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Pitt Clubs of Carlisle--Derby.



Houghton House, clerk of the peaee for The Carlisle Pitt CLUB (for the the county, and town clerk of Carlisle. account of which we are indebted to a Each member subscribes annually one valued corrispondent) was established Guinea, and the whole attend divine serby the principal inhabitants of that city vice on the anniversary of the birth-day, and neighbourboud, in 1814. The pre- and afterwards dine together. In case of amble to its rules and reculations is ex death, resignation, or other vacation of planatory:~" We, the undersigned, President, Vice President &c., the same having met to celebrate the birth day of is to be filled up by the original founders that illustrious statesinan and patriot, and their successors, by a majority of the late Right Hon. "M. Pitt, who had votes. None of the rules and regulacourage to stem the torrent of revolu- tions of the society can be altered, or tionary principles which threatened to new ones introduced, without the conoverwhelm the venerable fabric of our sent of two thirds of the founders. constitution, and to shake the very four Such is the substance of the regulations dations of the social edifice; who braved of the Carlisle Pric Club, which, for the sneers of the envious, the calumnies the respectability and zeal of its memof the disaffected, and the threats of bers, yields to none in the three kingthe common enemy:-that we may pay doms. The last anniversary of the great a just tribute to departed worth, and Statesman's Birth-day was most fully atrespect to his memory when dead, having tended, not only by members, but by a had the consolation of witnessing ihe great number of visitors, who were introfinal accomplishment of his wise, com duced by the former. The patriotic and prehensive, and judicious plans, which exalted sentiments of the Pitt school have completed the destruction of that spread rapidly every where, but in no - monstrous system of impiety and tyranny place in a greater degree than in the engendered by the French Revolution, city of Carlisle and the county of Cumand the consequent restoration of peace berland. This is fully evinced by the ex. and repose to Europe; do resolve to traordinary support given to the new establish a club, to be denominated the newspaper, the Carlisle Patriot. A CARLISLE Pitt Club, to meet annually short time since the inhabitants of Caron liis birth-dily, for the purpose of com- lisle, and of the county, could only rememorating the matchless wisdom and ceive local news through a medium in virtues of that admirable man, and hand- which every thing was perverted and dising them down with veneration to our coloured by the misrepresentation of latest posterity," &c.

facts, and unceasing attacks on private The club consists of a President, six character.* Other times have now dawnVice Presidents, a Chaplain, Secretary, ed here, as well as in many other places: Treasurer, for life or resignation; and six the Hydra is reduced to its last head: may Annual Stewards. The two stewards at the it soon be shorn of tbat also ! Truth, foot of the list to go out the first year, and and love of country must and will trithe vacancies to be filled up by the re umph. maining four, and the two new.elected The Earl of Lonsdale will preside at stewards to be placed at the head of the this year's anniversary. list, and the like change to take place annually. The club is not to consist The DERBY LOYAL True BLUE CLUB of more than 100 members, including of was established in the year 1812, and ficers, and to be chosen by ballot. The now consists of 220 pembers. Its prenumber is nearly complete already, em sent officers are:--Lord SCARSDALE and bracing the greater part of the talent, the Hon. A. STANHOPE, Patrons; Taos. opulence, and consequently, respectabi- Eston, esq. President; Wm. WHISTON, lity of the county of Cumberland, &c. esq. Vice-President; Mr. John HarriThe names of the officers are:-Presi son and Mr. Chas. FINNEY, Stewards; dent ; The Ri. Hon, the Earl of Londs- Mr. Geo. Wallis, Secretary. They DALE, K. G.-Vice Presidents; Lord dine half-yearly: on the anniversary of Viscount LowTHER, M. P. John Low- the birth of the late Rt. Hon. Wm. Fitt; Tuler esq. M. P. Sir James Graham, and on the 21st of October, in commebart., of Netherby, Sir JAMES Graham, moration of the Victory of Trafalgar : bart. M. P. The Mayor of CARLISLE, and have a fund (to which each member for the time being. Chaplain; The Rev. regularly contributes) for the purpose of EDWARD ANDERSON, A. M. Treasurer ; Tuomas COULTHARD HEYSHAM esq. Se The Paper printed at Whitehaven is, of cretary; WILLIAM Hodgson, esq. Of course, excepted.


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4:36 Pilt Clubs of Devon-Halifur-Leeds Leicester. (June 1, encouraging a spirit of loyalty amongst

LEEDS. the poor, by granting occasional aid to The supporters of the principles of their distresses. “Our principles and Mr. Pitt at Leeds had anniversary disobject," says the secretary, “ will be ners every 28th of May from the death best explained by our motto:

of that minister to 1813, when a regular “Our OBJECT CHARITY;

club was formed. The number of iemOur Motive LOYALTY."

bers at present is 140.

President-Lord LASCELLES.
The Devon and Exeter Pitt CLUB

Vice-Presidents. originated in a meeting held at the Ho- Sir H. C. JBBETSON, bart. tel, Exeter, on the 28th of May, 1814, to

Col, LLOYD. commemorate the birthday of Mr. PITT,

Henry Hall, esq. which was attended by 46 gentlemen,

WM. Morritt, esq. mostly respectable citizens of Exeter.

WM. Best, esq. Colone! WRIGUT, who had commanded

Thos. IKIN, esq. the Exeter Volunteers, was in the chair.

CHRISTOPHER SMITH, esq. It was unanimously resolved to continue Charles COUPLAND, jun. esq. the commemoration annually, and 10 so

WM. BECKETT, esq. licit Lord Rolle, who is looked up to as

Joun HILL, esq. the most distinguished patron of Pitt Treusurer-WM. HEBDIN, esq. principles in Devonshire, to accept the

Secretaries. office of president at the next meeting.

Jas. NICHOLSON, esq. On this occasion, when Sir STAFFORD H.

J. COALMAN, esq. Northcore presided instead of his lordship, who was detained in London by his Forty members of this club are mediparliamentary duty, 32 new members, bers extraordinary of the LONDON PITT chiefly country gentlemen of considerable Club, by contributing one guinea to the weight and ivfluence, were added to the exhibition fund, and iOs. 68. to the purTist of members, making a total of 78. poses of the general fund of the London "This number is expected to receive a

club. Sir H. Č.IBBETson, bart. Vice-Preconsiderable accession in the present sident, has been chosen to fill the chair at year. By the regulations a general the present anniversary. This club acts meeting for the adinission of members completely in unison with the rules and and the election of a president, vice-pre- regulations of the London CLUB. The sident, and stewards, is to be held annu. anniversary meetings bave been always ally in the Easter sessions week. Sir well attended, and conducted with the STAFFORD II. NORTHCOTE is the presi- greatest spirit and harmony. dent this year, and Mr. W.L. PONSFORD,

LEICESTER. secretary.

The Pit CLUB of the Town and HALIFAX.

COUNTY of LEICESTER was establisbed The HALIFAX PITT CLUB consists of on the 3d of August, 1814, agreeably to 75 members.

the resolution of a meeting held on the President.

28th of May preceding. The preselit Sir Joseph RADCLIFFE, bart. number of members is 145, who wear a Vice-Presidents.

silver medal at their anniversary dinner, GEORGE GREEN UP, esq.

The annual subscription is one guinea.
Curis, R «WSON, esq.

The present officers are:
Henry L. EDWARDS, esq.

President-Lord ROBERT MANNERS.

WM. Noriis, esq.

Sir Fred. GUSTAVUS Fowke, bart.
Tuos. RAMSDEN, esq.

Honorary Chaplain-The Venerable the Jas. Moore, esg.


Treasurer - Joux MANSFIELO, Esq. GEO.POLLAID, esq.

Hon. Secretary--Mr. John D. JACKSON. Tuos. GHEENWOOD, esq.

At a meeting of the members on the Honorary Chaplain.

29th of May, 1815, Colonel Csump in HUNNY IM. COULTHURST,

D.D. the chair, it was unanimously resolved

that a medal of the club should be preTreasurers-Joux, Ww. and CHRISTO- sented to NATANTEL ATCHESON, esq. 1•II Ex Rawson, esqrs., bankers.

the founder of the LONDON Pitt Clue; Hon. Secretury--Joan Rawson, est. and at a similar meeting on the 23d

Pitt Clubs of Manchester---Norucich.

437 of September following, Sir WILLIAM evenings together as neighbours, and by WALKER being in the chair, a gold medal way of joke elected a president and vicewas voted to the noble president, Lord president every year under the title of ROBERT MANNERS," as a mark of regard Mayor and Sheriff. This society inand admiration of his distinguished galo creased as the Gregorians fell off; and it lantry in the glorious battle of Waterloo." was in the year 1709, when it became

the duty of every Englishman to assume MANCHESTER.

a decided character and to rally round Though we have received no communi- the throne, that it first became a decided cation respecting the MANCHESTER Putt political club. At that time parties ran CLUB, yet we may collect that it consists very high in Norwich, and few places of 227 members, from a statement pub- were more infected with the spirit of lished in the newspapers respecting the Jacobinism than this city. Then it was amount of the subscriptions raised in this that it determined as a body to support Nourishing town and neighbourhood for the government, and of course the printhe Waterloo Fund." In this statement ciples of the immortal Pitt; and it has we find that the sun of 238l. 7s. being ever since, upon every political question, the contribution of 227 members of the and general as well as local election, had MANCHESTER Port CLUB, at one guinea that one object principally in view. In each, was reinitted to London by Thomas this society originated the various volunHARDMAN, esq. treasurer of that society. teer corps which were formed in 1797,

It has been publicly announced that towards which a handsome fund was this club, whose example deserves to be raised; and whenever occasions have cited as a model for other provincial in- since presented themselves of doing hostitutions of the like nature, intends to nour to the name and principles of Wifound an exhibition in the name of LIAM Pitt, it has ever been desirous of Mr. Pitt at one of the universities for fulfilling its duty as Englishmen and students from the grammar-school of good citizens. Manchester.

“ The society consists at present of upNORWICH.

wards of 100 members, who are admitRespecting the loyal association of ted by hallot, and uniform stendy loyalty this city we cannot do better than give is an indispensable qualification. It the following account communicated by meets every evening as a club, of course a highly intelligent and obliging corre

in small numbers; and upon particular spondent:

occasions only, or on stated days, such “Norwich has, like many other cities, as the approach of our local elections or been but too much the scene of political quarterly dinners, it musters more recontention. A society existed for many

spectably. As our room at the inn years consisting of the most respectable where the society is usually held is rather names of the city and county, under the small, it was determined to have the anappellation of the Ancient and Honor. nual commemoration dinner at the prinable Order of Gregorians. It was in factcipal inn, in der to have the opportu. a kind of burlesque upon masonry, but, nity of meeting our country and other as far as its political sentiments 'went, political frieds, and it is on the 28th of always acted with the king's party, and May only that a Port Club exists. from its wealth and respectability com

Our numbers are then about 100, and manded no small weight of influence at

we have the advantage of several well inall the general elections. From various formed and loyal gentlemen who use -circumstances, however, and p:rticularly every exertion as chairmen and stewards.

the deaths of several of its most steady It has been once or twice attempted to and active friends, it almost died away, change the name of the Castle CORbeing superseded in activity and zeal for

PORATION to that of the Norwich Pitt the good cause by another society of in- CLUB, but as the foriner has been on all ferior wealth, but in point of numbers occasions and still is the object of much and exertion much superior. The so

more dread as a local political body, it ciety I allude to is called the Castle Cor- has been determined not to alter the poration. It originated in 1764 among

As before observed, it contains a few tradesmen who met to spend their above 100 members as a distinct body,

and with the company of our visitors we * To the high honour of the public- celebrate the birthday with about the spirited people of Manchester their contribu- "same number. Our president has a very butions for this patriotic purpose fell little large and superb inedal, the present of short of 2,000l.

our M, P. Mr. CHARLES HARVEY ; the


(June 1,

439 Pitt Clubs of Reading---Scarborough-Sheffield. vice-presidents, smaller ones. Two other These ideas he endeavoured to collect officers also wear large ones, the present and arrange, and having done so, to of Mr. Buck, a magistrale of Norwich. adapt them to the excellent music of These are all particularly splendid, and Purcell; a task, which it must be al. contain the London medallion, or cameo. lowed, that he has most happily accotaSeveral of our members belong to the plished in the following song, which be London Piti Club, and wear their medals appropriately dedicated to his friend accordingly, and we have to add to our MR. ATCHESON. respectability as a body a large propor

THE GLORIOUS LAND WE LIVE IN. tion of the city magistrates and several

Song and Chorus. (PURCELL.) of the county who support our principles."

Fairest Isle all Isies excelling,'

Seat of BRUNSWICK's gentle Reign;
The Reading and BERKSHIRE Pitt

Freedom here hath fixed her dwelling Club was first established 1814, when, Circled by the Guardian Main;

Hicher Commerce largely flowing, at a very short notice, there assembled 35; at the second anniversary 1815,

Kindly yields her varied store ; were added 25 members, making a total Shield THE PRINCE AND SETELD THE FOUN.

Laws their equal aid bestowing, of 60 ; and little doubt is entertained, as it becomes more generally known to

• Fairest Isle all Isles cxcelling,' the admirers of that great man's politics, Fam'd for Breasts, with Courage swelling,

Land of Honour, Arts, and Arms, penetrating mind, exemplary love of his And for Beauty's loveliest Charms. country, in the zeal for which his life fell May Britannia's envied nation, a sacrifice; that great addition of numbers All its blessings long retain, will yearly be added. The President is Honour'd hold it's lofty station, The Right Honorable Sir Wm. Scott, RULE THE WAVES AND MARTIAL PLAIN. Vice - President Sir N. DUKINFIELD. Among the members are Sir R. BOROUGH,

It gives us pleasure to learn, that the Sir M. XIMENES, E. F. MAITLAND, M.P. principles of Mr. Pitt prerail univer&c.

sally in the town of Scarborough and its

neighbourhood. SCARBOROUGH. The SCARBOROUGI Pitt CLUB was

SHEFFIELD. instituted on the 28th of May 1814, and The SHEFFIELD Pitt CLUB dined for consists of the most respectable inha- the first time at Peecli's Inn, on the 28th hitants of the town, whose President May 1810, on which occasion, the Rev. for 1815, was Joun WOODALL, Esq., STUART CORBETT was in the chair. On Banker. Besides the general meeting on Peech's Inn being given up, the Club the common anniversary of all the Pitt was removed to the Tontine Inn, w kere Clubs, the members bave an extra dinner it continues to be held. The Rev. Thoannually in September, which, by per- MAS SUTTON presided the following year; mission of the corporatiex is held in the and Lieutenant-colonel LEADER on the Town-hall. The business

f the Club is 20th of July 1812, to which day the celemanaged by a com... 0; five mem- bration liad been postponed, on account bers yearly elected: he who bas the of the melancholy death of the Right greatest number of votes is president and Hon. SPENCER PercevAL. On the treasurer, and the others are vice-presi- 28th of May 1813, the chair was filled dents. Half-a-guinea is paid by each by GEORGE BUSTARD Greaves, Esq; oo member ou bis election, and the liše suin the same day 1814, by SAMUEL WALannually.

KER, Esq., and on the 29th of May 1815, We are gratified to be able to lay be. by the Rev. ALEXANDER MACKENZIE. fore our readers, a composition from the On all these occasions, a spirit of loyalty

, pen of John Woodall, junior, Esq., one unanimity, and harmony has uniformly of the members of this institution, which prevailed, and since the last celebration, seems to us worthy of general adoption. rules have been adopted for giving perHe was induced to this essay from a con- manency to the Institution, and also to sideration, that, as far as he knew, there what might hitherto be called a meeting, was no song in the English tanguage all the privileges and regulations of a which served as a choral performance Club. According to these rules, the suited to public dinner-meetings, (and presidents and vice-presidents, who here those of the Pitt Clubs in particular) and presided, or may preside at the dinner in which embraced the main points of illus- future, constitute the committee; aud tration of what blessings were enjoyed in any three of them attend ing, are compe

The glorious Lund we live in." tent to transact the business of the Club.

Pitt Club of York.

439 At the above-mentioned meeting, the the president, and Mr. John WOLSTENcommittee appointed Mr. John Eden HOLME, secretary and treasurer to the to be Treasurer, and MR. WILLIAM Club, and those gentlemen, with the Brownell, Secretary.

following, compos: the committeeThe present members amount to 50, Mr. Dickens Mr.J. Buckle and consist of the most wealthy and re Mr. G. Hartley Dr. Wake spectable characters in the town and Mr. Thorpe Mr. G. Bulmer neighbourhood. The motive by wbich Mr. Buckle

Mr. Newstead they were induced to establish a Pitt Rev. J. Ellis Mr. Blanchard CLUB, and the principles by which they Rev. J. Overton Mr. Brown continue to be actuuted, inay be inferred Rev. Wm. Bulmer Mr. J. Gray from the following passages, extracted Mr. Mather. Mr. Duffin from a manuscripc copy of what may be Mr. Askwith Rev. R. Sutton. termed a summary exposition of the feelings and sentiments of the Club.

Besides the Pitt Clubs here enume. The earnest wish of this society is, rated, there exist others at, to manifest their adıniration of, and ve

Liverpool neration for, the matchless talents of Mr.

Glasgow Pitt, not only as a statesman in the ab

Hereford stract, but as an able financier, a pro Newcastie upon Tyne found legislator, a wise negotiator, a Nottingham most convincing and accomplished ora Doncaster tor, and as a truly honest and disinte

Hull rested man, the proaf of which he not

North and South Shields only evinced hy a lite dedicated to the

North Staffordshire, at Newcastle service of bis country, but also sealed

under Lyme and ratified in the last soleinn article of

Lancaster death :—“Oh! save my country!" was Wolverhampton the expiring ejaculation of this immortal

Colchester patriot; let it then be the seal of all

Plymouth whose wishes are to honor bis memory Taunton by this Institution, and whose design is

Dudley to perpetuate it, as a subject of admira

Dundee tion and interest to the latest posterity." “ The maintenance of regal supre

Menai, Carnarvonshire. macy, of loyal authority, of liberty con

We understand that similar institutrouled by law, of national independence, tions are now forming in different parts • and of constitutional integrity, together of Ireland. with whatsoever is necessary to their

As our object in this article is to give stability and support, is the first and all the support that lies in our power to leading feature of this society, and by the principles of these institutions, we which alone it is ambitious of being dis. feel the more regret that our applications tinguished.”

respecting inany of the above, should

have passed unnoticed. In regard to YORK.

others, such applications were precluded The York Pitt Club though yet in its by our ignorance of the persons to whom infancy, and established on the 29th of they ought to be addressed. Any partiMay 1815 consists of 92 members; to culars, therefore, concerning them, with which number a considerable increase is which the secretaries or other members expected. By the resolutions, it is muy still think fi: to honour us, for the agreed, that each member shall pay five purpose of completing the series, shall be shillings annually, for the contingent ex. thankfully iransferred to our pages. pences. Sir MARK M. Sykes, Bart, is




An Essay on Trees, in Landscape. By tác
The First Number of a Series of Twelve, late Edw. Kennion, F. A. 31, 138. od.
each containing two Landscapes in Aqua Statuary and Sculpture among the An.
tint, exhibiting the various principles in cienis, wi'b sone Account of specimens
Light, Shade, Composition, and Classifica. preserved in England. By Jas. Dallaway,
tion of Subjects. 5s.

M. B. F.S.A. imp. 8vo.

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