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1816.] Surrey-Susser-Warwickshire-Westmoreland -Wilts.


S. esq.

property, which is considerable, to his only At Bodiham, Frances, wife of the Rev. daughter, married to the Rev. Geo. Sloper, John G. Thomas, and daughter of S. G. of West Woodhay, Berks.-Mr. Bantoft, 80. Ram, esq. of Ramsfort, county of Wexford,

Al Pattenham, Mr Jos. Ransom, 74. Ireland.

At Bury, Ann, wife of Mr. Edw. Frost, At Henfield, Henry Wood, esq. 78. 65.- Mrs. Baldwin, 60.- Harriet, cldest At Brightling, Louisa, fourth daughter of daughter of Professur Hague, of Cambridge, the Rer. B. Hayley. 23.-Peter, third sou of Mrs. Boileau.

At Beccles, Mrs. Boult, 61.
Ac Stowmarket, Abigail, daughter of the

Married.] At Coventry, Mr. Alderman' late Mr. Fiske, of Old Newton.

Goode, tu Miss Soden, daughter of the late

Alderman S.
At Scole, Miss Dove, daughter of the late
Rev. John D.

At Stratford on Avon, Mr. Ralph Smith,

of Radbrook House, to Mary, daughter of SURREY. Married.] Al Clapham, the Rev. G. H. T. Hay Farren, esq. of Clifford. L. Gretton, of Upton Bishop, Heteford, in

At Birmingham, Major Morrison, 7th Augusta, daughter of John Williams, esq. a

Dragoons, to Sarah Elizabeth, second commissioner of the customs.

daughter of G. Lander, csq. At Croydon, John, only son of J. B. Cres.

At Warwick, Mr. E. Heathcote, bookselwell, esq. of New Court, Devon, to Maria, les, to Miss Boyes. eldest daughter of Geo. Short, esq. of Teign- mingham, Mrs. Osborne, wife of Henry O.

Died.] Ac Whitmore House, near Birmouth.

At rtlake, John B. Wharton, esq. of esq; Ryder-street, St. James's, to Miss Bradsall,

At Canwick, Mrs. Stubbs, rclict of John of East Sheen. Died.] At Lower Cheam, Philip Antro

At Birmingham, Mrs. Eliz, Bromley, 06. bus, esq. 61.

- Mr. John Brooke, 53.--Mrs. Burrows.At Clapham, Mr. John Bellamy, above 40

Mr. Rudge - William, eldest son of Mr. years messenger and housekeeper to the

Ambrose Birch.-Mr. Henry Woodward, House of Commons. Robert Barclay, esq.

81.-Mrs. Phipson, 75.-- Mr. Josiah Cookc, of Lombard-street, banker.

73. Ac Ockley, Capt. Edw. Curling, of the

At Coventry, Mr. Thos. Owen, 54.–Mr. Middlesex militia.

Sam. Lightburne, 77. At Ewell, Rich. Carpenter Smith, esq. 75.

At Rugby, Mr. Richardson, sen. At Peckham, Thos. Bennett, esq. of Fish

At Ansley, Mrs. Orinn, 05. street-hill, London.

At Albers:one, Mrs. Choyce, 87.-Mr. At Camberwell, Elizabeth, only daughter John Fisher, near 34 years master of the of the late Rev. Wheler Bunce, vicar of St.

Free Grammar School of that town. Clement's, Sandwich, 38.- Mr. Thomas

WBSTMORELAND. Robinson, who in April last attained the

Diell.] At Kirkland, near Kendal, Mrs. great age of 107 years He was a native of Sarah Walker, 78.-Mr. Wm. Rawsthorne, Norfolk, but spent the greatest part of his 89.-Margaret Bowness, 83. life in the ciiy of London. He was near

At Kendal, Mr. John Jordan, 29.-Mrs. half a century beadle of London Bridge, but

Scales.--Mr. Jonathan Robinson, many was liberally suspended the last ten years of years teacher of writing and mathematics, his life, and enjoyed his faculties to the last

59.-Jane, wife of Mr. Mich. Carradus, 6s. He was regular in his diet and

- Mr. Jas. Harrison, 78.-Margarer, wife manners, and rather abstemious; and al.

of Mr. Fras. Webster, architect. 46.---Mary, though he married at an advanced age, he

wife of Mr. Thos. Busher,--Mrs. Eliz. lived to see a numerous progeny of great Gibson, 80.--Ms. A. Bowness, 89. grand children,

Married.) At Brighton, Mr. H. Blaker, A Savings' Bank has been established at surgeon, to Sarah Arabella, only daughter of Salisbury. Deposits of not less than 18. will John Mills, esq.

be received, but no interest allowed on any At Mayfield, Chas. Henry Strode, esq. of

sum less than 12s. 6d. at the rate of 4 per Frant, to Ruth, third daughter of the late Rev. John Kerby.

Birth.) At Corsham House, Lady Edw. Died.] At Brighton, Mr. Thomas Kaye, OʻBryen. of a daughter. musician, 94. He was an excellent per Died] At Warminster, Fanny, selict of formes on the French horn, and formerly John Maskelyn, gent. 74 – The Rev. Dr. engaged in the opera band and principal con Griffith, head master of the Grammar certs, but has latterly subsisted upon the an

School and rector of Little Elms, Soinerset. nuity granted him from the Royal Society of At Sherrington, the wife of Mr. Thos. Musicians, of which he was one of the oldest Alford, 36. members. The Rev. Thos. Coxe, vicar of At Chippenham, Mi. W Gale. Badby, Northamptonshire.

At Bishopstrow, Wm. Hinton, esq. 78.






Worcestershire-York-Wales--British Colonies. (March 1,


35 years.

esq. 56.

At Froxfield, Rebecca, relict of the Rev. Sportsman's Vade Mecum, &c. and many Griffith Lloyd, curate of Wanstead, Essex. years compiler of the racing departments

At Fyfield, Thomas, son of M. D. Bland- in the York papers; his knowledge of ford, esq. of Salisbury,

the pecligrees of horses being perhaps unAt Salisbury, George Maton, esq. one of equalled by that of any other person in the the magistrates, and many years chamber- kingdom. Jain of that city, 51.-Mr. Edward Humph- At Leeds, suddenly, John Clayton, esq. of reys, 07.-Mrs. Ray, mother of Mr. R. of Bank House, Pudsey.- Mr. Wm. Worse. the Mitre Inn.

wick.- Mr, Museley, 63. At Bradford, Mr. John Renison, 70.

At Doncaster, Mi, R. Hodgson, dissenting At Devizes, Mrs. Noyes.- Mr. Brackston. minister, 81.

At Bradford, Mr. Isaac Wilson, 40 years At a meeting held at Worcester for the clerk of the Court of Requests for Halifax purpose of deliberating on the propriety of and Bradford, 70. instituting an Agricultural Society, Viscount At Richmond, the Rev. Francis BlackElmley, having taken the chair, briefly stated, burne, Vicar of Brignall, which living he held" that the meeting was called at the suggestion

He was the eldest son of the of many gentlemen who were cf opinion late Archdeacon Blackburne, from wham he that this was far behind many of the neigh- inherited that love of liberty, civil and relibouring counties in the science of agricul- gious, for which he was so much distinture, and in those mojern improvements that guished. He published, in 1804, the col. had not only been found beneficial to the lected works of kis venerable parent, with farming interest, but to the increase of the : some account of his Life and Writings, in arts, manufactures, and commerce. It had seven 8vo). volumes. been apprehended by some persons that these Ac Armistead, near Settle, John Foster, institutions did no good to the country, but the contrary was the fact, which had alrcarly

WALES. been proved in innumerable instances; and Dird] The Rev. Evan Ellis, vicar of as the meeting was arowedly convened for Llandrillo in Rhos in the diocese of St. this purpose only, he trusted it would have Asaph, and Llanfair in that of Bangor, 87. the support of the whole agricultural inte. At Llandilo, Carmarthen, Thos. Evans, rest. His lordship then proposed that the esq. coroner for the upper district of that sociely to be established be named, “The county. Worcestershire Society for the Encou- Ai Penrhos, Lady Stanley, widow of Sir pagement of Agriculture, Arts, Manufac. John Thos. S, bart. of Alderley, 73. tures, and Commerce." This proposition Ai Peurheol, Carmarthen, John Howell, was seconded by Lord Foley, and unani- esq.a magistrale for the counties of Carmarmously adopted by the assembly.

then and Pembroke, 63. Alarned.] At Bromsgrove, Mr. Jos. Tid- At Perthybellan, Carmarthen, Thomas marsh, of Beckford, Gloucestershire, to Miss Saunders, esq. 87. Ford.

At Shipston-on-Stour, Mr. Wm. Joy, of Died.] Ai Halifax, in Nova Scotia, on the Oxford, io Miss Coliurne.

28th of November, 1815, after a short illDied.] At Hill, in the parish of Ombers- ness, the Honourable Foster HUTCHINSON, ley, Mr. Abr. Whitey. 75.

a member of his Majesty's council of that Ai Worcester, Theodore, only son of Min province, and one of the justices of the suStretch.

preme Court, 54. “ We cannot announce At Pedmore Park, Jos. Owen, esq. this melancholy event to the public,” says YORK'SMIRE.

the editor of the Halifax newspaper, Birth.) At Branıham Biggin, the lady of our expressing our share in the general sorthe Hon. Edw. Stourton, of a daughter. row it must excite. To his relatives and

Married.] Al Otley, Mr. Wm. Holis. friends we verture not at present to offer worth, of Wakefield, to Mary, eldest daugh- consolation-to them it is unnecessary to ter of Thos. Gill, eq. of Baildon.

enumerate his virtues--the poignancy of At Kildwick, Mr Benj. Hallam, of Stee- their griet but too well proves how well thcy ton, to Grace, second daughter of Joshua know and how justly they estimated them. Wood!, esq. of Bank House, near the larier But as an abie and upright member of the leplace.

gislature of this province, as an independent Died.] At Hull, Mr. John Raisheck, up and constitutional adviser of his Majesty's wards of 60 years in the service of the Cuse representative, as a bright omament of that toms at this place, 96.—Mrs. Mary Pantry, benchon which he displayed profound know85.- Mr. j. Akan Crowther, 29.-Thos. ledge, sound judgment, and inflexible inteMilleton, esq. 62.-Elizabeth, wife of Capt. grity, every inhabitant of Nova Scotia has in J. Lambert, :35.

his death sustained a loss, and all who respect Ar York, Mrs. Bealby, relict of Rich. B. public and private worth will decply lament 861.t. $4.-Mr. Wm. Pick, printer and pub- that so large a portion of them has departed lister of the Racing Calendar, Turt Register, from us.


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AGRICULTURAL REPORT. THE severe frost in the early part of the last month, has greatly facilitated the seasonable pursuits of agriculture, giving the earth a solid surface to bear the wheels of the carts and tambrils, so indispensably necessary for conveying the vivifying principle to recruit the soil. This seasonable weather, from its cccurring so late in the winter, has made it a busy month with the improving farmer.

The young wheats have suffered in some exposed situations, where the soil has been blown from the roots. The early sown breadths are not so liable to this affection, as the flag is stronger and niore matted, which tends greatly to preserve the roots, not only by warding off the chilling blasts, but hy retaining the svil which is pulverized by the frost-the wheat plant being of a harily nature, and seldom injured in a northern aspect in our climate, except from frosty nights and windy days. The liability of such a season renders the practice of late sowing upon tenacious soils doubly hazardous.

The frost has prevented the early commencement of spring-sowing, but it will render the soil filter to receive the seed.

The soiling crops, from the growing weather at the fall of the year, have a promising appearance. The turnip crop, and all the brassica tribe, except the Swedes, have suffered much; and if the spring should be late and cold, great and heavy demands will be made upon the farm-yard to support the stock until the soiling crops are ready.

CORN EXCHANGE, FEB. 23-Wheat, 40s. 10 675.---Rye, 235. to 319.-Barley, 205. to 255.-Malt, sos. to 615.-Oats, 14s. to 268. -Flour, Fine, 50s, to 555.; Seconds, 455. to 50$.

SMITHFIELD MARKET, FEB. 23.-Beef, 48. od. to 58. od.--Mutton, 4s. od. to 5s, od. - Veal, 45, 4d. to 6s. od.-Pork, 45. od. to 55, 4d. per stone of 8 lbs.

Hay, 31. to 41. 155.--Straw, il. 108. od. to il, 165.--Clover, 41. to 61. 5s.

Hops, New Pockets. -Kent, 51. 125. to 101.--Sussex, sl. 6s. tu 8l. 85.-Essex, 71. to 101. os.-Farnham, 111. to 161.





0 26




Averuge Prices of Corn,
By: the Quarter of Eight Winchester Bushels, from the Returns received in the Weck endal

February 17, 1816.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats. s. d. s. d S. d. s.


8. d. s. d. s. d. 8. 1st Essex, 58 910 0122 4181 0 Middlesex, 159 2


5 Kne,

156 0198
024 1023 0


160 0130 02 -- Sussex, 160 8 022 1 Hertford, 500 430

5o10 2d Suffolk, 58 318 5 Bedford. 54

ORI 18
Cambridge, 52

0 20 2 15 4 Huntingdon, 151 10

21 619 2 3d Norfolk,

20 2017 7 Northampton, 53 104 og

+17 4th Lincoln, 53

2123 S15
Rutland, 55

0 17

6 York, 51 9 817 7 Leicester, 62 810

419 5th Durham, 152 3 38

818 10 Nottingham, 58 4 35 097 -- Northuinh, 50 802 821 11 17


30 020
6th Cumberland,
0/30 7/21 7/16 10

65 11

21 5100 8
Westinorland, 59 ,81
25 7 18 6 Salop,

60 110)

9 17
7th Lancaster,
58 9

Hereford, 54 11 30

018 8 --- Chester, 59 7 30 0 20 2

58 831 0128 11 19 0 8th Flint,

53 4
30 6


60 10 27 222 4 Denbigh, 51 4

25 11/17 7

55 0

124 1021 0
51 6)
24 010 0 Berks,


91 123 9/22 o --- Carnarvon, 160 81

221 4 Oxford, 57 ol

S 18
Merioneth, 61 0

51 519
Bucks, 56 3)

1021 gth Cardigan, 59 0

011 9
47 0.35 2 25

5119 8 Pembroke, 17 7

7 10 8
Montgomery, 56 0133 5log 518

Ca, marthen,
46 31
20. 310
Radnor, 150 11


0 Calamorgan,


25 4 16 o 10th Gloucester, 55 101

65 Si 0
Soinerset, 60
20 114 0

Monmouth, 59 8


Mtb Devon, 62 1


| 56 61 33 4 | 34 8 | 18 5 Cornwall, 163 11

8.15 0 19th Dorset,


93 ομο 0 Hants, 159 8

23 3'S


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72s. 4d.


per lb.)


(March 1, price for Home Board a Britik

Consumption, Ship for Er.

Duty paid. portation. SUGAR-Double refined loaves

165 a 170 100 a 115 Hambro and Turkey do.

137 a 125

81a 94 Single and powier loaves

126 a 186 78 2 02 Good and fine lumps

Muscovado sugars paya duty of

127 a 134

80 à 89 Brown and middling do.

30s. per cwt. and clayed 35s. per

120 a 124 74 a 81 Crushed lumps cwt. for refining or hoine con

80 a 76 Brown Candy sumption; and for exportation

1614 12 a 130 Molasses the refined receive a bounty, and

28 a 273 Moscovadoes-Fine Jamaica

the raw and clayed a drawback

86 a 945

60 a 70 Good do, of other islands

equal to the full daty paid for 86 а 90 58 a 64 Brown and middling home consuinption.

76 a 86

50 a 59 Fine clayed

112 a 130 82 a 06 East India--White and finc

90 a 105

60 a 76 Brown and yeHow

75 a 80 44 a 56 Havannah--Fine white

80 a 90 These are only imported for re. Brown and yellow

62 a 76 exportation. Being whe growth Brazil--White and fine of foreign plantations, they are

68 a 78 Brown and yellow subject to such heavy duties as

50 a 60 COFFEE--St. Domingo, mid. & fine are equal to a prohibition for

64 a 70 Do. ordinary and good home consumption.

602 62 Porto Rico, Havannah, and Brazil

65 a 60 Cheribon, Java, and Bourbon

1025. 8d. per cwt.

65 280 Mucha

110 a 105 Demerara, Dominica, &c. fine

94 ago Do ordinary, middling, and good

62 2 80 Jamaica, fine

96 a 90 Do. ordinary, middling, and good

56 a 80 RUM-Jamaica

115.7d. per gall.

38 Ad a 4s 4d Other Islands

2 10 a 3 2 PIMENTO

10 a 100 PEPPER-Company's black

1s. 1001.

9 a 98 Privilege and light do.

84 a 9 TOBACCO--Fine Virginia

3s. 2d.

10 a 17 Do. Maryland

9 2 16 Ordinary qualities

sa 7 WINE-Port

521. 105.
per pipe of 138 gall.

461 a 50! Sherry 481. os.


30 a 60 Madeira 421, 5s.

30 a 70 1.isbon 521, 108.


50 a 55 Spanish red 481. os.


10 2 15 Claret

251. 1os.
per hhd. of 60


a 10l RICE-Carolina

20s. per cwt.

27 a 28 East India

20 a 22 COTTON WOOL-Permambucco

28 3da 2s 3d Maranham and Bahia 85. 7d. per 100 lbs.

o a 1 11 West India, Demerara, &c. imported in Bri

2 1 2 2 3 Fine Sea Island tish, Portuguese, or

2 7 a 2 4 New Orleans American ships, and

16 a 18 Bowed Georgia 238. 6d, in others.

15 a

17 Bengal, Surat, and Smyrna

15 SPICESCloves

55. 7d1.

3 4 a 3 6 Mace

8 ба 10 о Cinnamon

23. 60.

11 6 a 13 3 Nutmegs

58. sd.

6 0 a 64 Cassia


141a 151 TEA--Bohea and common Congou

Is oda 2s 10 Congou middling and good

2 9 a 3 5 Souchong do. 06 per cent. on the

3 4 a 3 10 Twankay salc price.

3 2 a 3 Hyson Skin or Bloom

13 2 a 4 6 Hyson good and fine

4 a 5 11 TALLOW-St. Petersbgh yel.Candle

35. Od. duty per cwt.

pel cwt. 545 535 Do. White and Soap do.

imported in a British

50 51 : South American

ship, and 3s. 1 d. For.

54 53 HEMP-Riga, Rhine, & St. Peters- gl. 25. 1d. BS per ton 441 43 342 a 351 bugh clean & Half clean&outshot lol. 5s. 10d. FS

42 40 38 a 31 Flax PDR. and PTR.

73. 11d. BS

76 78 70 a 78 St. Pctersberg 19 Head

113, 10d, SF

65 04 8 65

110 )

en The whole of these articles are generally sold by the merchants at the exportation prices, and

when intended for home consumption the buyers pay the duties affixed, which allded to the exportation price gives the price for home consumption.

pr Ib.


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per cwt
per lb.

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Commercial Report.

285 Commerce still continues in a very languid state. A continued extensive weekly list of Baukrupts causes a general want of confidence to prevail amongst all classes of the coinmercial community throughout the country, and to the confined and superficial calculator, produces a gloom and despondency, that tends to forbode the speedy and more rapid decline of credit in general: but, however, much the present depression is to be regretted, it is certainly no more than the common effeci resulting from the sudden and almost instantancous transition from a state of the most severely and extensively proscribed intercourse, to the most liberal and unconfined. At such a period it was impossible to guard against too sanguine expectations, or miscalculations : but so far from considering commerce in a declining state, we ex. press with confidence, that every article of inerchandize is meeting with a gradual and progressive increase of consumption, and consequently commerce must be considered in a state of gradual advancement, to the best interests of all concerned in its pursuit. The present einbarrassments result entirely from that irrational extent of speculation, which a sudden change of a political systein is calculated to produce; but this evil will vecessarily effect its own cure : and as every part of the civilized world now enjoys the prospect of peace and security, a more extensive interchange of the productions and cominodities of the different parts of the globe will necessarily ensue: and Great Britain, as possessing the inost ample means in every point of view, and the most extensive credit, cannot fail to enjoy her full proportion of the prosperity that awaits the commercial world at large.

Iii foreign produce, with the exception of Coffee, no material alteration in price has taken place since our last. Sugars have fully supported their prices, and, for the season of the year, the sales have been considerable: but Coffee, owing to the large quantities brought to sale by the East India Company, has yielded to a further depression of 6s. to 8s. per cwt.; and as the supply is very abundant, which indeed may be said of almost every article of merchandize, still lower prices may be anticipated.

The article which at present bears a price disproportionately high to any oiber, is Tobacco, which may be considered at nearly three times its fair growing value, and must consequently experience a rapid decline. Cottons are also still considerably above their intrinsic value, which will necessarily induce a very extended cultivation, and cause the price to find its proper level, which may be considered about one-third below the present rates. The demand for this article throughout the past month has been considerable; which implies that the manufacturing iitterest is not without a prospect of a continued demand for manufactured goods.

Tallow has yielded to a further decline in price, of 3s. to 45. per cwt. ; whilst all other kinds of Baltic produce remain without buyers, at the last month's noroinal value.

The Exchanges have experienced a further gradual approximation to the intrinsic value of specie, and still indicate a further advancement to that effect. The funds have continued without any variation deserving of notice.


Where the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside al the

same plnce as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between Parentheses. ABURROW W. East Moon, Hants, grocer. (Os. Audus S. Beverley, butcher. (Hall & Campbell. baldeston, London street.

Arblaster J. Litchfield, viclualler. (Bood, Lei. Adums 1. Preston-Bagot, Warwick, coal

(Tidras, Warwick.

Ashley W. Goswell-street, laceman. (Allan,
Adnam R. Holay, Berks, brewer. (Barfield, Frederick s-piace.

Ayre J. Suoderland, victualler. (Willis, Gateshead,
Adnam R. jun. Leckbampstead, farmer. (Barfield, Bailey J. Sidmoutis, brewer. (Gould, Honiton.

Balls A. Hare street, innholder. (Hughes, Temple. Aduam W. Midgbam, farmer. (Barfield, Thatch Barnett A. Brond-street, Bloomsbury, glass-iuerhani.

chant. (Abraham, Jewry str. Aldgale. Alcock S. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, braslı-manufac. Barreti T. Upper Gcorge-st: eet, Mary.le-Bone, timturer. (Donkin.

bermerchant. (Hanition, Berwick-streets Allen J. Woodside, pill-box maker. (Cranke, Bates w. & W. Joves, Bridguoith, tankers, Ulverston.

(Whateley & Soa. Alleu T. jun. Great Stanmore, baker.

(Boys, St.

Balty J. Leeds, grocer. (Granger.

Baylis G. Stapleton, dealer. (Strickland, Bristol,
Amos J. & C. Sutherland, St. Helen's-place, wer Beul W. Bartholomew close, upholsterer. (Ro.

chanti. (Kearsey & Spurr, Bishopsgate-str. biusou & Hine, Charter House square. New MONTOLY MAG.--No. 20.



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