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Marriages and Deaths in London and Middleser. 267 J. L Anderton, esq. of New-street, Spring In Chapel-street, Lisson Green, Mary, Gardens, to Anna Maria, second daughter of wife of Geo. Cabbell, esq. Wm. Manning, esq. M.P.

In Tavistock-street, Mr. Hugh Sparks, Rev. George Bridges, eldest son of Geo, comedian, 64. B.

esą. of Lawford, to Miss Eliz. Brooks, of In Great James-street, Bedford Row, Eli. Jamaica.

zabeth, wife of Wm. Green, esq. of GodalJohn P. Allix, esq. of Swafham House, ming, 73. Cambridge, to Maria, only daughter of the In Fort-street, Old Artillery Ground, Ms. late John Par:loe, esq. of Low Layton. Benj. Baker.

Rev. J. Yockney, of Islington, in Maria, in Upper Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, only daughter of the late L. Wynes, esq. of Sarah, relict of Cul. Campbell, of the Royal Stanes.

Engineers, 69. Sir Jas. Fellowes to Elizabeth, eldest In Sloane-street, Wm. Allan, esq. M. D. daughter of the late Jos. James, esq. of Ado lately attached to the Medical Staff of the bury, Hants.

British Forces in Paris, (ico. H. Freeling, esq. of the General Post In New-street, Spring Gardens, Mrs. Ofice, to Jane, third daughter of Rob. Lang, Bristow, reliet of Rob. B. esq. of Mitchelesq. of Portland Place.

dever, Hants. Edw. Homfray, esq. to Caroline Amelia, At Islington, Thos. Atkinson, esq. of Cora second daughter of Sir Thos. Harwood, bart. bet-court, Gracechurch-strect, 48. of the Woodlands, near Cambridge..

Beoj. Brummell, esq. of the Treasury. Jos. Dobinson, esq. of Upper Harley-street, At Fryern House, John Bacon, esq. many to Isabella, only daughter of Rob. Logan, years Receiver of the First Fruits, 77. He esq. of Egham Lodge, Surrey.

was a native of Cumberland. Chas. Douglas, esq. second son of the At Brompton, the widow of Major HaviHon. Johu D. to Lady Isabella Gore, sister land, of the 45th regt. and niece of the Right to the Earl of Arran.

Hon. Edmund Burke. Mr. Thos. Boosey, jun. of Broad-street, to At Tottenham, Wm. Holbrook, esq. 84. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph In Portman Place, Mrs. Reade, relict of Chater, of Thames-street.

Col. R. of the Bengal Establishment, Henry S, Strickland, esq. of Lawrence In the Haymarket, Capt. U. Johnson, Pouniney-lane, to Miss Helen C. Harrison, R N. second son of the Rev. John J. Rector of Liverpool.

of Great Parndon, Essex, 23. At Hackney, J. L. Sweet, esq. of Lincoln's At Lambeth, the Rev. Dr. Vyse, Rector of Inn, to Caroline, third daughter of E. L. Lambeth and Sundridge, Kent, Archdeacon M.Murdo, esq. of Clapton.

of Lichfield and Coventry, and Chancellor of Ac Hadley, Major Brown of the E. I. C. that diocese, 75. service, to Eliza, eldest daughter of the late In Portman-square, on the same day, the Major Rich. Ncate, 57th toot.

Duchess of St. Albans, 36, and her infant At Chelsea, the Rev. Henry Townley, to son. The title and estates devolve to Lord Catherine, niece of Jas. Townley, esy. of W. Beauclerk. Ramsgate.

At Chelsea, Rob. Edw, Carey, esq. late of At Hornsey, John Janson, esq. of Fins- the 41st foot. bury-square, to Mary, daughter of the Rev. At Newington Green, Fras, Hebden, esq. John Clayton, of Highbury Place,

lare of Lawrence-lane. Michael Biount, esq. to Catherine, second In Duke-street, St. James's, Mrs. Stewart, daughter of the late Fras. Wright, esq. wife of Edw. S. esq. late of Aldermanbury.

Pred. Wm, Pott, csy. of Doctors' Com In Great Cumberland-street, Elizabeth, mons, to Miss Morgan,

wife of the Rev. H. Capper, of Earl Soham, R. Stephenson, esq. to Lady Lucy Pery, Suffolk, 79. second danghter of the Earl of Limerick. At Harrow on the Hill, D. Gray, esq.

Died.] In Doughty-street, Eliza, only many years his Majesty's Secretary of Legadaughter of Mr. Rob. Marsden, 21.

tion and Charge des Affaires at the courts of In Curzon-street, Everard, son of the late. Dresden and Berlin. Sir Fras. Vincent, bart. 13.

In Size-lane, D. Hunter, ésq. In Vpper Guillford-street, Jos, Devey, In Doughty-street, Charlotte, wife of Rob. esq. of Bankside, Southwark,

Storks, esq. 66. In Leicester-square, Marquis Joseph de la At Kentish-town, Mr. Jasper Augustus

Kelly, 60. In Southampton street, Covent Garden, In Welbeck-street, Jas. Grant, esq. son of Isabella, wife of Capt. Rob. Scott, of the the late Sir Ludovick G, of Dalvey. E.1. C. Bombay Marine.

In Baker-street, John Tasker

esq.78. In Portland Place, Rob. Thomson, esq. In Hill-street, Berkeley-square, Miss Goldsmany years President of St. Christopher's, and worthy, many years sub-preceptress to the Acting Governor of the Leeward Islands, 77, Princesses, 76.

In Walbrook, Andrew, son of Alderman At Hobare-house, Pimlico, Albinia, Coun. Atkins, M.P. 3.

tess Dowager of Buckinghamshire, eldest

Vallée, 79,


Account of Sir J. Lubbock, Viscount Boyne, gea

(April 1,

daughter and co-hciress of the late Lord to his ample estates, and fortune, He has left Vere Bertie, and relict of George Earl of two sons, Joseph Holden, Colonel of the Buckinghamshire, 77She is succeeded in Essex militia, M. P. for Maldon; and her estates by her grandson, the present Earl. Gooday, who was severely wounded wiib the

In Lower Grosvenor street, the Dowager loss of a limb some years since in the gallant Lady Hamilton, widow of Gen. Sir Robt. H. defence of one of our Caribbee Islands, and Bart, and aunt to Sir Gilbert Heathcote, po. is now General in the army, and Lieute

In St. James's place, Sir John LUBBOCK nant-governor of Quebec, bart.' This gentleman, a banker in London, The Rev. NATHANIEL THORNDURY; 37 son of Wm. Lubbock esq. of Lamas, Norfolk, years rector of Avening, Gloucestershire. was born in 1744, and created a baronet in This gentleman was born at the Hagoe, of 1806, with remainder to his nephew John English parents, and educated at the UniWm. Lubbock esq. He married in 1771, versity Oxford, where he took his degree Elizabeth Christiana, daughter of Frederick of LL. B. His erudition was extensive, his Commerell esq. of Hanwell, Middlesex, by mind strong, original, and comprehensive : whom he has left one daughter married to he was not only an elegant classical scholar, (though now separated from) Sir Wastell but well skilled in natural history, and posBriscoe, bart.

sessed also a correct and scientific taste in In Princes-street, Hanover-square, Gus. the fine arts. Having travelled over the most TAVUS HAMILTON, Viscount Boyne and interesting parts of Europe, he spoke many Baron Hamilton, of Stackallan, in the languages with fluency, and by the aid of : county of Meath, Ireland. He was born in memory almost unparalleled, he had be 1749, succeeded his father Richard, the late happy gift of rendering himself an instiacViscount in 1789, and married in 1773, tive and amiable companiou in all societies. Martha, only daughter of Sir Quaille So- His manners, which were derived from an merville bart. by whom he had issue iwo affectionate and grateful heart, were polished daughters and two sons, the elder of whom and engaging, and he enjoyed the innocent Gustavus succeeds to his titles and estates. pleasures of life according to the maxims of

Al Dunster castle, Somersetshire, JOHN reason and religion. Sincerely atrae bed to Fownes LUTTRELL esq. M. P. for Minehead, the orthodox doctrines of the church of Eng. which he had represented in eight successive land, Mr. Thornbury's loss, as her pery parliaments. He was descended from the zealous defender and supporter, will be felt fourth baron Irnham, and related to the in these times of danger and division by all, noble family of Carhampion. He married whose sentiments were in unison with bis in 1782, Miss Drew, of the Grange, Somer. own, as well as

many of the literati, setshire. In the discharge of the duties of both in this country and on the Contineni, husband, father, master, landlord and friend, to whom he was well known. li is to be he was surpassed by none.

regretted, that with such brilliant and rare At Terling place, Essex, JOHN STRUTT, talents, he should never have entered the esq. 91. He served in Parliament, as an in- list of candidares for literary fame, by diffusdependent representative of the borough of ing through the medium of the press that Maldon, for several successive sessions, dis- knowlcdge with which his mind was so playing in the discharge of his legislative abundantly stored On Sunday "the loth duty a clearness of conception, and solidity of March: this excellent man was seized with judgment which caused his opinions to be apoplexy in his parish church, just belore not unfrequently appealed to in branches of the commencement of the morning service, political economy, by the ruling Statesmen and expired the next day in the 70th year of those times. On the lamentable disunion of his age. between the Admirals Keppel, and Sir Hugh At his seat in Ireland, CHICHESTER Palliser, when, overawed by the liccntious. SKEFFINGTON, Earl of MASSÁREENE, Bari ini ness of party, the House were about to dis- of Loughncagh. He was the youngest of credit themselves by an unanimous vote of four brothers, all now dead without issue thanks to the former, for his conduct on the male, was sone time representative in pare memorable 271h of July, Mr. Strutt rose in liament for Antrim, and married Harriet, his place, and gave bis single negative to eldest daughter of the Earl of Roden, by such a tribute of thanks from the commons whom he has left an oviy daughter, married af. Englaod, which he conscientiously con- to the Right Hon. Thomas Henry Foster. sidered to be unmerited. Belore the close His Lordship held since 1791, the valuable of that sessions, he had the satisfaction to place of collector of the port of Belfast, and find, that this act of singular fortitude, was dying without male issue, the title is exsanctioned by the concurrent approbation of tinct.

large majority of that very' assembly... On At St. Andrew's, Scotland, ADAM FERall other occasions, he manifested himself a GUSON, LL. D. formerly Professor of MoJayal subject to his sovereign, and a firm ad- ral Philosophy in the University of Edinberent to the pure principles of the Consti- burgh, 92," This gentleman, the lat of turion in church and state, from which no those writers of the last century, whose motive of personal favour, or self-interest, works have reflected honour on their age could induce him to depart. As successors and country, was the youngest of the nu

Mrs. Thornton, wife of Mr. T. proprietor of Wendover, under the auspicewasa 1816.) Account of Dr. Adam Ferguson, SC

269 merous family of the minister of Logierait in terms of peace to the Americans, and on the Perthshire, where he was born in 1724. failure of that mission resumed his former After acquiring the rudiments of education functions. The grand work by which the at the school of Perth, he removed in 1739 name of Dr. Ferguson will be handel down to the university of Sc. Andrew's, and thence to posterity, his " Progress and Tern:ination proceeded to Edinburgh, Here he became of ibe Roman Republic," appeared in 1782. a member of a small socie'y for literary im. "Two years afterwards he resigned the chair provement and philosophical disquisition, in of moral philosophy, and retired on the sawhich were enrolled among others, the dise iary of the mathematical. He now applicd tinguished names of Robertson, Blair, Home, himself to prepare for the press his instrucCariyle, and Wedderburne, since better tive lectures, which he published in 1793, known as Lord Loughborough, and Earl of under the citle of * The Principles of Moral Rosslyn. After passing through his acade- and Political Science," and atierwards made mical studies with great credii, he became a tour in lialy, with a view to coilece in the in 1745 chaplain to the 42d regiment then libraries of that country, such materials as secently raised, in which he reinained till might be useful for a new edition of his 1757. On leaving the regimient, he ac Roman history, to which he made considecepted the situation of private tutor in the rable additions. This was his last literary family of Lord Bute. In this capacity he effort for the public benefit, and indeed his continued till 1759, when he was appointed very advanced age jusıly entitled him to an to the chair of natural philosophy in the exemption froin fariner coils. Dr. Ferguson University of Edinburgh, which he ex was not merely a speculative philosopher, changed in 1764 for that of moral philoso- but a practical moralist. He was distinphy. In 1707 he published his " Essay on guished for integrity, benevolence, and the Civil Society,” which obtained for the au other qualities of the heart which render the thor a place among the first literati of his possessor amiable and estimable. lthough country, and the degree of Doctor of Laws. ihe salaries of pee Edinburgh professors are in the same year he married Miss Burnet, a but small, yet in order to stimulate exertion, niece of the celebrated Dr. Black, His “ lo- his generosity often bestowed gratuitous adstitutes, or Synopsis of Lectures,” published mission. His income, therefore, was less soon afterwards, served as a text book to his than it might have been ; but a pension pupils, , and presented to others a general from government, ingether with the returns chart of science preparatory to the particular from his works and other emoluments, rendelineation of human nature and moral phi- lerer him easy in his circumstances, though Insophy. In 1773, the literary renown of not opulent. Dr. Ferguson procured for him an applica. Aline Manor House, Hayes, WILLIAM tion from the friends of Lord Chesterfield, Walkek, esq. lectures on astronomy, 49. to go abroad with that nobleman as tutor, He was the son of Mr. Adam Walker, lecon a settlement of 2001. per annum for life. turer in natural and experimental philosoAfrer an absence of a year and a half, he re phy, and was born at Kendal in Westmoreturned to the professor's chair. In 1776 laud, in 1766. He was educared first at Ds, Ferguson answered the tract on Civil and York and afterwards at Eron; bui at the age Religious Liberty, by Dr. Price, from whom of 16 commenced lecturer on the E doura. he differed chiefly on the ground of the in 7120", or transparent crrery, invinted ty his applicability of his doctrines to society and father. He was the author of " An Epito imperfect man, as known from expe tome of Astronomy, with the New Disco. rience. In 1778 he was appointed to the veries,” svo, 1798, and of some articles in honourable pose of secretary to the Commis. Young's Annals of Agriculture, and Nicholsioners sent out for the purpose of offering son's Philosophical Jouinal,


At East Woodhay House, Mis, kihnson, Married] At Screatley, J. Milner, esq. sister of the late Earl Cravon. of Caversham, to Miss Anne Tull.

At Maidenhead, Mr. Jolin Collins, 72, Died.) Ar Cumner, Carey and Charlotte, At Caversham, Mr. Tubb. son and daughter of Mr. Busby Godfrey, the former aged 22, the latter 24.

BUCKINGHAMSHIRE. T? Ac Reading, Mr. Benj. Figgins, 74. Feb 5, a nacional school was opened at the late Windsor Theatre, - Mr. , and indefatigable vicar, when reacher of the French language.

were admitted.' The institurion will be supAt Windsor, Susannah, wife of T, Wake. posted by voluntary, contributions ard upField, csq.

wards of 100l. was subscribed by the mem.

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270 Bucks-Cambridge---Cheshire - Cornwall-Cumberland. [April 1,

bers and chief inhabitants of the borough At Chester, Mr.Jas. Johnson, of Codding, towards its establishment.

ton, to Miss Maddock. Birihs 1 Jan. 26, the wife of the Rev. At Great Budworth, Mr. Jas, Dean, surR. Meade, of Prince's Risborough, of a son. geon of Northwich, to Hannah, only child of

At Incy, Melissa Freeman, of four chil. Jeffery Kilshaw, esq. of Pickmere, dren, who with the mother are all since dead. Died.] At Bold, near Farnworth, Mr,

Marrird] At Hanslope, Henry Osborn, Peter Robinson, steward to the late Mrs. esa of Whitmore House, near Birmingham, Bold, of Bold Hall. to Mis H. Cleaver.

At Frodsham, Mr. John Eaton, land-surDied.) At handleloes, the Rev. Chas. veyor, an eminent arithmetician, 31. Tyrwhit Duake, 26,

At High Wycombe, Mr. Wm. Okey, 65. Birth.] At Trenant Park, the lady of Mr. Moses Solumon.

Capt. Mulcaster, R. N. of a daughter, Al Eton, Mrs. Evans, of the Crown and Married.) At St. Mary's, Scilly, Joha Cushion Inc.

Taylor, esq. staff-surgeon, to Miss Douglas. At Morton House, near Buckingham, At Stithians, Collan Harvey, esq.' of Sc Edw. O. Gray, esq. 56.

Day, to Mrs. Tregellas, of St. Agnes. At Little Horwood Rectory, the Rev. Sre- At Falmouth, the Rev. Sampson Harris, phen Langston, 51.

to Marianna, third daughter of the late Capt. CAMBRIDGESHIRE.

Kempihorne, of Flushing. We know not whether the public prints Died.] At Truro, Mrs. Vivian, wife of have libelled the University of Cambridge, John V. esq. and mother of Major-gen. Sir or whether the heads of ihat celebrated seat Husscy V. K. C. B. 62. of science have libelled themselves by frater- At Launceston, Mr, Lawrence, son of the nizing with the French general Sebastiani, fate Humphrey L. esq. 17.-Mr. Edward who is said to have been introduced into the Pearse. -Miss F. Rowe, daughter of Wm. R. Senate House while the Caput was conferring esq. senior alderman and justice of the degrees, and to have afterwards dined in the peace for that borough, 34. Hall of Trinity College. We are farther Ac Penzance, Captain Jell, of Dover, 28. told, with the most provoking gravity, that John White, esq. 20. “ he is said to be a good Greek and Latin At Helston, Mrs. James, wife of Mr.J. scholar." For a statement of his other ac- conveyancer.-Mrs. Higgs, midwife, who in compli-hments, we beg leave to refer to the the course of her practice had attended upJast iolume of the Travels of Dr, CLARKE, wards of 1000 bitulis. of this uriversity.

At St. Austell, Mrs. Trethew.-M. The ship chosen for the Museum to be Martin. erected at Cambridge, pursuant to the late At East Looe, Mr. Wm. Pope, 86. Lord Viscount Fuszwilliam's will, is to be on At Lifton, Mr Rich. Bickle. a spacious piece of ground contiguous to the At St. Ives, Capt. Thomas Paynter, 50. new grand wing of King's College, and At Marazion, Mıs. Banfield, go. nearly adjoining to the river Cam.

At Bodmin, Mrs. Renorden, 98. The Masters and Tellers of St. John's, ATruro, Ann Barker, 100. Cambridge, have agreed upon the erection

CUMBERLAND. of a new chapel and hall in their overflowing The decease of Mr. Fawcell, M. P. for college

Carlisle, produced during the last month a Married.] Lieut. Adams, R N to Miss contested election for that city. The candiSarah Swansborough of Wisbech.

dates were J. C. Curwen, esq. and sir Philip AI Great Shelford, Mr. Thos. Moore, 10 Mus rave, bart. At the close of the poll Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Mr. Rob. on the seventh day the numbers were, foi Scarr.

the former 1950 ; for the latter 1310; when Died.] At Wisbech, Mr, Jas. Defew, 77. sir Philip declined any farther opposition, at

At Cambridge, Mrs. Barnard, 47.- Mrs. the same time declaring his 'resolution to Kave, relict of Mr. K. formerly butler 10 come forward on the first occasion against King's College.

any candidate wharever. During this conAT Swavesey, John Arnold, gent. 72. test Mr. Curwen was accused by a friend of

his opponent, of having an iron heart, and The notasious Ann Moore (of fasting me- being insensible to the calls of humanity. In mory), late of T'utbury, has been safely refutation of this charge Mr. Curwen stated, lodged in Chester gaol, on a charge of steal- among other circumstances, that during the ing wearing apparel from her lodgings in grear scarcity of corn he expended 3000l. in Maccle-helsl

. She was accompaniesi by her buying that necessary article, for the purpose daughter, who is charged with being ibe of selling it out at a very reduced price; parwer of her mother's crimes.

and ibat 3c0 children were educated at Married.) At Presbury, 0. Tunnicliff, Workington, and 200 at Harrington, at his esq. of Colshaw, silk-merchant, to Mary, sole expense. second daughter of the late H. J. Wardle, Married.] At Kirklinton, the Nev, Jase esq. of Macclesfield.

Hougli, chaplain in the È. 1.C. service i



Derby-Devonshire Dorsetshire-Durham.

271 to resto Garoles to Elizabeth, daughter of year should be deducted for every 6d. under

135. per bushel, that wheat might sell for At Arthuret, the Rev. Wm. Waddiloé, during the term of the lease ; to be deteronly son of the Dean of Ripon, to Eliza- mined by the legal marker returns The beth, ellest daughter of Sir Jas. Graham, average price of wheat being now about 7s. Od. bart, of Netherby.

the rent of the estate so taken is actually reAt Workington, Mr. Foster, bookseller, duced 10 about 40l. a year. io Miss Danson.

Berth.] At Plymouth, the lary of George Ac Egremont, Mr. F. Borte, of Sellafield, Soltau, esq. of iwins. to Isabella, daughter of Capt. Bone, of Married.] At Kenton, the Rev. Henry Workington.

Wm. Marker, of Aylesbear, to Mary, third Died.] Ac Whitehaven, Mrs. Watts, daughter of the Rev. John Swete, of Oxiou mother of the late Cape. W. of the E. I.C. House, service. - John Bateman, esq. late chief Ac Stoke, J. 1. Delacombe, ése. of the steward to the Earl of Lonsdale -- Mrs. Royal Marines, to Fanny, daughter of Mr. Randleson, wile of Mr. R. diuggist. Jas. M'Arthur, of Plymouth Dork.

At Cockermouth, Mr. Jose Falder, a At Totnes, the Rev. Wm. Marshall to Miss man of no ordinary talents and ingenuity, 85. Ogilvie.

Ai Wigton, Mis. Dodd, mucher of the At Dawlish, Capt. Peter Hill, R. N. to Rev. Mr. D. 73.

Anne, youngest daughter of Peter Chorchill, At Carlisle, Mr. John Hornsby, 67. esq. Joseph Nixon, 100.- Richard, son of Mr. Died.] Exmouth, Mrs. Kingdon, widow of 3. Christopherson, 18.-Mr. Edw. Waugh, Mr. Sam, K. of Exeter, 69 -Emma, daugh65.-Mr. Jas. King, 46.--Mr. John Rod ter of Josias Dupre Poicher, esq. 18. ford, 78.

Ac Exeter, Mrs. Mary Mounce, widow, Ai Bishop's court, Isle of Man, Frances, 103.-By suicide, Mr. Wr. Sanford, an infant daughter of the Rt. Rev. and Hon. eminent attorney, 73. Geo. Murray, Bishop of Sodor and Man. At Cheriton Firzpaine, Mrs. Melhuishi, 81. At Wampool, Mrs. Wilson 53.

At Barnstaple, Mr. John Halls, 77. At Penrith, Miss Cath, Bradley, 62.

Ac Plymouth, W. Harris, es4. solicitor. Aç Maryport, Mrs. Sarah Wheelwright, Rich. Hill, esq. lieutenant in the Royal Ma-, sister of the late Rev. Mich, W.of Carlisle, 69. rines, 40.--Mr. T. Richards.-Mrs. Grace

At Workington, Capt. Edw. Dawson, of Bastard, a maiden lady, 61.-Mr. Yco. the Friends.-Capt. Johnson of the Severn. At Newton Bushell, Mrs. Green, wife of Mr, Jas. Parish, late master of his Majesty's John G. esq. ship Ethalion.

At Biddeford, J. Kirkman, esq. late licuAi Corkicle, Mr. John Bateman, a skilful tenant colonel of the 52d foot, 50. engineer, and honorary member of the Liter

DORSETSHIRE. ary and Philosophical Society of Newcastle,67. Married.] At Bridport, Mr. Wm. Fickell,

of Lostwithiel, Cornwall, solicitor, to Sarah, Married. Ar Bolsover, Mr. Geo. Brels- daughter of Jos. Gundry, esq. forth, to Elizabeth, second daughter of Mr. At Poole, Capt. Bowen, io Sarah, fourth Jos. Shacklock.

daughter of the late Jas. Pointer, esq. At Derby, Mr. Tunnicliff to Miss Stables. Edw. Berkeley Purtman, esq. M. P. of

At Chesterfield, Mr. Thos. Mackenzie to Bryanstone, to Mary, eldest daughter of Sir Charlotte, eldese daughter of the late Mr. Edw. Hulse, bart, of Breamore, Hanis. Cartledge, surgeon.

Died.] At Sherborne, Mr. B. C. Porter, Died. ] At Derby, Mr. Rich. Harrison Ac Dorchester, Mrs. Newm 65.-Mr. Haslam 67. At Chesterfield, Mr. Thos. Shirt 68.

Died.] At Durham, Mrs. Eliz. Garth, At Tapton, Mrs. Pearce, 78.

72.-Mrs. Hannah Hunter, 72.- Mrs. WiAt Spondun, Eleanor, eldest daughter of tham, daughter of the late Dr. Thos. W. 05. the Rev. Wm. Edwards of Cubley.

- Miss Malcolm, daughter of Major M. of Ai Scrofiton, Mrs. Eld, 41.

Darlington. At Muse Lane, near Sudbury, Mrs. Han At Darlington, Mrs. Mary Hedley.-Mrs. son 78.

Gibbon, 28. At Duffield, Mrs. Spencer, wife of Mr. At Hurworth, the wife of Rob. Claxton, S. surycon, 4).

esq. 54. At Duffield Bank, Mrs. Walker, 43.

At Stockton, Mr. John Chipchase, schoolAt Swarkürow, Mary, wife of Mr. John

master, 69. Bentley.

Ar Sunderland, suddenly, Mr. Rob. Belt, At Hopton, Mr. Win. Lane, jun. 23, of Newcastle, 69.-Mr. Geo. Watson, of

the Castoms.-Mr. Edw. Wrighi, 75. At a time when wheat was at 16s. to 175.

At Barnardcastle, Mr. Alex. Finlton, * thic Winchester bushel, a farmer took an es Mrs. Eliz. Brown, 75.--Mrs. Steel, jo. late within a few miles of Excter, at a rent of At Bishopwcarnyuth, Mrs: Scott. sol, pa annum, with a proviso, that lol. a A: Staindrop, Mr. Ralph Dizod, .





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