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Dunster, 10.)

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r!It Linton, Mr.J. D. Eve, to Sarah, daugh-
Cambriilgeshire--ChesterCumberland- Derby.

CUMBERLAND. * Mit of the late Mr. Jos. Middleditch.

An elegant new school-house, built by ise or Died At Newton, near Wisbech, Mr. subscription, and capable of containing 200

children, was opened at Dalton on the 22d ze At Cambridge, Mrs. Hewlett, widow of of April, and a tree Sun ay-school has also WTS : 1. H. brewer, 75.--John Morrlock, escy

. Of been established in the sam: place. Both are The Rise pingilon Hail, 60.—Mrs. Hitch.-Mr. conducted on the Madras plan. icas Raye, 66.

Married ) At Thursby, Capt. Bouch to , the Re: At Newmarket, Mr. Wm. Day.

Miss Sanderson, balanit At Guyhirn, Mr. Giles Marriott, 73. At Workington, Capt. John Henderson of At Ely, Susanna, relict of John Wadding- Little Clifton, to Miss Sparks.---Cape. Thos.

Wilson to Mrs. Hasten.

Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. Thos. Hodgson, A very curious non-descript animal was 66.-Mary, wife of Mr. Geo. Mattinson.73. etely caught by some fishermen in Chester Mr. J. Sharpe, 53.-Mrs. Marg. Corry, 85. con iver. In length, it is about six inches and At Maryport, Mrs. Eliz. Brówn, 77.

half, and in shape not unlike the variegated At Penrith, Mr. John Swainson, 75.-Mr.

nairy caterpillar, called “the Tailor." Its Peter Gill, 86.--Mr. Joseph Railton, 75,1. Jack is covered with a very fine dark hair, Mrs. Ann Robinson, 98.-Mr. Jonah Wilsind small black prickly substances, resem

kinson, 80. : Reabling the pen-feathers on a young bird. The At Brampton, Mr. H. Stephenson, 50.Bashair

on its sides is beautifully variegated, and Mr. Jas. Topping, 74. the belly is of a light colour, approaching to

At Whitehaven, Capt. Rob. Simpson, 61. white. It has 56 feet, and on each foot Mrs. Mary Pattinson, 81. several black points, appearing as claws. At Douglas, 1. of Man, Mrs. Mary Dixon, The head is very small, in proportion to the wife of Capt. Isaac D., of Liverpool, 30. body.

At Dacre Castle, Mrs. Todd, 55, and a few Married.] At Chester, Peter Dickenson, days afterwards, in consequence of a mor- esq. eldest son of Thos. Lacy D. esq. of West tification, from running a thorn into his

Retford-Hall, Notts, to Maria, second daugh- hand, her husband, Mr. Joseph T. 58.
ter of the late Robert Berks, esq.-Mr. At Greta-Hall, Keswick, Herbert, only
Richards, master of the Diocesan School, to son of R. Southey, esq. poet-laureat, who
Miss Taylor of Liverpool.

though only nine years old, had made conDied.] At Iddinshall, Mr. H. A. Shaw, 32. siderable proficiency in the Latin, Greek,

At the rectory house, Halkin, the infant French, German, and Spanish languages. son of the Rev. Rowland Williams.

At Keswick, Mr. John How, 84.
At Northwich, Mr. Burgess.-Mrs. Barnes. At Lorton, Mr. Mirehouse Key, 86, and

At Knutsford, Mr. John Froggatt.-Mrs. the same day, at Redmain, his second son

Jonathan K. 56. They have each left a widow,
At Norbury, near Stockport, Rob. Litcle- three sons and seven daughters.
wood, 107.

At the Hill, near Tarporley, Miss Oulton. At a meeting of the gentlemen who com-
At Lymm, Mr. Peter Hindley, 66. posed the Grand Jury at the last Assizes, and

At Altrincham, Mrs. Linney, relict of Mr. other friends of the late Francis Noel Clarke
John L. of Manchester.

Mundy, esq. held at Derby on the 22d of At Chester, Mr. W. Williams, 72.-Mr. April, it was resolved to open a subscription John Jones, 21.

for “a bust of statuary marble, with suit

able appendages, to be executed in the best Capt. Thomas Garland, of Wheal Bassett style and by the most eminent artists, and Mine, has constructed a very ingenious model erected in a conspicuous and convenient of a steam-engine, which is likely to prove situation in the County Hall, with an Engmore advantageous to the miner than to the lish inscription, to record the character and coal-merchant or the iron-founder.

public services of Mr. Mundy, the gratitude
Married.] At Falmouth, Fras. Jas. Temp- of the county, and the universal sorrow
ler, esq. R A. to Ellen, second daughter of occasioned by his death."
Henry Williams, esq.

Married.] At Alfreton, Dr, Wheeler to
At St. Winnow, R. B. Mabley, esq. of Miss Holmes.
Treglines-House, to Jane, fourth daughter of At Staveley, Mr. John Waterhouse, ar-
Mr. Rich. Dingle, of Henson-Cot Farm. chitect, to Miss Eliz. Wood,

Died.] At Padstow, Mrs. Catherine Pen Died.] At King Sierndale, near Buxton, nington, a maiden lady, go.

Mrs, Swaan, 75.
At Poisue-House, near Trezony, the lady At Derby, Mr. John Brewer, landscape-
of Admiral Kempe.

painter, 51.-Mr. Thos. Bullers, 67.
At Liskeard, Mrs. Allen, wife of Mr. At Hathersage, Mr. Matthew Morton,
John A. and daughter of Mr. Fox of Perran many years traveller for Messrs. Buttery and

Eyre, tea-dealers of London, 37.
At St. Austell, Henry Lamb, esq. 68. At Mayfield, the Rev. Wm. Evans.
New MONTHLY Mac.-No. 29.




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use, 72.


DEVONS 11 inz.

At Poole, W. Haywan!, esq. A Provident Institution has been formed At Sherborne, Mr. Rob. Penazy, 58. at Plymoulin, to consist of 400 members,

DURHAM. who are to subscribe ss. cach on the death Married.) At Wition-le Weas, Cake of every member, which will conscquently Bewicke Bewicke, e«. nephew of the si make up a sum of about 1001. for his C. Bewicke, esq. M:P. to Elizabeth, da es widow, orphans, or other representatives. ter of T. Wilkinson, esq. of Wirton Castic

A new chapel, uilt at the capence of the At St. Andrew's Auckland, N1. Vibe society of Methodists, at Brixham, was lately Branthwaiti, bookseller, Kendai, to SF.s. opened, with a sermon by Capt. Ouery of Parker of Bisl:op's Auckland. the Army. It is a very fine building, large Diely At Darlington, M. John Waso. enough to contain 6 or 700 persons.

ley, portra't, fristorical, and landscape pain . Tije paintings lately removed from Pow- formerly of Leicester, 17. derham Castle, (the seat of Lord Courtenay), Ac Durham, Mrs. Watson, $i ; and be have been suld by auction, at Christie's, in foliowing day her brother-in-law John Ward, Pall-mail, at very low prices. The celebrated esq formerly an eminent attorney, 70. large piclure of

the Tribunale Alaney, by At Monkwearmouih, the Rev. Gift Rulens, resu'ed to be worth several thou- Gates, 01. sand pounds, ferched but 4 sol, and had only Af Stockton, Mr. Chris. Perkins, an emas two bidders. The old china sold teierably nent mechanic and inventor of some of the high; an antiquated cup and saucer of most useful agricultural implements now sa common size, w knocked down for 891.

Married. At Aymouth, Lieut. Price of At Darlington, Mr. John Elsie, master of H.M. S. Spencer, to Miss Keys.---Mr. Jas. the Work-house. Mr. Geo. Harrison, 43. Lancaster, clerk in the dock yard, to Miss At Biskop Auckland, Mr. Edw. Fairies Johanna Henley.-- M: J. Fincham, master boat builder in the cock yard, to Miss Cum Married.] At Satfion Walden, Mr. P. mins.-M.. Radley, surgeon, to Miss E. Sack, veteranary surgeon, to Matilda, daugtWelch.

ter of the late J. Barret, esq. Died.] Ai Torquay, Harriet, fifth daugh Died.) Al Walthamstow, Elizabeth, wife ter of John Bicoke, esq. late of Austhorpe. of Sam. Dobrre, esq, 60.-J. C. BlanchesLodge, near Leeds,

hagen, esq. of Amsterdam, 52. At Exeter, Mr. Peppin, senior surgeon of At Stratford Grove, Elizabeth, widow of the Devon and Exeter Hospiral, 03.--Mr. John Snelgrave, esq. 85. 'Thos. Hathaway, formerly supervisor of ex At Stratford Green, Mrs. Nathews, recise, 92 --George, third son of Alderman lict of Jon. M. es4. 65. Phillips, 19. lle was drowned while arus At Chelmsferd, Sarah, fifth daughter of ing himself with tho companions in a buat the la:e Geo. Cheveley esq. formerly of Boyon the riser.

ton Hall, Roxwell.-Mr. Rob. Church, At Exbour, the Rev. Henry Bate, 40 Mr Edw. Bence, of the Dolphin. years curate or that parish.

A: (olchester, Mrs. Chas. 'Tillet, 71. At Barnstaple, Mr. Julin Wood Oram, Ai ka veion, Mis. Bickmore, 73. upwards of 40 years comptruller of the Ar Barnes's faim, Springfield, Mr. Joba customs there, 72.

Mariage, 60. At Plymouth, Mrs. Patridge, 80.- Mr. Al Rocking, Thos. Nonidge, esq. so. Vine, - Lieue. J. C. B. Jackson, only son of He was many years a deputy liedienant, and John J. esq. maser-attendant of the dock served the office of high sherift of the county, yard...Nr. Body, merchant, 85, and the

in 1790. same diy, by falling down stairs, his grandson Edmund B. 9.-Mrs. Sole, widow of Mr. At a special assembly of proprietors of the S. surgeon.-Capt. O'Reilly, R. N.

Cloucester and Berkeley Caual Company, Al North Tawton, Mis. Warc, wife of beld at Gloucester, on the 7th of May, it Rich, Viare, esq.

was resolved thar the canal should be comA Brixham, Mr. H. Bartlett, merchant, pleted without delay. As it appeared from

At Thorverton, Miss. Freke, widow of the the estimate of the engineer, that 150,000l. Rev. I'reenan F. late rector of Clanna- exclusively of the property in the hands of borough.

the company, will be required for this werk, At Bridlestowe, Jane Walters, 101. it was resolved that the above sum should be

At Alphington, Edmund Calamy, esq. of raised by creating 1500 new shares, at 1001. Twickenham.

cach. As the engineer is of opinion that the

canal may be finished in 1820, is the works Married.] John Pheliis, esq. of Monta are resumed this summer, it has been detercure !! 'ust, Somerset, i Mary Ann, cnly mined that they siall proceed as soon as daur"* -p of the Rer ChaiPhelips, of l'id- 40,000l, of the sum required shall be sub. disthide.

scribet. Died.] The Rr. E. Napier, 34 yt its - Thek.v W. Gray, M. A has opened the to. of Sution aldian.

C ! :). #8: Free Grammar School for the






IS16.] HampshireHerefordshire --Hertfordshire-Kent. 407 education of youth, according to the will of At Alverstoke, Joseph, third son of Wm. the founder.

Jolliffe, esq. of Brading, Isle of Wight. The Married.] At Cheltenham, Wm. F. Par intelligence of his decease so affected his terson, esq. to Jane, third daughter of C. mother, as to throw her into viok nt convul. Greenwood, esq. of Brize-norton.

sive fits, which in two days put an end to her At Thornbury, Adrian Stokes, esq. of life. Bristol, to Annis, eldest daughter of the late At Swanmore Cottags, Mrs. Robinson, Geo. Ralph, esq.

wife of Capt. R. of the R. N. Died.] At Cheltenham, Thos. Clarke, esq. formerly an eminent surgeon, 66.

A Pitt Club has been established at HereAt Gloucester, Mr. Geo. Watson, 46. - ford, and meets for the first time on the 29th Anne, youngest daughter of the Rev. Martin of May, to celebrate the birth-day of the Barry.- Elizabeth, wife of Mr. John Ste great minister, after whom it is named. phens.---Mrs. Birt, 86.

The Female Adult School, established in At Shirehampton, Mrs. Waite, wife of Hereford, has already 130 "chelars. Mr. W. of Filion, near Bristol, and only Married.] At King's Caple, Chas. Balchild of John Wade, esq. of Awre.

linger, esy. of Chalford, Gloucester, to Sarah, At Painswick, Mrs. Carru hers, relict of daughter of E. Jones, esq. of Poulstone, in Wm. C. esq. of Brown's Hill, 62.

this county. At Quenington, Charles, second son of The Rev. Rich. Brook, of Broomsberrow, the Rev. J. W. Astley, rector of that parish. Gloucester, to Mary Anne, eldest daughter

In London Jas. Tyers, esq. of Field Place, of Thos. Higgins, e q. of Hillend, Eastner. Stroud, 70.

Died.] Ai St. Weonard's, Mr. J. Vaughan, At Upton St. Leonard's, Wm. Frankis, 88. esq.

At Breinton, Mr. C. Williams, of the Box,

in the parish of Skenfreth, Monmouthshire. At the quarter sessions for this county, At the Hill, near Hereford, Mr.d, Moore. held at Winchester, on the 22d of April, the At Stoke Edithi, Mrs. Persins. Rev. Mr. Wright submitted, that the inequa At Rock, Mr. Geo. Yapp, 82. lity of the county rate ought to be taken into At Hereford, Mrs. Preece.- Mrs. Cleese, consideration, which has existed 46 years 60. without alteration. He stated that many places were paying thrice as much as their Died] At Hertford, Mr. Rob, Manners. just proportion, while many others were At Corneybury, near Buntingford, Am, not paying above the fractional part of a

wife of Wm. Buit, esq. 48. farthing.

The Rev. F. Iremonger, general visitor of The national school established at Maidthe schools established in Hampshire, on store on Dr. Bell's plan now affords the Dr. Bell's plan, has during a recint progress means of instruction to 175 boys and 123 through the country, ascertained an increase girls. of ten schools since the last report. The The grand jury of Maidstone have resolved whole number now is so, at which upwards to petition the General Post Office for the of 5000 poor children are receiving the bles. establiskment of a nail coach, through sing of education,

Foor's Cray, Farmingham, Wroiham, anci Married.] At Romsey, the Rev. John Malling, to Maidstone, Ashford, Hythe, and N. Gourley, of Henley on Thames, to Miss Foikstone. Clementina Sharp.

Birth.) At Chatham, the lady of Capt.
The Rev. Geo. Burrard, late Fellow of Sir John Louis, bart. R. N. of a daughter.
Merton College, Oxford, to Emma, eldest Murried.) Ai Goudhurst, Mr. Wm. Spur-
daughter of Capt. Bingham, R. N. of Grove den, of London, to sarah, only child of John
House, Lymington.

Greenland, esq.
At Portsmouth, Lieut. Kemball, R. N. to At Ashford, the Rev. Sam. Hill, chaplain
Miss Elcock.

to the forces, to Jane S.ephana, sixth daughAt Kingston, Lieut, Jenkins, of the 2d regt. ter of the Rev, Jas. Bond, vicar of Ashford. 10 Mrs. Read, widow of Mr. R.surgeon, R. N. At Beckenham, Geo. Stokes, esq. of Lonand daughter of Lieut. Jewers, of the Naval don, to Susanna, second daughter of the College, Portsmouth.

Rev. Geo. Fletcher, of Clay-hill. Died.] Ac Cowes, the eldest son of the Ai Rochester, Geo. Baker, enq. of Boley late Major Reignold, who fell at Waterloo. Hill, to Lucy Jane, daughter of the late J.

at Romsey, Rich. Holmes, esq. many Roberts, esq. of Wells, Norfolk. years a magistrate for that town, 63,

Ai Adisham, Capt. Geo. Hilton, R. N. to The Rev. G, Illingworth, rector of Lower Elizabe:hi, eldest daughter of 11. W. Harvey, Tidworth and Weck.

esq. oi Harnden. At Southampton, Mıs. Hooke, daughter of At Staplılıurt, the Rev. Jos. Gill, rector Brig.-gen, H. formerly governor of Gibraltar, of that parish to Miss Varenne, only child of and sister to the late Lady Stuart, of Hartley the Rev. Dr. V. rector of Westley. Mauduit Park.

Died.) At Northuown llouse, Margate,


462 Marriages and Deaths in London and Middleser. [Jone Larly Catherine Halket, of a son.

Rev. Thos. P. Symonds, to Elizabeth Countess Talbot, of a son.

youngest daughter of the late A. H. Tas Married.] Thos. Gill, esq.of King-street, esq. of Edward-street, Cavendish-square. Finsbury, to Miss Charles, of Calvert-street. Sam. H. Russell, esq. to Cecil

Henry Lecky, esq. 20th lighe dragoons, to eldest daughter of Dr. Pemberton, of George Gertrude, youngest daughter of the late street, Hanover-square. Alex. Wallace, esq,

Bevis Thelwall, esq. to Mary Elizabeth Godfrey Meynell, esq. of Meynell- Lang- second daughter of L. B. Buckle, esq.o C ley, Derby, ło Miss Baltour, only daughter of per Seymour-street. the late Day. B. esq. of Edinburgh.

Mr. Wm. Yockney, of Bedford street, John Eicke, esq. of Doughty-street, to

Covent Garden, to Elizabeth, daughter at Anne, third daughter of John Bannister, esq. Geo. Roberts, esq. of Newington, of Gower-street, Bedford-square.

At Greenwich, Rob. Pecknell, esq. of the William, youngest son of the late H. R. New Legacy Office, Somerset-place, to Me Janies, esq. of Bruton-street, to Maria, C. Mathews, of Blackheath Road. daughter of the late John Heathcote, esq. of At Chelsea, Lieut. T. H. Edwards to Tottenham.

Georgiana Meadows. Mr. Benj. Chandler, of St. Paul's Church At Lambeth, Rich. E. Hyde, esq. of the Yard, to Mary, daughter of Sam. Whitty, Crescent, near Manchester, to Anne Isaesq. Sherbome, Dorset.

bella, eldest daughter of Thos. Ashby, esą. Rich. Cooper, esq. of Dulwich, to Caro At Fulham, Thos. Betts, esq. to Sarab, line, eldest daughter of W. A. Hay, esq. of widow of the late J. Jones, Historiograpber Princes-street, Hanover-square.

to the King Wm. Clark Johnston, esq. to Eliza, eldest Fras, B. Head, esq. of the Royal Engineers, daughter of James Daniell, esq.

to Julia Valenza, youngest sister of Lord Sc Rev. Thus. Robinson, of Trinity College, merville. Cambridge, to Miss Dornford, only daughter Richard Riley, esq. of the Admiralty, to of the late Josiah D. esq. of London. Harriett, third daughter of Sir Wm. Beechey.

Sir Jas. Montgoniery, of Stanhope, bart. Ac Twickenham, J. T. Brooks, esq. of M. P. to Miss Helen Graham, second daugh. Flitwick, Beds, to Mary, eldest daughter of ter of Thos. of Kinross, N. B. A. Hatfield, esq.

Rev. J. C. Clements, of Cheam, to Mary, At Islington, the Rev. Henrv Howard, ef second daughter of George Jubb, esq. of Sawbridgeworth, Herts, to Julia, second Winchester-street.

daughter of Sir Thomas Beevor, bart. F. H. Pedder, esq. of Gould square, to Died.] In New Ormond-street, Bezj. Aline, eldest daughter of J. L. Storder, esq. Bewicke, esq. of Austin Friars.

In White Lion-court, Cornhill, Wn. John Caitley, esq. of Queenhithe, to Wilson, esq. 85. Frances, fifth daughter of the late John Gar In York place, Frances Martha, youngest ratt, esq. of Newington Green.

daughter of Lieut. Col. Graham, of Chailey, Martin Ware, esg. of New Bridge-street, Sussex, 11. eldest son of the late James to Anne, In Old Brompton road, Lieut. Gen. Sooyoungest daughter of the Rev. Thomas Tay- tag, 69. lor, of the King's-road.

In Lincoln's Inn, Hardinge Stracey, esq. Chas. Thos. Haden, e q. of Sloane street, In Manchester-street, Mrs. Mary Anne to Emma, youngest daughter of the late Synge, fourth daughter of the late Sir Rob. Sam. Harrison, esq. of Percy-street.

S. bart. Captain Edw. Lowther, R. N. to Mary, In Welbeck-street, Dr.John O'Donnel, 56. eldest daughter of William Leader, esq. M.P. In Upper Grosvenor-street, Mrs. Fre

Mr. Peter Poland, of the Strand, eldest mantle, widow of the late J. son of Peter Raymond P. esq. of Highgate, In Piccadilly, Cortis Telfair, esq.05. to Sarah Selina, third daughter of Mr. T. In Duke-street, West Smithfield, Mr. SaJackson, of Flcet-street.

muel Major, 09. The Hon, and Rev. Gen. Neville, Master In Golden-square, Osmond Venn, ninth of Magdalen College, Cambridge, and surviving son of John Pearson, esq. 9. youngest son of Lord Braybrooke, to Lady In New Burlington-street, Pole, third son Charlotte Legge, second daughter of George, of the Rt. Hon. Charles B. Bathurst. Earl of Dartmouth.

In Park-street, Richard Warren, esq. The Earl of Normanton to Lady Diana In Janies-street, Covent Garden, Mrs. SaHerbert, daughter to the Earl of Pembroke. rah Embry, sister to the Rev. Mr. E. rector

The Hon. H. Grey Bennet, second son of of that parish, 74. the Earl of Tankerville, to Miss Russell, At Charing Cross, Edward, eldest son of daughter of Lord Wm. R, and niece to the E. Briscoe, esq. of Waterford, Ireland, 20. Duke of Bedford.

In Newgate-street, White Newman, esq. John Cuming, esq. to Anna Frances Bishop, of Gray's Wcod, Chiddingfold, Surrey, In Doughty-street, Rob. Storks, esq. 74. youngest daughter of the late Henry B. esq. lu Bernard-street, Russell-square, Janet,


esq. 68.

1816.) Account of the Earl of Warwick $ Mr. T. Johnes. 463 relict of the late W. Barclay, esq. of the lish, Thomas Jounes, esq. M.P. for CarNavy Pay Office.

diganshire, and lord lieutenant and custos Ai Teddington, Mary Amelia, wife of Jas. rotulorum of that county, 67. This gentleWm. Lukin, esq. of Fludyer strect,

man was bred at Eron, and first sat in Par. At Pentonville, Sarah, wife of Thos. Teb. Jiament for the county of Radnor. His first butt, esq. 55.

wife was Miss Bird, of Monmouth; and for At Lambeth, Rich. Wordsworth, esq. of his second, he took his first cousin, Miss Staple Inn and Stockbridge.

Johnes, of Dowla Colty, Carmarthenshire. At Kentish Town, Louisa Elisabeth, wise The benefits conferred by this gentleman on of Mr. Mich. Nugent.- Robert Wedd, esq. all the country around his princely domain

At Highgate, Joha Fred. Poland, esq. of of Hafou, will entitle him to the respect of Bush-lane.

distant posterity. Previously to 1783, when At Pimlico, Mr. Patrick M'Manus, of Mr. Johnes began to erect his first residence, Bow-street-office.- Mrs. Ann Hedgley, 74. the roads were impassable ; there was not a

At Camden Town, Miss Ann Jackson, post-chaise in the county : the miserable daughter of John J. esq. of the same place. huts of the peasantry he transformed into

At Hampstead, Mrs. Theobald, widow of comfortable habitations, and supplied meJas. T. esg. of Great James-street, Bedford- dical attendants; he employed the popurow.—Isaac Johnstone, esq. barrister-at-law. lation in planting millions of forest trees At Chelsea, Mr. James Peltram.

upon the cheerless barrenness of the waste In Camberwell-terrace, Henry Blaxland, and mountains, as well as in other improve

ments; and instituted schools, which he and At Fulham, Captain J. Turner, R. N. Mrs. Johnes personally attended. Having in Mrs. Cleaver, wife of the Archbishop of view the two-fold design-io patronise liteDublin.

rature and the arts, and to combine objects, At Stokc Newington, Mrs. Eliz. de Valan- which, together with the natural grandeur gin, widow of the late Dr. de V. 76.

of the scenery, might induce travelling to In the Edgeware-road, Capt. Chas. Ro- this remote part of the Principality, and beris, of the 4th royal veteran battalion. thereby ameliorate the condition of the na

At Frognal, Mrs. Abel, wife of James A. tives-he enriched his residence with paintesq.

ings and sculptures by the best mastersÎn Durham-place, Hackney-road, Wm. stored his library with the most valuable liHenry Staveley, esq.

terature, ancient and modern; and in his At Norwood Green, Wm. Spencer, esq. pleasure grounds he developed and enhanced one of his Majesty's justices of peace for the the sublime scenery of Nature. So intent county of Middlesex, 70.

was he on improving the agriculture of this At Pentonville, Thomas Collier, esq. 85. forlorn county, that he brought farmers from At Brompton, Gilbert, only son of G. Scotland and other districts, and proposed, at Macleod, esq. of the E, I, C. Bengal Medi one time, to introduce 100 Grison families, cal Establishment, 9.

and to place them on the high uncultivated In, Martha Sadelbia, grounds; but various circumstances and third daughter of John Nichols, esq.

objections prevented the execution of this In Curzon-street, May Fair, BARRINGTON latter plan. An Agricultural Society was Pope BLACHFORD, esq. M. P. one of the commenced for the purpose of encouraging lords commissioners of the Admiralty. He cottagers, by giving premiums, and purchaswas married to a sister of the present Duke ing their productions; and he distributed an of Grafton.

excellent tract, entitled, “ A Cardiganshire In Green - street, Grosvenor - square, Landlord's Advice to his Tenants." While GEORGE GREVILE, Earl of Warwick and Mr. Johnes was thus employing his talents BROOke, which titles were conferred on his and fortune for the benefit of his country, father by King George II, His lordship destructive fire, in the year 1807, consumed was born in 1746, and succeeded his father his house, with much of its valuable contents; in 1773. He married, in 1771, Georgiana, the loss amounted, it is said, to upwards of only daughter of the first Lord Seisey. This 70,000l. Notwithstanding this disaster, Mr. lady died in 1772, leaving him a son, Johnes still “resolved to inhabit his Eden, who died at the age of 14 years. In 1776, although driven out by the flaming minister.” his lordship married Henrietta, daughter Haford was once more rebuilt and adorned of Richard Vernon, esq. by whom he had anew.-Amid these various occupations, and issue : Henry Lord Brooke, born 1779, co his business in Parliament, Mr. Johnes translonel of the Warwick militia, who succeeds lated the Travels of Brocquière, i vol. 4to.; to the family titles and estates; Robert; the Chronicles of Froissart, 4 vols. folio; Elizabeth, died in 1806; Henrietta, married Monstrelet, 4 vols; and Joinville, 3 vols. in 1805 to the Earl of Clonmel ; Caroline, 410.; the three latter were printed at his Augusta Louisa, and Charlotte. His lord own press at Hafod. During the last few ship never took any active part in public years, he continued indefatigable in his imaffairs,

provements at Hafod, and in making roads At Langstone Cliffe Cottage, near Daw and erecting bridges for the accommodation

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