above 1. Besides the portions of the Terra Firma recited, according to the conditions specified in the Venecian stares mentioned in the prein the act intituled “ Cession made by his ceding article, the other part, of those states, Majesty the King of Sardinia to the canton as well as all other territory situated between of Geneva." This act shall be considered as the Tessin, the Po, and the Adriatic sea. an integral part of this general treaty, to 2. The vallies of the Valteline, of Bormio, which it is annexed, and shall have the and of Chiavenna. same force and validity as if it were textu- 3. The territories which formerly comally inserted in the present article.

posed the republic of Ragus?. XCII. The provinces of Chablais and Fau- XCV. In consequence of the stipulations cigny, and the whole of the territory of Sa- agreed upon in the preceding articles, the voy to the north of Ugine, belonging to his frontiers of the states of his Imperial and Majesty the King of Sardinia, shall form a Royal Apostolic Majesty, in Italy, shall be ; part of the neutrality of Switzerland, as it is i. On the side of the states of his Majesty recognized and guaranteed by the powers. the King of Sardinia, such as they were en

Whenever, therefore, the neighbouring 'the 1st of January, 1702. powers to Switzerland are in a state of open 2. On the side of Parma, Placentia and or impending hostility, the troops of his Guastalla, the course of the Po, the line of Majesty the King of Sardinia which may be demarcation following the Thalweg of the in those provinces, shall retire, and may for river. that purpose pass through the Vallais if ne- 3. On the side of the states of Modena, cessary. No other armed troops of any other such as they were on the 1st of January, 1793. power shall have the privilege of passing 4. On the side of the Papal states, the through or remaining in the said territories course of the Po, as far as the mouth of the and provinces, excepting those which the Goro. Swiss Confederation shall think proper to 5. On the side of Switzerland, the ancient place there; it being well understood that frontier of Lombardy, and that which sepathis state of things shall not in any manner sales the vallies of the Valteline, of Bormio, interrupt the administration of these coun. and Chiavenna, from the cantons of the Gritries, in which the civil agents of his Ma- sons, and the Tessino, jesty the King of Sardinia may likewise em. In those places where the Thalweg of the ploy the municipal guard for the preservation to forms the frontier, it is agreed, that the of good order.

changes which the course of ine river may XCIII. In pursuance of the renunciations undergo shall not, in future, in any way agreed upon by the treaty of Paris of the affect the property of the islands therein con30th May 1814, the Powers who sign the tained. present treaty recognize his Majesty the Em- XCVI. The general principles adopted by peror of Austria, his heirs and successors, as the Congress at Vienna for the navigation of legitimate sovereign of the provinces and rivers, shall be applicable to that of the Pe. territories which had been ceded, either Commissioners shall be named by the wholly in part, by the treaties of Canpo- states bordering on rivers, within three Formio of 1797, of Lunevilie of 1801, of months at latest after the termination of the Presburg of 1805, by the additional conven- Congress, to regulate all that concerns the tion of Fontainebleau 1907, and by the execution of the present article. treaty of Vienna of 1809; the possession of

XCVII. As it is indispensable to preserve which provinces and territories liis Imperial to the establishment known by the name of and Royal Apostolic Majesty obtained in the Mont-Napoleon at Milan, the means of consequence of the last war; such as Istria, fulfilling its engagements towards its credi. (Austrian as well as heretofore Venetian) tors; it is agreed, that the landed and other Dalmatia, the ancient Venetian isles of the immoveable property of this establishment, Adriatic, the mouths of the Cattaro, the in countries which formed part of the anciens city of Venice with its waters, as well as all kingdom of Italy, and have since passed the other provinces and districts of the for- under the government of different princes of merly Venetian States of the Teria Firma, Italy, as well as the capital belonging to the upon the bank of the Adige, the duchies of said establishment placed out at interest in Milan and Mantua, the principalities of these different countries, shall be appropriated Brixen and Trente, the county of Tyrol, the to the same object. Voralberg, the Austrian Frioul, the ancient The unfunded and unliquidated debts of


General Treaty of Viennd.


the Mont-Napoleon, such as those arising and sovereignty by the Grand Duke Ferdifrom the arrears of its charges, or from any nand, his heirs and descendants ; other increase of the outgoings of this esta- 1. The state of the Presidii. blishment, shall be divided between the ter- 2. That part of the island of Elba, and sitories which composed the late kingdom of its appurtenances, which were under the Italy; and this division shall be regulated suzeraineté of his Majesty the King of the according to the joint bases of their popula. Two Sicilies before the year 1801. tion and revenue.

3. The suzeraineté and sovereignty of the The sovereigns of the said countries shall principalities of Piombino and its dependenappoint commissioners, within the space of cies. three months, dating from the termination Prince Ludovisi Buoncompayni shall reof the Congress, to arrange with Austrian tain, for himself and his legitimate successors, commissioners whatever relates to this object. all the property which his family possessed This commission shall assemble at Milan. in the principality of Piombino, and the is

XCVIII. His Royal Highness the Arch- land of Elba and its dependencies, previously duke Francis d'Este, his heirs and successors, to the occupation of those countries by the sball possess, in full sovereignty, the duchies French troops in 1799, together with the of Modena, Reggio, and Mirandola, such as mines, founderies, and sale mines. they existed at the signature of the Treaty of The Prince Ludovisi shall likewise preserve Campo Formio.

his right of fishery, and enjoy an entire ex. The Archduchess Maria Beatrice d'Este, emption from duties, as well for the exporta her heirs and successors, shall possess in full tion of the produce of his mines, founderies, sovereignty and property, the duchy of Massa, salt mines, and domains, as for the importaand the principality of Carrara, as well as the tion of wood and other articles necessary for imperial fiefs in La Lunigiana.

the working of mines : he shall be also inThe latter may be applied to the purpose demnified by his Imperial Highness the of exchanges, or other arrangements made Grand Duke of Tuscany, for all the reveby common consent, and according to mu- nues the family of the latter derived from the tual convenience, with his Imperial Highness crown duties before the year 1801. In case the Grand Duke of Tuscany.

any difficulties should arise in the valuation The rights of succession and reversion, es- of this indemnity, the parties concerned shall tablished in the branches of the archducal refer the decision to the courts of Vienna and houses of Austria, relative to the duchies of Sardinia. Modena, Reggio, and Mirandola, and the 4. The late Imperial fiefs of Vernio, Monprincipalities of Massa and Carrara, are pre- tanto, and Monte Santa Maria, lying within served.

the Tuscan states. XCIX. Her Majesty the Empress Maria CI. The principality of Lucca shall be Louisa shall posessss, in full property and possessed in full sovereignty by her Majesty sovereignty, the duchies of Parma, Placentia, the Infant Maria Louisa, and her descenda and Guastalla, with the exception of the dis- ants in the direct male line. tricts lying within the states of his Imperial The principality is erected into a duchy, and Royal Apostolic Majesty on the left bank and shall have a form of government founded of the Po.

upon the principles of that which it received The reversion of these countries shall be in 1805. regulated by common consent with the An annuity of 500,000 francs shall be courts of Austria, Russia, France, Spain, added to the revenue of the principality of England, and Prussia ; due regard being had Lucca, which his Majesty the Emperor of to the rights of reversion of the house of Aus- Austria, and his Imperial Highness the tria, and of his Majesty the King of Sardinia, Grand Duke of Tuscany, engage to pay reto the said countries,

gularly, as long as circumstances do not adC. His Imperial Highness the Archduke mit of procuring another establishment for Ferdinand of Austria, is re-established, him- her Majesty the Infant Maria Louisa, her self, his heirs and successors, in all the rights son, and his descendants.

This annuity of sovereignty and property, in the grand shall be specially mortgaged upon the lordduchy of Tuscany and its dependencies, ships in Bohemia, known by the name of which he possessed previous to the Treaty of Bavaro-Palatine ; which, in case of the Luneville.

duchy of Lucca reverting to the Grand Duke The stipulations of the second article of of Tuscany, shall be freed from this charge, the Treaty of Vienna, of the 3d of October, and shall again form a part of the private do. 1735, between the Emperor Charles VI. and main of his Imperial and Royal Apostolie the King of France, to which the other Majesty, powers acceded, are fully renewed in favour CII. The duchy of Lucca shall revert te of his Imperial Highness and his descend the Grand Duke of Tuscany, either in case ants, as well as the guarantees resulting from of its becoming vacant by the death of her those stipulations.

Majesty the Infant Maria Louisa, or of her There shall be likewise united to the said son Don Carlos, and of their male descend. grand duchy, to be possessed in full property ants; or in case the Infant Maria Louisa or

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General Treaty of Vienna.

(July 1, her heirs should obtain any other establish- treaty signed on the 30th of May, 1814, bement, or succeed to any other branch of their tween Portugal and France; it is deterdynasty.

mived, that the stipulations contained in ize The Grand Duke of Tuscany, however, 10th article of that treaty, and all those which engages, should the said reversion fall to relate to it, shall be of no effect, and that, him, to cede to the Duke of Modena, as soon with the consent of all the Powers, the proas he shall have entered into possession of visions contained in the following article the principality of Lucca, the following ter- shall be substituted for them, and which sball

alone be considered as valid : with this ei. 1. The Tuscan districts of Tivizano, Pietra ception, all the other clauses of the acord Santa, and Barga.

Treaty of Paris shall be maintained, and re2. The Lucca districts of Castiglione, and garded as mutually binding on the two Gallicano, lying within the states of Modena, courts. as well as those of Minucciano and Monte. CVII, His Royal Highness the Prince Re. Ignose, contiguous to the country of Massa. gent of the kingdoms of Portugal and be

CIII. The Marches, with Camerino, and Brasils, wishing to give an unequivocal proof their dependencies, as well as the duchy of of his high consileration for his most ChrisBenevento and the principality of Ponte- tian Majesty, engages to restore French GuiCorvo, are restored to the Holy See.

ana to his said majesty, as far as the over The Holy Sce shall resume possession of Oyapock, the mouth of which is situated bethe legations of Ravenna, Bologna and Fer- tween the fourth and tifth degree of north raia, with the exception of that part of Fer- latitude, and which has always been coastrara which is situated on the left bank of dered by Portugal as the limit appointed by the Po.

the Treaty of Utrecht. His Imperial and Royal Apostolic Majesty The period tor giving up this colony shall and his successors shall have the right of be determined, as soon as circumstances shall placing garrisons at Ferrara and Commachio. permit, by a particular convention between

The inhabitants of the countries who re- the two courts; and they shall enter into an turn under the government of the Holy See, amicable arrangement, as soon as possible, in consequence of the stipulations of Cons with regard to the definitive demarcation of gress, shall enjoy the benefit of the 16th ar- the limits of Portuguese and French Guiana, ticle of the Treaty of Paris of the 30th May, conformably to the precise meaning of the

sth article of the Treaty of Utrecht. All acquisitions made by individuals in CVIII, The Powers whose states are sepavirtue of a title acknowledged as legal by the rated or crossed by the same navigable river, existing laws, are to be considered as good, engage to regulate, by common consent, all and the arrangements necessary for the gua- that regards its navigation. For this purpose rantee of the public debt and the payment they will name Commissioners, who shall of pensions, shall be settled by a particular assemble, at latest, within six months after convention between the courts of Rome and the termination of the Congress, and who Vienna.

shall adopt, as the bases of their proceeding, CIV. His Majesty King Ferdinand IV. for the principles established by the following himself, his heirs and successors, is restored articles, to the throne of Naples, and his Majesty is CIX. The navigation of the rivers, along acknowledged by the Powers as King of the their whole course, referred to in the precedTwo Sicilies.

ing article, from the point where each of CV. The Powers, recognizing the justice them becomes navigable, to its mouth, shall of the claims of his Royal Highness the be entirely free, and shall not, in respect to Prince Regent of Portugal and the Brazils, commerce, be prohibited to any one; it being upon the town of Olivença, and the other understood, that the regulations established territories ceded to Spain, by the Treaty of with regard to the police of this navigation Badajos of 1801, and viewing the restitution shall be respected ; as they will be framed of the same as a measure necessary to insure alike for all, and as favourable as possible to that perfect and constant harmony between the commerce of all nations. the two kingdoms of the Peninsula, the pre- CX. The system that shall be established servation of which in all parts of Europe, both for the collection of the duties and for has been the constant object of their arrange- the maintenance of the police, shall be, as ments, formally engage to use their utmost nearly as possible, the same along the whole endeavours, by amicable means, to procure course of the river; and shall also estend, the retrocession of the said territories, in fa- unless particular circumstances prevent it, vour of Portugal. And the Powers declare, as to those of its branches and junctions, which, far as depends upon them, that this arrange- in their navigable course, separate or traverse ment shall take place as soon as possible.

different states. CVI, in order to remove the difficulties CXI. The duties on navigation shall be which opposed the ratification on the part of regulated in an uniform and seuled manner, his Royal Highness the Prince Regent of the and with as little reference as possible to the kingdoms of Portugal and the Brasils, of the different quality of the merchandize, in order


General Treaty of Vienna.

555 that a minute examination of the cargo may shall take care to provide for its execution be rendered unnecessary, except with a view with due regard to circumstances and locality. to prevent fraud and evasion. The amount CXVII. The particular regulations relative of the duties, which shall in no case exceed to the navigation of the Rhine, the Necker, those now paid, shall be determined by local the Maine, the Moselle, the Meuse, and the circumstances, which scarcely allow of a ge. Scheldt, such as they are annexed to the neral rule in this respect. The tarif shall, present act, shall have the same force and however, be prepared in such a manner as validity as if they were textually inserted to encourage commerce by facilitating navi- herein. gation ; for which purpose, the duties esta CXVIII. The treatics, conventions, declablished upon the Rhine, and now in force rations, regulations, and other particular on that river, may serve as an approximating acts which are annexed to the present act, rule for its construction.

viz, : The tarif once settled, no increase shall 1. The treaty between Russia and Austria take place therein, except by the common of the 21st April, (3d May,) 1815; consent of the states bordering on the rivers; 2. The treaty between Russia and Prussia nor shall the navigation be burthened with of the 21st April, (3d May,) 1815; any other duties than those fixed in the re 3. The additional treaty relative to Cracow, gulacion.

between Austria, Prussia, and Russia, of the CXII. The offices for the collection of du 21st April, (3d May,) 1815; ties, the number of which shall be reduced 4. The treaty between Prussia and Saxony as much as possible, shall be determined of the 18th May, 1815; upon in the above regulation, and no change 5. The declaration of the King of Saxony shall afterwards be made, but by common respecting the rights of the house of Schonconsent, unless any of the states bordering burg, of the 18th May, 1815; on the rivers should wish to diminish the 0. The treaty between Prussia and Hanumber of those which exclusively belong nover, of the 29th May, 1815 ; to the same.

7. The convention between Prussia and CXIII. Each state bordering on the rivers the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, of the ist is to be at the expense of keeping in good June, 1815; repair the towing paths which pass through 8. The convention between Prussia and its territory, and of maintaining the neces the Duke and Prince of Nassau, of the 31st sary works through the same extent in the May, 1815; channels of the river, in order that no obsta 9. The act concerning the Federative Concle may be experienced to the navigation. stitution of Germany, of the sth June, 1815;

The intended regulation shall determine 10. The treaty between the King of the the manner in which the states bordering on Netherlands, and Prussia, England, Austria, the rivers are to participate in these latter and Russia, of the 31st May, 1815; works, where the opposite banks belong to 11. The declaration of the Powers on the different governments.

affairs of the Helvetic Confederation of the CXIV There shall no where be established 20th March, and the act of Accession of the store house, port, or forced harbour duties. Diet, of the 28th May, 1815; 'Those already existing shall be preserved for 12. The protocol of the 29th March, such time only as the states bordering on 1815, on the cessions made by the King of

rivers (without regard to the local interest of Sardinia to the Canton of Geneva; C!

the place or the country where they are esta 13. The treaty between the King of Sarblished) shall find them necessary or useful dinia, Austria, England, Russia, Prussia, to navigation and commerce in general. and France, of the 21st May, 1815 ;

CXV. The custom-houses belonging to 14. The act intitled “ Condicions which the states bordering on rivers shall not inter are to serve as the bases of the Union of the fere in the duties of navigation. Regulations States of Genoa with those of his Sardinian shall be established to prevent officers of the Majesty ;” customs, in the exercise of their functions, 15. The declaration of the Powers on the throwing obstacles in the way of the naviga- Abolition of the Slave Trade, of the 8th Fetion; but care shall be taken, by means of a bruary, 1815; strict police on the bank, to preclude every 16. The regulations respecting the free attempt of the inhabitants to smuggle goods, navigation of rivers; through the medium of boatmen.

17. The regulation concerning the preCXVI. Every thing expressed in the pre- cedence of diplomatic agents, shall be conceding articles shall be settled by a general sidered as integral parts of the arrangements arrangement, in which there shall be com of the Congress, and shall have, throughout, prised whatever may need an ulterior deter the same force and validity as if they were mination.

inserted word for word in the General Treaty. The arrangement once settled, shall not CXIX. All the Powers assembled in Conbe changed, but by and with the consent of gress, as well as the Princes and free towns, all the states bordering on rivers, and thcy wlio have concurred in the arrangeme" :


Incidents, fc. in London and Middleser. [July 1, specified, and in the acts confirmed in this

Austria. General Treaty, are invited to accede to it. (L. S.) The Prince de METTERSICH.

CXX, The French language having been (L. S.) The Baron de WESSENBERG, exclusively employed in all the copies of the

Spain. present treaty, it is declared by the Powers who have concurred in this act, that the use

France. made of that language shall not be construed (L. S.) The Prince de TALLEYRAND. into a precedent for the future; every power, (L. S.) The Duke de D'ALBERG. therefore, reserves to itself the adoption, in (L. S.) The Count Alexis de NOAILLES, futurę negociations and conventions, of the

Great Brilain. language it has heretofore employed in its (L.S.) CLANOARTY. diplomatic relations; and this treaty shall not (L, S.) CATHCART. be cited as a precedent contrary to the esta“ (L. S.) STEWART, L. G. blished practice.

Portugal. cxxi. The present treaty shall be ratified (L. S.) The Comte de PALMELLA, and the ratifications exchanged in six months, L. S. Antonio de SALDANHA da GA98. and by the court of Portugal in a year, or sooner, if possible.

(L. S.) D. JOAQUIM Lobo da Silveira. A copy of this General Treaty shall be

Prussia. deposited in the archives of the court and (L. S.) The Prince de HARDENBERG. state of his Imperial and Royal Apostolic (L. S.) The Baron de HUMBOLDT. Majesty, at Vienna, in case any of the courts

Russia. of Europe shall think proper to consult the (L. S.) The Prince de RASOU MOFFSKY. original text of this instrument.

(L, S.) The Count de STACKELBERG. Io faith of which the respective plenipoten. L. s.) The Count de NESSELRODE. tiaries have signed this act, and have affixed thereunto the seals of their arms.

Sweden, Done at Vienna thel 9th of June, in the (L. S.) The Count Charles Axel DE year of our Lord, 1915.

LOWENHIBLM. (The signatures follow in the alphabetical Save and except the reservation made to order of the courts.)

the articles 101, 102, and 104 of the Treaty.


With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.

Bulletin of the King's Health. sleepless night, and many an anxious day,

“ Windsor Castle, June 1. shattered his constitution, and prematurely “ His Majesty has enjoyed good bodily terminated his existence,) had been finally health, and has been uniformly tranquil carried into effect. When the toast of the throughout the last month ; but his Majes- Prince Regent's Ministers" was given, ibe ty's disorder is not diminished.”

Lord Chancellor returned thanks in their On the 28th of May, the Pitt CLUB met name for the honor. He said, " that it had at the City of London Tavern to celebrate the ever been their object to act up to the prinanniversary of the birth of the immortal ciples and plans of Mr. Pitt, and these and statesman, whose principles it is designed to these alone had enabled them to pass triperpetuate and extend. Edward Bootle Wil- umphantly through the late contest. It was braham, esq., M.P. was in the chair. After not to be expected that the moment a wa dinner, the toasts of the King and other like that which had just closed was at 20 branches of the royal family were drunk with end, all the troubles consequent upon it due respect; upon which the chairman rose would cease, but from perseveranee in those to propose “the immortal memory of Mr. principles which had been so successfully Pitt." He introduced it with a neat speech, acted upon in war, even at his years, be in which he recalled to their memory the hoped to live to see the day when the peopeculiar circumstances under which they had ple would be blest beyond expectation, blest met to celebrate the birth of Mr. Pitt last beyond example, and, even in peace, looked year. He took a rapid view of the events up to by every other nation with envy and which had immediately preceded that festi- admiration." On the health of the ebairval, and of those which followed close upon man being proposed, Mr. E. B. Wilbrahanı it, and which had terminated in the splendid returned thanks, and expressed his determs. and unparalleled victory of Waterloo. There nation ever to adhere to the principles of Mr. was only one thing to be regretted, namely, Pitt, which had carried the country through that Mr. Pitt had not lived to witness the all its dangers to that prosperity which is complete success with which all his deep trusted it was now about to enjoy. Mt. Ace' laid plans (which had cost him many à cheson, the founder of the Pjet Club, Ni.

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