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New Publications, with Critical Remarks

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embarrassed hinself greatly by picture-dealias, Memoirs of Major-General Sir Robert without knowing any thing of the subject; sed Rollo Gillespie, K.C.B. 8vo. 1os. od.

as he speaks much of his playing at billiards in There is something uncommonly chivalrous in

company with sharpers, we suspect that this amase this narrative, and many incidents are related

meni contributed also to the distress which con. which would serve to parallel the most romantic

pelted him to sell his property and go abroad. The adventures of ancient herocs. We are perfectly

account of his iravels, we are told, was parchased satisfied, however, that nothing of an apocryphal hy a bookselier for the enormous sum of 1,5002.; character has found a place in the rolunze, being publisier lost by his bargain fall as much more. À

and we can complete the story by saying, that the well assured from the best testinxony, that the picture here sketched of the gallant general is

few lively and well-written letters to and fren rather under than overdrawn. It is manifest, in

Mr. Holcroft close the third rolame, and add pot deed, that a scrupulous care has been taken in

a little to the value of this posthumous iniscellany. drawing up the memoir to avoid all appearance of Memoirs of Mrs. Harriet Newell, wife of exaggeration in the facts, or high colouring iu the the Rev. Samuel Newell, American Missiondescription. As a piece of military history the

ary to India; who died at the Isle of France memoir is interesting in many respects, and parti. Nov. 30, 1812, aged 19. Also a Sermon oa cularly in throwing considerable light upon receut

occasion of her Death, preached at Harer. events in the East. Much is it to be lainented that so valuable a life should have bsen lost in

hill, Massachusetts. By Leonard Woods, the Nepaulese war, for the want of seasonable DD. 12mo. 45. support, and that calamity seems aggravated by We should be very sorry to lessen the good effects the consideration that the extraordimary actions which this interesting narrative is calculated ta of this gallant othcer at Vellore and in Java had produce in the cause of practical religion and pbimet with a very ill return. On the former occa- lanthropy; but after expressing our unfeigoed ad. sion, by his prompt exertion, he quenched a flame miration of this accomplished and excellent ferdale, which would otherwise have quickly spread desola. justice compels us to call in question the propriety tion over the Carnatic; and in the latter islaud, by of setting up her conduct as an example worthy of storming the entrenched canıp of General Janssens, imitation. At an age when the passions are ardeal, he succeeded in terminating the conquest,--the and the judgment requires discipline, size formed value and security of which he afterwards esta. the resolution of visiting India, to assist ia the blished and extended by an expedition against work of spreading the knowledge of the gospel. Palmitanz, and detecting a confederacy of the With this view she united herself in marriage to native powers. After these exploits, such a man a young missionary who was devoted to that cause, might have expected a long enjoyment of the and ordained by the General Association of Mas otium cum dignitate; instead of which, le met sachuselis, in company with some other students. sliglits and injuries, new perils and death!

Mrs. Newell sailed from Salem Feb. 19. 1819, and Memoirs of the late Thomas Holcroft,

after a tedious voyage arrived at Calcutta; bat

the government there refusing her husband pe. written by Himself; and continued to the

mission to settle in the country, he and his partner time of his Death, from his Diary, Notes, were obliged to go to the Isle of France. Oa the and other Papers. 3 vols. 12 mo.

passage Mrs. Newell became a mother, but in a few These volumes exhibit a striking and instructive days the child dicit, and she fell herself a victim instance of what may be accomplished by resolu. to an indiscreet zeal shortly after her urival at tion and perseverance, where difficulties are formi. the Mauritius. From her letters and diary, it is dable and the means of surmounting them few evident that she possessed a highly cultivated and feeble. That a person born in the lowest state mind, and a inost benevolent heart, which, had it of life, and employed incessantly for years in a not been for the impulse of enthusiasm, mighi wietched round of itinerant labours, should have have rendered her a lasting ornament to society, attained by his own application a competfot share and a blessing to her friends. The author of the of literature, and thereby raised himself to a sphere funeral sermon has presumed to say—" God has of honourable connexions and comparative ease in permitted her to be the first martyr to the missionhis circumstances, is an exemplary lessou well wor- ary cause from the American world. The publica thy of being generally considered and adraired. tion of her virtues will quicken and cdify teosWe have been highly ainuse 1 by those parts of the sands; and henceforth, every one who remembers work which issued directly from the pen of Mr. Harriet Newell, will remember the foreiga missioa Helcroft, who has related his early history in a from America." What ideas this reverend gentle strain of genuine simplicity, and expressed his man has of martyrdom, or of duty, we are at a loss opinions of men and things with a candour and in conjecture. This amiable young woman suficred modesty not often to be found in self-educated no persecution, and the immaturity of her fate miuds. The continuation by the editor is of so was unquestionably the consequence of her own coarse a texture as to make us regret very sincerely imprudence, in quitting her maternal roof and that the narrative did not still go on for a longer the domestic circle, where she might have bero period in the first person, and in the same style of cminently useful and a brilliant example, to en unaffected garrulity and good humour. The lovers bark in a concern which, without a special revela. of the drama, however, will liere be gratified by tion from heaven, was nothing more aor less than the perusal of many amusing anecdotes of authors a renunciation of natural obligations, and a viola and actors; shewing the management of theatres, tion of positive duties. and the vicissitudes which chequer the life of a Memoires de Mad. la Marquise de Larochestrolling player. In 1798 Holcroft began a regular

jaquelein. 8vo. 125. diary containing the heads of conversations and sketches of incidents that occurred to him iu so.

The Life and Studies of Benjamin West, ciety, as well as of the course of his reading and

esq. President of the Royal Academy, prior occupation. From this diary, which extended to his arrival in Eagland.

By John Galla during the space of two years, it appears that he SVO. 15s.


New Publications, with Critical Remarks.


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A Descriptive Portrait of Miss O'Neil, in Modern French Conversation.

By J. a Critique on her Exhibition of the Charac- Maurois. 35. ters of Mrs, Haller and Jane Shore. 38.

HISTORY A Biographical and Critical Dictionary

A Historical Account, interspersed with of Painters and Engravers, from the Revival Biographical Anecdotes of the illustrious of Painting to the Present Time. By Mich. House of Saxony, tracing the Descent of Bryan. 2 vols. 410. 51. 58.; large paper gl. the present Royal and Ducal Branches, and

Inquiry into the Literary and Political Cha- containing a Biographical Memoir of Prince racter of James I. By the Author of Curio- Leopold of Saxe-Coburg. By Frederic Shosities of Literature. cr. 810. 83, 6d. •

beri. cr. 8vo. 75.6d. DIVINITY

The History of the Inquisition ; abridged A Concise System of Self-Government in from the work of Philip Limborch, Prof. ot the great Affairs of Life and Godliness. By Divinity at Arnsterdam. SVO. 13s. J. Edmondson.

A Narrative of the Embassy to Warsaw A Word of Consolation to such as Mourn and Wilna. By M. de Pradt, Archbishop under a Sense of Sin, by J. Oddie; with a of Mechlin.

$10.7$. Sketch of the Author's Life and Preface, by

New Annual Register for 1815. gvo. 11.2s. J. Edmondson. Is. 6d.

The Annual Register for 1815. 8vo. 16s. Sermons on Practical Subjects. By the The History of the Kings of England, late Wm. Jesse, A.M. 8vo. 6s.

from the Arrival of the Saxons, A.D. 449, Familiar Exposition and Application of to his Own Times, A D. 1143. By William the Epistle of Paul to the Colossians, in a

of Malmsbury. Collared with authentic Course of Eight Sermons. By Thos. Gis- MSS. and translated from the original Latin, borne, M.A. 12mo. 58.

with a Preface, Notes, and an Index, by the Apocrypha to Macklin's Bible, with His- Rev. John Sharpe. roy. 410. 31. 35. torical Engravings from Pictures and Draw Lectures on the Philosophy of Modern ings by De Loutherbourg. 181. 19s. History; velivered in the University of Dub

Family Prayers ; composed principally in lin. By George Miller, D.D. M. R. I. A. Expressions taken from the Holy Scriptures, Vols. 1 and 2, 11.4s. and from the Established Services of the

MYDROGRAPHY, Church of England. By the Rev. Thos, The Oriental Navigator ; or Directions fos Cotterill, A.M. 7s.

Sailing to, from, and upon the Coasts of the The Labouring Man's Advocate ; a Sera East Indies, China, Australia. 3d edition, mon on the Duty of Masters respecting the corrected and revised by John Stevens, of Wages of Labour. By John Ovington. , od. the Hon. E. I. C. service. 4t0. 21. 12s, 6d. Lectures, Explanatory and Practical, on

LAW. the Epistle of St. Paul to the Romans. By Observations on the Chancery Bar, 8vo. the Rer. John Fry.

pp. 39. The Challenge Vindicated, or the Mode The late proinotion of several gentlemen at the of Baptism of the Unitarians shown to be Chaucery bar to silk gowns, seems to have excited at variance with the Original Commission of

a considerable sensation among the members of Christ. 4d

the profession. The author of this luminous dia. Treatise on the Law and Gospel. By the

tribe has turned his attention to the subject with Rev. John Colquhoun, D.D.

a perspicacious eye, and laid open some anuses at

the bar with a powerful band. In him the great Vetus Testamentum Græcum, cum variis body of junior counsel has found in eloquent and Lectionibus. Editionem a Roberto Holmes, able advocate, who, though not of their number, S.T. P. R.S.S. Decano Wintoniensi, in- has asserted their rights in a manly and vigorous choatam, continuavit Jacobus Parsons,S.T.B. strain, which we hope will not be lost upon those Tomi Secundi, Pars Quinta; complectens who have the means of remeaging tir inconveni Tertium Librum Regum. 11. Is.

ences so much felt in the Chancery courts Every-Day Christianiıy. By the Author Proceedings on a Trial before the Hon. of Rhoda." 12mo. 38. od.

Baron George, in the Court of Exchequer, Messiah's Advent, or Remarks on the Dublin, May 18, 1815, in the Cause WhicaMoral Tendency of the Doctrine of Christ's ker v. Hime. To which are subjuined ObManifestation in the Flesh, By Samuel servations on the Extraordinary Defence Chase, M.A. 10s. 6d.

made by Mr. Serjeant Joy, Counsel for the

Defendant, by Leigh Hunt. 8vo. Is. 6d. Bertram, or the Castle of St. Aldobrand;

The decision of this cause is of general interest

to the literary worid, inasmuch as by the verdict a tragedy. By the Rev. R. C. Maturin. 45.6d.

of a jury, and the figal judgment of the Court of EDUCATION.

Exchequer on a motion of exceptious, the copyright Geographical Exercises on the New Tes of authors and publishers on this side of the water tament, narrating the principal Occurrences

is protected from piracy in the neighbouring kinge recorded, and describing all the Places men

dom, Formerly a popular production no sooner tioned in that Sacred Book ; with Maps, and

appeared in London, thau it was reprinted at a a Brief Account of the Religious Sects among

cheap rate in Dublin, to the material injury of the

publisher, who had probably given a large sum for Mankind; designed for the use of Young the copy, besides incurring a great expense in tho Ladies. By Wm. Butler. 2d edit. enlarged. ordinary course of business. This evil is now it. NEW MONTHLY MAG.--No, 29.


3 L

4s, 6d.



New Publications, with Critical Remarks,

[Jane 1,

inoved; and thus the interests of literature, as

MISCELLANEOUS well as of justice, have obtained a complete tri. umph. It is curious to see what a frivolous ground

A Plan for a County Provident Bank, with the Irish lawyers took for their defence; and the

Observations upon Provident Instirutioss specinien here given of their pleadings affords a already established. By Edward Christian, rare example of legal quibbling.

esq. barrister, Professor of the Laws of Eng. A Digest of the Rules and Practice as to

land, &c. &c. 8vo. pp. 78.

We cordially recommend this valuable pampkiet Interrogatories for the Examination of Wit

to all who are animated by the spirit of philsenesses in Courts of Equity and Common

thropy, aod feel a wish to promote the morals zat Law, with Precedents. By John Walpole

cornforts of the poor. The provident, or savings Willis, of Gray's Inn, esq. 810. 10s. 60. banks as they are called, have been mied and a

Six Letters on Mr. Preston's Treatise on proved in the northern part of the kogdern, to a Conveyancing. By a West Country Attor. degree that has induced an adoption of the pisa ney. 3s,

pretty generally in the south Proless v Christina Reports of Cases argued and determined

hus here suggeated an improvemept of uie systee,

which we shall give in his owu words, “lo every in the Court of Chancery during the time of

county a uumber of penileinen, wo visit to preLord Chancellor Eldon, containing Michael

mole such an establishment for the bearfit of the mas and Hilary Terms, 66 Geo. III. 1815

lower classes, shall voluntarily subscribe e senzas 16. By J. H. Merivale, esq. of Lincoln's two or three guineas. The subskribers may be Inn, barrister. Vol. I. Part I. 7s. 60. called .The Patrons of the Coualy Provideat Baak.'

Speech of Charles Phillips, esq. barrister, These may elect from themselves a presideat and as delivered at Galway, April 1, 1816, in the

a certain number of acting or managing tuness, Case of OʻMullin v. M‘Korkill, for Defama

as fifteen or twenty, who will be willing gratal

tously to take upou theinselses more impediately tion. 1s.

the maoagement or superintendence of the cotThe Doctrine and Practice of Attachment

cero. In the names of three of these trustees the in the Mayor's Court, London. By Robert stock for the benefit of the proprietors must be Woolsey, gent. 7s.6d.

bought and sold. The donations by the patroas General Index to the Old Law Reports, will be invested in the threr per cents; and these, No. Il. 75.

increased by the advantages afterwards described A Free Inquiry into the Insolvent Act, upon the deposits, will coustitute a fund which with an Introduction of some New Clauses.

may be called the Surplus Fund; from which sli

the necessary expenses and contingent losses ! By J. Clayton Jennyns, esq. barrister at law.

be paid; and the remainder, when it is of suffciea! 3s. 6d.

magnitude, may be applied to increase the dividendi The Law of Infancy and Coverture. By

of the proprietors. Any sums may be received from Peregrine Bingham. 8vo. 148.

a depositor or subscriber, not less than 18 ; and as Digest of the Law of Partnership. By Basil interest or dividend to be allowed til it amounts Montagu, esq. of Gray's Inn, barrister at to 125.6d.; and then the depositor of that som law. 2 vols. roy. 8vo. 11. 1s.

shall be considered as the holder of one puod A Complete Collection of State Trials and stock in the three per cent. consolidated anaities. Proceedings for High Treason and other

It is intended that the whole money deposited

should be invested in the funds; it is thercfore a Crimes, from the earliest period to 1783, with simple and reasonable regulation, that as soon 23 Notes and Observations. By 'T. B. Howell, any one has paid so much as will purchase oze esq. F.R.S. F.S.A. 21 vols. roy. 850. 331. pound, or any number of pounds of that steck, Is, ad.

that he should have a half.gearly dividend upoa MEDICINE.

every 12s. Od., or every pound of that stock. The Additional Reports on the Effects of a Pe- same will be true of every pound, whether the culiar Regimen in Cases of Cancer, Scrofula,

number of the pounds nf stock be one, ten, ose

hundred, or one thousand, When the three per Consumption, Asthma, and other Chronic

cents are at sixty, the price of one pound stock will Diseases. By Wm. Lambe, M.D. 8vo. 125.

be one-hundredth part, or exactly 198.; if ai sisty METAPHYSICS.

one and a quarter, the price of one pound is exactly An Attempt at a New Mode of Metaphy- 198. 3d. But I propose that no halfpente shall sical Inquiry, illustrated as here employed ever be received or paid in receiving the deposits, upon Perception. 15. od.

or in paying them back ; 198. 6d. will therefore be MILITARY.

received at present as the price of every pound The Principles of War, exhibited in the

stock. This addition upon the price of cacb poupe Practice of the Camp, and as developed in

of stock will be carried to the surplas fund, for the a Series of General Orders of Field-Marshal payment of the necessary expenses; and whose

will admit of it, to the increase of the divideada. the Duke of Wellington, K.B. &c. &c. &c. Whatever may be the price of stock betweea ce in the fate Campaigns on the Peninsula, with and 621. 108.–198. 6d. must be paid for each Parallel Orders of George the Second, the pound; and when it is between 691. 1os. and GI!. Duke of Cumberland, the Duke of Marlbo- in like manner 138. must be paid; so that the ser rough, &c. &c. &c. 10s, 6d.

plus fund, upon an average, would gain 3d. opou A Historical Account of the British Army each pound of stock. The dividend upon eal. and the Law Military; with a free Commen- pound, or one-hundredth part of three pounds, is tary on the Mutiny Act and the Articles of 7d. and one-fifth of another penny; but this frac War, illustrated by a variety of Decisions by dend upou every hundred pound stock in the Maret

tion must be disregarded; and then the whole diri. Courts-Martial. By E, Samuel. Svo. Il.

per ceats, to be paid by the provident bank, woulu


New Publications, with Critical Remurks.


be pl. 18s. 4d., leaving 18. 8d. in favour of the sur Feb. 1814, affected the Stock Exchange. By plus fund. So that every bolder of stock ia the C. R. Baron de Berenger. 8vo. 105. 6d. county provident bank would on every pound Hone's Account of the Royal Marriage. stock receive halt-yearly (pence halfpenny.

1s. 6d. This might pail cvesy Jawunny and July, soun after the dividerets sepaid at the Bank.

Minutes of the Proccedings of the Court.

If the dividends are not called for by the proprietor, as

martial holden on board H. M.S. Albion, in often as they amount to a pound stock they will

Sheerness Harbour, on the 16th Oct. 181.5, again be entitled to a disidend. This would be on Charges exhibited by Capt. Samuel Buta one of great advantages of such a county cher, late of H.M. S. Antelope, against the bank, that the property invested in it would be Rt. Hon. Lord Geo. Stuart, late of H.M.S. augmented by compound interest or dividends, Newcastle. 5s. without any trouble, ait, or exertion of the pro.

A Defence of our National Character and prietor; Atid that 100, which a celerates the aug. mentation, by half-yearly rests." Such is the sketch

our Fair Countrywomen, from the Aspersions of this excellent plan for the accomodation of contained in the late French Publication of the poor, an i the encouragement of industry and

Mons. le Marechal de Camp Pillet. 25, 6d. economy; but there are many details and explana.

Trial of Major-general Sir R. T. Wilson, tory observations subjoined for which we must M. Bruce, esq. and Capt. J. H. Hutchinson, refer our readris to the work itself.

at the French Assize Court of the DepartA Popular Description of St. Paul's Cathe

ment of the Seine, for aiding in the Escape dral, including a brief History of the Old of Gen. Lavalette. By Mr. Nicholson. and New Cathedral, explanatory of the Mo Trial of Sir Rob. Wilson, Capt. Huschin. numental Designs and other Interesting Par- son, and Mr. Bruce; with a Sketch of the ticulars. 8vo. Is. 6d.

Proceedings which led to the Arrest and This guide to the great ornament of our metro. Condemnation of Lavalette, and a Compapolis will be found very useful and entertaining, rison of the English and French Laws in wot only to strangers who visit the church out of Criminal Cases. By the Rev. J. Nightingale. curiosity, but to those who are well acquainted with that noble structure. A gromad plan of the

Tables of the Weight, Magnitude, and cathedral is prefixed, with a table of references to

Value of Ancient Coins. By the Rev. Holt the monuments, which will enable the reader to Okes, A.M. 2s. discover any that he may wish particularly to see Metrology; or an Exposition of Weights without the trouble of inquiry. The historical ac. and Measures, chietly those of Great Britain count subjoined is nestly and clearly written, and France, By P. Kelly, LL.D. 75. though a few more anccdotes would have height

NAVIGATION. cued value of the book. Some notice, for instance,

Practical Treatise on Propelling Vessels by ought to have been taken of the famous cross which contributed powerfully to the reformation,

Steam. By R. Buchanan.

8vo, al. by the sermons there preached in the open air.

The Pamphleteer, No. XIV. 6s. 61),

Glenarvon. 3 vols.
Observations on the Wrongs-of the Navy.

The characters and incidents in this romantic
By a Friend to Justice and a Foe to Decep- worked up to such a height of colouring as will

history are drawn with uncommon spirit, and tion. 3s, od.

beget an instant suspicion that the whole is the The Bazaar, irs Origin, Nature, and Ob- result of personal observation and a delineation of ject explained and recommended as an im- living beings. Some of these portraitures, indeed, portant branch of Political Economy, in a are marked with every impress of the demoniacal Letter to the Rt. Hon. Geo. Rose, M.P. By miotage ; and the hero of the tale, like the leading the Rev. J. Nightingale.

personages in certaio modern poems, is represented · Reply to Mr. Gibleti's Pamphlet, entitled

as vicious for the love of vice, and coolly mould. a Refutation of the Charges of George Har- ing, bending, and directing all his passions to the

work of human misery. Detection is with himn no By Capt. Geo, Harrower.


shame, suffering begets in him no remorse, and Narrative of the Imprisonment and Escape such is the innate depravity of liis heart that love of Peter Gordon; comprising a Journal of has no charm for him unless he can make the obhis Adventures in his Flight from Cambrai ject of his attachment, like himself, unprincipled to Rotterdam and England. 78.

in mind and unferling in' wickedness. We are The New Year, an Essay; reprinted, with aware that it will be said, such an embodied fiend Additions and Corrections, from the Liver

is not to be found in the circles of polished society: pool Courier. 35.

and that even if it were otherwise, the picture Considerations on the Rate of Interest and exhibited as a warning to mankind. But though

ought to be shrouded in darkness instead of being on Redeemable Annuities. By Edward B. moral worth cannot be too frequently or promi. Sugden, esą. 1s.

nently brought forward in tle way of example as a Oxford University Calendar for1916. 5s.6d, stimulative to virtue, the lesson of instruction will

The Noble Scock-Jobber, or Facts Una be greatly streagthened by the force of contrast. " veiled; irrefutably to Disprove Lord Coch- Gledarvon, therefore, may be serviceable' as a fearrane's Affidavits ; in the shape of a simple ful beacon to warn the young and inexperienced Narrative, minutely detailing every Stage of against the danger of talents unsanctified by a the Author's Intercourse with the Cochrane

sense of duty and directed solely to the gratifica

tion of pride or revenge. The wrecks that are Family, and proving that Lord Cochrane scattered around this monstrous combination of was previously acquainted with, and deeply iniquity and genius, will also afford much awful interested in, the Events that on the 21st matter for serious contemplation and practical

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New Publications, with Critical Remarks.

(June 1,

direction in the progress of life. Experience tleman of high honor and passable morals, making shews that these planet-stricken times have pro. all reasonable allowance for the vices and preje duced a Glenarron who has blighted the peace of dices of his age. The fair author of the present families and poisoned the principles of numerous performauce has acted in a very different way tsindividuals. May the history here so ably and wards one of her own sex, and in spite of historical vigorously drawn of his crimes and of the sufferings verity she has veatured to go beyond even the of his victims, prove an effectual antidote to the boundaries of poetical license in representing the arts of decopuon and the blaudishments of vice! intrepid consort of Henry VI. as a dæmos ir in Calantha we see the perilous mischief of yield. naman form. Margaret was, indeed, a woman of ing to hasły impressions, and the certain ruin that most energetic character, and of a masceline cast attends an unrestrained temper where fortune of mind; but no Yorkist, in the excess of this gives the

means of excessive indulgence, and bigotry, ever presumed to charge her witb want of parental affection lays no control upon the passions. feeling, and as destitute of pripciple. The Antiquary. By the Author of “ Wa.

sorry that Miss Holford should have thought it

necessary, in the prosecution of her design, to give verley,” ani Guy Mannering." 3 vols.

so dark a picture of an heroide whose history 12mo.

afforded ample range and materials for the muse of We are told in the preiace to this novel that it epic song, without rendering the queen odions in completes the author's play, which was to give the estimation of the reader. This is the great three distinct pictures oi Scotish manners at dif. blot which disfigures a po-m that is in all other ferent periods of time. Such, soded, might have respecis, except its undue length, admirable in the been his original design, but we can see nothing in plan, barmonious in the language, and rich in de the execution, with the single exception of “ Wa. scription. The leading incident is the well known veriey," that can make us sensible of this progres. interview between Margaret and the robber after sive representation. The “ Antiquary," for any the battle of Hexliam: and the cottage to which thing it conidios, might have preceded “ Guy the outlaw conducts his royal mistress and her Manneriug." and the coutrary, without any charge wounded son affords inany remarkable adreptures. of being out of character. Oldbuck, the laird of The principal of these is the chscovery of Geraldise, Monkbarns, Dight have found his counterpart a lady of illustrious family, by her brother; and above half a century ago, and his irascible neigh- her secret marriage with the son of Margaret, bour the speculating baronet who loses all his pro- which cereinouy is performed by a holy bermi, perty in digging for hidden treasure by the artful who proves to be bo other than Henry, the father persuasions of a German impostor is just such a of the prince ! Setting aside the outrage copimitted man as might have been found in the days of King upon probability in this circumstance, there is great Charles or the reignit Queen Anne, But setting beauty in this part of the roer. But the best all this aside, we have been uncommonly delighted curious and well imagined point is the visit of with the scopes and personages liere delineated. Margaret, accompanied by Rudolph the robber, to Though the work is not so romantically dramatic the habitation of a sorceress for the purpose of a as Mannering, it comes much nearer to nature and certaining the fortunes of the Lancastrian boase. probability, and even Meg Merriless, in correctness llere, by a singular coincidence, comes Richard of drawing and intrinsic excellence, must yield to of Gloucester upon a similar errand at the same the Gaberhunzie man Edie Occhiltree. Nothing time; and this improvement of the story of the can be more pathetic than the description of the witch of Endor will give the admirer of the mar. young bisherman's tuneral; and there is something vellous no little pleasure. peculiarly awful in tlie iesuscitation of his grand

Mador of the Moor: a Poem. By James mother's mind, at the very verge of mortality and in the depth of imbecility, to reveal the mystery

Hogg. 8vo. 75. 60. connected with the bouse of Glenallan. A draw. On an incident recorded of one of the Scottish baek, however, there is from all this merit, and kings in the fourteenth century, the mountain bard that lies in tire hurried and hackneved manner in has contrived to form a very pleasing and bigtaly which the whole story is wound up; where we are descriptive poem. Mador of the Moor is the ne told as bow Neville, who turns out to be the Darch in the disguise of a midstrel, who has 12 son of Lord Glenallan, is married to his old sweet. intrigue with a young damsel of exquisite beauty; heart Mis: Waudour, and as how all the rest and her adventures in search of her truant Joves of the gentlemen and ladies, with honest Edie Oc- are affectingly parrated, but brought to a happy chiltree, are comfortably settled.

conclusion. The hunting scenes in the first carto

are uncommonly animated and picturesque; but Owen Castle, or Which is the Heroine ?

even these are exceeded by the solemo and paBy Mary Anne Sullivan. 4 vols. 11.

thetic representation of Ila and her iofapt crossing The Spinster's Journal. By a Modern

the dreary heath, and taking up an abode for the Antique. 3 vols. 12mo. 16s. 6d.

night in the ruinous retreat of a peniteut Palms. Valentine's Eve. By Mrs. Opie. 3 vols. The morning hymn of this religious, after a stormy 12 mo.

night, is so exquisite that we cannot forbear er Melmoth House. By Mr. J. Jenner, 3

tracting it for the pleasure and edibcation of our

readers, vols. il. The Flower Basket. A Fairy Tale. 18mo.

Läuded be thy name for ever, 25, 6d.

Thou of life the guard and giver !

Thou canst guard thy creatures sleeping-

Heal the heart long broke with weeping-
Margaret of Anjou. A Poem in Ten

Rule the ouphes and elves at will, Cantos, By Miss Holford. 4to. 21. 2s.

That rex the air or haunt the hill, Horace Walpole wrote a slight but ingenious And all the fury subject keep tract to prove that Richard Duke of Gloucester, Of boiling cloud and chated deep! commonly called the “ Crnok-back," was a very I have seen, and well I known is, proper personage; bay, more, that he was a gen. Thou hast done, and Thou wilt do it;

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