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Cumberland--Derby--Devon-Dorsct. (May 1, Mr. John Cardell, of Phillack, 45. He was legal, of foreign manufactures.-" I allos, followed to the grave by his seven surviving observes the writer, " there are some serupa brothers.

tions to be reasted-lhe gaily coloured sile At Bodmin, Susanna Menheniott, who and handkerchiefs of French 'manufacturehari lived 60 years in the service of one fa- the gloves which set of the forms of mily.

hands and arms, are certainly far supcrior At Pilaton, the Rev. Dr. Wcolcombe, rec our own; but if there were ac tempore tor of that parish,

there wouid be no merit in the fortearance At Launceston, Mr. Thos. Goodman. And if we look down on our dresses, CTIAt Quoite, Mr. Mich. Basely.

domed by handsome laces, because free CUMWERLAND,

principle we abstain from purchasing uka, The principal bridge over the Eden, at and use our arms clothed in .css clegaut orbe Carlisle, has been opened for public use. It coming artire than we have been accustomed consists of five elliptic arches, each sixty- 10, let us reflect with pleasure that we bave five feet span, and which rise about wentvby these little sacrifices, contributed as far as one feet above their base; the piers are we can to the employment of our industri nine feet thick. The foot path on each side, ous countrymen.' What, therefore, can be when finished, will be four feet and a half more desirable, than that Englisbwomen of wile, leaving twenty-four feet eight inches all ranks should conibine in determining to for the carriage way. The connecting cause. purchase only the manufactures of their own way and causeway-bridge, are six feet and country, and resist the iempuation oi adorna half wider than the precedirg, forming ing their persons, at the ez pense not oniy altogether a promenade of nearly a quarter of the comforts, but the morals of their counof a mile.

try men?" Married.] At Who

aven, Capt. Sam. Barths.] Ac Teignmouth, the lady of libe Dysast, to Miss Mary Ann Shepherd. Hon. Cupt. Pellen, R. N.M.P. of a dauge

Died) Al Carlisle, Mr. Geo. Nixon, 100.- Mrs Baty, 73.- Mr John Haugh, 61. A: Sweetlands, the lady of Albany Savile, .-Mary, widow of the late Rev. Wm. Gra- esq. M. P. of a son, ham, rector of Stapleton.

Married.) At Exeter, S. W. Darke, esq. At Maryport, Mrs. Jardine, 52. Mr. of London, to Miss Bowring, daughter of Thos. Addison, 66.

Mr. B. solicitor. At Penrith, Stephen Irwin, many years a At Berry Pomeroy, Rich, King, esq. of dragoon in the reign of George II. 101. Montpelier, to Mary Grace, daughter of Johan Mrs. Mary Dockray, 93,--Mrs. Eliz. Whar Windeat!, esq. of Bridgetown, both in this ton, 70.

county. In the I. of Man, the Rev. John Clague, Died.) Lieut. Walter Folliott, of the Royal vicar of Kirk Christ Rushen.

Marines, son of Capt. F. R. N. He was A: Wes: New'on, Mrs. Mary Temple, 83. drowned with his servant boy by the upset. At Wetheral, Mr. Isaac Lawson, 88. ting of his pleasure boat on the river Exe. At Borcheiby, Mr. Wm. Blaylock, 80. At Tamerton, Mrs. Delafons, wife of

At Whitehaven, the wite of Mr. Robinson, Capt. D. R. N. surgeon.-Mrs. Thompson, 61.- inn, only At Frugmore, Mr. John Southwood, 76, daughter of Mr. Arch. Creighton, 20. -Mr. At Plymouth, Mrs. Clowance. - Lieut. R. Wm. Benson, one of the coroners for this Hill, Royal Marines, son of the late Rich. H. county.

esq. of Bristol.--Mr. Alex. Ross, gunner of Ai Egremont, Mr. Wm. Hannay, for the Royal George.—Mr. Ballen.- Mrs, Bemerly a surgeon of that town, 45.

zon, wife of J. W. B. esq. solicitor, At Braystunes, Mr. Isaac Hutchinson, for. At Exeter, Mrs. Milford, relict of Sam. merly a merchant in Liverpool.

M. esq. 81.-John Dennis, esq. une of the

oldest magistrates of this city, 77. He Dird ] At Derby, Mr. Nath. Ridgard, 76. served the office of high sheriff in 1773, and

Ac Dronfield, Mrs. Bunting, 09. She re mayor in 1774, and became father of the tained all her faculties to the last, and could city, on the decease of Alderman Elliott in read the smallest print without glasses. 1803.

Ai Chesterfield, John Wilkinson, esq. 60. At Tiverton, John Martin, esq.
At Staveley, Mrs. Rogers.

At Exmouth, Mrs. Starke, widow of Rich. At West Handley, Mr. Thos. Holling- of Highlands, near Epsom, formerly worth, 75.

governor of Madras. A letter in a late number of the Plymouth The inhabitants of Weymouth have agreed Telegraph under the signature of an English- to manifest their joy on occasion of the nup woman, contains a sensible and well-written tials of her Royal Highness the Princess Char appeal to her countrywomen in general, ex- lotte of Wales, by a public dinner, ball, and horting them, in these times of general dis- supper; and in order also to perpetuate this tress, to discourage, by their conduct and in- event, by a lasting testimony of layalıy and Auence, the importation, both legal and il attachment, a statue of her Royal Highapss





367 is intended to be erected in the open space

the attention of the court upwards of 23 opposite Pulteney Bank and Clarence Build hours, an adjournment having taken place at ings, affording sufficient scope for equestri- 11 o'clock the first night tilly the next mornans. It is to be encircled with an iron rail ing; during which interval, the jury were ing, and to be executed in a style of elegance closely locked up. The whole of the prisoners worthy of the occasion.

were found guilty. Previously to the delivery Married.) At Stower Provost, the Rev. of the faral verdict, the feelings of the foreman T. H. Cawthrop. rector of Marston More- choked his utterance, and after ir was' pro. tain, Beds, to Miss Gillet.

nounced, the jury and the whole cust were At Poole, Lieut. Bloomfield, of the Royal visibly affected. John Penny and Jabin AlMarines, to Miss Susan Young.

len, the principal instigators of the outrage, At Wyke, Lieut. Connor, R. N. to Mar were executed, but the other nine were retha, third daughter of Capt. W. D. of Wey- spited till the 20th of May. The mother of mouth.

Allen is since dead of grief, as is also one of Died.) At Beaminster, the wife of Lieut. thc condemned culprits. William Adams Gawen, R. N.

Brodribb, an attorney, was tried for ad. At Allweston, Mr. Dav. Ring.

ministering an illegal oath to these unforAt Lyme, Mrs. C. Babbs,

tunate men, binding them noto reveal their Ac Yeovil, Miss Goodford, daughter of the unlawful combination, or any act committed late J. O. Goodford, esq.

by them. He was convicted on the clearest At Charmouth, Mrs. Goode, wife of the evidence, and sentenced to seven years' transRev. Mr. G. 78.

portation, At Shaftesbury, Miss Eliz. Everett. Died.) At Berkeley, Mary, wife of Mr.

At Wareham, Mrs. Blackey, widow of John Parslow, 73. Lieut. B. of the Royal Veteran Battalion. At Kingstanley, Mr. Wm. Thomas, inany DURHAM

years master of the Golden Cross, King's Married.) At Gretna Green, William, Cross, 60. only son of Wm. Wilson, esq. of Stockton At Kingswood, Mrs. Stoner, relict of Mr. on Tees, to Dorothy, eldest daughter of the Wm. S. late J. Wetherill, esq. of Morton, near Dar At Cheltenham, Mr. D. Richardson, of the lington

King's Head.--Mrs. Jones, wife of Mr. J. of Died.) At Jolby, near Darlington, Rob. the Shakspeare Tavern, 69.--Mrs. Cox, 77. Wetherell, esq. 69.

-Mrs, Bush, sister to the Rt. Hon. Henry At Barnardcastle, Mrs. Lawson, wife of Grattan, 68. John Sharples L. esq. M. D. 39.

At Thornbury, Mrs. Hadley, 88. At South Shields, Mr. Wm. Major, ship At Mitton Lodge, Thos. Williams, esq. owner, 31.

formerly an eminent chemist at Worcester, At Darlington, Mr. Simeon Haw, 81. 66.

At Durham, Mr. Wm. Towler, 83.- Mr. At Mugmoor House, Mrs. Smith, wife of Hutton, late of London, 35.

Wm. S. esq. late of New Mills, Dursley.

HAMPSHIRE. A petition has been submitted to the House A correspondent of the Hampshire Teleof Commons for the inclosure of Hainault gruph, suggests that nothing would conui. of Epping Forest, containing nearly 100,000 bute so much to the improvement of Portsacres of land, unprofitable in its present mouth, in this dull piping time of peace, state, excipt for the agystment of a small as to make it a fashionable watering placc. herd of red deer and a few dry cattle. The There cannot be a finer beach for the purmeasure is, however, strongly opposed by pose than it possesses ; its beautiful seanumerous possessors of forest rights. Mr. views, dock-yard and shipping, are objects Huskisson threw out the idea that such in- of powerful attraction ; abundance of vaclosure might be beneficially applied to the cant lodging-houses may now be had near purpose of raising timber for the navy, and the water-side at a moderate rate ; and noThus become an object of national utility as thing more is necessary than that means well as ornament.

of sea-bathing equally commodious be pre- Died.] Ac Cockfield, John Dixon, esq. vided, and that a proper course be taken to coach proprietor, 55,

give them extensive publicity. At Woodford, Anth. Aubert, esq. 81. Birlh.] At Segrove, Isle of Wight, the * The lädy of the Rev. Thos. Wilkinson, hon. Mrs. Mason of a daughter. rector of Bulvan.

Married.] At Hinton-Amptner, C. B.

Calmady esq. of Langdon-hall, Devon. Only At the late assizes for this county, the son of the late Adm. C. to Emily, eldest triat of the persons concerned in the murder daughter of Wm. Greenwood esq. of Brook. of W, Ingram, game-keeper 'to Colonel wood park, Herts. Berkeley, on the night of the 18th of Jan. At Halberton, Capt. Chave, R. N. to Ann, Vást, excited unusual interest. They were youngest daughter of Ilugh Pullen esa. *** eleveni la number, nine being farmer's sons, At Alverstoke, Lieut. Jas. Tatlock; R. N. respectably connected, the oldest not more to Mrs. White.--Edw. Usher Masòfi'esq. of than 30 years of age. The trial occupied the 83d. regt, to Louise, fourth daughter of





Hereford --Hertford--- Kent.

[May 1,




John Whitcomb esq. of Stoke-cottage, near Susannah daughter of Mr. Falkner, of Gla:Gosport.

Died.] At Romsey, Mrs. Bear, relict of Died.] At St. Neots, Mrs. Inkerssole, Savage B, esq. of Hursley, 60.

wife of J. --, esq. and daughter of Jos. At Lymington, Mrs. Lloyd, relict of the Hull, esq. of Northampton. Rev. Mr. L. of Colchester. - Jas. Sainber esq. a captain in the royal navy, 81.

In a former number we stated the cirAt Shirly-college, near Southampton, cumstances of a dispute between the governJanc, wife of Cape. Stiles, R. N.

ots of the Sea-bathing Infirmary at MarAt Southampton, Mr. Thos. Roberts, gate and the vicar of that place. At the many years a respectable bookseller and late assizes, Mr. Robins, a governor of the stationer 72.--Mr. R. Roberts, late master charity, one of the persons taken into cusof the workhouse.—Lieut. Wm. Hancock, tody for making a collection in its behalf son of C H. Hancock esq. of Clapton, Middle. at the gate of the church-yarit, brought an sex, and late of H. M. S. Havannah, 23.- action for false imprisonment against Mr. Mrs. Mary Hook, sister of the late lady Boyce, a magistrate for the County, and obStewart.-- Richard, son of Wm. Lintott, esq. tained a verdict with 50l. damages, which mayor of this town.

he gave to the infirmary. At Barton, near Christchurch, Mr. Geo. Birth.] At Oxenhoath, the lady of Sir Oake, attorney, of Ringwood, lieutenant in Wm. Geary, bart. M. P. of a son. the East-Hants local militia.

Married.) At Rochester, Sir T. Osborne, At Ringwood, Mrs Quick, wife of Mr. bart. to Miss Smith, daughter of the late Q. master of the poor-house.

major S. At Portsmouth, Lieut. Hamill, of the 25th At Margate, Capt. Jas, Laming to Anne, foot.--Mrs. Blaké.-Miss Brissault, schools youngest daughter of B. Noakes, esq. mistress.

At Plumstead, Lieut. W. Miller, R.A. At Botleigh-Grange, the wife of H. Eyre eldest son of Major-gen. M. to Henrietta, esq.

eldest daughter of Col. Colebrooke, R. A. At Winchester, Harriet, daughter of the At Chatham, Mr. Crisp to Mrs. Ford, relatc John Ridding esq. alderman of this lict of Mr. Alderman P. of Rochester. city 25.

Died) At Sellinge, the Rev. Henry Ma

cock, vicar of that parish and of Hareweli, An Adult School for females is about to Berks, 74. be established in Hereford-the object of it At Lesney, George Wheatley, esq. fourth is to teach all females of good character and son of the late Wm, Wheatley, esq. above the age

fourteen, to read. A nu. At Chilham Castle, James Wildman, merous and very respectable committee has esq. late high sheriff of the county. been appointed, subscriptions have been en- At Brompton, Mr. Rich. Morris, šurtered into, and many ladies have kindly ot- geon.-Mr. R. Hughes, master boat-builder fered their services to assist in teaching. at Chatham Dock-yard.

Married.] AL Brimfield, Saml. Moody At Sheerness, Mr. Adam Puckett, of the Gethen esq. of Hereford, to Miss Fanny King's-Head Inn. Hall, niece of the Rev. Dr. Hunt, of Cocks- At Maidstone, Mrs. Gillman, wife of hoot Lydiat-House,

Mr. G. late distributor of scamps for West Died.] At Ross, Mrs. Hall, formerly of Kent, 63. the Kings Arms Inn.

At Lyminge, Mrs. Andrews, 103. She Humphry Cornewall Woolryche esq. died after an illness of two days, and se

The Rev. James Roberts, rector of Kent- tained her faculties to the last. church, and prebendary of Hereford, 76. At Canterbury, the Rev. Thos. Spencer,

At Bryngwyn, Mrs. Phillips, relict of one of the minor canons of the Cathedral James P. esq.

and vicar of Halston.The Rev. Chris. At Hereford, Mrs. Jane Pitt, 84.-Theo. Naylor, head master of the King's School, philus Lane esq.

and one of the siz preachers of ihe CatheAt Urthington, the Rer. Wm. Pryce, dral, 77. vicar of that place 57.

At Ashford, Mr.J, D. Baker, 56.
At Wolferton, Miss Nott.

At Stelling Minnis, Mr. Ladd, 89.

At Sandwich, Mrs. Nisbett, relict of the Married.] At Watford, Mr. A. Myall, Rev. Ms. N. rector of Tunstall, 72, of Castle Hedingham, Essex, to Ann Maria, At Chatham, Mr. James Kincaid more relict of H. Lambirth esq. of Writtle. than 50 years chief clerk in the builder's

Died.] At Hundseen-house, Hitchen, office, in the Dock-yard, 64.Major Henry Miss Hinde,daughter of the late Rabt. H. esq. Rea, Royal Marines.

Married.] Rev. John Peter, to Mary, At Chartham-place, Martha, relict of eldest daughter of the Rev. L. Morgan, of Wm. Smith, esq. 75, St. Ives,

At St. Dunstan's, near Canterbury, Miss HUNTINGDONSHIRE.

Noble, who has bequeathed look to the At Stilton, Mr. Wm. Parrant of Earith, to Kent and Canterbury Hospital; 1001, ta


1816.) Lancashire - Leicester Lincolnshire-Monmouthshire.

--. 369 the Lying-in Charity ; 2501. to the Brothers

LINCOLNSHIRE. and Sisters of St. John's Hospital ; and the

The Boston Gazette from which we co. like sum is the parish of St. Dunstan, the pied in our last number the statement of interest to be expended in bread and meat Mrs. Ashlin having been derivered of twins to be diseribuied among the deserving poor at the age of 64, las acknowledged that on New Year's day.

this is erroneous, and that it should have LANCASHIRE.

been 34. Her husband is aged 64. The Gas-light Company of Liverpool have Dr. Crane of Boston, has published so far arranged their plans, that the inhabi some judicious observations on the means tants of that town will have the benefit of of discriminating betueen apparent and real those brilliant lights in the ensuing autumn. death. (See an interesting paper on this About the Ducks they will prove the means subject in our fourth volume, p. 1:15]. He of preventing many accidents. It is a mat- observes that, “ the means pro, er to be ter of surprise that Liverpool has becn so pursued in cases where it is doubted if death tardy in ihis sort of improvement, when in has taken place, are extremely simple. The parts of the kingdom wheie coals are consi- body should lie in bed undisturbed, and ocderably dearer, the plan is adopted. Al casionally, if the lips and mouth appear Preston ir has exceeded expectation.

parched, they should be moistened with Married.) At Liverpool, Alex. White wine and water. If the weather be hot or head, esq. of Forcon Hall, to Miss Hunting- sultry, the curtains of the bed ought to be

drawn aside, and the room freely ventilated. Died.] At Gillibrand Hall, William, eld. In cold weather a pan of coals should be at est son of Thos. Gillibrand. esq.

intervals drawn over the bed, so as to keep At Maghull, near Liverpool, James Bar- up a gentle warmth ; by doing this, we aid ton, esq. 78

the powers of nature to restore the patient, At Preston, Mr. Wm. Monroe, 23 years if the body be alive ; or, if dcath lias taken in the service of the Lancaster Canal Com- place, we more speedily bring on putrefacpany, 75.

tion, relieving the friends from a state of At Liverpool, Mr. W. F. Jonas, seal en dreadful anxiety. As soon as a livid greengraver, 64.-Mr. Wm. Lupton, attorney. ish hue is observed about the face or breast,

At Peel Fold, near Blackburn, Laurence and the limbs, which were once rigid, bea Peel, esq uncle to Sir Robert Peel, bart. come again pliant, we may be certain the 87.

fatal catastrophe has taken place." At Rochdale, John Fildes, esq.

Married.) At Grantham, the Rev. John At Blackburn, Mrs. Hanby, wife of Mr. W. Peters, of Womersley, York, to CatheH. editor of the Blackburn Mail, 32. rine, youngest daughter of the late S, C.

At Stonyhurst College, the Rev. John Colclough, esq. of Beaconfield, Notts. Weld, son of the late Thos, W. esq. of Lul Died.] At Surfeet, Mr, A. Bailey, 57. worth Castle, Dorset.

At Ewerby, Mr. Wrigglesworth, surgeon,
At Bursciugh, near Ormskiik, Edward of Sleaford.
Watkinson, 102.

At Louth, Mrs. Ann Banes, 100-Mrs.
At Manchester, Mr. John Crompton, 66. Ann Kennington, 74.-C. Dent. gent. $5.
--Mr. Thos. Sefton, 44.- The Rev. Wm. At Misterton, Mr. Wheelwright, 93.
Cowherd, minister of Christ Church, Sal At Boston, Susannah, wife of Capt.
ford. He directed that he should be in- Baker, 38.
terred in the pleasure-ground before his At Grimsby, Rob. Lister, esq, mayor of
house, and that this epitaph should be in that town.
scribed on his tomb-- All feared, none loved, At Ferry, near Gainsborough, Benj. Skip-
and few understood.-Mr. Thos, Batiye.- worth, esq. of Nettleham, son of Phil. S.
- Mr. Thos. Shaw, upwards of 30 years esq. of South Kelsey.
teacher in the Sunday schools under the At Torksey, Joseph Nell, esq. 58.

At Kelfield, Mr. Wm. Hardy, 07.

At Gainsborough, Wm. Roberts, gent. 64. Married.] Ai O-gatherpe, Thos, Boule At Denton, near Grantham, Sarah, wife ble, esq. of Storden Grange, to Ann, se of the Rev. Baptist Noel Turner, rector of cond daughter of James Lager, esq. of Cole- that parish, 77. orton Hall Farm.

Mrs. Monkhouse, wife of the Rev. Mr. At Great Bowden, Mr. Jos. Scott, archi- M. rector of Market Deeping. tect, to Miss Eliz. Wright.

• At Wyberton, Mr. Sheath, late an emi-
Died). At Loughborough, Mrs. Gregory. nent banker at Boston, 73.
Mr. Fisher, if the Boot Inn.

At Lincoln, John Johnson, M. D. 72.
At Stoney Sianton, Mr. Chamberlain,
At Lubbesthorpe. Miss S. Burgess.

Married.) At Dingeston, Mr. W. R. At Hinckley, Mrs. Hannah Cluse, 41, Lloyd, of the Staff of the Monmouth and and the following day very suddenly, her Brecon Militia, to Maria, daughier of Mr, brother Mr. Thomas C. 25.

Price, of Monmouth.



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of his grace.



370 Norfolk - Vorthampton--Northumberland-Notts-Oxford. [May 1,

Mr. Wm. Deberley, to Elizabeth, eldest Newcastle by half past eight o'clock in the daughter of T. Evans, esq. of Hardwicke morning, and depart the same day at foar House, Chepiww.

o'clock in the afternoon; so that the distance The Rev. Gritřih Jones, of Llanover, to between Newcastle and London will be Miss Williams of Pontypool.

shortened an entire day. Died.) At Moumouth, the Rev. Wm. The tenants of the Duke of NorthumberLlewellyn, off.ciating minister of Rockfield. land, have determined to commemorace his

At Over Munnow, James Meredith, 101. generosity in the reduction of the rent of his At Chepstow, Mrs. Jones, widow of John estates, by the erection of a column in honour

Married.] At Tynemouth, Rob. Brown, esq. Married.] At Norwich, Geo. Suffield, of Streatham, Surrey, to Isabella, fourth esq. to Susan, daughter of Mrs. Bowen.-- daughter of John Walker, esq. of North Mr. Henry Carter, surgeon, to Hannah, Shields. daughter of Dewing, esq. of Castlcacre, At Newcastle, Lieut. Peake, R. N. to Miss near Swaff ham.--The Rev. Edw. Day of Wright. Horsford, to Margaret, cldest daughter of Died.] At Newcastle, Mrs. E. Buchanan, the late Starling Day, esq.

89.- Mr. Norman, 66.-Mr.G. A. Dickson. At Weeting St. Mary's, Geo. Stone, esq. - Mr. John Angus, 52.-Mr. Wm. Thompto Mary, second daughter of Col. Dixon of son, of Wallsend Colliery, 18 years a local Weeting Hall.

preacher among the Methodists, 49. Diell.] At Hindolveston, R. R. Akers, At North Shields, Mr. John Rammage, gent. 58

93.--Mr. John Dixon, 88.-Ellen, wife of At Reephain, Jas. Hunt, gent. 71. Mr. J. Appleton. 28. At Mileham, Mr. Carter, 84.

At 'Tweedmouth, Mr. Rob. Gilchrist, 86. At Costessy, Mrs. Eliz. Fox, 84.

At Hexham, Mrs. Stokoe, 64,-Mr. LanAt Norwich, Mr. John Smith, 81.-Mr. celor Knoti, Pleasance, 77.

Ai West Acomb, Elizabeth, wife of Capt. Ac Shiptham, Miss C. Robinson, young- Wm. Stokoe. est daughter of the late Rev. Rob. R. of Chesterton.

March 25, a destructive fire took place at The Rov. R. Bellman, rector of Feltwell Belvoinlee, near Nottingham, occasioned by St. Nicholas, 74.

the very culpable practice of firing a chimney At Southtown, Mrs. Carr, relict of Capt. in order to clear it of soot. Fourteen houses, Walter C. 62.

besides barns, corn stacks, and other property At Yarmouth, Maria, daughter of Sam. were consumed. Paget, esq.

Married.) At Nottingham, W.J. RichAt Maitishall, the Rev.John Carter, Dis- ardson, esq. to Miss Jane Youle. senting minister, 66.

At Raydale, Fm. Thompson, esq. of At Wells, Miss Parker, eldest daughter of Southwell, to Miss Anne Deeping, of Hawthe late Mr. P. slip-builder, 19.

At Diss, Mr. Chas. Greengrass, clerk in Died.] Ac Mansfield, Mrs. Unwin, withe bank of Messrs. Taylor, Dyson, and Co. dow of Wm.U. esq. She was so much affected and agent li the Suffolk Fire Office for that by the shock of the earthquake mentioned in town and neighbourhood.

our last number, that it is believed to bave At Lynn, Thos. Day esq. the oldest been the premature cause of her death. burgess of that town, 86.-Mr. John Dan- At Flintham, Mr. Bettinson, sen. 71. disson, ship-master, 74.

At Arnold, Mrs. Frignali, 65.

At Nottingham, Mr. R. Featherstone, 88. Died.] At Oundle, Edward Hare, esg. of -Mary Anne, daughter of the late Mr. KipCaistor.

pling. At Blatherwyck Paik, the Hon. Mrs. At North Collingham, Anne, wife of C. Hoare, wife of W. H. Hoare, esq.

Lositer, esq. 84. At Thorpe Malsor, Mr. Sam. Meadows, Ai Flintham, Mrs. Cliff, 89. 40 years cierk to the magistrates for Ket- At Worksop, Mr. Wm. Coupe, 74. tering division.

At Irthlingborough Mr. Wm. Wright, 69. Married.] At Deddington, Jas. James, At Northampton, Mr. John Hollis. esg. solicitor of Uppingham, to Miss M'Far. At Caistor, Mr. Hare.

quhar. At Hochwell, Eliza, wife of the Rev. Dred.] At Oxford, Elizabeth, relict of the W. Bosworth, and eldest daughter of Wm. Rev. F. Adams, of Charwelton, Norts.-Mrs. Smith, esq. banker, of Birmingham. Carh. Merrick, sister to Mrs. CowderoyNORTHUMBERLAND.

Mrs. Eliz. Syms, 77.-- Elizabeth, wite of The merchants of Newcastle are making Mr. J. Cox, 72.--Mr. Seary, under-butler of urangements for a mail direct to and from Queen's college. - Mr. Henry Hinton, forthe metropolis every day. According to nierly an ironmonger of this city, 66. He this scheme, the London mail will reach retired from business in 1803, since which



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