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1816.) Norfolk Northampton--Northumberland-Nottinghamshire. 469

gistrate for this county, and one of the

NORTHAMPTON, gentlemen of his Majesty's Privy Cham- Married.] At Helmdon, the Rev. T.S. ber, 66.

Woodman, of Magdalen-Hall, Oxford, 10 At Keddington, near Louth, John Jack- Miss. Fairbrother, only child of Luke F. esq. son, 98.--Miles Jacklin, 83.

At Peterborough, Mr. Thos. Newton, to At Boston, Hanuan, wife of Sam. Tun- Ann, third daughter of Mr. Pears, of Thornard, esq. 63.

ney. * At Grantham, Mr. C. Greenwood, 73.- Died.] At Peterborough, Mrs. Sarah Birch, Mrs. Harbridge, 42.-Mrs. Green, 49.--Mrs. 66,- Mr. James Clive, 65.-- Ann, wife of Wakefie wife of Mr. Thos. W. of the Red Mr. Gerrard, supervisor of excise, 41. Lion.

At Hardingston, Mr. Wm. Lever. -Mr. At Lincoln, Mr. Rob. Storr.-Mrs. Bagu- John Blissard, late surgeon at Northampley, 88.

ton, 69. At Holbeach, Jonathan Watson, esq. who At Kettering, Mr. Wm. Knight, brother to (after some previous attempts at self-destruc- the late Rev. Jos. K. sector of that parish, 71, tion) cut both his arms across with a

NORTHUMBERLAND. knife, so as to cause his death in a few Mr. Atkinson, near Morpeth, has suffered minutes. Juror's verdict, Felo de se, and his the heavy loss of 7,000 sheep out of his remains were interred in the cross road. flock, by the severity of the storms during

At Boal, Mrs. Peck, wife of - P. gent. the last winter season. 74.

Married.] At Earsden, Lieut. John Hall, At Louth, Caroline, fourth daughter of R. N. to Miss Straughan, daughter of Mr. Mr. Chas. Greenwood, of the Fleece Inn, 22. Wm. S. of Blyth, ship-owner, Mr, W. Fell, 66.

At Chollerton, R. L. Allgood, esq. of At Ulceby, the Rev. Mr. Greenhaw. Nunwick, to Miss Reed, eldest daughter of NORFOLK

J. R. esg. of thipchase Castle. Married.] At Norwich, J. C. Bignold, esq. Died.] At North Shields, Mr. Geo. Forbanker, to the only daughter of John Crowe, ster, 73.- Isabelia, daughter of Mr. Sol. esq. of Wymondham.--George, second son Brown, of the Jerusalem Coffeehouse. of John Harvey, esq. of Thorpe-Lodge, to Mrs. Mary Richardson, widow, 100.--Miss Mary Anne, only daughter of Henry Beevor, Sarah Dodds, 30.--Sam. Hurry, esq. M.D.---The Rev. Edw. Day, of Hers- Janet, sister of Mr. P. Watson, surgeon, 82. ford, to Miss Day, daughter of the late S.D., At Belford, Miss Werge, daughter of the esq.- Jonathan Davey, esq. of Eaton Hall, late John W. esq. of Horton. to Miss Hawkins, daughter of the late Mr. At Newcastle, Capt. Wm. Dobson, late of Parker H.-Jonas H. Robberds, esq. to the Antæus of this port, 41.-Mrs. Eleanor Sarah, daughter of Wm. Unthank, esq. of Dixon, 76.-The wife of Mr. Thos. Gilson. Heigham.- Lieur, Matthias R. N. 10 Anna- -Mrs. Eliz, Coates, 78.-Mrs. Wright, 82. bella, eldest daughter of the Rev. Wm. Robert, only son of Mr. B. R. Dodd, Deighton, rector of Whinberg-cum-West- engineer.-Mr. W. Dryden, 52.--General field.--Rev. W. H. Ward, to Amelia, second John Dickson, brother of the late Admirals daughter of W. C. Pillans, esq. of Bracon, W. and Sir Arch. D. bart. 76. He entered dale.

into the army in 1760. Died.) At Lynn, suddenly, while attend- At West Acomb, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. ing divine service in the Rev. Mr. Arrow's Wm. Stokoe. chapel, Mr. Wacey, surveyor, 70.–Mr. T. At Hexham, Mrs. Dinning, 93. Hankinson, 78.

At Benton, the wife of Rob. Bell, esq. At Saxlingham, Matthew Sallit, gent. late

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE. of Swaff ham, 58.

Married.] At Nottingham, Mr. W. RoAt Bridgeham, Mrs. Rebecca Baxter, 78. gerson, of Lincoln, to Mary, second daughAt Ayisham, Rob, Cook, gent,

ter of Mr. Tollinton. At Yarmouth, Mrs. Eliz. Springall, 68. Died.] At East Retford, Mrs. Frith, wife Mrs. Fill, 68.- Mr. Wm. Guyton, 69.- of Dennis F. esg. Mr. Jos. Morley, 64.--Mr. T. Artis, 78. A. Nottingham, Mr. Wm. Wright, one Mrs. A. Washington, 72.-Mr. Matthew of the town-bailiffs, 73.Mrs. Peat, 84. Keymer, miniature painter, 52... Mrs. Cu Mr. Rich. Clarke, 70.–Mrs. Anne Blunt faude, 96.

Sarah, daughter of Mr. Thos. Dale, 24.At Thetford, Henry Thompson, esq. one Mrs. Hurry, relict of Wm. H. esq. of Yarof the chief burgesses of that corporation mouth, and mother of the late George Coldmore than half a century; during that pe ham, esq. and Mr. Alderman C. of this riod he five times served the office of chief town, 79. magistrate, and in 1806 was appointed one Ac Nether Langwith, John Chapman,, of the assistant justices of the borough.

gent. 73. A: Norwich, Mr. R. Cooper.- Mr. Jas. At Norwood Park, Charles, youngest son Colby, 41,-Mr. John Minns, 62.-M. of Thos. Wright, esq. John Scott, brother of the late Mr. S. sur- At Mansfield, Mrs. Bullard..Mr. Thos.


geon, 74.


Oxfordshire-Shropshire --Somerset-Stafford-Suffolk. (June 1,




Married.) At Walton, near Bristol, A.G. A new fish-market has been established in H. Bactersby, esq. to Elizabeth, younge Oxtord, and promises to be very extensively daugher of the late Major gen. Dundas, beneficial. Ii opend on the th, when s Fingask. cwt. of fresh sea-fisis were sold at very mo. de Clifton, Lieut-col. Buchanan, derate pric s.

Arrangements are making by Hen:ietta, youngest daughter of the late We which the supply will arrive daily exactly at Newcombe, esg. of Stration house, Glouces. noon.

Married.] At Banbury, the Rev. T. W. The Rev. Wm. Bernard, rector of Cias., vicar of that parish, and late Fel. worthy, to Miss Petring daughter of Joha low of Queen's College, Oxfore!, to Ann, P, esq. of Coomde Flory. only daughter of the late W, Walfont, esq. At Bath, Jonas Ridont, esq. of Morton

At Thane, Mr. Louis cl. Comte, of Paris, house, Devon, to Eliza, only daughter of to Mary, youngest daughiter of Mr. W. Sim- Mrs. Johnson-R. Gillam, M. D. to Miss

Gould.-M. R. Ford, esq, to Ann sécord At Herdington, W. R. Denney, esq. of daughter of John W. Hicks, esq.--Jes. Long Buckby, Northampton, to Emma, Greaves, esq. of Liverpool, to Miss Sunthird slaughter of Mrs. Sperice.

lay, only child of the late Chris. S. e. Died.) At Banbury, Mir. Thos, Gulby, At Bristol, Rev. Wm, Coombs, of Bras. sen.---Juhn, son of Mr. John Butler, 19. ford, Wilts. to Miss Amelia Bowden, of At Oxford, Mr. Edw. Boswell, 34 years

Bristol.-Mrs. W, C. Fisk, of London, b clerk of St. Mary's church, 52.--Mrs. John- Frances, eldest daughter of the late S. Coley, son, of the Plume of Feathers.--Mrs. Wells, esq. of Bedford. widow of Mr. W. of Little Milton, 76.- Ác Taunton, Chas, Corfield, esq. of the Mrs. Ducker, widow of Mr. Thos. D. for- 17th foot, ro Georgiana, youngest daughter merly common-room-man of Merton Colo of the late Capt. 7. B. Tyndale, of the 3d. lege, 80.-Mr. John Kensell, butcher, 83.- foot. Mrs. Couldrey, 70,--Mr. Thos. Adkins, city Died.) At Frome, Mrs. Westley, motha marshal.---Mr. L. Hill, 83.- Mr. R. James, of Mr. W. bookseller, of London, Si. 31 years head cook of Queen's College, 66. Ac Pilton, Jas. Heaven, esq. 50.

At Garsington, Mrs. Motte, widow of Mr. At Bristol, Mr. John Barber, near 34 years M, formerly canon's butler of Christ College, a preacher among the Methodiscs. Oxford.

At Bath, the Rev. John Chapman, D.D. At Stanton Harcourt, Mrs. Arnatt, sen. 82. prebend of Bristol Cathedral, vicar of Bath

At kennington, near Oxford, Mrs. Ro. ford and Bathampton, and master of St. berts, 92.

John's Hospital, at Bath, 74.- Lady RichardSHROPSHIPS,

son, wife of Sir Wm. R. bart. of Castle hill, The Shrewsbury Old Bank has resumed co. Tyrone, Ireland.--Mrs. Graves, widow its business under the firm of Rocke, Eyton, of Rear adm. G.-Mrs. Glynn, relict of Mr. Loxdale, Campbell, and Bayley.

Serjeant G. formerly M. P. for Middlesex. Married.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. Wm. At Clifton, Elias Vander Horst, late AmeGardner, of Worcester, to Martha, widow of rican consul for the district of Bristol, 78.Thos. Stockton, esq.

Nigel, brother to Sir Roger Gresley, bart. of V. Wheeler, esq. of Nash Court, to Ceci- Drakelow-ball, Derbyshire, 16. lia Maria, only daughter of Sir Wm. Smith,

STAFFORDSHIRE. bart. of Eardiston House, Worcestershire. Married.) At Rolleston, the Rev. Edi.

Died.] At Lower Leadwych, Mr. James Law, second son of Ewan L. esq. of HorGeorge, many years proprietor of the Clea stead-place, Sussex, to Mary Elizabeth, eldHill coal and iron works.

est daughter of the Rev.John P. Mosley. At Ludlow, Mr. Thos. Roberts. Richard, Died.) At Huntley-hall, near Cheadle, eldest son of Mr. R. Greenhouse.-Mr. Jas. Jas. Bulkeley, esq. a magistrate and deputy Gillroy.--Mr. Edw. Collier.

lieutenant for the county. At Shrewsbury, Wm. Pigott, esq. captain At Lichfield, Mrs. Smith, in the Shropshire militia, and son of the At Newcastle, Mrs. Taylor, of the Redlate

· P. esq. of Peplow, 43.-Jos. Car- lion, 22. less, esq. one of the aldermen of this town, At Walsall, Mary, second daughter of 68.-Mrs. Bowdler, relictof Thos, B. gent. 92. Mr. Ash, 22,

At Muxton, near Newport, Mr. Winnal, At Lane-end, Mrs. Sarah Hull, 75.-NAS. surgeon.

Newbold, 86 -Mrs. Jaques. At the Trench, near Wellington, Mrs. At Hamill-cottage, near Borslen, Mrs. Mainwaring

Gallimore, wife of Mr. G. jun. Birth.] At Bath, Mrs. Welsh, wife of Mr. During the past month, the out premises W. hair-dresser, to whom she had been of several gentlemen and farmers of this married about a year ago, of twins, and on couniy, have been destroyed by fire, and the the 6th day afterwards of a triid child, all damage sustained, has been of considerable since dead.





Surrey Susser--Warwickshire-Westmoreland.




extent. Many fires of the saine description Married.) Wm. Henry, son of Major have also taken place in Kent and Essex. Thos. Harriett, of Mortlake, to Sibella Mary, There is no doubt, that most of these were second daughter of Rob. Hunter, esq. of wilfully fired, and the probability is in.

Kev. creased by some new husbandry implements, Mr. Jos. Redgrave, of Chalgrave, Beds, lo the mole.plough and the thrashing machine, Maria, youngest daughter of Timothy Brown, having been particularly the objects of des. esq. of Peckham Lodge. truction. There is as little doubt that these Al Limpsfield, the Rev. Clement Strong, outrages have been occasioned by the discon to Catherine, second daughter of V. H. Bristent resulting from the high price of provin coe, esq. of Heokwood. sions, and the low rate of labour, which has Dieu] At Albury, Ant. Devis, esq. 87. even manifested itself in open rigt, at Bran. At Esher, Matilda, second daughter of the don, Norwich and other places. In the late H. W. Diggle, formerly judge in the former rown, a inob of 1500 persons as. E. I. C. Bombay service. sembled on the 20th of May, demanding a

Ac Guildford, Wm. Haydon, esq. banker, reduction in the price of provisions. The inhabitanıs, instantly took the subject into At Cobham, Mr. Jas. Pero, 84. consideration, and guaranteed the price of flour at 25. 6d. per stone, and an advance of

A new Chapel, for a Congregation of Prowages at 23. per head for a fortnight ; after

testant Dissenters, commenced building at which, should the millers not have reduced Lewes, nearly on the spot where formerly their prices, the parish-officers will purchase stood a church belonging to the Grey Friars. grain at the cheapest rate, and furnish the

In digging the foundation, one of the work, poor with provisions at prime cost. The sioters were satisfied with these arrange bearing the tollowing inscription,

men threw up an ancient piece of coin, ments, and tranquillity was restored; but

Verbum Domini manet in Eternum, but not till they had completely demolished

« The Word of the Lord endureth for ever." the house of Mr. Willet, a butcher, who was

Married.] At North Mundbani, Geo. particularly obnoxious to them.

Bucion, jun, esq. of Doctors Coinmons, to Married.] At Ipswich, the Rev. Hugh Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Rich. Merrick, Owen, LL.D. of Beccles, to Miss King. At Bury, Capt. John Stecle, of Wurlington, esqof Chichester and Runcton House.

At Little Horstead, the Rev. P. G. Crofts, to Miss Complin. At Stowmarket, Mr. Cross, surgeon, to

to Elizabeth, third daughter of Ewan Law,

esq. Dorothy Anne, eldest daughter of Ms. Bayly,'

Vise unt Sury, son of the Earl of Albesurgeon.

marle, to Miss Frances Steer, of Chichester, Died.) At Luckford rectory, Merielina

Died.] At Brighton, Charles Apthorp Agnes, wife of the Rev. T. E. Rogers, At ipswich, Mrs. Jackson, wife of Mr. J. lington, 56.-Mrs. Eliz, Scrace, mistress of

Wheelwright, esq. of Highbury Terrace, Isproprietor of the Ipswich Journal, 69.

a boarding-house on the East Cliff. Lieut. W. Theobald, 7th Veteran Battalion,

In the parish of East Grinstead, David 44.-Mrs. H. Fonnereau.

Wilkes, 101.
At Woodbridge, Lieut. T. Pulham, R. A.

At Chichester, Capt. Crawford, an alder

derman of that city, and many years steward At Yaxley Hall, Mrs. Nelson, 81.

to the Duke of Richmond. Ac Woolverstone, Mr. John Simpson, 97.

At Beccles, Louisa, daughter of George Bohun, esq. 18.

Died.] At Lea ngta Priors, Matthew At Bury, Isabella, widow of the Rev. Wise, 75. Chas. Nash, of Lewes, 83,-Miss Eliz, Pen At Aston, Mrs. Fletcher, widow of Thos. ning, 25.--Mrs. Griggs, widow of Lieut. G.

At Small Heath, near Birmingham, John The mansion in Sareatham Park, at which Welch, esq. formerly an eminent merchant Dr. Johnson was so often an inmate, has

of the firm of Welch, Wilkinson and Starbeen sold by auction, with all is furniture, tin, in that .own, 76, library, and pictures. On the last day of the At Coventry, Hannah, eldest sister of the sale, the collection of portraits, including Rev. W. Brookes. those of nearly all the distinguished visitors

At Birmingham, Mr. W. Allen.-Mr. C. of Stretham House, was thus disposed of by Harciman, 71.-Mr. W. Tibbets, 55. Mr. Squibb's lia nmer :gris.

guis. The Carlisle Patriot states that five living Lord Sondes

Mr. Garrick , 175 white worms, from 15 inch to 14 inch in Lord Lyttleton

Mr. Bareili

length, and equal to a large crow-quill in Mr. Murphy

Dr. Burney circumference, were lately taken out of an Sir J. Rcyroids

Mr. Burke

abscess on the st vaider of a young man in Dr. Goldsmith. 127 | Dr. Johnson . 300 Kendal. Their bodies are divided into 10 Sir N. Chambers

sections, and each worm has s feet



F. esq.




41 99

82 20



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(June 1,


Married.] At Kendal, Jas. Gandy, jun.

YORKSHIRE. esq. to Miss Annis Long, of Mint House. The first stone of two national school

At oppleby, W. H. Youny, esq. of the rooms has been laid at Doncaster ; each North British Dragoons, to Mary Anne, se- room is calculated for the reception of 209 cond daughter of the late Nich. Dent, esq. scholars, and the building is so planned a

Died.] At Kendal, Mrs. Margaret Lick- to admit of enlargement, if necessary, with barrow, a maiden lady. ---Mrs. Jane Airey, the least possible expense. 68.-Mr. Rob, Benson, 67.-Mr.Wm. Hay- At the late Pontefract sessions, the ariton, 07.--Mrs. Mary Crossfield, 67.—Mr. nual return of the Yorkshire woollen manuJas, Hall, 72.

facture was made, by which it appears that At Ambleside, Mr. John Browrigs, 69. there was an increase of 604,387 yards in

narrow cloths milled, and a decrease of Married.] At Blumsden St. Andrew's, 262,025 yards in broad cloths milled. The John Jas. Calley, esq. to Elizabeth, eldest whole manufacture produced this year in daughter of the Rev. Jas. Wyld.

yards 17,044,325. At Westbury, Lieut. G. A. Goddard, late There is at Howden, a working society of of the soch regt. 10 Eliza, daughter of Henry young ladies, who meet every Thursday Brownc, esq. banker, Bristol.

evening during the winter half year, for the At Bradford, John Langiey, esq. of Lon- benevolent purpose of making clothing for don, to Mary, second daughter of John Hey- the children of the poor in Howden, of masett, esq. of Bovecot House, near Holdswor- terials procured by subscription among them. thy, Devon.

selves and others, who admire their labours Died.] At Hills Green Cottage, near Cors- of charity; and during this season they have ham, Sarah, daughter of the late Rev. Rich. furnished to the poor, gratis, nearly 400 Weaver, 20.

articles of clothing. Ac Warminster, Posthumus, brother of the At the late Otley agricultural show, a porRev. Griffith Roberts.

table threshing-machine was exhibited by At the rectory, Poulshot, Samuel, eldest the niaker, which appeared to give universal son of the Rev. Jas. Williams.

satisfaction. To convey this machine from At Marlborough, Miss Francis, sister to farm to farm requires only the aid of a pair the Rev. Mr. F. rector of Mildenhall and of cart-wheels and one horse ; it may be usCollingbourn, in this county,

packed and set to work in a quarter of an At Broad Chalk, near Salisbury, Mrs. hour. Two horses going at the rate of t#d Crine, 23.

miles and a half per hour, will thresh 7 to

12 bushels, and sour horses 15 to 20 bushels Married.] At Droitwich, Mr. Martin of wheat per hour. Ricketts, surgeon, to Lydia, youngest daugh- Married.] At Sutton in Holderness, Mr. ter of John Owen, esq.

Geo. Codd, solicitor of Hull, to Miss Walton, At Hagley, Thos. Lea, esq. to Frances, daughter of Thomas Walton, esq. eldest daughter of the late Mr. Jos. Hill. At Burton Pidsea, Mr. Rob. Champney,

At Shipston-on-Stour, the Rev. Samuel of Keyingham Marsh, to Sarah, second Taylor, to Miss Parry.

daughter of Wm. Harland, esq. At Tardebigg, John Callow, esq. to Ann, At Leeds, Jas. Armitage, esq. of Londoa, eldest daughter of the late Mr. Chelling- second son of Edw. Armitage, esq. of Farsworth, of Redditch.

lcy Hall, to Ann Elizabeth, eldest daughter Died.] At Upton-on-Severn, the Rev. of Peter Rhodes, esq. Edw. Whitmore, formerly fellow of New At Sculcoates, lieut. Thos. Hayton, sst College, Oxford, and rector of Great Hor- foot, to Jane, second ghter of Mr. Dan. wood, Bucks, 83.

Stow, of Partington. At Little Shelsley, the Rev. T. Foley, rec- At Campsall, the Rev. Mr. Fowler, to tor of that place, who degraded himself and Miss Moate. the sacred profession to which he belonged, Died.] At Etton, the Rev. John Fox, by publicly defending the impostures of Jo- many years rector of that place, and of Sigsanna Southcot.

ton, in this county ; also chaplain to the 1st At Newland, Mr. Jas. Cresswell, 51. foot guards. The former living was pre

At Leopard Farm, near Worcester, Mr. sented to him by the late arcbbishop of Thos. Stokes, 39.

York in 1780. The Rey. Jas. Johnson Baines, rector of At Doncaster, Mr. Sheardown, father of Cold Weston, and vicar of Cainham.

Mr. S. proprietor of the Doncaster Gazette. At Feckenham Grove, Mrs. Morris. He was many years writing-master at the

At Worcester, Mr. Smith, many years grammar school at Louth, and after pursutraveller for Messrs. J. and W. Dent. ing his scholastic labours upwards of fifty

At Chaddesley Corbet, Mrs. Palmer, 90. years, passed the evening of a well spent life

At Shrawley Court, Mary, eldest daughter in peaceful retirement.- Mr. Maw, 44. of Mr. Wm. Bourne,

At Northallerton, Maria, daughter of At Stonrport, Charles, eldest son of Mr. Rich, Blanshard, esq. Quinclet, 33.



Yorkshire.--Ireland.--Commercial Report,



At Branton Green, near Boroughbridge, George Broderick Hartwell, esq. and neMrs. Abbay, wife of Wm. A. esq., and sister phev to Earl O'Neil, one of the posunastersto the Rev. P. Inch bald, of Carr House. general for Ireland. He was educated by

At Knaresborough, Wm. Hutton, esq, the late Rev. L. M. Stretch, at Twyford, late partner in the firm of Marshall, Hives, near Winchester. A few years after he left and Co. of Leeds.

this school he accepted a commission in the At Hull, at the louse of her son-in-law, Antrim militia. During the time he was in Geo. Moxon, esq. Mrs. Heaton, widow of that regiment, he was much beloved and Alderman H., and mother of Mr. H. attor esteemed by his brother officers, who beheld ney, of Doncaster. --- Mrs. Mary M‘Lean. his early and unexpected decease with the

At Alleron, Charles Philip, Lord Stcur sinccrest regret. lle was scized with a feton. His loudship was married June 15, ver, in consequence of a cold caught on a 2775, to Mary, second daughter and co- shooting party, and died in ten days. So heiress of the laie Lord Langdale, and sister sudden and so great a loss could not but to Lady Clifford. He is succeeded in his cause the utmost affliction to his family, and title and estates by his eldest son William, it was, if possible, the distreswho married in Oct. 1800, Catherine, sing, as they were in daily expectation of daughter of Thomas Weld, esq. of Lul- Capt. Hartwell's return to them. In him worth Castle.

has perished an ever kind and attentive son, At Leeds, Mr. Rob. Fearnley, attorney, a most affectionate brother, and a warm and 36.-Mrs. Elam, mother of the laie Sam. E. obliging friend. These amiable qualities had esq.

endeared him to many, who mourn his At Grove House, near Leeds, Mis. Hol- death with unaffected sorrow, but to none royd, wife of John H. esq.69.

had they more fondly attached him than to At Kighley, Mrs. Blakey, wife of John B. the writer of this memorial, who was his esq.

early and intimate companion, and had scen At Gargrave, John Coulthurst, esq. bro- these virtues unfold themselves from their ther to the Rev. Dr, C. vicar of Halifax. first dawn ;--to him, indeed, it is a loss that

At Ganthorpe, the Rev. John Forth, late can never be repaired, though time may fellow of Jesus College, Cambridge, rector of sotien his regret, and endear the rememWest Heslerton, and chaplain to the earl of brance of his youthful friendship. He little Carlisle, 52.

thought, when he last parted with Captain At Whitby, Rob. Swales, esq. 73.

Hartwell, he was so soon to feel how true it

is that Died.) At Castle Island, the county of “ The friend with whom we smile to-day, Kerry, CHARLES HARTWELL, esq. captain May wither in his shroud to-morrow." in the Antrim militia, eldest son of the late


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COMMERCIAL REPORT. TIIE most prominent feature in commerce during the past month has been a rapid advance in the price of grain, the average return of wheat baving been in the proportion of 595. to 70s. per quarter; but as it resulted more from speculation than any other cause, and the speculation having subsided, the price has again considerably declined: it has, however, produced the effect, in some degree, of reviving thic bopes of the agricultural interest, and caused more general activity in every department of business more immediately dependent upon the internal consumption of the country.

The improvement in our external commerde is so gradual and slow as to preclude any strong feature of representation; and the universal opinion of capitalists in favour of an improvement in the funds, which appears likely to be realized, has tended to deprive commerce of every kind of support further than actual necessity has required, which has caused almost every article of merchandize to have declined to its lowest growing or productive value.--The crop of sugar for the present season is likely to prove less than the preceding, and the present prices steadily prevail. An improvement in the price of coffee has been contidently expected by the holders for several months; but the season for export having considerably advanced without producing that effect, they begin to bring forward extensive parcels for sale; about 20,000 bags of East India being declared for the present month, and something lower prices may still be expected. Numerous arrivals both from China and British India'thus early in the season, kaving taken place, all the productions of that quarter of the globe are in great plenty, but not in such abundance as to produce any material alteration in the present value. A sale of about 19,000 chests of indigo finished last month, threc-iourths of which were sold from 38. 4d. to 10s. per pound. A considerable increase in the duty on soap having been brought before Parliament in the course of last month, gave rise to some considerable purNew MONTULY Mag-No. 29.

Vol. V. 2 P

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