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1816.} Intelligence in Literature, and the Arts and Sciences, 231 lowing, of the same date, addressed to Mr. CAMPBELL's Selections of English ourselves, to so innocent a cause:-- Poetry, announced some time since, are

"SIR, « Walsall, Sept. 18, 1815. not to appear for the present; as it has “ In your miscellany of July last you been judged better that the critical part state that the Old Monthly Magazine was of that work, containing a View of Engvoted from our Society with execra:ions. lish Poetry, should be made part of The statement being totally void of truth, I Mr. Campbell's Lectures on Ancient and am requested by the committee to desire you Modern Poetry, which are in preparation will apologize to the public in your next upon a very extensive scale. publication and correct the error, and remain 'Mr. Wå. MARINER is preparing for “ Your humble Servant,

publication an Account of the People of “Sam. FletcHER, President." the Tonga Islands in the South Pacific The only character that we can attach Ocean. The author belonged to the to these lines, after the preceding expla- Port au Prince privateer, the greater nation, is that of wilful and deliberate part of whose crew was massacred by the falsehood :-and we shall now leave it to natives of Lefooga, and was for several the Rev. Mr. Pratt, the Rev. Mr. GLEA- vears afterwards a constant associate of DOW, Mr. C. FORSTER, Mr. C. DAR- the king and the bigher class of chiefs. WALL, and the other highly respectable His work will form two 8vo, volumes. members of the committee, to judge Miss HOLFORD bas in the press a new how far it is consistent with the interests poem entitled Margaret of Anjou. of the society or creditable to themselves Mr. WM. WILKINS, the eminent archias gentlemen to continue the highest tect, will speedily publish in an 8vo. honours of their institution to a person volume, with plates, Atheniensia, or Rewho has so grossly committed himself, marks on the Buildings and Topography We beg leave to return our sincere of Athens. acknowledgments to our friends-or ra- Mr. Murray, of Albemarle-strect, has ther the friends of social order, religion, announced for publication a Narrative of and morality-in that committee, for the Adventures and Travels of ROBERT their support; though, by the bye, we Adams, a sailor, who was wrecked in have a strong presentiment that this ex- 1810 on the west coast of Africa, deposure will couvert the violent respect tained three months in slavery among the professed for the WALSALL SOCIETY by Arabs of the Great Desert, and resided Sir R. PHILLIPS into as violent a feeling several months at Tombuctoo. It will of a contrary nature.

be printed in 4to. uniformly with Park's

last Journey and Life. The long-promised Historical Survey Mr. WM. Jones, late acting surgeon at of Cornwall, by Mr. C. S. GILBERT, is Serampore, will soon publish A Collection announced for speedy publication by of Facts and Opinions relative to Widows Mr. John CONGDON, of Plymouth. It burning themselves with the Dead Bodies will form two volumes, royal 4to. with of their flusbands, and to other destrucnumerous graphic embellishments, froin tive Custoins prevalent in British India. drawings by that meritorious artist Mr. Mr. BOOTHRUYD, who is on the point H. PARKER, jun, of Plymouth. The first of completing his Biblia Hebraica, has in volume embraces a general history of the forwardness Reflexions on the Authorized county and its inhabitants, its geography, Version of the Scriptures, Reasous for natural history, antiquities, and heraldry, attempting its Improveioent, and a Speillustrated with engravings of at least 500 cimen of such an attempt. shields of armorial bearings, and accom A Translation of a work entitled De panied with biographical sketches. The Cultu et de Amore Dei may shortly be second is devoted to its topography. expected

Mr. John TUKE, of York, ivill pub The Elements and Genius of the lish, in the course of next sunimcr, a new French Language; being a natural and and corrected edition of his four-sheet rational method of teaching a Language Map of Yorkshire, together with an Al with Sciences, deduced from the Analysis phabetical Index of the Towns and Vils of the Human Mind; is in the ress." lages in that extensive County.

Memoirs of the Ionian Isles, and of Mr. ROBERT SOUTHEY bas in the press their Relations with European Turkey, a poem with notes entitled A Pilgrimage translated from the niiginal manus, ript to Waterloo.

of M. de VAUDONCOURT, late well in! in Mr. D'ISRAELI is preparing for publi- the Italiau service, with a very accurate cation Aa Inquiry into the Literary and and coinprehensive Map, will spoedilo Political Character of James 1.

be putlished.


Intelligence in Literature, and the Arts and Sciences. (April 1,

M. PUIGBLANCU, the Spanish patriot, in 4to. a poem, entitled, the Conflict of is about to publish The Inquisition Un- Waterloo, together with several others masked, ont Triumph of Humanity upon various occasions. and Liberality in Spain; being a history, Captain TUCKEY has at length sailed of the conduct and objects of that tri- on his interesting expedition to the river bunal, and a dissertation on the neces- Zair in Southern Africa. The gentlemen sity of its suppression,

engaged in the scientific department, Miss GRIFFITH's novel, She would be are Professor Smith, of Christiana, boa Heroine, will very speedily make its tanist and geologist ; Mr. Tudour, comappearance,

parative anatomist; Mr. Cranch, colThe poems of Milton, Thomson, Young, lector of objects of natural history, and and a few other leading authors, will a gardener to collect plants and seeds shorily be published, with new embel- for his Majesty's garden at Kew; besides lishments iront e designs of Mr. Westall. Mr. Galway, a gentleman volunteer.

Mr. P W. CrowTIER is preparing for Their vessel, the Congo, is fitted up exthe press, The Christian's Manual, com- prossly for the accommodation of the piled from a translation of the Enchiri- officers and men, and for the reception dion Miitis Christiani of Erasmus, with of such objects of natural history as may copious scripture notes, and extracts be collected. She is about 90 tons, from ile most euiinent divine and mo- schooner rigged, and draws about five ral writings. The profits of this work feet water. She is accompanied by the will be devoted to the benefit of the City Dorothy transport, which takes out two

of London Auxiliary National Schools. double whale boats, so fixed together as · Mr. Thomas Wilson, dancing mas- to be able to carry 18 or 20 men each, ter from the King's Theatre, has in the and accommodate them under an awnpress, a Descriptive Treatise on the ing with three months' provisions. These Method of Waltzing; it will be published boats are intended to be drawn up to in parts, embellished with engravings. the upper part of any rapids or cataracts,

The seventh and eighth volumes of that may occur to obstruct the passage CAMPBELL'S Lives of the Admirals, com of the Congo. With these means there menced by the late Mr. Henry RED- is very little reason to doubt, that the YEAD YORKE, the publication of which, source of this extraordinary river will from a variety of unforeseen circum- not much longer remain a secret; and stances has been delayed so long, are whether it shall prove to be identical now at press, and in a great state of for with the Niger or not, the almost perpewardness; avrd it is fully expected, that tual flooded state of the Zair is an inte. both the volumies, which will complete resting problem to solve. The country that interesting national work, will be through which the river flows, has never ready for publication early in the epsu. been explored beyond about 150 miles ing summer.

from its mouth. Mr. WARDLAW, of Glasgow, has in Dr. PINCKARD bas prepared a new edithe Press, Unitarianism Incapable of tion of his Notes on the West Indies, Vindication, in reply to the Rev. JAMES with the additions of many letters from Yata's Vindication of Unitarianism. Martinique, Jamaica, and St. Domingo,

Marquis De Lavaller, who died a and a plan for the emancipation of the few days since in Leicester Square, had slaves in the West Indies, in 2 volumes been engaged for several years past upon 8vo. a History of the different Factions which Mr. Bohte, of York-street, Corentlave agitated France during the period garden, has just published a catalogue of the Revolution, and had vearly com- of German works which he has for pleated it. He has also recently been sale, including nearly all the most saemployed by Mr. Bowyer, of Pall-Mall, luable modern publications in that lanin writing Biographical Memoirs of guage.. Bonaparte, his Ministers, Generals, &c. The first part of the historical account which will shortly appear.

of the battle of Waterloo, by Mr. MudA new edition of the collective works FORD, with splendid graphic illustrations of the late kev. RICARD CECIL, M. A. from designs by Mr. Rouse, will be pubMinister of St. Jobin's chapel, Bedford. lished on the 1st of April. This truly narow, revised by the Rev. JOSIAH PRATT, tional work, which will form a worthy rcB. D. wilt speedily be published, in three cord and monument of the achievenients large vpiumes, octavo.

of Britons, will be comprised in four Mr. John GWILLIAM has circulated parts, each containing about 70 pages proposals for publishing by subscription, of letter press, and six plates, making,

in 40).


Literary Intelligence-France.

233 when complete, a magnificent volume street (the printer of this Magazine), has

undertaken to receive the contributions of Ata time when foreign literature is so the fricuds of literary merit in London, generally cultivated, esprcially f'rench, and to forward them to their destination. German, and Italian, a catalogue containing the latest and most admired au At the meeting of the Class of Mathethors in the above languages, cannot matical and Physical Sciences of the fail of being interestiny. Impressed with Royal Institute of France on the 8th of this idea fiom the many applications, January, the following subjects for prizes Mr. Bonsey is induced to submit to were proposed : the public, his General Catalogue for A demonstrution of Fermut's theorem, 1316, containing a lurge collection of that no power erisis beyond the square books in the above languages, with the which can be divided into two other powaddition of the Spanish, Portuguese, ers of the same degree. A demonstration Dutch, Swedish, Danisli

, ai liussian, of this theorem for the fourth power was besilies a considerable number of gramgiven by Fermat himself in one of his wors, dictionaries, and elementary works inarginal notes on Diophantus. Euler in most of the European and oriental afterwards demonstrated in a similar languages, and for thie accommodation manner, the theorem as applied to the of those who direct their attention to third power; but we still want a deGeruan literature only, he has published inonstration for the higher powers, or for the German part separate, in which will those whose exponent is a prime nume be found among inany others, the works ber; for from them all the others may vf, Archeuliolz, Blumauer, Bouterwek, be immediately deduced. The prize will Bredow, Bürger. Cramer, Engel, Eschen- be a gold nedal of the value of 3000 burç, Gellert. Gestier, Gleim, Goethe, francs, to be given in January 1818. Hagedorn, Imand, Jacobi, Kant, Klop Five years since the Class of Sciences stuck, Kotzebue, La Fontaine, La Molie proposed as the subject of a double Fouqué, Lessing, Matthison, Meissner, prize, the theory of the planets whose Möser, Müller, Nemnicli's well known eccentricity and inclination are too conworks on trade, Pfetfel, Ramler, Richter, sideruble to allow of the exact calculation the Schlegels, Schmidt, Sebiller, licck of their disturbances by methods alreudy Voss, Wieland, Zimmermann, &c. toge- known. The Class did not require any ther' willi old Gerrual romances, and numerical application, but only, analytiother works in that branch of literature cal formulas, yet disposed in sucli a now so inuch cultivated, and all the manner, that an intelligent calculator best plays, almanacks (Tuschenbücher), might be able to apply them with cer&c. in series, and for the present year.

tainty either to the planet Pallas, or to We shall feel happy if the introduce any other bitherto discovered, or which tion of the following notice transcribed may hereafier be discovered. Two mefrom the Buiy Prost, shall serve to pro moirs only having been received, in mote its oliject-the relieving o! a mu which the authors have not sufficiently dest and worthy man and an ingenious couformed to the intentions expressed poet from diticulties under which we by the Class, it bas prolonged the time regret to learn that he at present labours: for another year. The prize will there

“It has been discovered thae Mr. ROBERT fore be adjudged in January 1817, and BLOOMFIELU, the well known author of the consist of a gold medal of the value of Farmer's Boy, and other entertaining poems, 6000 franes (2001.) Essays must be is now residing in the parish of Sheftosd, in written in French or Latin, and none Redfordshise, under considerable embarrass- will be received after the 1st October mnent, which his delicacy has induced him next. to conceal, and that the conditions of his engagements with the booksellers prevent him founded to reward researches under

As nothing worthy of the annual prize froin relieving himself by a new edition of taken for the advancement of galvanisa his former works, or by a new publication. has been received, the Class suggests the It is therefure proposed to open a subscripi following points as still wanting to comtion in his favour, as well for the purpose of expressing the sense entertained by biscoun. plete the theory of this important part of trymen of his unassuming merit, as of sup

science. As it has been determined in a plying him with the means of immediate great number of cases what combinations comfort. Mr. Deck, of Bury, will receive result from the action of a calculable elecsubscriptions, and account to the subscri- tricity, it would be important to deterbers for the application of them."

wine, on the contrary, what measure of Mr. Gulier, of Crown-court, Fleet- electricity results from the different com. New MONTHLY MAG-No. 27.

Vor. V.

2 II



Literary Intelligence-Spain--Haly. tiations in wbich bodies pass to a sen. had not had the yellow fever. They .sible and calculable electric state. A slept in the same beds, and inhabited the tolerably coinplete set of experiments same rooms as the patients afilicted with undertaken with this view, would pro- that disease to the pumber of 3087, of bably possess considerable interest and whom 1287 died. Neither the doctor utility. Another phi nomenon not less nor his sons, nor any of the 48 other interesting, and which particularly cun- persons experienced the slightest effect cerns the animal economy, is that which of the contagion, owing to the ase of manifests itself when alternate portions acido-mineral fumigations. of nerves and muscles of the same animal, or of different animals, are capable M. Leoni, of Milan, has translated of forining a circuit, the contacts of several tragedies of Shakspeare. It is which produce the same excitations remarkable that this is the örst attempt that result from a circle composed of at clothing the works of our immortal metals, intermediate between the mus bard in the language of that country, cles and the nerves. This experiinent in which the scenes of some of his finest might, perhaps, by its developements, performances are laid. tend to throw new light on the still ob Abbate ANGELO MAJO, some of whose scurc theory of the nervous influence on recent literary discoveries in the Ambro the organic actions, and on the result of sian Library at Milan we bave already these actions.


noticed, has just published another M. QUATREMERE DE Quincy has just bítherto unedited work, for which the published a work in folio with fifty world is indebted to bis reseaches, unplites, mostly coloured, under the title der the title of Q. Aurelii Symmachi of The Olyn pian Jupiter, or the Art of Occo Orationum ineditarum partes (90 Antique Sculpture considered in a new pp. 8vo.). Symmachus, a celebrated point of view. It comprizes an essay Latin orator, Nourished about the midon the style of polychromian sculpture, dle of the 4th century, and was admired nn explanatory analysis of the toreatie, by his contemporaries for his eloquence. and the history of the statuary art in flc wrote and delivered a great number gold and ivory among the Greeks and of orations, as we learn from the testiRomans. The author has subjoined the niony of Socrates, the ecclesiastical hisrestoration of the principal monuments torian, Cassiodorus, Plotius, and Niceof that art, and a practical demonstra- phorus, but especially from the collection or revival of its mechanical pro- tion of his own letters, the only pera Ocsses. In this performance he lias formances of his that were yet known, found means to combine the solidity of as all his oratorical works were giren science with the charmıs of ingenious hy- up for lost. Fortunately, two copies of pothesis.

considerable fragments of eight of his In the night of the 22d of January, M. orations, have been preserved in a MS. Poxs, assistant astronoiner at the Ob. in the Ambrosian Library. They conderratory of Marseilles, discovered a sist of four panegyrics, two addressed comet in the northern part of the hea to the Emperor Valentinian 1, one to sens, hetween the tail of the Little Bear Gratian, and one to the Roman Senate. and the head of the Cameleopard, at The four others are to private persons, about 241 deg, of right ascension, and to the father of the orator, Trygetios, 86 reg. nortii declination. The fogs pre- Synesius, and Severus. They bear the vented this come from being observed stamp of their age, and are full of fire, at Paris, till the 1st of February, on fancy, bold images, ingenious antitheses which day, at eight o'clock p. m. it had and sentences, and great erudition. The 59 deg. 57 min. of northern declina- learned editor has annexed another frage tion, and 341 deg. 25 min. of right as ment of an ancient orator, likewise discension. This comet exbibits no trace covered in a MS. of the same library, either of tail or mucleus, and it is not together with some variations to Pliny's discernible with the naked eye.

Panegyric from similar sources. He tas

also accompanied this first edition with Dr. MICHAEL CABANILLAS, honorary an excellent introduction; critical and p'ıysician of the King's chamber, and historical notes, and fac similes of the inspector vineral of epidemic diseases characters of the two MSS, in which in the kingdom of Valencia and Murcia these treasures have been so loug copy in 1895, iwed from the 7th of June to cealed. the 17th Juls in that year, shut up in a

GERMANY. Jimepital of infected persons, with his A new journal for astronomy and the (no suns, and 13 other individuals who sciences connected with it, began to be



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1816.) Literary Intelligence --Germany-Austria.

235 published with the present year bs in England have drawn considerable atCotta, of Stuttgard. It will appear in tention to the system of craniology monthly numbers of froin iwo 10 six founded by Dr. Gull. To, such of our sheets, so as to forni about 48 sheets readers as are interested in this subject, annually. The varnes of the conductors the following notice, communicated by and contributors afford the pledge of a Dr. Martins of Münich, of a volume work of sterling value. The editors are in imp. ful. just published there by Dr. M. l'on LINDEA AU, director of the Ob- Srix will be acceptable. It is entitled : servatory of Seebery, and professor Cephalogenesis, sire Capitis ossei StrueBOUNENBERGER of Tübingen. They have tura, Formatio et Significatio per omnes secured the assistance of the most emi- Animulium Classes, Familius, Genera et nert German astronomers and mathema- Etates digesta, atque Tubulis illustrata, ticians, as Beigel, Bessel, Brandes, Bürg, Legesque simul Psychologia, CranioscoBuzengeiger, David, Ende, Gauss, Ger- piæ ac Physiognomonie inde derivatæ, ling, Harding, Heinrich, Horner, Ideler, The bead is here considered in its evoluMollweide, Münchow, Nicolai, Olbers, tions throughout the whole series of Oltmanns, Pasquich, Pfaff, Soldner, animals, from man to the insects, at all Triesnecker, Wachter, and Wurm; and periods of life, from the embryo to old Baron Zach, who is in Italy, has pro- age. Its relations to the other parts mised the support of his contributions.. the human body, and its functions as

A friend on the Continent has trans the principal organ of the soul, are illusmitted to us a small tract in latin, just trated in a new manner; and the work published at Münich, by the Chevalier contains also a critical review of all that DE

. LANG, lately keeper of the Archives bas appeared on the subject. Of the of the kingdom of Bavaria. Its contents, engravings nine are shaded, and nine in. wholly extracted from the papers of the qutline for denonstration. They are from Provincial Superior of the Jesuits, re- drawings by the masterly pencil of cently discovered at Münich, exhibit a Koeck, painter to the Academy of Mümost frightful picture of the enormities nich, celebrated for his admirable designs committed in the latter half of the 17th for the works of SÖYMERING, Wenzel, century by the monks of that dange- Fischer, &c. They exhibit exact rerous order, in the education of youth in presentations of the skulls of animals of Germany. Never,” says our corre- all classes, and afford an accurate mespondent, was tocsin more seasonably, dium of comparison, which discovers sounded than in this tract, and all Eur' the laws followed by nature in the forrope must feel obligation and respect for mation of the different varieties of the the author, when, animated by the love head. By the evidence of these laws of truth and fearless of consequences, the author has attempted to solve the scrupled not to affix his name to the wonderful problem involved in the structule. Whilst even in France disguised ture, composition, and proportion, of Jesuits are already again playing their that part of the animal frame. Psyatrocious game, and many in other re- chology will thus obtaiu a true foundaspects worthy characters immediately tion in nature itself; cranioscopy and about the persou of Louis XVIII., have physiogoomy will be reduced by some expressed their opinion, that the ne new measures to laws both simple and glected south of Trance cannot be re- comprehensive; zoology will be enriched claimed except by the Jesuits; whilst with views and principles of the greatest even at Vienna itself

, the superior au- importance with respect to the classifithorities are consulted respecting the cation of animals; and tire whole of practicability of recalling the fraternity, natural history will be improved by the Cave Canem is to superfluous warn- discovery of an organic law, hitherto ing. Lang's tract ought to be circulated overlooked, which the author calls Ler in esery country in Europe, and above Circuitus Organorum. all, to be laid upon the pillow of every

Dr. Martins farther informs us, that sovereign. *"

the King of Bavaria has it in contemplaThe lectures held by Dr. Spurzbeim tion, to send a scientific expedition into

the interior of America. The nature of the contents of this pamphlet forbids the introduction of the Some years back it was as much the facts there stated into this Magazine. Any fashion in Hungary to esteem and admire of our readers who may feel interested in the Napoleon as a superhuman being, as it subject, shall be welcome to a sight of it, on is now the custoni to denounce him as i expressing a wish to that effect.

diabolical excrescence to our nature.


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