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General Treaty of Vienna.

[April 1 which shall remain to Saxony ; then it shall Zeitz, the live shall follow it as far as the follow the northern frontier of the circle of boundary of the country of Altenburg, near Eigen, to the angle between Pulsdorf and Luckau. The frontiers of the circle of NeuOber-Senland; thence it shall be continued stadt, which wholly falls under the domi. to the limits that separate the circle of Gorlitz nion of Prussia, remain un'ouched. The from that of Bautzen, in such a man.<r that inclosures of Voigtland, in the district of Ober-Mettel and Neider Schland-Olich, and Reuss, that is to say Gefäll, Blintendorf, Padewitz iemain in the possession of Saxony. Sparenberg, and Blankenberg, are comprised The great post-road between Görlitz and in the share of Prussia. Bautzen shall belong to l'russia, as far as the XVI. The provinces and districts of the liinits of the said circles. Then the line kingdom of Saxony, which are transferred shall follow the frontier of the circle to Du to the dominion of his majesty the king of braucke ; it shall then extend up in the Prussia, shall be distinguished by the name heights to the right of the Löbauer-Wasser, of the Duchy of Saxony, and his majesty so that this rivulet, with its two banks, and shall add to his titles those of Dukeof Saxony, the places upon them, as far as Neudorf, Landgrave of Thuringia, Margrave of the shall remain, with this village, to Saxony. Two Lusatias, and Count of Henneberg. His The line shall then fall again upon the majesty the king of Saxony shall continue Spree, and the Schwarz-Wasser, Liska, to bear the title of Margrave of Upper LusaHermsdorf, Keiten, and Solahdorf, are as tin. His majesty shall also continue, with signed to Prussia. From the Schwarze-El relation to, and in virtue of his right of ster, near Solchdorf, a right line shall be eventual succession to the possessii ns of the drawn to the frontier of the lordship of Kö- Ernestine branch, to bear the title of Landnigsbrück, near Grossgrabchen. This lord- grave of Thuringia and Count of Henneship remains to Saxony, and the line shall berg. follow its northern boundary as far as the XVII. Austria, Russia, Great Britain, bailiwick of Grossenhayn, in the neighbour and France, guarantee to his Majesty the hood of Ortrand; Ortrand, and the road King of Prussia, his descendants and succesfrom that place by Morsdorf, Stolzenhayn, sons, the possession of the countries marked and Gröbeln, to Mühlberg, (with the vile out in the 15th article, in full property and lages on that road, so that no part of it re- sovereignty. main beyond the Prussian territory) shall be XVII. His Imperial and Royal Apostolic under the government of Prussia. The fron- Majesty wishing to give to the king of Prustier from Gröbeln shall be traced to the Elbe sia a fresh proof of his desire to remove near Fichtenberg, and then shall follow every object of future discussion between the bailiwick of Mühlberg. Fichtenberg their two courts, renounces for himself and shall be the property of Prussia. From his successors, his rights of sovereignty oras the Elbe to the frontier of the country the Margraviates of Upper and Lower Lusaof Merseburg, it shall be so regulated tia, which belonged to him as king of Bohethat the bail wicks of Torgau, Eilenburg, mia, as far as these rights concern the porand Delitsch, shall pass to Prussia, while tion of ihese provinces placed under the dothose of Oschatz, Wurzen, and Leipsic, minion of his majesty the King of Prussia, by shall remain to Saxony. The line shall virtue of the treaty with his majesty the follow the frontier of these bailiwicks, divid- king of Saxony, concluded at Vieana on the ing some inclosures and demi-inclosures. 18th May, 1813. The road from Mühlberg to Eilenburg shall As to the right of reversion of his Imperial be wholly within the Prussian territory. From and Royal Apostelic Majesty to the said porPodelw 12 (belonging to the bailiwick of tion of the Lusatias united to Prussia, it is Leipsic, and remaining to Saxony) as far as transterred to the house of Brandenburg now Eytia, v hich also remains to her, the line reigning in Prussia, his Imperial and Royal shall divide the country of Merseburg in such Apostolic Majesty reserving to himself and

that Breitenfeld, Haenichen, his successors the power of resuming that Gross and Klein-Dolzig, Mark-Ranstädi, right, in the event of the extinction of the and Knaui-Nauendort, remain to Saxony; said reigning house. His Imperial and and Modelwiiz, Skeuditz, Klein Liebenau, Royal Apostolic Majesty renounces also, in Alt Ram tadi, Schkohlen and Zietschen, favour of his Prussian majesty, the districts pass io Prussia. Frem thence the line shall of Bohemia inclosed within the part of Updivide the bailiwick of Pegau, between the per Lusatia ceded by the treaty of the 18th Floss graben and the Weisse-Elster; the May, 1815,"to his Prussian majesty, which former, from the point where it separates it- districts comprehend the places of Güntersself above the town of Crossen (which forms dorf, Taubentränte, Neukretschen, Niederpart of the bailiwick of Haynsburg) from the Gerlachsheim, Winkel, and Ginkel, with Weisse Elster, to the poini where it joins the their territories. Seaie below the town of Merseburg, shall XIX. His Majesty the King of Prussia and beleng, in its whole course between those his Majesty the King of Saxony, wishing two towns, with both its banks, to the Prus-, particularly to remove every object of future sian territory. From thence, where the contest or dispute, renounce, each on his ficultier touches upon that of inc country of own part, and reciprocally in favour of one

a manner


General Treaty of Vienna.


another, all feudal rights or pretensions, and successors, shall possess anew, as forwhich they might exercise or might have merly, in full property and sovereignty, the exercised, beyond the frontiers fixed by the following countries, that is to say: present Treaty.

Those of his ancient provinces of Poland XX. His Majesty the King of Prussia pro- specified by article 11.; the city of Dantzie mises to direct that proper care be taken, and its territory, as the latter was determined relative to whatever may affect the property by the treaty of Tilsit; the circle of Cotibus; and interests of the respective subjects, upon the Old March ; the part of the circle of the most liberal principles. The present Magdeburg, situated on the left bank of article shall be observed, particularly, with the Elbe, together with the circle of the regard to the concerns of those individuals Saale ; the principality of Halberstadt, with who possess property both under the Prus- the lordships of Derenburg, and of Hassensian and Saxon governments, to the com rode; the town and territory of Quedlinmerce of Leipsic, and to all other objects of burg, (save and except the rights of her Royal the same nature; and, in order that the in- tighness the Princess Sophia Albertine of dividual liberty of the inhabitants, both of Sweden, Abbess of Quedlinburg, conformthe ceded and other provinces, may not be ably to the arrangements made in 1803 ;) infringed, they shall be allowed to emigrate the Prussian part of the county of Mansfeld; from one rerritory to the other, without be. the Prussian part of the county of Hohening exempted, however, from military ser stein; the Eichsfeld ; the town of Nordvice, and after fulfilling the formalities re hausen with its territory; the town of quired by the laws. They may also remove Mühlhausen with its territory; the Prussian their property without being subject to any part of the district of Treffurt with Dosla; fine or drawback.

the town and territory of Erfurtii, with the XXI. The communities, corporations and exception of Klein-Brembach and Balstedt, religious establishments, and those for pub- inclosed in the principality of Weimar, ceded lic instrucion in the provinces ceded by his to the Grand-Duke of Saxe Weimir by 29th Majesty the King of Saxony to Prussia, or article; the bailiwick of Wadersleben, in the provinces and districts remaining to belonging to 'he county of Untergleichen; his Saxon majesty, shall preserve their pro the principality of Paderborn, with the Prusperty, whatever changes they may undergo, sian part of the bailiwicks of Schwallenberg, as well as the renis becoming due to them, Oldenberg and Stoppelberg, and the jurisaccording to the act of their foundation, or dictions of Hagendorn and Odenhausen, siwhich they have acquired by a legal citle tuated in the territory of Lippe ; the county since that period under the Prussian and of Mark, with the part of Lippstadt belongSaxon givernments ; and neither party shall ing to it; the county of Werden; the interfere in the administration and in the county of Essen ; the part of the duchy of collection of the revenues, provided that Cleves on the right bank of the Rhine, with they be conducted in a manner conformable the town and fortress of Wesel ; the part of to the laws, and that the charges be defrayed, the duchy, situated on the left bank, specito which all property or rents of the like na fied in article 25th; the secularized chapture are subjected, in the territory in which ter of Elten ; the principality of Munster, they occur.

that is to say, the Prussian part of the former XXIJ. Noindividual domiciliated in the pro- bishoprick of Munster, with the exception vinces which are under the dominion of his of that part which has been ceded to his Majesty the King of Saxony, any more than Britannic Majesty, King of Hanover, in an individual domiciliated in those which by virtue of the 28th article ; the secularized the present treaty pass under the dominion provostship of Cappenburg; the county of of the King of Prussia, shall be molested in Tecklenberg; the county of Lingen, with his person, his property, rents, pensions, or the exception of that part ceded to the kingrevenues of any kind, in his rank or digni- dom of Hanover by article 27th; the printies, nor be prosecuted or called to account cipality of Minden; the county of Ravensin any manner, for any part which he, berg; the secularised chapter of Herford ; either in a civil or military capacity, may the principality of Neufchatel, with the have taken in the events that have occurred county of Valengin, such as their frontiers since the commencement of the war, termi. are regulated by the Treaty of Paris, and by nated by the Peace concluded at Paris on the the 76th article of this general treaty. The 30th of May, 1814. This article equally same disposition extends to the rights of soextends to those who, not being domiciliated vereignty and suzeraineté over the county of in either part of Saxony, may possess in it Wernigerode, to that of high protection over

property, rents, pensions, or reve the county of Hohen-Limburg, and to all nues of any kind.

the other rights or pretentions whatsoever XXIII. His Majesty the King of Prussia, which his Prussian Majesty possessed and having in consequence of the last war, re-as exercised, before the peace of Tilsit, and sumed the possession of the provinces and ter- which he has not renounced by other trearitories which had been ceded by the Peace of ties, acts or conventions. Tilsit, it is acknowledged and declared by the XXIV. His Majesty the King of Prussia present a sticle that his Majesty, his heirs shall unite to his monarchy in Germany, on


General Treaty of Vienna:

[April 1, this side of the Rhine, to be possessed by the Glan the frontier shall pass by Medart, him and his successors in full property and Merzweiler, Langweiler, Neideer, and Ober sovereign'y the following countries : Fechenbach, Ellenbach, Chreunchenborn,

The provinces of Saxony designated in Ausweiler, Cronweiler, Niederbrambach, article 15, with the exception of the places Burbach, Boschweiler, Heubreiler, Hamand emriones cedert, in virtue of article 29, bach, and Rintzenberg, to the limits of the to his Highness the Grand Duke of Saxc- Canton of Hermeskiel; the above places Weima'; the territories ceded to Prussia shall be included within the Prussian fronby his Britann c Majesty, King of Hanover, tiers, and shall, together with their territeby article 29 ; part of the department of ries, belong to Prussia. From Rintzenberg Fuida, and such of the teintories compre- to the Sarre the line of demarcation shall hended therein as are specified in article 40; follow the cantonal limits, so that the canthe town and territory of Wetzlar, according tons of Hermeskiel and Conz (in which to artick 12; the Grand Duchy of Berg with latter, however, are excepted the places on the lordships of Hardenberg, Brock, Styrum, the left bank of the Sarre) shall remain Schöller and Odenthal, formerly belonging wholly to Prussia, while the cantons of to the said Duchy under the Palatine govern- Wadern, Merzig, and Sarrebourg, are to be ment; the districts of the ancient archbish- beyond the Prussian frontier. opric of Cologne, lately belonging to the From the point where the limit of the canGrand Duchy of Berg; the Duchy of West- ton of Conz, below Gomlingen, traverses the pbalia, as lately possessed by his Royal Sarre, the line shall descend the Sarre till it Highness the Grand Duke of Hesse ; the falls into the Moselle, thence it shall reascend county of Dortmund; the principality of the Moselle to its junction with the Sarre, Corbey; the mediatised districts specified in from the latter river to the mouth of the article 43. The ancient possessions of the Qur, and along the Our to the limits of the House of Nassau-Dietz having been ceded ancient department of the Ourthe. The to Prussia by his Majesty the King of the places traversed by these rivers shall not at Netherlands, and a part of these possessions all be divided, but shall belong, with their having been exchanged for the districts be, territories, to the power in whose state the longing to their serene highnesses the Duke greater part of these places shall be situated; and Prince of Nassay, the King of Prussia the rivers themselves, in so far as they form shall possess them, in sovereignty and pro- the frontier, shall belong in common to the perty, and unite them to his monarchy. two powers bordering on them. In the old

1. The principality of Siegen with the department of the Ourthe, the five cantons bailiwicks of Burbach and Neunkirchen, of Saint - Vith, Malmady, Cronenbourg, with the exception of a part containing Schleiden, and Eupen, with the advanced 12,000 inhabitants, to belong to the Duke point of the canton of Aubel, to the south and Prince of Nassau.

of Aix la Chapelle, shall belong to Prussia, 2. Thebailiwicks of Hohen-Solms, Greif- and the frontier shall follow that of these enstein, Braunfels, Freusberg, Friedewald, cantons, so that a line, drawn from north to Sehönsten, Schönberg, Altenkirchen, Alten- south, may cut the said point of the canton of wied, Dierdorf, Neuerburg, Linz, Hammer- Aubel, and be prolonged as far as the point of stein, with Engers and Heddesdort; the town contact of the three old departments of the and territory of Neuwied; the parishes of Ourthe, the Lower Meuse, and the Roer; learHamm, belonging to the bailiwick of Hack- ing that point, the frontier shall follow the line enberg; the parish of Horhausen, constituc- which separates these two last departments till ing part of the bailiwick of Horsbach, and it reaches the river Worm, which falls into the the parts of the bailiwicks of Vallendar and Roer, and shall go along this river to the Ehreni reitstein, on the right bank of the point where it again touches the limits of Rhine, designated in the convention con- these two departments; when it shall pursuc duded between his Majesty the King of that limit to the south of Hillensberg, shall Prussia and their Serene Highnesses the ascend from thence towards the north, and Duke and Prince of Nassau, annexed to the leaving Hillensberg to Prussia, and cutting present treaty.

the canton of Sletard in two päris, nearly XXV. His Majesty the King of Prussia” equal, so that Sittard and Susteren semain shall also possess, in full property and cove- on the left, shall approach the old Dutch reignty, the countries on the left bank of the territow; then following the old frontier of Rhine, included in the frontier hereinafter that territory, to the point where it touched designated :

the old Austrian principality of Gueldres, on This frontier shall commence

on the the side of Ruremonde, and directing itself Rhine at Bingen : it shall thence escend the towards the niost eastern point of the Dutch course of the Nabe to the junction of this territory, to the north of Swalmen, it shall river with the Glan, and along the Glan to continue to inclose this territory. the village of Medarf, below Litterecken; Then, setting out from the most easteru the towns of Kreuznachi and Meisсuheim, point, it joins that other part of the Dutch with their territories, to belong entirely to territory in which Venloo is situated, with: Prussia ; but Lauterecken and its territory to out including the latter town and its district: remain beyond the Prussian boutier. From theirce to the old Dutch froritier near Mook,

Incidents in London and Middlesex.

265 situated below Genep, it shall follow the and conformably to the mutual interests of course of the Meuse, at such a distance from the Prussian states and of those of the Netherthe right bank, as that all the places situated lands. This same disposition extends to the within a thousand Rhenish yards (Rhein- regulation of the limits, in the districts of landische Ruthen) of this bank, shall, with Kyfwaerd, Lobith, and all the territory to their territories, belong to the kingdom of Kekerdom. the Netherlands; it being well understood, The places named Huissen, Malburg, le however, in regard to the reciprocity of this Lyniers, with the town of Sevenaer, and the principle, that no point of the bank of the lordship of Weel, shall form a part of the Meuse shall constituie a portion of the Prus- kingdom of the Netherlands, and his Prussian sian territory, unless such point approach to Majesty renounces them in perpetuity for within eighi hundred Rhenish yards of it. himself, his heirs and successors.

From ine point where the line just de His Majesty the King of Prussia, in uniting scribed joins the old Dutch frontier, as far as to his states the provinces and districts dethe Rhine, this frontier shall remain essen- signated in the present article, enters into all tially as it was in 1705, between Cleves and the rights and takes upon himself all the the United Provinces. It shall be examined charges and engagements stipulated with by the commission, which shall be appointed respect to the countries dismembered from without delay by the two governments, to France, by the treaty of Paris of the 30th of proceed to the exact determination of the May, 1814. limits, both of the Kingdom of the Nether The Prussian provinces upon the ewo lands, and the Grand Duchy of Luxenbourg, banks of the Rhine, as far as above the town designated in Articles 66 and 69, and this of Cologne, which shall also be comprised commission shall regulate, wjih the aid of within this district, shall bear the name of experienced persons, whatever concerns the Grand Duchy of the Lower Rhine, and his hydrotechnical constructions, and other ana- Majesty shall assume the title of it. logous points, in the most equitable manner,

(To be continued)


With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.

Bulletin of the King's Health. deep, two wide, and less than three long,

“ Windsor Castle, March 2. means of extinguishment equal to a quantity "His Majesty is in good bodily health, of 720 gallons of water applied by any other and has been in a tranquil state of mind mode at present in use. during the last month ; but his Majesty's At a meeting of admirals and naval capdisorder is not diminished."

tains lately held at Bath, it was determined, Caprain Manby has exhibited to the com in consequence of the dissolution of the missioners for the affairs of barracks an effi- Naval Club by a small majority of its cacious method for the extinction of fire in members and its incorporation with the store-houses and other buildings, in which new Military Club, to establish a new asis progress is always rapidly destructive. It sociation, to be called The Royal Naval enables the person who di covers the fire, to Instilution, to consist of admirals, caprains, proceeu at once lo extinguish it by a machine, and commanders of the royal navy, and which he may easily carry by hand, charged generals and field officers of the marines. with a fluid, so strongly impregnated with As soon as sufficient funds are collected, a antiphlogistic ingredients as instantly to good house will be taken in the neighbourquench, wherever it falls, the fiercest com hood of St. James's, having a morningbustion. The quantity of fluid, thus im- room (generally called a coffee-room) a pregnated, contained in the machine, will, reading room, a drawing-room, and a good before the force with which it is projected is eating-room. In the coffee-room the daily at all diminished, effect as much towards ex papers will be laid every morning ; in the tinction as 120 gallons of simple water, how. reading-room there shall be the principal pe: ever well directed by aus other means. A riodical publications, with pens, ink, and Case, containing two more such machines paper, and every convenience for writing. ready charged, and reservoirs of the fluid for We observe with pleasure that all games of recharging all three, constitutes the com- chance are prohibited, under the penalty of plele apparatus, Its merits are, that it is expulsion. In addition to the rooms alalways ready for instantaneous application ; ready mentioned, it is in contemplation 10 that it may be carried by only one person add an extensive and select library, which to any part of the building, and directed to shall contain every useful work connecred the most intricate recesses of the incipient with professional pursuits; a museum; a fim; and that it offers in a box one foot model-room, for the reception of every imNow MONTHLY MAG.-No. 27.

Vol. V.

2 м


Promotions Appointments, Preferments, fc,

(April 1,

provement in naval architecture, &c. Offi- lisle, vice Henry Fawcett esq. deceased. cers of subordinate rank, who shall be dis- Sir JOHN SHELLEY barr. for Lewes, vice tinguished and recommended by superior 1. R. Kemp esg. who has accepted the Chiltalents and acquirements, will be cligible by tern Hundreds. ballot as honorary members ; admissible only Geo. MACPHERSON GRANT ésq. for Suto the advantages of the library, muscum, therlandshire, rice Jas. M'Donaln, esq. who and model-room ; and all officers and others has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds. will be invited to honour the insijution with HENRY FOWNES LUTTRELL esq. for any inventions and improvements, likely to Minehead, vice J. F. Luttrell esq. deceased. benefit the maritime service, and to contri- Ecclesiastical Prefermenis. ] Rev. Thobute to the object of the institution.

MAS BELLAMY to the rectory of Sandford Promotions and Appointiren's ] Henry Oreas, Somerser. Thomas Howard Molyneux, esq. M. P. to Rev. Dr. BUCKERIDGE, to the Archdea.

bc Deputy Earl Marshal of England. conry of Coventry, : The Earl of Chichester and Marquis of Rev. THOMAS CLARKE, to the vicarage of Salisbury, to the office of Postmaster-general. Mitcheldever, Hants.

Lord Exmouth to be Knight Grand Cross Rev. W. Elwyn, to the perpetual curacy of the Order of the Bath, vice Viscount of Loose, near Maidstone. flood, deceased,

Rev. CHRISTOPHER GRENSIDE, to the Chas Banhead, M. D. to be Physician rectory of Groat Massingham, Norfolk. Extraordinary to the Prince Regent.

Rev. ROBERT GRIFFIT", to the head masJames Perchard Tupper, esq. to be Sur tership of Warminster School, geon Extraordinary to the Prince Regent. Rev. A. HAWKESWORTH, to the rectory of

Jas. Selway, ciq. to be Chemist Extra- Guiseley, York. onlinary to the Prince Regent.

Rev. WM. Hicks, to the rectory of CobNew Sheriff's.

berley, with that of Whittington, Glouces. Glam'rgan. Rich. John Hill, of Plymouth tersfire. Lodze, vice H. J. Grant, esq.

Rev. ROWLAND Hill, to the rectory of Merioneth. John Davies, of Fron-haulog, Delamere, Chester. esq. vice T. D. Astley, esq.

Rev. JAMES THOMAS Law, to the rectory Anglesey. John Price, of Llanfallog, esq. of Tattenhall, Cheshire. rice R. Bulkeley, esq.

Rev. H. Lloyd, to the rectory of Liangeitho, Montgomery. John Arthur Lloyd, of Dom. Wales. gay, esq. vice T. W. Yeade.

Rev. Dr. S. LOCKE, 6 the rectory of HilFlint, John Salusbury Piozzi Salusbury, of gay, Norfolk.

Bryn Bella, esq. vice G. Boscawen, esq. Rev. GEORGE MORRIS, to the head masMembers returned to Parliament. ] EARL tership of the Grammar-school, Penzance, Gower for Stafford, having vacated through with the church annexed. an informality.

Rev Dr. OUTRAM, to be chancellor of the LØRD FREDERICK Cavendisi BENTINCK, diocese of Litchfield and Coventry, for Weobley vice the Hon. Wm. Lennox Rev. H. G. Phillies, to the rectory of Bathurst, appointed one of the Deputy Tel. Great Whelnetham, Suffolk. lers of the Exchequer.

Rev. Joun Pratt to the vicarage of St, Hon., GRANVILLE LEVESON PROBY, for Mary Whittlesea, Cambridge. the county of Wicklow, vice Wm. Hoare Rev. T. PREVOST, to the vicarage of RushHume esq. deceased.

meie St. Andrew, Suffolk. JAMES MACDONALD esq. for Calne, vice Rey. Wn. Pugu, to the rectory of LlanJoseph Jekyll esq. who has accepted the fair, Wales, Chiltern Hundreds.

Rev. Joun HUME SPRY, to the vicarage of JOHN HENRY LOWTHER esq. for Cocker. Hanbury, Staffordshire. mouth, vice Augustus John Foster esq. who Rev. RALPH TATHAM to the rectory of has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Colkirk with Stibbard, Norfolk. RICHARD SHARP esq. for Portarlington, Rev. JAMES WEBBER to a prebend in the vice Arthur Shakspeare, who has accepted Collegiate church of St. Peter, Westminster. the office of Steward of the Manor of East Rev. JAMES WETHERELL, to the vicarage Hendred.

of Lyons'-ball, Hercford. JOHN LESLIE FOSTER esq. for Yarmouth, Rev. W. Downes Wilbis to the vicaraze vice Sir Henry C. Montgomery, who has of Kirkby-cum Broughton, York. accepted the Chiltern Hundreds.

Births.] Viscountess Anson, of a daughter. Hon. Henry WN. FITZGERALD de Roos, The lady of the Hon. Thos, Orde Powieti, for West Loos, vice Chas. Buller esq. who of a son and heir. has accepted the office of Steward of the In Carey-street, the lady of David Pollock, Manor of East Hendred.

esq. of the Middle Temple, barrister at law, ? Cins. Hulse esq. for West Looe, vice of a son. Arithony Buller esq. appointed one of his Married.) M. W. Boyle, esq. of Friday Majesty's Justices of Bombay.

street, to Miss E, Meek. of Culenian-street Joux Cunistian Cawan esq. tos. Caso berildings.

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