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G. Hardinge, Esq., & Rev. C. Dunster,

(June 1,

of the public. He lately succeeded in esta- the constitutional existence of an impeac). blishing a fund for the relief of the families ment against Mr. Hastings," svo. 1791– of seamen and others who may suffer by ca. “The Essence of Malone, or the Beautis sualties; and he conceived the idea of esta- of that fascinating writer extracted from his blishing a fishery on an extensive scale. In immortal work, entitled, Some Account ci the winter of 1814, Mr. Johnes had an alarm- the Life and Writings of John Dryden,'* ing illness, from which, however, he ap- 8vo. 1800-“The Russian Chiefs, an ode, ** peared to have recovered; and purchased a 4to. 1804. residence in Devonshire for his winter resort, At Petworth, the Rev. CHARLES Dty. or, as he expressed it, "a cradle for his STER, rector of that parish, and rural dean age." Here it was that the hand of death of West Sussex. He was the son of the arrested him, after a short illness. His re. Rev. Chas. D. the translator of Horace, and mains were deposited in the church which received his education at Trinity College, he built at Hafod, in the same vault with Oxford, where he proceeded to his degree or those of his beloved and only daughter, for M. A, in June, 1775. He possessed cons. whom a marble monument of most in derable literary and critical abilities, which teresting design and exquisite workmanship he evinced in the following publications:has long been executing in London.

The Frogs, a comedy from the Greek of At Presieigne, April 20, Geo. HARDINGE, Aristophanes," 410. 1785 — "Phillips' Ciesq. first justice of the counties of Brecon, der, a poem, with notes," 8vo. 1791Glamorgan, and Radnor, and attorney-ge- “Milton's Paradise Regained, with noies," neral to the Queen, 71. He was the son of 4to. 1795 - Considerations on Milton's Nicholas H. esq. of Canbury House, Surrey, Early Reading, and the prima stamina of his formerly clerk to the House of Commons- Paradise Lost, together with Extracts from a distinguished for his virtues and literary at. Poet of the 16th century," gro. 1800- A tainments ; nephew to the late Earl, and Letter to the Bishop of London, suggestira cousin to Marquis Camden. He was edu. a farther Consideration of a Passage in Si. cated at King's College, Cambridge ; after Matthew," 8vo. 1804-"A Letter to Grariwhich he entered at one of the inns of court, ville Sharp, respecting his Remarks on the ima and became eminent as a counsel. He pos- last Petitions in the Lord's Prayer," 12100, sessed a refined classical taste, brilliant wit, 1807.--To those which follow he did not and the most powerful and varied eloquence, affix his name:- Discursory Considerations which lie uniformly displayed in the charges on St. Luke's Gospel," sro. 1805- Cendelivered by him after his elevation to the siderations on the supposed Evidence of the bench. His benevolent temper and active early Fathers that St. Matthew's Gospel was philanthropy will long live in the recollec- the first written," 8vo. 1806_"Consideration of his friends, and of the many who tions on the hypothesis that St. Luke's Goshave been henefited by his zealous exertions. pel was the first written," 8vo. 1808 He was the author of the following tracts :- “ Points at issue between the editor of Dr. “ Speech delivered at the Bar of the House Townison's Works and the author of Discurof Lords against Mr. Fox's East India Bill, sory Considerations on St. Luke's Gospel," Dec, 16, 1783" " Letters to Edmurd 8vo. 1811, Burke, in which are contained Inquiries into



Died.] At Bill Hill, near Wakingbam, Died.) At Henwick House, Nathaniel Frances, second daughter of Licut. Gen. Bogle, third son of N. B, French, esq.

Leveson Gower, 15. At Old Warden vicarage, the Rev. John At Windsor, Mr. Chas.Secker, 53:-Mrs. Smyth, vicar of the united parishes of Southill Marshall, 33.--Mrs. Simmons, 62. and Old Warden, and perpetual curate of At Oakingham, Mrs. Grace Harrod, 76. Hampton, in the diocese of Worcester, 50. At Newbury, John Haskin, esq. 72.

At Clifton, the wife of the Rev. D. S. Oli- At Stroatley, Mrs. Sheppard, 43. vier.


Married.] At Aylesbury, Mr. W. Robert, Married.] At Wallingford, Mr. Thos. to Anne, eldest daughter of Mr.John Wheeler. Bond, of Mackney, to Ann, third daughter Died.] At Lamport House, Edmond of Mr. R. Brooker. Mr. E, Hobson, of Dayrell, esq. of Lincoln's Inn, barrister, 7%. Northampton, to Miss Mary Greene, of


Married.] At Cambridge, Wm. Herbert, At Sunningwell, Mr, Jas. Collason, to esq. of Huntingdon, to Mary, second daugh. Miss Sarah Deane.

ter of Thos, V. Oakes, esq.


Cambridgeshire-Chfster-Cumberland- Derby.


At Linton, Mr.J.D. Eve, to Sarah, daugh

CUMBERLAND ter of the late Mr. Jos. Middleditch.

An elegant new school-house, built by Died.] At Newton, near Wisbech, Mr. subscription, and capable of containing 200 John Taylor, 64.

children, was opened at Dalton on the 22d At Cambridge, Mrs. Herrlett, widow of of April, and a free Sun 'ay-school has also Mr. H. brewer, 05.-- John Marilock, esq. of been established in the same place. Both are Abingdon Hail, 60.--Mrs. Hitch.--Mr. conducted on the Madras plan. Lucas Raye, 66.

Married ] At Thursby, Capt. Bouch to At Newmarket, Mr. Wm. Day.

Miss Sanderson. At Guyhirn, Mr. Giles Marriott, 73. At Workington, Capt. John Henderson of

At Ely, Susanna, relict of Jolin Wadding- Little Clifton, to Miss Sparks.--Capt. Thos. ton, esq. 81.

Wilson to Mrs. Hasten.

Died.] At Carlisie, Mr. Thos. Hodgson, A very curious non-descript animal was 66.—Mary, wife of Mr. Geo. Mattinson.Lately caught by some fishermen in Chester Mr. J. Sharpe, 53.-Mrs. Marg. Corry, 85. river, In length, it is about six inches and At Maryport, Mrs. Eliz. Brown, 77. a half, and in shape not unlike the variegated At Penrith, Mr. John Swainson, 75,--Mr. hairy caterpillar, called “the Tailor." Its Peter Gill, 86.--Mr. Joseph Railton, 75,back is covered with a very fine dark hair, Mrs. Ann Robinson, 93.-Mr. Jonah Wiland small black prickly substances, resem

kinson, 80. bling the pen-feathers on a young bird. The At Brampton, Mr. H. Stephenson, 50,hair

on its sides is beautifully variegated, and Mr. Jas. Topping, 74. the belly is of a light colour, approaching to

At Whitehaven, Capt. Rob, Simpson, 01. white. It has 56 feet, and on each foot Mrs. Mary Pattinson, 81. several black points, appearing as claws. At Douglas, I. of Man, Mrs. Mary Dixon, The head very small, in proportion to the wife of Capt. Isaac D., of Liverpool, 30. body.

At Dacre Castle, Mrs. Todd, 55, and a few Married.] At Chester, Peter Dickenson, days afterwards, in consequence of a moresq. eldest son of Thos. Lacy of West tification, from running a thorn into his Retford-Hall, Notts, to Maria, second daugh- hand, her husband, Mr. Joseph T. 58. ter of the late Robert Berks, esq.-Mr. At Greta-Hall, Keswick, Herbert, only Richards, master of the Diocesan School, to son of R. Southey, esq. poet-laureat, who Miss Taylor of Liverpool.

though only nine years old, had made conDied.] At Iddinshall, Mr. H. A. Shaw, 32. siderable proficiency in the Latin, Greek,

At the sectory house, Halkin, the infant French, German, and Spanish languages. son of the Rev. Rowland Williams.

At Keswick, Mr. John How, 84.
At Northwich, Mr. Burgess.-Mrs. Barnes. At Lorton, Mr. Mirehouse Key, 86, and

At Knutsford, Mr. John Froggati.-Mrs. the same day, at Redmain, his second son Brown.

Jonathan K. 56. They have each left a widow, At Norbury, near Stockport, Rob. Little- three sons and seven daughters. wood, 107.

At the Hill, near Tarporley, Miss Oulton. At a meeting of the gentlemen who com-
At Lymm, Mr. Peter Hindley, 66.

posed the Grand Jury at the last Assizes, and At Altrincham, Mrs. Linney, relict of Mr. other friends of the late Francis Noel Clarke John L. of Manchester.

Mundy, esq. held at Derby on the 22d of At Chester, Mr. W. Williams, 72.-Mr. April, it was resolved to open a subscription John Jones, 21.

for “a bust of statuary marble, with suitCORNWALL.

able appendages, to be executed in the best Capt. Thomas Garland, of Wheal Bassett style and by the most eminent artists, and Mine, has constructed a very ingenious model erected in a conspicuous and convenient of a steam-engine, which is likely to prove situation in the County Hall, with an Engmore advantageous to the miner than to the lish inscription, to record the character and coal-merchant or the iron-founder.

public services of Mr. Mundy, the gratitude Married.) At Falmouth, Fras. Jas. Temp- of the county, and the universal sorrow ler, esq. R A. to Ellen, second daughter of occasioned by his death.” Henry Williams, esq.

Married.] A¢ Alfreton, Dr, Wheeler to At St. Winnow, R. B. Mabley, esq. of Miss Holmes. Treglines-House, to Jane, fourth daughter of At Staveley, Mr. John Waterhouse, arMr. Rich. Dingle, of Henson-Cot Farm. chitect, to Miss Eliz. Wood,

Died.) At Padstow, Mrs. Catherine Pen Died.) At King Steindale, near Buxton, nington, a maiden lady, 20.

Mrs. Swann, 75. At Poisue-House, near Tregony, the lady At Derby, Mr. John Brewer, landscapeof Admiral Kempe.

painter, 51,--Mr. Thos. Bullers, 67.
At Liskeard, Mrs. Allen, wife of Mr. At Mathersage, Mr. Matthew Morton,
John A. and daughter of Mr. Fox of Perran many years traveller for Messrs. Buttery and

Eyre, tea-dealers of London, 37.
At St. Austell, Henry Lamb, esq. 68. At Mayfield, the Rev. Wm. Evans.
New MONTHLY MAG.-No. 29.




Devon --- Dorset-Durham--Essex - Gloucester.

(June 1,


At Poole, W. Hayward, esq. . A Provident Institution has been formed At Sherborne, Mr. Rob. Penay, 58. at Plymouth, to consist of 400 members,

DURHAM. who are to subscribe 5s. each on the death Married.] At Witlon-le-Wear, Calverier of every member, which will consequently Bewicke Bewicke, esq. nephew of the late make up a sum of about 100 l. for his C. Bewicke, esq. M.P. to Elizabeth, daogbwidow, orphaos, or other representatives. ter of T. Wilkinson, esq. of Witton Castle.

A new chapel, built at the expence of the At St. Andrew's Auckland, Mr. Michael society of Methodists, at Brixham, was lately Branthwaite, bookseller, Kendal, to las opened, with a sermon by Capt. Oitery of Parker of Bishop's Auckland. the Army. It is a very fine building, large Died.) At Darlington, M. John Wakes. enough to contain 6 or 700 persons.

ley, portrait, historical, and landscape painter, The paintings lately removed from Pow. formerly of Leicester, 47. derham Castle, (the seat of Lord Courtenay), Ac Durham, Mrs. Watson, 81; 2od the have been sold by auction, at Christie's, in following day her brother-in-law John Ward, Pall-mall, at very low prices. The celebrated esq. formerly an eminent attorney, 78. large picture of the Tribute Money, by At Monkwearmouth, the Rev. Gifas Rutens, reputed to be worth several thou- Gates, 61. sand pounds, fetched but 4801, and had only At Stockton, Mr. Chris. Perkins, an emitwo bidders. The old china sold tolerably nent mechanic and inventor of some of the high; an antiquated cup and saucer of most useful agricultural implements now in common size, was knocked down for 881. use, 72.

Married. At Plymouth, Lieut. Price of At Darlington, Mr. John Elgie, master of H. M. S. Spencer, to Miss Keys.--Mr. Jas. the Work-house. - Mr. Geo. Harrison, 43. Lancaster, clerk in the dock yard, to Miss At Bishop Auckland, Mr. Edw. Fairless. Johanna Henley.--Mr. J. Fincham, master

ESSEX. boat builder in the dock yard, to Miss Cum- Married.] At Saffron Walden, Mr. P. mins.--Mr. Radley, surgeon, to Miss E. Sack, veterinary surgeon, to Matilda, daughWelch.

ter of the late J. Barret, esq. Died.] At Torquay, Harriet, ffih daugh- Died.] At Walthamstow, Elizabeth, wil ter of John Brooke, esq. late of Austhorpe. of Sam. Dobre, eso, 60.-). C. BlanckenLodge, near Leeds

hagen, esq. of Amsterdam, 52. AT Exeter, Mr. Peppin, senior surgeon of At Stratford Grove, Elizabeth, widow of the Devon and Exeter Hospital, 63.-Mr. John Snelgrave, esq. 85. Thos, Hathaway, formerly supervisor of ex. At Stratford Green, Mrs. Mathews, recise, 92 --Geurge, third son of Alderman lict of Jon, M. esy. 65. Phillips, 19. He was drowned while amus. At Chelmsford, Sarah, fifth daughter of ing himself with two companions in a boat the late Geo. Cheveley esq. formerly of Boyon the river.

ton Hall, Roxwell.-Mr. Rob. Church. At Exbourn, the Rev. Henry Bate, 40 Mr. Edw. Bence, of the Dolphin. years curate of that parish.

At ('olchester, Mrs. Chas. Tillet, 71. At Barnstaple, Mr. Jolin Wood Oram, Ai Kelvedon, Mıs. Bickmore, 73. upwards of 40 years comp!roller of the At Barnes's Farm, Springfield, Mr. Joba customs there, 72.

Marriage, 60. At Plymouth, Mrs. Patridge, 80.-Mr. At Bocking, Thos. Nortidge, esq. so. Vine,- Lieur. J. C. B. Jackson, only son of He was many years a deputy lieotenant, and John J. esq. master-attendant of the dock. served the office of high sheriit of the cocaty, yard. Mr. Body, merchant, 85, and the in 1790. same day, by falling down stairs, his grand

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. son Edmund B. 9.-Mrs. Sole, widow of Mr. At a special assembly of proprietors of the S. surgeon.-- Capt. O'Reilly, R. N.

Cloucester and Berkeley Canal Company, Al North Tawion, Mis. Ware, wife of held at Gloucester, on the 7th of May, it Rich. Ware, esq.

was resolved that the canal should be comAt Brixham, Mr. H. Bartlett, merchant. pleted without delay. As it appeared from

At Thorverton, Mrs. Freke, widow of the the estimate of the engineer, that 150,000l. Rev. Ireenian F. late rector of Clanna- exclusively of the property in the hands of borough,

the company, will be required for this work, At Bridestowe, Jane Walters, 101.

it was resolved that the above sum should be At Alphing on, Edmund Calamy, esq. of raised by creating 1500 new sharts, at 100l. Twickenham

cach. As the engineer is of opinion that the DORSETS!:)RE.

canal may be finished in 1820, if the works Married.] John Phelips, esq. of Monta. are resumed this summer, it has been detercute House, Somerset, i Mary Ann, only mined that they shall proceed as soon as dauptets of the Rer Chas. Phelips, of l'id- 40,000l, of the sum required shall be subdierenthide.

scribed. Died.] The Rev. E. Napier, 34 years rea. The !. W. Gray, M. A. has opened the toi ot Sution Waldion.

Cool!ian Free Grammar Sohool for the




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} education of youth, according to the will of Ar Alverstoke, Joseph, third son of Wm. the founder.

Jolliffe, esq. of Brading, Isle of Wight. The Married.] At Cheltenham, Wm. F. Par- intelligence of his decuase so affected his terson, esq. to Jane, third daughter of C. mother, as to throw her into violent convulGreenwood, esq. of Brize-norton.

sive fits, which in two days put an end to her At Thornbury, Adrian Stokes, esq. of life. Bristol, to Annis, eldest daughter of the late At Swanmore Cottage, Mrs. Robinson, Geo, Ralph, esq.

wife of Capt, R. of ihe R. N. Died.] At Cheltenham, Thos. Clarke,

HEREFORDSHIRE. esq. formerly an eminent surgeon, 66.

A Pitt Club has been established at HereA: Gloucester, Mr. Geo. Watson, 46. ford, and meets for the first time on the 29th Anne, youngest daughter of the Rev. Martin of May, 10 celebrate the birth-day of the Barry.- Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Ste great minister, after whom it is named. phens.-Mrs. Birt, 86.



The Female Adult School, established in Ai Shirehampion, Mrs. Waite, wife of Hereford, has already 130 schelars, Mr. W. of Filton, near Bristol, and only Married.) At King's Caple, Chas, Balchild of John Wade, esg. of Awre.

linger, esy. of Chalford, Gluucester, to Sarah, At Painswick, Mrs. Carruthers, relict of daughter of E. Jones, esq. of Poulstone, in Wm. C. esq. of Brown's Hill, 62.

this county. At Quenington, Charles, second son of The Rev. Rich. Brook, of Broomsberrow, the Rev. J. W. Astley, rector of that parish. Gloucester, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter

In London Jas. Tyers, esq. of Field Place, of Thos. Higgins, esq. of Hillend, Eastnos. Stroud, 70.

Dieu.] A: St. Weonard's, Mr.J. Vaughan, Ac Upton St. Leonard's, Wm. Frankis, 88. esq.

At Breinton, Mr. C. Williams, of the Box,

in the parish of Skenfreth, Monmouthshire. At the quarter sessions for this county, At the Hill, near Hereford, Mr.J. Moore. held at Winchester, on the 22d of April, the At Stoke Edith, Mrs. Perrins. Rev. Mr. Wright submitted, that the inequa At Rock, Mr. Geo. Yapp, 82. lity of the county rate ought to be taken into At Hereford, Mrs. Preece.--Mrs. Cbcese, consideration, which has existed 46 years

60. without alteration. He stated that many places were paying thrice as much as their Died ] At Hertford, Mr. Rob. Manners, just proportion, while many others were At Corneybury, near Buntingford, Am, not paying above the fractional part of a

wife of Wm. Buli, esq. 48.* farthing.

The Rev. F. Iremonger, general visitor of The national school established at Maidthe schools established in Hampshire, on store on Dr. Bell's plan now affords the Dr. Bell's plan, has during a recent progress means of instruction to 175 boys and 123 through the country, ascertained an increase girls. of ten schools since the last report. The The grand jury of Maidstone have resolved whole number now is so, at which upwards to petition the General Post Office for the of 5000 poor children are receiving the blese establishment of a mail coach, through sing of education,

Fooi's Cray, Farningham, Wrotham, and Married.) At Romsey, the Rev. John Malling, to Madstone, Ashford, Hythe, and N. Gourley, of Henley on Thames, to Miss Folkstone. Clementina Sharp.

Bitth.) At Chatham, the lady of Capt. The Rev, Geo. Burrard, late Fellow of Sir John Louis, bart. R. N. of a daughter. Merion College, Oxford, to Emma, eldest Married.] At Goudhursi, Mr. Wm. Spurdaughter of Cape. Bingham, R. N. of Grove den, of London, to sarah, only child of John House, Lymington.

Greenland, esq. At Portsmouth, Lieut. Kemball, R. N. to At Ashford, the Rev. Sam. Hill, chaplain Miss Elcock.

to the forces, to Jane S.ephand, sixth daughAt Kingston, Lieut. Jenkins, of the 2d regt. ter of the Rev. Jas. Bend, vicar of Ashford. 10 Mrs. Read, widow of Mr. R.surgeon, k. N.

At Beckenham, Geo. Stokes, esq. of Lonand daughter of Lieut. Jewers, of the Naval don, to Susanna, second daughter of the College, Portsmouth.

Rev. Geo. Fletcher, of Clay-bill. Died.] Ac Cowes, the eldest son of the At Rochester, Geo. Baker, esq. of Bolcy late Major Reignold, who fell at Waterloo. Hill, to Lucy Jane, caughrer of the late J.

At Romscy, Rich. Holmes, esq. many Roberts, esq. of Wells, Norfolk. years a magistrate for that town, 63.

Ai Adisham, Capt. Geo. Bilion, R. N. to The Rev. G. Ilingworth, rector of Lower Elizabe:h, e dest daughter of Il. W. Harvey, Tidworth and Week.

esq. or Flanden. At Southampton, Mrs. Hooke, daughter of At Stapleliurst, the Rev. Jos. Gill, rector Brig.-gen. H. formerly governor of Gibraltar, of that parish to Miss Varenne, only child of and sister to the late Lady Stuart, of Hartley the Rev. Dr. V. rector of Westley. Mauduit Park.

Died.) At Northuown llouse, Margate,


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Frances, third daughter of the late John At Farnworth, Mr. Thos. B. Heywoord, 67. Baker, esq.

At Gidlow House, Wigan, Mr.John Burch, At Hawley House, Dartford, Ann, widow 22. of Fras. Leigh, esq. 68.

At Holme, Miss Whitaker, daughter o At Goodnestone Park, Lady Brydges, wife the Rev. Dr. W. vector of Heysham, the of Sir Win. Brooke B. bart.

learned historian of Whalley, Craven, and At Chatham, the wife of J. Best, esq. Yorkshire. Mr. Warrington, formerly of the dock-yard, At Liverpool, Mrs. Sutton, daughter of 88.

Jas. Graves, esq. of Holloway, near London.. At Tunbridge Wells, Mr. Whiting, late of -Mr. I!enry Yates, 35.-The Hon. Lical the Kentish hotel.

Col, Basil Cochrane, of the 36th regi. son of Ac Brompton, Mr. W. Sugden, late chief the Earl of Dundonald, and brother of Lord clerk in the Commissioner's Office, Chatham Cochrane.--Mr. John Pombe, attorneyDock-yard, 67.

Mr. Wm. Atherton, landing waiter in the At Canterbury, Mrs. Kirkby.--- Mrs. Mary customs, 40. Wotton, 68.-Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Thos.

LEICESTERSHIRE. Southee.-Mr. Ralph, 48.

Married.] George, eldest son of the Rt. LANCASHIRE.

Hon, Sir John Sinclair, bart, to Camilla, At a late vestry meeting at Liverpool, it second daughter of Sir Wim. Mangers, of was resolved, that no public or private din Buckminster Park, bart. ners (visitation dinners not excepted) shall At Leicester, Mr. Jos. Wilkinson, to Miss be had at the expense of the parish-an Sarah Porter. cxample that ought to be imitated by the At Melton Mowbray, Mr. Thos. Townofficers of every parish in the kingdom. end, of Manchester, to Elizabeth, third

The banking house of Roscoe, Clark, and daughter of Wm. Shepherd, esq. Roscoe, of Liverpool, having arranged the Died.] At Walcot, Mr. Thos, Robinson, payment of principal and interest with the late of London, 59. claimants on the firm, have resumed their At Loughborough, Ann, eldest daughter of business.

Mr. Wm. Harley, brewer, 20. Lord Byron's extensive estates in this and At Claybrook, Lant Campion, esq. the neighbouring county of Chester, which

LINCOLNSHIRE. were sold for about 170,000l. last year, are In carrying on the works for the imagain likely to be brought to the hammer, provement of the river Witham, many subthe late purchaser not being able to make marine articles have been thrown up. Lately, good the purchake money by quarterly pay near Washingborough, about four miles from ments of 20,000l. It is probable that the Linco'n, a complete canoe was found, of the whole will now be divided into lois.

length of 30 feet s inches, 2 feet high at the Married. At Liverpool, Charles Robert sides, and about 2 feet 6 inches wide, made Simpson, esq. 10 Ann, only daughter of out of a single tree. After being exposed Rob. Harvey, esq.-Capt. Rich, Builey, of to the air, it was found impracticable to rethe brig Moston, to Miss Hind, of Nora move this curiosity, the least movement Scotia.

causing it to break. A great number of Al Preston, John Pritchard, esq. to Cathe- trees, several yards under ground, deer's rine, eldest daughter of the late Jas. Pedder, horns, some of them very large, and human esq.

skulls, &c. have been found: but the object At Manchester, Mr. G. Taylor, solicitor, of greatest value is a beautiful silver cup or to Miss Adamson, of St. Leonard's Mount, basin, richly ornamented with wild animals, Padiham.--Mr. Wm. Nield, in Mary, eldest &c. and having in the centre a small statue. daughter of Mr. T. Hoyle, of Mayfield. This is now in the possession of a gentleman

Al Pre wich, Wm. Marriot, esq. to Miss in the neighbourhood. Milne daughter of Nath. M. esq.

Married.] At Louth, the Rev. J. Iaman, Died. At Everton, Pudsey Dawson, vicar of Kilusea, to Elizabeth, only laughter esg. of liverpool, 64.

of the late W. Raines, esq. of Ryton. At Hulion, near Bolton, Edward Kearsley, At Gainsborough, Mr. Cook to Miss Tidd, esg, a justice of the peace for the county. daughier of John T. esq.

At Manchester, Nath. Milne, csq. late of Dieu] Ac Riby Grove, Frances, wife of Prestwich Wood, many years a coroner for Wm. Edw. Tomline, esq. M. P. eldest son cf the county, and clerk to the acting magi- the Bishop of Lincoln, 26. strates for this division, and to the deputy At Tickencote House, near Stamford, lieutenancy.John Barker, esq.59.-- James, Elizabeth, wife of S. R. Fydell, esq. only son of Chas. Greenway, esq.--Mr.J At Stamford, Mrs. Jackson, wife of Hugh Nicholas Kahıs, 40,--Mr. Wm. Sandford, J, esq. 70. 34.-- Mr. Rich. Trucman, 70.--Mr. Henry At Wyberton, Mr. John Sheath, late an Burge: $. - W. Ogden, esq. of Ardwick eminent banker and merchant at Boston, 73. Green, 61.

At Market Rasen, Henry, son of the Rev. At Norris Green, John, only son of the John Robinson. late John Smallwood, esq. 33.

At Barrow, George Uppleby, esq. a pia

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