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Official Statement of the Funded Debt in 1815.


cussions which took place on the pre- that catholic emancipation is a subject sentation of petitions. The ministers, totally unconnected with the real gries however, lieedless of all opposition, de- vances of the people; that it was nevertermined to press the measure to the theless entitled to dispassionate consideutmost : the consequence was, that on ration, and he was one of those who ada division of the house, it was rejected mitted that if the principle of the quesby a majority of 238 against 201. tion were conceded by parliament, the

On the 20th, Mr. Vansittart gave no- arrangement of its details either in the tice of his intention to relinquish the shape of securities or otherwise would War Malt Duty, which produced about be matter of inferior importance. The two millions and a half, and also to notion was negatived by a majority of Inake favourable modifications in the tax 137 to 67. on horses used in husbandry, which could The attention of the House of Coma not but afford material relief to the mons has been since directed to the inagricultural interest; and intimated that portant subject of economy in the vahe should have recourse to a loan to sup- rious branches of the public expenditure. ply the consequent deficiency in the re- Some retrenchments have in consequence venue.

been made; the army and ordnance esMarch 27, a bill was introduced and timates after being presented to the the usual forms being dispensed with, Houses were withdrawn for the purpose passed both Houses for naturalizing of reductions; and some offices now conPrince Leopold of Coburg.

sidered useless, have been suppressed. On the 28th, the House of Commons On the 15th of April, Mr. Tierney in a committee, entered upon the consi- brought forward a motion for abolishing deration of the resolutions proposed by the department of the third secretary of Mr. Western, relative to the agricultural state, or war department, the duties of distresses of the country. The discussion which previonsly to 1794, had been perof this subject was deferred by adjourn- formed by the secretaries for the home ment, till the 9th of April, when it was department and for foreign affairs. He agreed farther to postpone it till the 29th contended that this establishment, having of the same month.

grown out of the war, ought to cease On the 2d. of April, the Marquis of with it; and that the business of these ofBuckingham introduced a motion in the fices might be placed on the former footHouse of Lords, for an inquiry into the ing, especially as that of the home destate of Ireland. The Earl of Liverpool partment was much diminishes. The objected to the motion, but admitted motion was supported by 100 miembers, that if some of the evils complained, of but negatived by 182. were distinctly proposed for inquiry, On the 11th both Houses adjourned on beneficial results inight possibly ensue. account of the Easter holidays till the Ke stated it to be his decided opinion 24th. Statement of the Funded Debt, as it stood Feb. 1, 1816, from Official Documents. Total public debt, as originally funded

L.1,112,417,432 903 Debt redeemed, and standing in the name of

the Commissioners for the Reduction of
the Debt

L.40,392,340 00
Debt transferred to the Commissioners for Life
Annuities payable at the Bank

3,097,551 Debt cancelled by redemption of land-tax 25,155,056 19 Debt cancelled and the funds thereof charged

with new loans, as per Acts 53 and 54 Geo. III. C. 95, 93


320,384,005 19 Debt unredeemed and due to the public creditor on the 1st Feb. 1816

722,033,426 10 01 Interest ou debt unredeemed

27,233,993 14 94 Sums applicable to the reduction of the National Debt

12,798,225 11 Total annual charge of debt

42,149,850 11 Total amount of all monies paid into the Exchequer between the 5th of January, 1815, and the 5th of January, 1816

117,117,9.12 16 10 Of which for loans was paid

And the payments by the Government of Ireland, on account

of 2-17ths of the annual expenditure of the United King-
dom to be defrayed by Ireland, anno 1813 and 1814

6,107,240 19 NEW MONTHLY MAG--No. 28.


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With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.

Bulletin of the King's Health. Looe, vice David Vanderheyden, esq. who

« Windsor Castlc, April 6. has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. “ His Majesty has enjoyed good bodily GEORGE WATSON TAYLOR, esq. for Newhealth, and has been very tranquil during port, vice John Delgarno, esq. who has acthe last month, but his Majesty's disorder cepted the Chiltern Hundreds. has undergone no change.”

Hon. Wm. LAMBE, for Peterborough, vice The works opposite to Carlton House are Rt. Hon. Geo. Ponsonby, who has accepted proceeding rapidly. St. James's market will the Chiltern Hundreds. soon be levelled, and a line broken into Pic- Rr. Hon. G£o. PONSONBY, for the county cadilly. This quarter will be embellished of Wicklow, vice Wm. Tighe, csq. deceased. with a pile of buildings the principal of which Ecclesiastical Preferments.] Rev. Teos. will be the new College of Physicians, which, Alban, to the living of Llandrillo, Denbighin design, will resemble the Surgeons' Hall shire. recently erected in Lincoln's Inn Fields. Rev. Dr. T. BROOKE, to be rectory of

March 31, about five in the morning, the Avening, Gloucestershire. school-room of the Military Asylum at Chel- Rev. John COLDHAM, to the living of sea, was discovered to be on fire. By the Stockton, Norfolk. active exertions of the military and of the Rev. PERRY Dicken, to the rectory of pensioners of the hospital the fames were Poughill, Devon. extinguished by ten ; but not until a consi- Rev. Robert HAMMOND, to the rectory derable portion of the southern extremity of of Pensthorpe, Norfolk. the main edifice was consumed, from the Rev. W. Hicks, 10 hold the rectory of dining hall to the roof.

Whittington, with that of Cubberley, GlorApril 23, early in the morning, a fire cestershire, broke out in the Old Stock Exchange Coffee Hon. and Rev. Dr. Henry Lewis HoHouse, at the corner of Swithen's alley, BART, to the deanery of Windsor, with that which, with an adjoining house, was totally of Wolverhampton. consumed. Some of the other buildings Rev. J. HOWARD, to the rectory of Bumadjacent were greatly damaged ; and two ham Deepdale, Norfolk. active firemen perished amidst their merito. Rev. Sir WM. ROBERT KEMP, bart. to the rious exertions.

rectories of Flordon and Gissing, Norfolk. Promotions and Appointmenis ] JOIN Rev. JOSEPH PARSONS, to the rectory of Davidsor, esq. to be his Majesty's Consul Glinton, with Peakirk. for New Orleans.

Hon. and Rev. Hugh PERCY to a preHugo BISSHOPP, esq. to be Gentleman bend of Canterbury. Usher Daily Waiter to the Qucen.

Rev. St. John PRIEST, to the living of HENRY WILLOUGHBY ROoxe, esq. to be Billingford. Gentleman Usher Quarterly Waiter to the Rev. Sir H. RIVERS, bart. to the reco Queen.

tory of Walcot, Somerset. LORD Napier to be his Majesty's Com- Rev. Dr. EDWARD RODD, to the vicarage "missioner to the general Assembly of the of Lamerton, Devon. Church of Scotland.

Rev. EDWARD SMEDLEY, to the rectories Members returned to Parliament.] Sir of Powderham and North Bovey, Devon. JANES SUTTie, bart. for Haddingtonshire, Rev. JAMES SPEARE, to the rectory of vice the Hon. Chas. Hope, who has accepted Rotherhithe, Surrey. thc Chiltern Hundreds.

Rev. HENRY TAYLOR, to the rectory of JONATHAN RAINE, esq. for Newport, West Ogwell, Devon. having vacated on his appointment as King's Rev. J. B. TOMPSON, to the perpetual cu• Counsel,

racy of Tompson, Norfolk. VISCOUNT VALLETORT, for Lostwithiel, Rev. ROBERT MORGAN VANE, to the recrice tbe Rt. Hon. Reginald Pole Carew, who tory of Islip, Northampton. has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Rev. J. F. WILLIAMS, to the vicaract JOHN THOMAS FANE, esq. for Lyme Re- of Phillips' Norton, with Charter-house gis, vice Lord Burghersh who has accepted Hinton. the Chiltern Hundreds.

Births.] Ac Twickenham, the Duchess The Eart. of Sefton, for Droiewich, vice of Orleans of a daughter.-Lady Eliz, Cole, Sir Thos. Edw Winnington, bart. who has of a daughter. accepted the office of steward of East Ilun- The Lady of Robert Rickards, esq.

, M.P. *ared,

of a daughter. Thos. POTTER MACQUÉEX, esq. for East Lady Petre of a daughter,

1816.) Marriages and Deaths in and near London-Dr.Duigenan. 363

Married.) Sam. Baker, jun, esq. of Ro Jas. Simpson, esq. of Hatfield, Yorkshire, chester, to Sarah, younger daughter of Rob. 64. Smirke, R. A, of Fitzroy street.

Mrs. Geldart, wife of the Rev. Jas. G, recThomas Wallis, esq. to Charlotte, young,

tor of Kirk Deighton, Yorkshire, 54. est daughter of the late Sir Gco. Bolton, of In Lincoln's Inn Fields, W. F. Gasen, Chepstow.

esq. late major in the 2d Life Guards. Lord Rendlesham, to Ann Sophia, daugh At Alpba Lodge, Regent's Park, Mrs. Water of Wm. Tattoall, esq. Leiston Old Abbcy, ters, wife of Edw. W. esq. Suffolk.

Elizabeth, wife of Edw. Parraut, esq. clerk John Roberts, esq. of the War office, to of the Journals of House of Lords. Frances, eldest sister of Captain Sarmon, In Surrey street, Strand, Matilda, only R.N.

surviving daughter of Mr. Radnor, surgeon, Capt. Edw. F. Scott, R. N. to Fanny, se 16. cond daughter of --Beck, esq. of Haux In Spring Gardens, at the house of her sonton.

in-law, Chas. S. Lefevre, csq. M. P. Helena, The Rev W. Lloyd, rector of Drayton, widow of John Lefevre, esq. of Old Ford, Oxon, to Maria, third daugbier of W. BickMiddlesex and Heckfield, Hants. nell, esq. of Upper Cadogan Place.

In Holborn, Mrs. Jullion, widow of John Capt. Geo. Anson Byron, R. N. to Eliza- J. esq. late of Brentford. beth, sister to S. Chandos Pole, esq. of Rud In Lyon's Inn, John Williamson, esq. 61. borne, Derbyshire.

At the house of Mr. Sergeant Pell, Albert, Wm. Clarke, esq. of Leatherhead, to Mrs. second son of the late Rob. Pell, esą. Baratty, of Russel square.

The Rev. Wm. Goode, upwards of 20 Benj. Hall, esq. of Nelson square, to Miss yeats rector of the united parishes of St. AnPugh, of Newington place.

drew by thc Wardrobe, and St. Ann, Black. Capt. J. H. Barber, of the E. I. C. mili- friars, 54, tary service, to Miss Juliet Whitwell.

In Great Chesterfield street, Mrs. Torrane. Thos. Rowsell, esq. of Burrow's buildings, Mr. Charles Cooke, bookseller, of PaBlackfriars' road, to Miss Hall, of Nelson ternoster row. square.

In St. James's Place, Wm. Tighe, esq. John Wm. Buckle, esq. of Mark lanc, to M.P. for the county of Wicklow. Miss Brash of Wellclose squarc.

In Great George street, Louisa, wife of G. Wm. Dubuisson, esq. of Glynhyr, Car- H. Sumner, esq. M. P. for Surrey, marthenshire, to Caroline, youngest daugh In Howland street, Capt. H. Foster, late ter of Jas. Henckell, esq. of Wandsworth of the 23d foot. Common.

In Argyle street, Mr. Joseph Fox, secreAnthony Austen, esq. of Alderly, Glou- tary to the British and Foreign School Socester, to Sylla, second daughter of David ciety. His loss will be deeply felt by the Ricardo, esq. of Upper Brook street. friends of Universal Education, to which his

At Chelsea, Chas, Stewart, esq. late of Ja- life was much devoted, and of which he was maica, to Miss Tierville, of Sloane square.

a most active and zealous advocate. As a Wm. Houghton, esq. of the Irish Exche- public mark of respect to the memory of this quer office, to Miss Bourne, of Elford, Staf- excellent man, his funeral was attended by fordshire.

the president, vice-presidents, and commitThe Rev. J. Jones, to Louisa, eldest daugh- tee of the above society, in a body, consisting ter of Wm. Prevost, esq. King's road, Bed- of the Royal Dukes, and many other nobleford row.

men and gentlemen of distinction, who paJohn Phillipps, esq. to Lucretia, youngest tronise this valuable Institution.. daughter of the late Jas. Pinnock, esq. of In Bedford square, Sir Simon Le Blanc, Devonshire place.

one of the Judges of the court of King's Henry Jones, esq. of Stapleton, Glouces, Bench, 56. tershire, to Katherine, second daughter of In Parliament street, aged upwards of 80, Sir Henry Russell, bart.

the Rt. Hon. PATRICK DUIGENAN, L.L D. John Phipps, esq. to Philadelphia, eldest M.P. for Armagh; Judge of the Prerogative daughter of the late Henry Godfrey, esq. Court, Dublin; Vicar-General of the Metroof Islington.

politan Court of Armagh, and of the dioceses At Fulham, John Cromnie, esq. only son of Meath and Elphin; Advocate-General of of John C. esq. of Dromore, Londonderry, to the High Court of Admiralty ; Professor of Marianne, eldest daughter of the Archbishop Common Law in the university of Dublin, of Dublin.

and a Privy Counsellor in Ireland. Dr. D. Died.] In Blandford street, the Dowager a native of Ireland, was educated at Trinity Lady Say and Sele.

College, Dublin, where he obtained a fellowAt Brompton, Col. John Dodd.

ship, as well as the professorship of Civil Law. In Somerset place, N. Marchant, R. A. In 1767 he was cailed to the Irish bar and F.S. A. Seal engraver to his Majesty, 77,

invested with a silk gown as King's CourIn Southampton buildings, Holborn, sel. He remained in College till the late Lieut. Austin, late first of H.M. S. Spencer, Re. Hon. Hely Hutchinson, father of the

Earl of Donoughmore, was nominated pro.



Account of Dr. Althorp, J. Courtenay, & Sir C. Shipley. [May 1,

yost; on which occasion he published a se- two daughters married to Dr. Cory, master vere poem under the title of “ Lachrymæ of Emanuel College, Cambridge, and ite Academicæ, or the present Deplorable State Rev. Dr. Butler, Master of Shrewsbury of Trinity College, Dublin," and soon after- School. For a list of Dr. Apthorpe's publiwards retired. He bad, for many years, a cations, which were exclusively of a professeat in the Irish parliament, where he was sional nature, we refer the reader to the the first proposer of an union with Great Biographical Dictionary of Living Authors, Britain. Ever since the accomplishment of lately published. that measure he has sat in the imperial par. JOHN COURTENAY,esq. a native of Ireland, liament for the city of Armagh. Although discended from a branch of the noble family himself descended from a catholic family, of that name, and nephew by his mother, yet liis political career has been remarkable to the late Earl of Bute. He was originally for his strenuous opposition to the claims of patronised by Marquis Townsend, when the adherents of the Romish church. In early lord lieutenant of Ireland, and at the genelife he marued Miss Cusack, daughter of a ca. ral elections in 1780, 1784, and 1790, was tholic gentleman of the county of Meath, and chosen one of the representatives for Tamsister to the lady of the late Sir Michael Smith, worth. From that time he had a seat for master of the rolls. His second wife was the Appleby, till he vacated it in 1813. Mr. widow of Mr. George Hepenstal, attorney and Courtenay, during his whole political lits, clerk to the Dublin Police establishment,who continued stedfastly attached to the old opsurvives him. He has left no issue by either position. On the triumphs of that party in marriage. The income derived from the 1763, he was appointed surveyor of the ord. various situations held by Dr. Duigenan is nance, and secretary to the master-general, estimated at 18,000l. per annun. Being a and again in 1806, to the office of commisman of moderate expense in his mode of liv- sioner of the treasury. His speeches as a ing, he amassed, in the course of a long and member of the legislature were distinguished industrious ufe, a considerable fortune, the by wit and satire, the brilliancy' and poigbulk of which he is understood to have be- nancy of which were acknowledged even queathed to the nephew of his first wife, Sir by those who differed from him in politiWilliam Smith, one of the Barons of the cal opinion. He was the author of the folIrish Court of Exchequer. The doctor was lowing works :-"A Poetical Review of the the author of several political pamphlets. Literary and Moral Character of Dr. Sa. One of these, “ A fair Representation of the muel Johnson," 4to 1786–“ PhilosophiPolitical State of Ireland," subjected the pub. cal Reflections on the late Revolution in lisher in 1800, to an action brought by P. France," in a letter to Dr. Priestley, go. Lattin, esq. whose conduct was censured in it, 1790--"A Poetical and Philosophical Essay and who obtained a verdict with 5001, dama- on the French Revolution," addressed to ges. He published his “Speech on the Mr. Burke, svo. 179.3mw The Present State Subject of a Union," in 1800; and in 1810, of Manners, Arts and Politics of France and a tract in cxplanation of “The Nature and Italy," in a series of poetical epistles from Extent of of the Demands of the Roman Ca. Paris, Rome, and Naples,in 1792 and 3.870. tholics.".

1794. At Cambridge, at an advanced age, EAST On the 30th November, in Grenzda, of APTHORP, D. D. This divine, the son of a which colony he

governor, Sir merchant, at Boston, in New England, Charles SHIPLEY, 58. He was a majorwas educated at Jesus College, Cainbridge, general in the army, and eldest colonel where he took the degree of B. A. 1755, of Engineers, in which corps he received his M. A. 1758, and was also elected a Fel- commission at the early age of 14; 25 years low. He returned to America, where he of his honorable career were passed on a founded a church at Cambridge, but experi-' foreign station, during which period he freenced so much opposition from the dissen. quently obtained the chanks of his country ters there, that he soon bade a final adieu to in approbation of his services. In the rehis native country, and once more repaired to cent expedition against Guadaloupe, Sir England. In 1705, he was collated to the Charles commanded in second, under Sir vicarage of Croydon, and in 1778, to the James Leith; and in the dispatches of the rectory of St. Mary-le-bow, which livings naval and military chiefs, his name his con. he resigned in 1793, on obtaining the valu- spicuously distinguished. Ever careless of able prebend of Finsbury, in St. Paul's Catliea personal exposure, it is to excessive fatigue dral. On this evert, previously to which he on that occasion, that are attributed the conhas been afflicted with blindness, he re- sequences which have plunged his family in tired to Cambridg, where he has ever since affliction, and deprived the army of one of resided. By his first wife Elizabeth, daugh its greatest Ornaments. In tris immediate ter of Eliakim Hutchinson esq. Judge of the profession as an engineer, Sir Charles was Court of Conimon Pleas, in the province of considered eminent in science and skill; Massachuscle's, who died in 1782, he had as a soldier, his bravery, zeal and activity nine children, among whom were the Rev. could not be surpassed we add with equal Frederick A. prebendary of Lincoln, and justice, that in every relative connexion, in


1816.) Bedford.--Berks.--Bucks.--Cambridge.--Cheshire--Cornwall. 305

every social tie, as a Christian, as a man, tude and conjugal affection, obtained the reo he claimed the veneration and love of all lease of her husband, then Major Shipley, to whom he was known. Sir Charles was from a French prison. interred on the ed of December, not only Sir John LURBOCK, (p. 268, of our last with every distinction due to his rank, but number,) was not as there stated, the son of with honours even more flattering - the re- William L. esq. but of the Rev. William grets of every individual from the highest to L. He died without issue, and not leaving the lowest station in the colony, which he a daughter married to Sir Wastell Briscoe. governed with justice, moderation, and file. We are indebted to Sir John Wm. Lubbock, liry. He has left a widow and three daugh. for pointing out these errors; and we shall ters

. It must ever be remembered with ad- always be thankful for corrections of any miration, that Lady Shipley many years ago, similar inaccuracies into which we may in. by the most heroic exertion of female forti- advertently fall.





At Chatteris, Mr. John Bateman, 83. Died ] At Woburn, of a brain fever, Thomas, second son of E. T. Pilgrim, esq. Some valuable mineral waters have lately At Ampihill, Mr. Wm. Stonebridge. been discovered near Beeston Castle, in this BERKSHIRE.

county. An carthen vessel was lately dug up near Birih.) At Norton Priory, Lady Brooke, Faringdon, containing 100 silver two-pences, of a son. of Edw. III. having on the obverse side, in Married.] At Chester, Val. Owen Jones, Saxon characters, EDW: RANGL' DNS: HYD: esy. to Miss Warrington. (for Edward, King of England, and Lord of At Swertenham, S. F. Heys, esq. to ElizaIreland). Most of them had on the reverse, beth, eldest daughter of Holland Watson, Civitas London. some Civilns Canton, and esq. of Congleton. a few Civilas Eboracia, and Civilas Bristol- Died.] At Chester, Mr. Marriott.-Mr. la. The whole are well preserved. Ninety- Jas. Robertson, of the Cottage Tavern.-M. four are in the possession of Mr. Taylor, John Dawson. - Elizabeth, wife of Hugh Corn-market, Oxford.

Jones, esq. of Bangor, who had not been Birth.] At Midgham House, Lady Geor- married above a fortnight. giana Quin, of a daughter.

At Nantwich, Mrs. Timmis, relict of Rob. Married.) At Windsor, Edmund Taylor, T. esq. of Weston Hall. esq. one of the poor knights of Windsor Cas- At Budworth, Mr. Jackson, 77. tle, to Miss Brown.

At Sandbach, Sarah, relict of the Rev. At Wallingford, Mr. Thos. Foster, of John Latham, of Titherington, mother of Blackthorn, near Bicester, to Miss M. A. Dr. John L. President of the College of PhyBarrett.

sicians, London, and of Rich. L. esq.of SandDied.] At Windscr, Mr. Wm. Alwright, bach, 83. 77.-Mrs. Portus.-Mrs. Howse, 41.-Mrs. At Farndon, Miss Davies, sister to the Rev." Cath. Greener, 44.

Rob. D. Ac Mortimer House, Fras. Tappenden, At Thorneycroft, Ann, dowager Viscoun-' esa. 47.

tess Barrington, wife of Edw. Thorneycroft, At Bisham, Mr. Laurence, of Hyde Farm, esq. 63,

At Neston, at the advanced age of 106, At Reading, the Rev. John Tuack, rector William Broughton, one of the veterans that of Hartly Mauduit.Mr. Cockell, 72. fought at the battle of Culloden; he was Miss Masters.The Rev. Jas, Manesty, 71. an industrious labourer, and enjoyed good BUCKINGHAMSHIRE.

health till within a few hours of his death. Died ] At Eton, Mr. M. R. Coker, 58. Having been met a few days before, and At Denham, Dan. Hale Webb, esq. 00. asked how he was, he answered with great

humour, that he was hearty, -and one of Died.] At Hockerill, Mr. Roger Bolton, the oldest of the good king's hard bargains, of the Crown Inn, 92.

having received a pension from him for more At Cambridge, Joseph, youngest son of than sixty years. the late Mr. Hodgson, proprietor of the Cambridge Chronicle, 22.

Married.] At Falmouth, Mr. Thos. WebAt Parson Drove, near Wisbech, Susan, ster, excise officer, to Miss M. A. Share, of wife of Mr. John Short, 33.

Penryn. At Wisbech, Mr. Jas. Forshaw, 53. In At Penzance, the Rev. Mr. Scurroe,' meconsequence of her clothes accidentally tak- thodist minister at Helston, to Miss Bosus. ing fire, Mrs. Newman, widow.Mr. T, tow, of Paul.

Died.). At St. Columb, Simon, son of



Scale. A'.

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