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474 Bankrupts.

[June ! chases of tallow, for the purpose of manufacturing before the additional duty lac effect, and an advance of 2s. to 3s. per cwt. took place; but the price of talla has again declined, and the additional duty on soap, it is now understood, will be about 9s. percwt.; which addition, from the present low price of tallow, will fa. upon the consumer. American cotton-wool and tobacco continue to command lug! prices; in the latter article, however, notwithstanding the heavy loss it incurs, the importer meets with great difficulty in effecting sales, and cottons may also be fairls estimated to experience a gradual decline of nearly one-third of the present raice, as the East India cottons are expected in considerable quantities, and appear coming much more into favour with spinners.

The exchanges, it will be noticed, have still further advanced, and have at length attained a point calculated to give an increased confidence to commercial operations in general; but as the funds also appear immediately improving, it may tend to bring an increased capital into action, for the purpose of giving greater elasticity to the present state of commerce, and in opening some other sources which the globe in such endless variety presents to the view of the industrious and liberal mind.


FROM APRIL 23, TO MAY 22, INCLUSIVE. Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside at the

same place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses. ABLITT J. Kesgrave, Suffolk, merchant (Wood, Bowring J. J. Aldgate, hatter (Beonet!, Tele Woodbridge

house yard Adlington J. Gutter lane, jeweller (Rixon, Hay. Branscombe W. jan. Plymouth, tanner (Telag, don square

Charlotte row, Mansion House street Air R. Botolph lane, moalman (Sherwood, South. Bright J. S. & Co. Foster lane, ribbon masche wark

turers (Phipps, Basinghiall street Allen W. South Milford, York, corn-dealer (Whit- Brooke J. Brokenborough, Wilts, dealer (Larglej, aker, Pontefract

Batla Ansell C. A. Carshalton, paper-maker (Eicke, Brown J. jun. Rodborough; W.C. Brown, Sioet; Pinner's hall, Broad street

& J. Morse, Downfield; clothiers (Croone, Austin J. W. Princes street, Leicester square, linen Gravel Pits draper (Willis & Co. Warnford co

Brown R. Kelfield, York, farmer (Smithsoe, Baglebole W. Mark lane, corn.factor (Hamerton, Pontefract Great St. Helen's

Buffery S. Stratford-upon-Aron, dealer (Wyatt Bamber J. Liverpool, master mariner (Massey Burton T. Liverpool, plumber (Leather Barton A. Bristol, victualler (Baynton & Son Burton T. Market-Harborough, woolstapler (Wes. Barton R. Rickmansworth, plumber (Pritchard, tell, Witney Bell yard, Doctors' Commons

Butler J. P. Bilston, grocer (Smith, Welverbamp. Bass P. Ashborne, dealer (Greaves

ton Bastable J. Taunton, brush-manufacturer (Rich. Butler T. Blackfriars road, oilman (Wilks, Fins. ardson, Clement's inn

bury place Batte J., Stafford, (Prickett Candlin J. Minories, slopseller (Abrabam, Jerry Birmingham

street, Aldgate Beach II. Melcombe-Regis, mercer (Cary, Bristol Cannon S. &. G. Horton, Kerby, Kent, millers Bedford J. Feo-Drayton, dealer (Peacocke, Cam. (Pinkett & Son, Temple bridge

Carlon T. & W. Willson, Fenchurch street, coal. Beale J. Newport, Monmouth, innkeeper (Pro. factors (Masterman, Old Bread street thero & Co, Usk

Cater S. Cheapside, warehouseman (Nind, Threg. Beckett R. Westbury-under-the-Plain, Wilts, inn. morton street holder (Frankis, Bristol

Chamberlain W. Watling street, hosier (Helt & Bedells J. Cambridge, cabinet-maker (Haggerston Farren, Threadneedle street & Whitcley

Chanter R. Chuimleigh, Devon, linen-draper (Tam Beer W. Bristol, pork-butcher (Baynton

ner, South Molton Bell W. Tottenhain-court road, linen-draper (Nibe Cheshire T. Aston-Rogers, Salop, miller (Coope, lett, Bread street

Shrewsbury Bellis E. Nantwich, linen draper (Ililditch Clay J. Hull, merchant (Martin & Scholefield Bellis E. Stapely, cheese-factor (Hilditch, Nant. Colenjan W. Chart, Kent, dealer (Debury & Co. wich

Gate street, Lincoln's Inn fields Bewley J. Kingsland 10ad, salesman (Yardley, Corbould J. High street, St. Mary-le-bode, carpe Hoxton square

ter (Greenwell & Lloyd, Bentinck street Bird J. jun. Hull, corn-factor (Kitson & Co. Cox J. Minehead, Somerset, dealer (Waldron Bishop T. Birmingham, bayonet-maker (Lee & Son Hartswell Blackmore E. Caroline street, Bedford square, Craven E. & J. Haggas, Eller Cair, York, cottos tailor (Platt, New Boswell court

spinners (Metcalfe, Kighley Biand W. Scarborough, factor (Frost, Hull Craven J. Manchester, anctioneer (Hevitt Bogen J. L. Shooter's hill, merchant (Holt & Crawley J. Bermondsey, skin-salesmaa (Huone Farren, Threadneedle street

phreys, Tokenhouse yard Bourne W. & J. T. Bache, Bridgnorth, millers Cros/and W. Dewsbury, York, clothiet (Hopkinson (Dury and Hardwick

Crowley T. Hull, grocer (Galland & Wilson




Cullimore 1. & J. jun. Church court, Clernent's Govey G: Blackwall, boat-builder (Martiu, Upper

lane, dealers (Young and Hughes, St. Mil. Thames street dred's court

Graddon E. White Lion court, Birchin lane, broker Cutbush J. Aylesford, Kent, barge builder (Mur. (Cuppage, Jermyn street ray, Sun court, Cornhill

Grafton J. Denshaw, York, and J. Grafton, Man. Davies J. Carmarthen, lipen.drapar (Thomas

chester, calico printers (Jolinson and Lons. Davis J. Shoreditch, linen-draper (Jones, Size lane dale, Manchester Dickinson J. Guildhall passage, warehouseman Grahamn T. Carlisle, spirit.merchant (Lowry (Wilde, Warwick square

Green J. A. Bath, wine-merchant (Woodhouse, Dovey T. Worcester, builder (Welles & Dickens Temple Dyer W. North Leach, Gloucester, grocer (Sadler, Green T. Upper Areley, Stafford, farmer (Roberts, Winchcomb

Thinfare Earp W.P. & J. P. Wolverhampton, manufacturers Greenwood W. Hawsclough, York, mierchant of locks (Smith

(Alexander, Halifax Edbrooke T. Allcombe, Somerset, tanner (Leigh, Grist N. Lacock, Wilts, tanner (Bevan & Bristol Dulverton

Halstead J. Wheeler's wharf, St. Catherine's, sail. Elliot J. Hayes, maltster (Woodward, Hillingdon maker (Paterson, Copthall court Elsworth T. East Sinithfield, hatter (Dennetis & Hanbury J. Shoreditch, distiller (Walton & Co. King's Arms yard, Coleman street

Gliddon, Dasinghall street Elton J. Uxbridge, butcher (Secker and Son, Hardacre H. T. Charing cross, dealer (Edge, Windsor

Essex street Elvell T. Aston, dealer in lime (Mole, Birming Harrison J. Manchester, plumber (Lawler ham

Hayes C. & J. Old Jewry, merchants (IIackett, Epsley J. Wellington, Salop, pork butcher (Nock New court, Swithin's lane Evaus E. Bedwellty, Monmouth, currier (Price, Heard W. Romford, (Russen & Son, Abergavenny

Crown court, Aldersgate street Evans V. Newtown, grocer (Gillam, Worcester Heath J. Burford, grocer (Blandford & Murray Evershed W. Southwark, pastry.cook (Putt, Temple Newcastle court, College bill

Ileppel T. South Blyth, Northumberland, merch. Fairless M. Bishop Wearmouth, merchant (Bain- (Cockerill, North Sbields bridge, Newcastle-upou-Tyne

Herbert T. New Burlington street, apothecary Falkner F. Marlow, Hereford, farmer (Russel & (Malthy, Charlotte street, Portland place Jones, Ludlow

Heyworth J. Tavistock street, Bedford square, Fasson B. Aldersgate street, goldsmith (Nettle- jeweller (Poole, Adarn's couit, Old Broad str. ford, Norfolk street

Hill W. C. Bristol, carver and gilder (Browne Fawcilt J. Wakefield, carpenter (Beaver

llogg G. Pancras lane, tavern-keeper (Greenwood, Fermor H. East Woodhay, farmer (Wasey & Lawrence lane, Cheapside Baker, Newbury

Holwell T. Nine Elms, Surrey, carpenter (Degkes, Ferris J. Poole, Dorset, watch-maker (Croft, Thavies Inn Chancery lanc

Hooper T. Lower Guiting, Gloucester, maltster Fidgeon T. Birmingham, merchant (Whateley & (Sadler, Winchcomb Son

Houghton M. Liverpool, tailor (Finlow Fidler J. Bosden, Chester, cotton-manufacturer How J. Amersham, victualler (Partridge & Co. (Harrop, Slockport

Southwark Fincham B. sen. & Co. Epping, bankers (Young Howells M. Mill bank, Carmarthen, tanner (Jones, & Hughes, St. Mildred's court

Carmarthen Fitton R. Hartshead, York, woollen-cord manufac. Jackson H. Strand, vintner (Smith, Dorset street, turer (Carr, Gompersal

Salisbury square Foot J. Southaunpton, wine-merchant (Richardson Jenkinson T. Burnley, Lancaster, innkeeper (Shaw & Miller, New Ion

Johnson R. S, Great Yarmouth, grocer (Smith & Forrester W. & J. Kerr, Crown court, Broad street, Lawford, Throgmorton street

merchants (Gregson and Fonnereau, Angel Kay J. Knowlwood, Lancaster, coiton-spinner court

(Hewitt, Manchester Francis J. New Windsor, tinman (Walchew, Kingsall S. Poplar, painter (Martin, Upper Thames Chertsey

street Francis J. Crown court, Broad street, merchant Lamin G. Brighton, perfumer (Mott (Brumell, Church passage, Guildhall

Lawrence K. B: Great Surrey street, pawpbroker French T. Wardington, dealer (Churchill & Field, (Reynolds, Castle street, Falcon square Deddington

Leigh J. P. Bisliopsgate street, insurance broker Frost J. Brinkley, maltster (Sparkes & Co, Bury (Alliston & Co. Freeman's court, Cornhill St. Edmunds

Lepine J. Canterbury, cabinet-maker (Peiree Gibson J. Manchester, calico-dealer (Ilewitt Levien N. Mabledon place, Burton crescent, ex. Gillmon W. Hulme, cotton spinner (Duckworth change broker (Poole, Adam's court & Co. Manchester

Lewis J. Bristol, woollen-draper (Bevan Gilpin J. Syresham, Northampton, shopkeeper Lewis W. Dudmuston lodge, Salop, miller (Pritch. (Heydon and Parkes, Warwick

ard, Broseley Gooding J. Lenham, tailor (Cook, Maidstone Lingham T. Worcester, mealman (Wall Goodyear J. Hood Grange, York, fariner (Walker, Mac Camley P. Liverpool, merchant (Avison & Thirsk

Wheeler Goodlad S. Bilton-with-Harrowgate, York, inn. Manfredi J. S. & Co. Wheeler Street, Norton Fal. keeper (Collins, Knaresborough

gare, silk dyers (Moutriou, King's Arms yard Goujon S. Newgate street, straw hat manufacturer Marques D.C. Queen street, merchant (Swain & (Phipps, Basinghall street

Co. Frederick's place Goundry G. Stockton, corn-merchant (Sander Martin C. Aberliunvey, Brecon, innkeeper (Wat.

son, Clifford's Inn

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(June 1,

Mason J. Pendleton, Lancaster, dyer (Walker, Scott W. Portemouth, wine-merchant (Wadesea Manchester

& Co. Aus in triars Mathias J. & T. Bowen, laverfordwest, banhers Shoubridge J. & W. M'Evan, Newcastle court, (Stephens, Bristol

College hill, merchaus (Hicks & Bracke Max in:10 R. Beverley, grocer (Ilearon, York

rerige. Bartlett's buildings Neuer T. & J. Barlow, Tonbridge, bankers (Suith, Sicklen II. Godalmi.g. butciier (Chippendale Finsbury square

Crane court Milner J. & V. Chaplin, Ironmonger line, mere S'ee, J. yun. Brighton, wine-merchant (Mott

chants (Swain & Co. Frederich's place Small W, Taunton, tintner (Irie Milper T. Fole, Stafford, miller (Gret, Derby Smiin Il & N. S. Jolason, Manchester masofas: Musion C. Epping, schoolmaster (Lowless & Lurers (Falstead & Ainsworth Cross, S. Wired's court

Spiess 1. jun Birmingham, hosier (Paiset Noson J. La mall streel, merchant (Pasmore, Stanbrauch W. jun. Wokiog, Surrey, calma Warnfort court

(Stukps, Golden scuare Nesbitt J. Liverpool, merchant (Kearsey & Spurr, Slaynes H. Ainpthill, groces (Tiines, Bedford Bishopsgate street

S:::! J. Liverpool, druggist (lughes Neshitt T. Bishop-gate strpet, upholsterer (1.0. Stokes J. Epping. victurter (Joues, Size lane mas, Fen court, Finchurch Street

Slokes J. Liverpool, merchant (Pritt å Kesley Nicholls T. Brignorth, grocer (Drev & flardwick Stuckey W. Fleet Street, vintoer (Patteo, Hattoo Nicholson T. Portsmouth, draper (Mes um,Portsta garden Norris T. Freeman's court, Cornbill, merchant Tarleton J. Glourester place, merchant (Lace & (Swain & Co. Frederick's place.

Muker. Liverpool Norris T, Lymington, victualier (ilodding, Salis. Taslor J. Birmingham, grocer (Piott bury

Taylor S. & J. Steele, Liverpool, merchants Ollcrenshaw Ś. Ashton-under-Line, bit manufac

(Blackstock turer (Taylor aud Cowm, Manchester

Taylor W. Nantwich, carrier (IIilditch Failthorpe S. II. Liverpool, milliver (Rosson & Tolson J. Halitax, grocer (Crnslaud, Huddersteld Bulmer

Tazer J. Alderman's walk, Bishopsgate street & Parker S. Charles Street, Covent Garden, victualler W. C, Brown, Stone house, Gloucester, ser(Braurain, Lyon's Inn

chants (Hurd & Co. Temple Parks T. Battle, tailor (Gregsod & Fonnereau, Tripe J. Teignmoutli, tailor (Barlett Angel court

Trussler G. Fastion street, Brelage, silk prista Parou W. Attleburgh, Norfolk, grocer (Mitchell, (Lyles, Castle street, Ilouodsditch Wymondham

Tucker J. Listed Cottage, Kent, inercliant (Ear Pearson B. Briston, grocer (Willim & Son

shaw, Redcross streer Peut A. Doncaster, milliner (Bourdillond llewitt, Tumer R. Faverslam, miller (Syddall, Alders Little Priday street

gale street Peat J. & J. Nandall, Bedford street, silk-mercers Vipont (i, Lugateliill, linen-draper (Bourdelea (Phippa, Besioghall street

& llewilt, Lilue Friday street Peet T. & J. Horwich, Laucaster, calico printers Walker G. Ashbome. grocer (Johnson and Vise (Hadfield, Manchester

Walker R. & J. Birmingham, pilalfis (Bertir Penn W.Kidderminater, carpet-manufacturer (Smith Ward G. Quinton, üloucester, dealer (Mores, Phillips E. Bristol, grocer (Ball

Birmingham Phillips M. Beris Marks, merchant (Annesley &

Ward R. Beccics, grocer (Bohun Son, Angel cont

Wardle R. Tiniico, builder (Wallshen, Salisbury Pannock T. D. Cheeshill, llants, woolstapler (Wool. street dridge, Winchester

Weakley R. Pismouth Dock, tavern keeper (Sole Pocock J. Sidmouton, Hlants, farmer (Bungey, Webber J. Sampford Peverel, Deron, tanner) Bou, Newbury

cher, Wiseliscombe Pope G. Aston Tirrold, Berks, farmer (lleuges & Wols J. Newport, Monmouth, boat-builder (Frase Son, Wallingford

kis, Bristol Price D Oxford street, linen diaper (James, Buck- Wells T. Gedney Dike, Lincoln, miller (Tuxford, Tersbury

Boston Pritchard W. jun. Hereford, scrivener (Watkyns Welsh G. Liverpool, merchant (Denison Pryor S. Cambridge, tin plate worker (Rooke Westron M, & M. B. Wellaton, bankers (White Co. Coleman strect

& Steele Rawle C. Clinton, Gloucester, builder (Strichland, Whatton J. Loughborough, scrivener (Bood, Le

Bristol Rawlinson S. Harrow road, Paddington, coal- Whitaker J. H. Manchester, calico dealer (Tayla mercant (Popkin, Dean street

& Unwins Read A. Lower Grossenor street, wine.merchant White M. A. Great Coggeshall, clothier (Audrey (Robinson, ilai-noon street

Wiggins V. Sunderland, seedsman (Thomson, Reeve W. Brachley, victualier (Weston

Fishoj u carmouth Richardson J. & J. Ashborne, bakers (Johnston Wilsles T. Knebworil, Herrs, farmor (Wilà insci, and Wise

Crnss street. Finsbury square Ring J. Tunbridge, grocer (Stone

Wilson J. Manchester, grocer (Heslop Roberts R. Ludlow, glover Hussel & Jones Wilson R. Stone, machant (Dept Robius J. U. Bristol, druggist Cooke

Wood J. Blackburn, baker (Wilkinson Rogers W. Slow-on-the-wold, Gloucester, dealer , Woor W. Ilanley, victualler (Collins & Ketes, (Taru

Rome G. St. Catherine's hill, victuailer (Clarke Wooldridge G. jun. Plaistow, grocer

(Nibett & and Virgo, St. Catherine's cloisters

Rand, Guildford Scott T. Liverpool, linen-draper (Rosser & Lul Worrall W. Liverpool, merchaut (Priit & Kewley

Young D. A. T. & W. W. Ahnolt, Watu lade, Scott W. Pall Mall, tailor (Ross, Net Boswell co. Garpenters (Amory & Colcs, Lollbury

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May 25

May 14

May is

DIVIDENDS. Adam G. St. John's square, jeweller, May 18 Gillias W. & T. Begbie, Billiter lane, cornfactors, Adcock J. St. Mary Axe, druggiat, June 1 Allen J. H. Oxford, druggist, May 18

Godwin J Manchester, fandel merchant, June 3 Ansell G. Carshalton, calico prioter, April 25 Gompertz A. Great Winchester street, inerchant, Ashbey J. Boxstead, farmer, May 25 Baker E. Shefford, paper-maker, June 8

Goodall T. Philpot lane, merchan, May 27 Barber W. & R. Cheapside, warehousenien, Goundrill J. Gracechurch strect, haberdasher,

June 29 Barker P. H. & J. H. Peacock, Burwell, Cam- Greaves J. P. & II. Sharp, King's Arnis yard, Cole. bridge, merchants, May 23

man street, merchants, diay 95 Bayly C. Henrietta street, Covent garden, linen- Greaves M. Hanley, maltster, May 31 diaper, June 11

Grey J. Newcastle upon Tyne, woollen-draper, Beavan J. II. Kennington, four-factor, May 14

May 29 Becher C. C. Lothbury, merchant, May 21

Guild J. London, merchant, June 11 Becher G.P. & J. Barker, Broad street, merchants, Gurney T. Stanhope street, Clare market, coal. June 8

merchant, May 29 Beathin J. Catraton street, coal inerchant. May 18 Hallelt W. & J. Ilardie, Queen street, Cheapside, Bingley W. & T. Taristock street, linea drapeis, druggists, May 25 June 4

Halmarack J. Madeley, retailer of wine, June 5, Borman J. Tunbridge, upholsterer, June 12 Ilalmarack J. Newcastle-under-Lyue, mercer, Bottomore T Nottingham, confectioner, May 31 May 29 Bowdler W. Madeley, maltster, June 21

Hance V. Southwark, hat manufacturer, June 11 Frazier T. Oxsted, Surrey, carpenter, May 18 Harding T. Ely, woolstapler, June 6 E: soke N. & R. Pearse, Little Russel street, shoe. llardy W. Chcapside, butcher, May 25 makers, May 21

Harris W. Rendham, pol-ash manufacturer, June 1 Brooke T. Gutter lane inerchant, July 27

Harrison J. London, merchant, May 18 Brown S. & T. H. Scott, St. Mary hill, merchants, Harwood J. Gloucester, grocer, June 7 June 4

Haslain J. Brentwood, shopkeeper, May 28 Brunsden J. Lambeth, whiting manufacturer, Hawkes T. Newport, Hants, butcher, June 15 Niay 25

Hayne J.Paternoster sow, straw-hat manufacturer, Bucklee D. Hatton garden, watch gilder, May 23 June 4 Burkett T. & J. Plumpton, West Smithfield, prin Heald J. Cateaton street, merchant, May 25 ters, May 14

Helmes H. Jolin street, Cominercial road, ship Burtenshaw J. Alboun, miller, May 14

broker, June 11 Caplin W. Woodley, Berks, dealer, May 02 Henriques J. Bishopsgate street, mercht. May 14 Carter J. Kingsaud, salesman, June 3

Herman W. & W. Cockerill, British Imperial Ho. Chisnall J. & S. Ward, Ipswich, maltsters, June 3 tel, Covent garden, hotel keepers, June 4, Clark S. Cominercial road, hoop-bender, June 4 Hewitson J. Wiglon, innkeeper, June 13 Clegg J. Newcastle-under-lyne, merchant, June 10 Hilbers H. G. New London street, mercht. May 18 Cocher R. & Co. Cheapside, lacemen, May 25 Hilditch T. Shrewsbury, shoemaker, May 29 Cooke T. Bury St. Edmund's, miller, May 21 Hind J. Whitechapel, uinplate-worker, May 27 Cooper E. Buxhall, miller, June 10

Hodgson A. Fenchurch strett, merchant, May 25 Cotterell M. & S. Holborn, paper hangers, May 21 Hopkins J. Worcester, mercliant, June 13 Cousins J. Bread street, grocer, May 18

Hughes R. Liverpool, timber-merciant, June 14 Cowell M. & T, Carter, Bow, brewers, May 18 Jameson J. & J. Willis, Little Queen street, coachCowley G. Bristol, stationer, May 15

makers, June 4 Cox , jun. Exeter, seedsman, June 15

Janson J. New Bond street, victualler, May 23 Crokat P. & A. Plalt, ju. Liverpool, merchants, Johnson R. Great Alie street, wiue merchant, May 28

May 25 Dean J. Clapton, linen draper, June 1

Jones J. & J. Leominster, linen-drapers, June 13 Del Campo M. Tokenhouse yd, merchant, May 23 Joves S. Little Wild street, cabinet-maker, June 11. Deschainps J. A. Howard's place, Clerkenwell, Kelly J. A. & Co. Strand, saddlers, June 22 cagine-turner, June 11

King W. Staines, butcher, June 1
Dormer M. Fleur-de-lis street, Spitalfields, soap. Kirkby T. Newman street, limner, June 11
maker, May 16

Knight W. Bagshot, miller, June 11
Drape J. Wbiteliaven, insurance-broker, May 31 Knightley T. Cheshunt, bricklayer, May 4
Dudlow N. Brighton, vintner, June 3

Leake W. Nottingham, joiner, May 30
Duisamel L. Liverpool, umbrella-inanufacturer, Leese C, Canterbury, druggist, May 28
May 30

Levy S. A. Bucklersbury, inerchant, May 30 Dunkin J. Redcross street, rectifer, May 25 Llewellyn W. St. Peter, Carmarthen, inerchant, EUis J. Swinton-street, Gray's Inu lane, scaven. June 11 ger, July 6

Luddington W. Bristol, hatter, May 18 Ethell W. sen. & T. Birmingham, upholsterers, Luke J. Cheapside, boot-maker, June 11 May 25

Lyddell R. Edgewarc road, linen-draper, May 18 Farrer W. Oxford street, confectioner, May 21 M.Carty J. Liverpool, merchant, June 1 Faux I. & W. Bullock, Birmingham, merchants, Manning J. Loddiswell, butchen June 11 June 8

Marsh C. & Co. Reading, baukers, May 25 Fletcher J. Clapham, inerchant, June 15

Maver J. sen, Leadenhall street, insurance-broker, Ford W. Beckingtou, malister, May 28

June 1 Fowler J. Buchin lane, broker, May 14

Menceliu J. Cheapside, perfumer, Juve 8 Frye J. Standon, Herts, stationer, Jone 8

Miller W. Mitre court, merchant, May 11 Geddes A. Matk lane, merchant, May 28

Millie T. Union street, silk-weaver, June 1 Gibb W. Harrington, soft soap manufacturer, Minton S. Minories, woollen-draper, May 23 June 1

Milchel J. Egremont, miller, June 6



(June 1,

Moffat R. Manchester, merchant, June 19 Spooner R. Cornbill, woollen draper, May 21 Morehouse C. & M. Brown, Hull, merchant, Stanley J. Rochester, coal merchant, Mas 25 May 16

Stapley J. Wadhurst, farmer, May 14 Morgan W. B. & J. Dudden, Sheplon Mallet, bank. Stokes B. & J. Hunt, South street, Finsbury ers, May 30

square, merchants, June 8 Nix W. Royal Exchange, patent mcdicine-vender, Stow J. London street, cabinet maker, June 11 June 11

Stracy T. & Co. Princes street, silkmen, Jore !! Nunney J. F. Clare street, victualler, May 11 Sundius C. Devonshire square, merchant, Jone 4 Peters J. Portsmouth, merchant, June 8

Surr J. Holborn, haberdasher, May 25 Pilley M. Hull, woollen draper, June 28

Sutcliffe E. Lad lane, & J. Broadbent, Halifax, Postans W. Birmingham, brass founder, June 18 calico mauufacturers, May 28 Powell J. & W. D. Ormond, Bristol, wine mer- Sykes W. Bermondsey, tanner, May 18 chants, May 29

Taylor W. Liverpool, merchant, June 10 Preston W. Leeds, merchant, May 25

Thompson f. sen. & jun. Paternoster row, broRaincock G. Harlow, master mariner, June 15.

kers, June 8 Read T. Nottingham, lace manufacturer, May 31, Throckmorten J. F. Guildford street, insarapce Reed J. North Shields, master mariner, May 21. broker, June 11 Richards J. S. Montague place, Russell squarc, Townsend E. Maiden lage, wine merchant, May merchant, May 21.

Trovey C. Paddington, builder, May 1 Routh J. & Co. Austio Friars, merchants, June 1. Tubbs J. Liverpool, rope maler, May 31 Rowney R. llatton garden, perfumer, June 4. Vaughan J. Isleworth, tailor, May 18 Rugg H. & C. Austin Friars, silkmen, June 8. Walter W, Crawford street, cabinet maker, Jade 3 Kymill J. Shipscon-upon-Stour, curriers, June 14. Ward J. Beccles, merchant, June 4 Salkeld J. Strand, silversmith, May 4.

Ward J. Flanshaw, clothier June 1 Sanders S. Fleet Street, perfumer, June 11.

Ward J. & J. Falkner, Etchells, Chester, m2na. Sealey B. Boswell couri, scrivener, May 29.

facturers, June 3 Sharpley C. Cambridge, perfumer, June 1.

Warner ). & N. Scholefield, Greenwich, linea Shrapnell J. sen, & jun. Charing cross, silversmiths, drapers, June 8 June 25.

Webster J. & J. Harrison, Liverpool, merchados,
Silver R. N. Oxford street, haberdasher, May 14. June 10
Simeon S. A. Bristol, lace merchant, May 28. Wells R. Farringdon, harness maker, June 8
Slade W. St. John street, Brick lane, baker, Wileman T. & S. West Hothly, landers, June 1
May 23,

Willacy J. & Co. Liverpool, millers, May 22
Smith E. S. & J. Stanley, Liverpool, merchants, Wilson J. Clithero, victualler, June 1
May 22.

Wilson R. Ravenstondale, drover, May 3
Smith R. & G. Lawrence, Gun street, Spitalfields, Wood W. Lambetb, cooper, June 4
silk weavers, June 25.

Wrigley B. Manchester, cotton spinacs, June 3 Smyth J. G. Hoxton, merchant, June 18

Wyatt F. Plymouth, grocer, Jane 1 Solomon J. Gloucester terrace, mer ant, May 14 Yales T. Aldersgate-street, tobacconist, June 25 Sparkes J. & A. Coles, Portland street, coach ma. Young A. Bristol, corn factor, June 17 kers, May 25

Young W. Great Coxwell, dealer, June 8 Spear W. Upper Thames street, stationer, June 1

Alcock T. H. Newport, Salop, tanner, May 25 Davidson J. Beer lane, Tower street, mercbani,
Ansell J. Carshallon, paper-maker, June 4

May 28
Anthony G. Hereford, cordwainer, May 21 Dennis H. Manchester, draper, June 8
Appleton J. Stockton-upon-Tees, paper-wakor, Dolan B. Strand, cheesemonger, May 14
June 4

Edgar R. Hammond's court, Mincing lane, viceAusten H. T. & Co. Henrietta street, Covent gar- merchant, June 8 den, bankers, June 8

Edmunds D. Madeley, printer, May 25 Barnett C. London wall, horse-dealer, June 1 Ewbank J. Paternoster


warehouseman, Barrow J. Draytou-in Hales, milliner, May 21

May 14 Batchelour D. Farnham, timber.merchant, June 4 Tirth J. &. T. Robert Town, York, cordwaine', Belcher J. Lamb's Conduit street, merch. May 25 June 8 Bell J. Focklington, & J. F. Sculcoates, merchants, Ford A. Birmingham, victualler, June 4 June 4

Ford T. jun. Cross, innkeeper, May 25 Denjamin A. Hoxton square, merchant, May 28 Fowler B. & T. Savel, June 11 Betham G. Middlesex, mariner, June 4

Garrard W. Sonth Mims, farmer, May 28 Bingley T. Tavistock street, linen-draper, May 21 Garth W. Ball Grove, Lancaster, coulon-spinner, Binney J. Horsleydown, baker, May 18

May 21 Bradley W. Reading, woollen-draper, May 28 Gianelli J. D. Cock lane, Smithfield, plaster of Brown J. Glamford Briggs, mercer, May 14

Paris manufacturer, May 25 Chapman G. N. S. Boughton Malherbe, Kent, Gordon A. Union court, merchant, June 1 dealer, June 11

Hamilton G. Wormwood street, mercht. May $5 Clapham J. Beddington corner, calico printer, Hannington C. M. Hansard place, Blackfriars, June 8

May 28 Clewley H. M. Charlotte terrace, linen-draper, Harrison G. Whitcomb street, brewes, May 18 May 14

Harwood G. Gloucester, grocer, June g Cock J. Canterbury, draper, June 8

Hensliaw T. Minciog lane, wine-broker, Mag Collins J. Cree Church lane, copper-plate printer, Hill W. Leman street, hat-manufacturer, May 85 June 4

Hodge R. St. Erth, shopkeeper, May:18 Cooper J. Lidney, grocer, June 1

Ilolland H. L. St. James's place, Hampstead coach. Darwin J. Wapping wall, tailor, May 21

May 1+

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