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General Treaty of Vienna.

351 situated upon the right bank of the Elbe, able to employ the merchants of Embden with the villages of Luneburg situated on for the trade they carry on with that port; the sanie bank. The part of the duchy upon they shall be at liberty to dispose of their the left bank remains to the kingdom of commodities either to the inhabitants of the Hanover. The states of that part of the town or to foreigners, without paying any duchy which passes under the Prussian go- other duties than those to which the Hano. vernment shall preserve their rights and verian subjects are subjectert, and which privileges; especially those founded upon cannot be raised but by mutual consent. the provincial recess of the 15th September His Majesty the King of Prussia, on his 1702, and confirmen vy the King of Great part, engages to grant to Hanoverian sabBritain, now reigning, under date of June jects the free navigation of the canal of the 21, 1765.

Stecknitz. so as not to exact from them any 2. The bailiwick of Klötze ;

other duties than those which shall be paid 3. The bailiwick of Elbingerode ; by the inhabitants of the Duchy of Lauen

4. The villages of Rudegershagen and burg. His Prussian majesty engages, besides, Gänseteich;

to insure these advantages to Hanoverian 5. The bailiwick of Reckeberg.

subjects, should he hereafter cede the Duchy His Britannic Majesty, King of Hanover, of Lauenburg to another sovereign. renounces for himself, his descendants and XXXI. His Majesty the King of Prussia successors for ever, the provinces and dis- and his Majesty the King of the United tricts specified in the present article, and all Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, King the rights which have reference to them. of Hanover, mutualiy agree to three milicary

XXX. His Majesty the King of Prussia, roads through their respective dominions. and his Britannic Majesty, King of Han ist. One from Halberstadt, through the over, animated with the desire of entirely country of Hildesheim, to Minden, equalizing the advantages of the commerce 2d. A second from the Old March, of the Ems and of the Port of Embden, and through Gihorn and Neustadt, 10 Minden. of rendering them common to their respec 3d. A third from Osnabruck, through Iptive subjects, have agreed on this head to penbüren and Rheina, to Bentheim. what follows:

The two first in favour of Prussia and the 1, The Hanoverian government engages third in favour of Hanover. to cause to be executed, at its expence, in The two governments shall appoint, withthe years 1815 and 1816, the works which a out delay, a commission to prepare, by comcommission, composed partly of artists, and mon consent, the necessary regulations for to be immediately appointed by Prussia and the establishment of the said roads. Hanover, shall deem necessary to render XXXII. The bailiwick of Meppen, benavigable that part of the river of Ems longing to the Duke of Aremberg, as well which extends from the Prussian frontier to as the part of Rheina Wolbeck, belonging its mouth, and to keep it, after the execu to the Duke of Looz-Corswaren, which at tion of such works, always in the same this moment are provisionally occupied by state in which those works shall have placed the Hanoverian government, shall be placed it for the benefit of navigation

in such relations with the kingdom of Ha2. The Prussian subjects shall be allowed nover, as the federative constitution of Gerto import and export, by the port of Emb- many shall regulate for the mediatised terriden, all kinds of provisions, productions tories. and goods, whether natural or artificial, and The Prussian and Hanoverian governto keep in the town of Embden, warehouses, ments having nevertheless reserved to them. wherein to place the said goods for two years, selves to agree hereafter, if necessary, to the dating from their anival in the towns, with fixing of another line of frontier with regard out their being subject to any other inspec 10 the county belonging to the Duke of tion than that to which those of the Hano- Looz Corswaren; the said governments verian subjects are liable.

shall charge the commission they inay name 3. The Frussian vessels and merchants of for fixing the limits of the part of the county the same nation, shall not pay for naviga- of Lingen ceded to Hanover, to deliberate tion, for exportation or importation of mer- thereupon, and to adjost definitively the chandize, or for warehousing, any other frontiers of that part of the county belonging tolls or duties than those charged upon the to the Duke of Looz-Corswaren, which, as Hanoverian subjecis. These tolls and duties aforesaid, is to be possessed by the Hanoshall be regulated by agreement between verian government. Prussia and Hanover, and no alteration shall The relations between the Hanoverian be introduced into the Tarif hereafter, but government and the county of Bentheim sha!! by mutual consent. The privileges and li- remain as regulated by the treaties of morte berties just specified extend equally to those gage existing between his Britannie Majesty Hanoverian subjects who navigate that part and the Count of Bentheim : and when the of the river Ems which remains to the King rights derived from this treaty shall have exof Prussia.

pired, the relations of the county of Bene 4, Prussian subjects shall nor be compello theim towards the kingdom of Hanover sbalt

(May 1,


General Treaty of Vienna. he such as the federative constitution of inclosed in the territory of Saxe-Weimar, a Germany shall regulate for the mediatised well as all the other territories in closed territories.

within the principality of Weimar, and be XXXIII. His Britannic Majesty, King of longing to the said bailiwick; the bailiwick Hanover, in order to meet the wishes of his of Tautenburg, with the exception of DroPrussian Majesty to procure a suitable arron- zen, Gorschen, Wethalung, Wetterscheid, dissement of territory for his serene High- and Möllschütz, which shall reinain to ness the Duke of Oldenburg, promises to Prussia. cede to him a district containing a popula- The village of Remssla, as well as the tion of 5,000 inhabitants.

villages of Klein-Brembach and Beilstedt, XXXIV. His serene highness the Duke of inclosed within the principality of Weimar, Holstein-Oldenburg shall assume the title of and belonging to the territory of Erfurth. Grand Duke of Oldenburg.

The property of the villages of BischoffsXXXV. Their serene highnesses the roda and Probsteizella, inclosed within the Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and Meck- territory of Eisenach ; the sovereignty of lenburg Strelitz, sball assume the titles of which already belongs to his Royal HighGrand Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and ness the Grand Duke. Strelitz.

The population of these different districts XXXVI. His Highness the Duke of Saxe is understood to form part of that of 50,000 Weimar shall assume the title of Grand souls, secured to his Royal Highness the Duke of Saxe Weimar.

Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, by article 37, XXXVII. His Majesty the King of Prus- and shall be deducted from it. sia shall cede from the mass of his states, as XL. The department of Fulda, together they have been fixed and recognised by the with the territories of the neighbouring anpresent treaty, to his royal highness the cient Noblesse, comprised, at this moment, Grand Duke of Saxe Weimar, districts con- under the provisional administration of this taining a population of 50,000 inhabitants, department. viz; Mansbach, Buchenas, contiguous to, or burdering upon, the prin- Werda, Lensfeld, excepting, however, the cipality of Weimar. His Prussian Majesty following bailiwicks and territories, viz.; engages also to cede to his royal highness the bailiwicks of Hammelburg, with Tholba out of that part of the principality of Fulda and Saleck, Brückenau, with Morten, Saalwhich has been given up to him in virtue of münster, with Urzel and Sonnenz ; also the the same stipulations, districts containing a part of the balliwick of Biberstein, which population of 37,000 inhabitants. His royal contains the villages of Batien, Brand, highness the Grand Duke of Weimar shall Dietges, Findlos, Liebharts, Melperz, Oberpossess the above districts in full property Bernharst, Saifferts, and Thaiden, as well as and sovereignty, and shall unite them in the domain of Holzkirchen, inclosed in the perpetuity to his present states.

Grand Duchy of Wurzburg, is ceded to XXXVIII. The districts and territories nis Majesty the King of Prussia, and he which are to be ceded to bis Royal Highness shall be put in possession of it within three the Grand Duke of Saxe-Weimar, in vis- wecks from and after the 13th June of this tue of the preceding article, shall be deter- year. mined by a particular convention; and his His Prussian Majesty engages to take upon Majesty the King of Prussia engages to con- himself, in proportion to that part of the clude ibis convention, and to cause the territory which he obtains by the present above districts and territories to be given up article, his share of the obligations which all to his soyal highness, within two months the new possessors of the heretofore grand from the date the exchange of the ratifi- duchy of Frankfort will have to fulfil, and cations of the treaty concluded at Vienna, transfer such engagements to the princes June 1, 1815, between his Prussian Ma- with whom his majesty may hereafter make jesty and his Royal Highness the Grand exchanges or cessions of these districts and Duke.

territories of the department of Fulda. * XXXIX. His Majesty the King of Prus- XLI. The domains of the principality of sia, however, cedes immediately, and pro- Fulda and of the county of Hanau having mises to give up to his Royal Highness, in been sold to purchasers, who have not as the space of a fortnight, reckoning from the yet made good all their instalments, a comsignature of the above-mentioned Treaty, mission shall be named by the princes to the following districts and territories; viz. whom the said domains are transferred, to

The lordship of Blankenhayn, with the regulate, in an uniform manner, whatever reservation of the bailiwick of Wandersle- has any reference to this transaction, and to ben, belonging to Unter-Gleichen, which do justice to the claims of the purchasers of is not to be comprised in this cession. the said domains. This commission shall

The lower lordship of Kranichield, the pay particular attention to the treaty concommanderies of the Teutonic order Zwaet- cluded at Frankfort, December 2, 1918, zen, Lebesten, and Licbstedt, with their between the allied powers and his Royal demesnial revenues, which, constituting a Highness the elector of Hesse ; and it is part of the baili wick of Echartsberga, are laid down as a principle, that in case the


General Treaty of Vienna.

353 sale of these domains should not be consi- vinces or districts of the Grand Duchy of dered as binding, the purchasers shall se- Frankfort pass, in proportion to the part Cerve back the sums already discharged, and which each of them shall possess. they shall not be obliged to quit before such 3dly. The advances male by the Prince restituiron shall have had its full and entire Primate, from his private purse, to the geneeffect.

ral chest of the principality of Fulda, such XLII. The town and territory of Wetzlar as they have been liquidated and proved, passes, in all property and sovereignty, to shall be refunded to him, his heirs, or exehis Majesty the King of Prussia.

XLIII. The following mediatised districts, This expenditure shall be defrayed in proviz; the possessions which the princes of portions by the sovereigns who shall possess Salm-Salm, and Salm Kyrbourg, the counts the provinces and districts composing the called the Rheinmund-Wildgrafen, and the principality of Fulda. Duke of Croy, obtained by the principal 4thly. The furniture and other objects Jescript of the extraordinary deputation of which may be proved to belong to the prithe Empire, of the 25th February 1803, in vate property of the Prince Primate, shall the old circle of Westphalia, as well as the be restored io him. Jordships of Anholt and Gehmen, the pos- 5thly. The officers of the Grand Duchy of sessions of the Duke of Looz-Corzwaren, Frankfort, as well civil and ecclesiastical as which are in the same situation (in so far as military and diplomatic, shall be treatel conthey are not placed under the Hanoverian formably to the principles of the 59th government, the county of Steinfurt, be- article of the Protocol of the Empire, dated longing to the Count of Bentheim-Bentheim, the 25th February 1903, and from the 1st the county of Recklingshausen, belonging of June the pensions shall be proportionably to the Duke of Aremberg, the lordships of paid by the sovereigns who enter on the posRheda, Gutersloh, and Gronau, belonging to session of the states which formed the said the Count of Bentheim-Tecklenburg, the grand duchy since the 1st of June 1914. county of Rittberg, belonging to the Prince 6thly. A commission shall be established of Kaunitz, the lordships of Neustadt and without delay, composed of members apGimborn, belonging to the Count of Wale pointed by the said sovereigns to regulate moden, and the lordship of Homburg, be- whatever relates to the execution of the distonging to the Princes of Saxe-Wittgen- positions comprised in this article. stein-Berleburg, shall be placel in such re- 7thly. It is understood, that in virtue of lations with the Prussian monarchy as the this arrangement, any claim that might be federative constitution of Germany shall re- advanced against the Prince Primate, in his gulate for the mediatised territories.

character of grand Duke of Frankfort, shall The possessions of the ancient and imme- be annulled, and that he shall not be modiate nobility within the Prussian territory, lested on account of any reclamation of this and particularly the lordship of Wildenberg, nature. in the grand Duchy of Berg, and the barony XLVI. The city of Frankfort, with its of Schauen, in the principality of Halber- territory, such as it was in 1903, is detadt, shall belong to the Prussian monarchy. clared free, and shall constitute a part of the

XLIV. His majesty the King of Bavaria Germanic League. Its institutions shall be shall possess, for himself, his heirs and suc- founded upon the principle of a perfect cessors, in full property and sovereignty, equality of rights for the different sects of the grand Duchy of Wurtzburg, as it was the Christian religion. This equality of held by his Imperial Highness the Archduke rights shall extend to all civil and political Ferdinand of Austria, and the principality rights, and shall be observed in all matters of Aschaffenburg, such as it constituted part of government and administration. The of the grand Duchy of Frankfort, under the disputes which may arise, whether in regard denomination of department of Aschaffen- to the establishment of the constitution, or

in regard to its maintenance, shall be referred XLV. With respect to the rights and pre- to the Germanic diet, and can only be derogatives, and the maintenance of the Prince cided by the same. Primate as an ancient ecclesiastical prince, XLVII. His Royal Highness the grand it is determined;

Duke of Hesse, in exchange for the Duchy ist. That he shall be treated in a manner of Westphalia, ceded to his majesty the 'analogous to the articles of the rescript, King of Prussia, obtains a territory on the

which, in 1803, regulated the situation of left bank of the Rhine, in the ancient dethe secularized Princes, and to the practice partment of Mont Tonnerre, comprising a observed with regard to them.

population of 140,000 inhabitants. His 2dly. He shall receive for this purpose, royal highness shall possess this territory in dating from June 1, 1814, the sum of full sovereignty and property. He shall 100,000 forins, by payments of three likewise obtain the property of that part of months, in good specie,' at the rate of 24 the salt mines of Kreuznach which is siflorins to the mark, as an annuity.

tuated on the left bank of the Nahe, but the This annuity shall be paid by the sove- sovereignty of them shall remin to Prusreigns under whose governments the pro- sia. NEW MONTHLY MAG-No, 28.




General Treaty of Vienna.

(May 1,

XLVIII. The landgrave of Homburg is their good offices, at the close of the present reinstated in his possessions, revenues, rights, war, or as soon as circumstances shall peiand political relations, of which he was de- mit, in order to procure for the said princes, prived in consequence of the confederation either by exchanges or any other arrangeof the Rhine,

ments, the advantages that they are disposed XLIX. In the ci-devant department of the to insure to them; and that the administraSarre, on the frontiers of the states of his tion of the said districts may be rendered less majesty the King of Prussia, there is reserved complicated, it is agreed that they shall be a district, containing a population of 69,000 provisionally under the Prussian administrasouls, to be disposed of in the following man- tion for the benefit of the new proprietors. ner: the Duke of Saxe Coburg and the LI. All the territories and possessions, as Duke of Oldenburg shall obtain each a terri- well on the left bank of the Rhine, in the tory comprising 20,000 inhabitants. The old departments of the Sarre and MontDuke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and the land- Tonnere, as in the former departments of grave of Hesse-Homburg, each a territory Fulda and Frankfort, or inclosed in the adcomprising 10,000 inhabitants; and the jacent countries, placed at the disposal of Count of Pappenheim a territory comprising the allied powers, by the treaty of Paris of 9,000 inhabitants,

the 30th May 1814, and not disposed of by The territory of the Count of Pappenheim other articles of the present treaty, shall shall be under the sovereignty of his Prussian pass in full sovereignty and property, under majesty.

the government of his majesty the Emperor L. The acquisitions assigned by the pre- of Austria. ceding article to the Dukes of Saxe-Coburg, LII. The principality of Isenburg is Oldenburg, Mecklenburg-Strelitz, and the placed under the sovereignty of his imperial landgrave of Hesse-Homburg, not being and royal apostoliek Majesty, and shall becontiguous to their respective states, their long to him, under such limitations as the Majesties the Emperor of Austria, the Em- federative constitution of Germany shall reperor of all the Russias, and the kings of gulate for the mediatised States. Great Britain and Prussia, promise to employ

(To be continued.)


KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND.-55 GE0. 111. (1815.) [The figure which follows the date of euch Act, denotes the number of sheets of

which it consists : euch sheet is sold for THREE-PENCE.] CLIII. An Act for granting certain others on quartering Suldiers. July Rates on the Postage of Letters to and 11.--1. froin Great Britain, the Cape of Good The allowance fixed for the diet of nonIlope, the Mauritius, and ibe East In- commissioned officers and privates after the dies; and for making certain Regulations 14th July, 1815, is 15 d. per diem, for which respecting the Postage of Ship Letters, the innholder is to furnish one meal, viz. a and of Letters in Great Britain. Julý hot dinner if required, to consist of 1 flb. of 11.-4.

meat, i lb, of bread, i lb. of potatoes, or The Postmaster-General may establish

other vegetables, two pints of small beer, packets and mails for the East Indies and

with vinegar, salt, and pepper. For horses other parts above mentioned, for the con- quartered, 1s. 2d. per diem to be paid for

Persons paying money to veyance of letters from and to England at hay and straw. the following rates : Single letter, 3s. 6d. ;

soldiers on march in lieu of furuishing diet,

liable to be fined. double, 75.; treble, 10s. 6d.; for every ounce weight, 145.; and so in proportion CLV. An Act to continue until the above that weight ; newspapers at the rate 5th day of July, 1816, the temporary of 3d. per ounce, provided they be sent in fourth part of the Duties payable in covers, open at the sides or ends. A mail Scotland upon Distillers' Wash, Spirits, to be made up monthly for India. Goods and Licences, imposed by an Act of the allowed to be carried in the packets (except 54th Year of his present Majesty; and tea), if of the burden of 350 tons and up- for enabling his Majesty by Order in wards. Commanders of packets delaying to Council, to modify the Operations of the sail after receiving the mail

, or wilfully said Act, or reduce the Duties thereby deviating from their course, to be liable to a penalty of 5001.

imposed. July 11.-1. After the establishment, if three months elapse without dispatching a

CLVI. An Act to amend the Laws public mail, any person may carry letters relative to the Transportation of Offenwithout being subject to the penalties of ders; to continue in force until the 1st this act.

day of May, 1816. July 11.–2. CLIV. An Act for fixing the Rates of The act repeals that of 24 Gen. III. It Subsistence to be paid to länkeepers and empowers his Majesty to appoint the place


New Acts of Parliament.


to which convicts shall be transported; and ance for return shall be made for any less authorizes the court in which they were distance. Drivers of coaches in which protried, to order them to be transferred to the perty may be left, to carry the same to the use of any person who shall contract for the hackney coach office within four days, under due performance of such transportation. The a penalty noi exceeding 201. Persons claimcourt may appoint justices to make such ing such property to the satisfaction of the contracts. His Majesty may order the re commissioners to have it returned on paying moval of male prisoners reprieved during all the expences incurred; but is not so pleasure, or under sentence of transporta- claimed within a year, to be previously ad · tion, to any part of England and Wales, vertised and then sold, and the balance, The time of imprisonment to be deemed after deducting expenses, to be paid to the part of the term of transportation.

driver by whom it was deposited. No agree. CLVII. An Act for the better exami. ment to pay more than the established fare Dation of Witnesses in the Courts of to be binding. Drivers exaciing more than Equity in Ireland; and for empowering the regular fare shall re'urn the overplus the Courts of Law and Equity in Ire paid, and be liable to a penalty not exceedland to grant Commissions for taking ing 51. to be levied by distress upon their Affidavits in all parts of Great Britain. goods and chattels. Penalty of 51. on coachJuly 11.-1.

men leaving their coaches unattended. DrivČLVIII. An Act to enable Grand

ers may not refuse a fare, although they

The Juries to present additional sums for may have been out twelve hours.

commissioners or justices may summon on Constables in Ireland, and for the se

complaint, owners, dnvers, assistants, or cure conveyance of Prisoners. July 11.

watermen before them, and fine them for -1.

insolent or abusive language, or obstructing CLIX. An Act to amend several Acts police officers, in any sum up to 101. and relating to Hackney Coaches; for au in default of payment, commit them to prithorizing the licensing of an additional son for a time not exceeding two months. number of Hackney Chariots; and for CLX. An Act for the Encouragement licensing Carriages drawn by one horse. of Seamen, and the more effi ctuai ManJuly 11.-2.

ning of bis Majesty's Navy during the So much of the act 54 Geo. III. c. 147, present War. July 11 --8. as relates to the delivering of tickets, is re CLXI. An Act to amend and render pealed. Two hundred more hackney chariots more effectual an Act of the 52. year of may be licensed. The driver of a hackney bis present Majesty, to amend and reguchariot not compellable to take more than late the Assessment and Collection of three persons (not being children in arms) in the inside, and a servant on the outside; but and Duties on Profits arising on Pro

the Assessed Taxes, and of the Rates if he actually carry any greater number, he may demand for every additional person us. perty, Professions, Trades, and Offices, over and above his regular fare; or if he

in that part of Great Critain called carry such additional person into the coun

Scotland. July 11.--1. try and back, he may demand is. tor gning, the pound, on the miney collected from

Collector to have an allowance of 1 d. in and 15. for returning. The commissioners of hackney coaches are empowered to license April 1, 1813, Sub collectors to have 3d. carriages with two wheels drawn by one

Where no sub-collectors are appointed, the horse, the drivers of which shall be entitled collector to receive an additional allowance to two-thirds of the farcs established for

of 14d., making together 3d in the pound. coaches, and shall not be compellable to

CLXII. An Act 10 repeat the Excise carry more than two persons. So much of Duties and Drawbacks on Epsom Salt. the act 48 Geo. III. c. 87, as relates to addis July 11.-1. tional fares when driven into the country, is

CLXIII. An Act to regulate the isrepealed. Any coach or chariot hired in suing of Licences to allow Open Boats London, Westminster, 'or Southwark, and to proceed to Foreign Parts, and for discharged off the stones, after seven in the revoking the same evening, between Michaelmas and Lady- July 11.-1. day, shall be entitled to the full rate or fare CLXIV. An Act to exonerate in cer. allowed by the recited act to the nearest stone's end, or to any standing for coaches ing the Suspension of the Spirit Inter

tain cases Foreign Spirits imported durbeyond any regular continuation of carriage way pavement where such coach or chariot course between Great Britain and Irea shall have been hired, at the option of the land, from the additional Duty imposed person discharging; and in case it shall be thereon. July 11.-1. driven into the country and discharged in

CLXV. An Act to defray the Charge the day-time, the driver may demand for the of the Pay, Clothing, and Contingent return to the nearest stones' end, 6d. for Expenses, of the Disembodied Militia, every mile above four miles; but no allow- in Great Britain, and of the Millers of

when necessary.

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