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Dorsetshire-Durham-Essex-Gloucester. [March 1, At Topsham, Mr. G, Culverwell, 91. ham, niece to the late Granville S. esq. and

At Powderham, the Rev. Timothy Naple- great grand daughter of the famous Dr, ton, rector of that parish and vicar of Mansel Sharpe, archbishop of York, in the reign of Gamage, Herefordshire.

William III.-Mrs. Ann Smith, 103.-Mr. At Lympstone, Mrs. Heathfield, wife of John Carter, 81.-Mr. Wm. Edgar Wright. Ant. F. esq.

-Mr. Stephen Bradley, 83. At Stonehouse, Lieut, John Kent, late of the Thais, son of John K. esq. of the Royal

Died.] At Layton, Henry Wildman, esq. Naval Hospital at Plymouth, 26.-Mr. Wil.

70. liams, 85. Au Buckland Abbey, Miss M. F. Stopford, Francis, esq. 5.

At Colchester, Henry, fifth son of Wm. eldest daughter of the Hon. Vice-admiral

At Witham, Thomas Isaac, esq. 79. Sir R. Swopford.

At Bexfield Farm, Chelmsford, Mr. Rich. At Sidmouth, Charlotte, wife of the Rev, Ruffell, 62. John Storer, rector of Hawksworth, and

At Rochetts, the Countess of St. Vincent, daughter of the Rev. Dr. Wylde, of Nortingham.

GLOUCESTERSHIRE, At Plymouth, Mr. Henry Watson, a re A meeting has been held at Tewkesbury tired surgeon of the royal navy, 72.-Mrs.

to consider of the propriety of erecting a Ann Barber, 82.-Mrs. Martha Finsham,. bridge over the Severn ncar that town, and 55.-Mrs. Hawker, relict of Capt. H. R. N.

a committee appointed to take preparaAt Parker's Well, near Exeter, Mrs. For- tory steps for carrying the measure into exetescue, relict of Geo. F. esq. 87.


At a meeting held at Coleford on the 14th Married.] At Wimbome Minster, the Feb. it was resolved that a society should be Hon. Thos. Stapleton, eldest son of Lord Le formed, under the name of the “ Forest of Despenser, to Maria, second daughter of H. Dean Branch Bible Society,” for the purpose Bankes, esq. M. P.

of disseminating the scriptures in the Forest

district, and co-operating with the British On the 6th January, the first human body and Foreign Bible

Society. of the sufferers in the Heaton Colliery, on

Married.] At Cheltenham, Major-general the 3d of May last, was brought to bank, in Sir Wm. W. Sheridan, bart. to Louisa Ma. a state of great decay, but ascertained by the ria, eldest daughter of John Addison, esq. of neckcloth to be that of Wm. Stott, between Moorshedabad, Bengal.-Mr. Hincks, book70 and so years of age, who attended one of seller, to Miss Jones.. the furnaces. Of a knife which the deceased

At Winchcomb, Mr. T. Chadborn, of had in his pocket, the haft only (of bone) Cheltenham, surgeon, to Miss Rogers, only was entire, the blade being entirely corroded daughter of Ant. Ř, esq. by the mixture of the pyrites in the mine Wm. Joyner, jun. esq. late of the Welsh with the water. His waich was also nearly

Fusileers, to Susan Elizabeth, second destroyed from the same cause. It may

daughter of Thomas Hickes, esq. of Berkeley. however afford some speculation to the curi

Ac Gloucester, James Morse, esq. of the ous, that the articles of linen on the deceas- E. I. C. service, to Eliza, fifth daughter of ed weic quiie fresh and uninjured; but the late Rev. Dr. Lucas, of Ripple, Worcesthose of woollen fabric entirely destroyed.

tershire. Married.] At Pittington Hallgarth, H.

The Rev. W. S. Goodenough, rector of Towers, esq. of Weald Hall, Essex, to Isa. Yate, to Miss Ann Mair. bella Judith, only daughter of Geo. Baker,

Died,] At Stroud, Martha, wife of Dr.

Darke, esq. of Elemore Hall. At Sunderland, Jos. Sanders, esq. of

At Charfield, the Rev. Richard Jones, recWhitby, banker, to Miss Jane Simcy, of

tor of that parish and of Dodington. Bishopwearmouth.

At Dirham, Mr. Briant. Died.] At the Ryhope Hotel, near Sunder At Coates, near Cirencester, Wm. Tombs,' land, Mr. Thus. Willey, 03.

esq. 74. . At Bishopwearmouth, Nir. Wm. Witton,

At Lydney, Mrs. Foot, wife of Mr. F. 65.-Thos. Coulson, 103. He had workců surgeon. upwards of 80 years at the business of a At Frampton-upon-Severn, the wife of glass-maker.

Mr. T. Ballinger, 35. At Sunderland, John Miniken, 95. At Sandhurst, Sarah, daughter of Mr. W. Marg. Tursdle, 88.--Marg. Mitchell, 81.

Butt. John Hallowell, 77.-James Cragg, 75.

At Gloricester, Captain R. W. Knight, 76. At Durham, Mr.T Wilson, common-coun

-Mr. W. H. Mcdhurst.-Mr. Wm. Waskcilman, 80.- Miss Catherine Crowe, 30.-

bourn, chemist and druggise. -Sarah, wife of Misnabella Robson, cousin of the preced- Wm, Brilge, esa ficliff in this county, ing Miss Sharpe, aged 55, «nly daugh. 55.-Ann, wie i the Rev. W. Black, rector

Ć late Dr. John S. archdeacon of of Blascon, and eldest daughter of the Rev. Northumberland, and prebendary of Dur. R. H. Rouglisedge, of Liverpool.

ter ut


1816.) Hampshire-Hereford-Herts-Huntingdon-Kent. 177

At Cheltenham, Mrs. Smith, 79. than the melancholy catastrophe which

At Nibley House, Mrs. Mayo, wife of the thus prematurely terminated the career of Rev. Mr. M. and sister to Dr. Gibbes, of this estimable man; whose remains, attendBath.

ed by a great concourse of the inhabitants of HAMPSHIRE.

Southampton, were interred with military The erection of a Lunatic Asylum for honours at Nutshelling. this county was strongly opposed at the last

HEREFORDSHIRE, quarter sessions, when it was agreed by a The magistrates of Hereford have resolved majority of one only in postpone the ques. to place in the new County Hall a portrait of tion until the nex: Michaelmas Sessions. Mr. the late Duke of Norfolk, and a subscription Rose stated, that he had it in contemplation, has been opened to defray the expense of the at the next meeting of Parliament, to intro- painting. duce a clause into the Bill for the better re

Married.) At Norton Cannon, Mr. R. P. gulating Lunatic Establishments, making it Jones, of London, to Eliza, daugliter of T. compulsory on all counties to erect asylums

Wootton, esq. of Eckley's Green. for their own pauper lunatics. A magis. At Hereford, Mr. Arnold, solicitor, of Birtrate observes, that this proposal, if carried

mingham, to Miss Havard. into effect, will cost the 52 counties upwards Died.) At Ross, Mr. Roberts.--Ann, of a million sterling for the buildings alone, relict of the Rev. Thos. Clarke, one of the which, as well as their support, coming out prebendaries of Hereford cathedral. of the county rates, will fall almost wholly

At Aylton, Ann, second daughter of Mr. on the agricultural interest.

Bishop. A Female Asylum has been established at At Michaelchurch Court, Mr. Jas. Fisher. Winchester, into which 17 girls have been At Middleton, Mr. Benj. Colerick, 72. admitted. Besides receiving a moral and religious education, they will be instructed in the various household duties requisile to

Married.] At Bennington, the Rev. John make them good servants and useful mem

P. H, Chesshyre, to Charlotte, second daughbers of society.

ter of the Rev.Jas. Commeline, of RedmarMarried.) At Kingston, Capt. Higgins,

ley, Worcestershire. R. N. to Ann, eldest daughter of J. Haynes,

Died.) At Tittenbanger, the seat of the esq. of Portsmouth Dock-yard.

Earl of Hardwicke, near St. Alban's, Jas. At Alresford, H. C. Fullagar, esq, to Miss Yorke, esq. barrister and a commissioner of White.

bankrupts, eldest son of the Hon. J. Yorke, Died.] The Rev. J. Richmond, D. D.

late Bishop of Ely. rector of Newnham with Mapledorwell, 07.

HUNTING DONSHIRE. At Winchester, Mrs. Phillips.

Married.] Ac Elton Hall, Capt. Wells, At Brook near Titchfield, Mrs. Peter R. N. to Lady Elizabeth Proby, youngest Greene, 72.

daughter of the Earl of Carysfort. At Eling, Mary, relict of Oldfield Bowles, Died.] At Stanground, Mr. Claxton, 90. esq. of North Aston, Oxfordshire.

KENT. Ac Portsmouth, Mrs. Shoveller, wife of The papers of this county state that there the Rev. Mr. S. of Poole, and daughter of the is now living in the ville of Dunkirk, Boughlate Rev, Joseph Horsey of Portsca, 56. ton under Blean, near Canterbury, a gallant Mrs. Gilbert, relict of Wm. G. esq. late veteran who has arrived at the surprising age store-keeper of the dock-yard.-Mrs. Frank. of 122 years. He still retains his faculties, lin.--Lieutenant Wm. Pye, R. N.

and converses cheerfully with all his nuAt Basingstoke, Charles Best, esq. up. merous visitors : his name is Ferguson : he wards of 50 years town-clerk of that place. was formerly a soldier, and served many At Westwark, Mr. John Port.

years in the Scotch Greys. In the Isle of Wight, at Carisbrooke, Miss Birih.] At Chartham, - Spicer, of a Baker.At Ryde, Mr. J. Way.--At News boy and two girls. port, Mrs. Mary Crock, 88.- Mrs. Warren, Married.] Ai Chalk, near Gravesend Mr. 40.- Mrs. Elizabeth King, 43.--Lieutenant L. H. Winkworth, to Mary, eldest daughter J. Webb, of the both regiment, son of Mr. of the late Townshend Gladdish, esq. W. of the post-office, Brandon.

Died.] At Shorne, near Gravesend, Wm. At Southampton, Mr. Charles Ward, Coniport, esq. third son of Mr. J. Ward, master of the At Deal, Mr. Jas. Marsh, 77.-- Mr. academy near the quay, and a captain in Brown, formerly master of the Globe lon. Colonel Rose's regiment of Yeomanry Ca At Rochester, Mr. Wm. Hedgecock. valry, 34. He fell a sacrifice to his active Mrs. Bathurst, relict of the Rev. Rich. B. endeavours to stop the ravages of a fire sur 72.-Mrs. Elliott, wife of T. E. esq. mised to be wilfully occasioned, in French At Great Chart, Mrs. Martha Small, 57. street; where a beam fell upon him, and At Canterbury, Mrs. Lawrence, 36.-Mr. killed him on the spot. Nothing but a na. J. Shepherd.-M. Kik, many years inspectional calamity could have excited a more tor of hides. general grief among his fellow townsmen At Wigmore, near Bromley, And, HarNex MONTHLY MAG.NO, 26. VOL. V.

2 A


Lancashire- Leicester-Lincoln.

[March 1,

rison, esq.-Mrs. Giraud, relict of the Rev. Clarke, and Roscoe, bankers of that town, Fras. Fred. G. vicar of Preston, 82.

whom the pressure of the times has obliged Ac Folkestone, Mr. T. Barber, 70.

to stop payment. Trustees have been ap. At Brompton, Mr. Congreve, many years pointed to the estate, which appears to have assistant surgeon in Chatham Dock-yard. claims upon it to the amount of 314,000l.

At Blackheath, John St. Barbe, esq. an and to satisfy which there are assets in hand, elder brother of the Trinity House and for- doubtful and otherwise, of no less a sum merly of the Royal Navy, 75.

than 320,000l. At Dover, Wm. King, esq. the oldest Birth.) At Prescot, the wife of Stephen jurat of the corporation of that town. Though Barlow, a journeyman bricklayer, of three a strong adherent to justice when on the girls. bench yet no nian possessed a more compas. Married.] At Wigan, Jas. Blundell, esq. sionate heart.

of Everton, to Miss Gaskell, sister of Henry At his grandson's house at Ashford, aged G. esq. 94 years, the Rev. Robert Gunsley Ayerst, At Everton, Jos. Ashton, esq. of Woolcon, rector of Speldhurst, for many years one of to Elizabeth, daughter of Wm. Earle, esq. his majesty's justices of the peace for this Died.] In Manchester, in consequence of county, and only surviving son of the Rev. a fracture of the leg and other injury reDr. Wm. A. formerly a prebendary of Can- ceived by the overturning of the Preston mail, terbury.

John Bradshaw, esq. of Darcy Lever, near LANCASHIRE.

Bolton-le-Moors, a magistrate for the county, A cause of great importance to the publie licutenant-colonel of the Bolton Local Miliwas heard before the magistrates at Man- tia, and a member of the Antiquarian Som chester, on the 19th of January. The quos- ciety, 33 - Mr. Hamlet Lowe, 19.-Mr. tion related to a combination of journeymen Jas. (ulover, 81.-Mrs. Bradshaw, relict of calico-printers, and came before the court James B. esq. of Darcy Lever, and eldest in the way of appeal from a conviction be- daughter of the late Edw. Greaves, esq. of fore the magistrates of Bolton on the combi- Culcheth Hall. nation, under which the ten appellants were At Ravenhead House, Jas. Fraser. esq. a sentenced to three months imprisonment. magistrate for the county, and lieutenantIt appeared from the written documents colonel commandant of the Prescot Local found in the possession of these men, that Militia. the combination of joumeymen calico- At Heaton House, Eleanor, relict of the printers had identified its interests with shoe- late Earl of Wilton, one of the two daugh. makers, brush-makers, cutlers, flax-dressers, ters and co-heiresses of the late Sir Ralph book-binders, weavers, &c. and that the Assheton, of Middleton, bart, and mother combined of these trades throughout the of Countess Grosvenor, 66. kingdom, Scotland, and Ireland, were united

LEICESTERSHIRE. in one common cause, and mutually lent Birth.] At Somerby, Lady Louisa Fo assistance to each other; funds were raised rester, of a son. amongst themselves for their joint support Dird.] At Botesford Mill, Mrs. Starkey, whilst they refused to work, and also for the purpose of preventing that labour from being At Loughborough, Mr. L. Davenport, surdone by others which they objected to per- geon, ot Derby, 33.-Mr. Wm. Mansfield, form. The conviction was confirmed. The of the 'Black Horse inn.-- George, youngest chairman, however, declared that he consi- son of Mr. Vickers, surgeon, 10. dered the combination of so extensive and At Kegworth, Elizabeth, third daughter of dangerous a description, as 10 render it his Mr. John Barrow, 24. duty to lay the documents before govern- The Rev. W. Hallefcar, vicar of Woolvey. ment, that they might, if deemed necessary, At Hathern, Mrs. Beer, wife of the Rev. indict the parties for a conspiracy.

Thos. B. rector of Long Whatton. The lease of the Liverpool Theatre-Royal, At Leicester, Mrs. Eliz. Cutchett, 71.which expires in May, 1817, has been re- Mr. Jos. Simpkin, $3.—Rob. Todd, gent. newed to Messrs. Lewis, Knight, and Banks, 76.- Mr. Thos. Shaw.Mary Ann, eldest for an additional term of nine years, at the daughter of Mr. Owston, keeper of the gaol, rent of 1,700l. per annum. The tenants 25.--Francis, son of Mr. Lomas, 32. besides are under covenant to expend 500l. during the term in the improvement of the Married.] At Burgh, Mr, Armstrong, of premises ; and grant, as before, 30 free. Horncastle, to Jane, daughter of Mr. Jota admission tickets to the proprietors, which Smith, are worth at least 2001. a-year more. 'The At Gretna Green, Mr. Rob. Stevenson, to whole rent, therefore, may be estimated at Caroline, youngest daughter of Ms. Alder2,000l. a-year; a sum far exceeding the rent man Stevenson, of Stamford, of any other provincial theatre in Great Bri

Died.) At South Somercoles, Geo. Chattain.

terton, esq. formerly of Fanthorpe Hall, 82. A meeting has recently been held at Li- At Martin, near Horncastle, Wm. Tayverpool of the creditors of Messrs. Roscoe, ton, esq. 27.



1816.) Monmouth-Norfolk-Northampton-Northumberland-- Notts. 179

John 0. esq.


At Fleet, Jane, relict of the Rev. Wm. At Costessy, Capt. C. Abbott, 85. Thomson, pastor of the General Baptist So

NORTHAMPTONSHIRE. ciety at Boston, 78.

Dieu.] At Peterborough, Mrs. Barfoot.At Kirton, Mrs. Hervey, widow of Dr. H. Mrs. Setchel.- Mr, John Goodin, clerk to 78.

Messrs. Dulverton and Co. 26.-Mr. Hall, At Algarkirk, J. H. Finch, gent.

64. At Killingholme, Mr. Jos, Wright, 91. At Oundle, Mrs. Pywell, relict of Capt. P. At Uffington, Mr. Thurlby, many years

At Welford, Mrs, Orton, wife of Mr.Wm. surveyor of the turnpike-road from Stamford O. surgeon, 55. to Deeping St. James, 88.

At King's Cliffe, Mr. Rawlinson, 60. Ac Roughton, Mrs. Oldham, mother of At Bugbrook Wharf, Mr. Thos. Walker,

67. At Corringham, Mrs. Elliott, 67.

Mrs. Jones, wife of the Rev. Humphrey J. At Lincoln, John Willson, esq. 61.- Mr. ' vicar of Little Houghton, and a magistrate H. Smith.

for the county, 69. Ac Boston, Ms. John Porter, 66.-Mrs. Rebecca Langley, 67.-Mrs. Ann South, The Duke of Northumberland has given 71.--Mr. Nich. Wilkinson, 50.

public notice of his determination to reduce At Sibsey, Mrs. Ingoldmells, 76. She the rents of his extensive estates in this counwas attended to the grave by upwards of 50 children and grandchildren.

ty 25 per cent.

Birth.] At Chilton, the lady of John Col. MONMOUTHSHIRE.

lingwood, esq of two daughters. Married.] · At Crickhowell, the seat of Murried ] At Horron, Mr. Rob. Clark, of Sir Wm. Quscley, Thos. Westropp, «sq. of South Shelds, ship owner, to the daughter of Limerick, to Mrs. Kearing, relict of J. S. K.

Mr. Wm. Jobson, of Bebside. esq. of Drumcolloher House, Limerick.

At Helmisley, Rob. Shelton, esq. of NewAt Chepstow, Capt. Walter Davies, of the

stead Grange, to Jane, daughter of Mr. John Lord Hill, to Esther, daughter of Mr. W.

Sigsworth. Davies.

At Hexham, the Rev. Mr. Barret, methoDied.] At Newport, Jos. Emerson, esq. dist preacher, to Miss Ann Langlands. many years an eminent jeweller in the north

Died.] At Stella House, near Newcastle, of England.

Mr. Wm. Hudspeth, many years agent to NORFOLK

the Standish and Townley families. It will scarcely be believed that till the

At Alnwick, Mr. Rich. Spours, 84.- Miss past month, the inhabitanis of the populous Jane Purvis.-Mr. George Nesbit, 67, and city of Norwich had no other conveyance to two days afterwards, his brother, Mr. Thos. the metropolis chan night coaches. A daily N. 73. coach has, however, now been established

At Morpeth, Mr. Jacob Hudson, 68. for their accommodation, and will no doubt At Warkworth, Lieut. George Somerville, receive that encouragement which it de

youngest son of the late Rev, John S. of serves. It passes through the towns of Diss, Sunderland. Bury, Braintree, and Chelmsford, and goes

At North Shields, the wife of Mr. H. and retums in about 14 hours.

Gray.--Mrs. Ellen Davison, 70.-Mrs. IsaMarried.] The Rev. Frås. Cunningham, bella Wright, 80.- Mrs. Ann Newton, 83. rector of Pakefield, Suffolk, to Richenda, 4th

At East Brunton, Mr. John Wallace, 103. daughter of the late John Gurney, esq. of At Newcastle, Thos. James, esq.--Mrs. Earlham.

Ann Glynn, 89 -Mr. James T. Reed, 85.Died.] At Norwich, aged 86, Robt. Har

Mr. Hetherington.-Mrs. Fife, 85.- Mr. vey, esq. one of the aldermen of Norwich, to

Mitchell, formerly a captain in the merchant which office he was elected in the year 1768: service. he was chosen sheriff in 1766, and twice

At Tweedmouth, Mrs. Frances Scott, 89. served the office of mayor, the first time in 1770, and the second in 1800. It is said that this gontleman had accumulated a for

Married.] At Basford, the Hon. Frederic tune of 400,000).-Mrs. Hull, wife of the Paul Irby, captain in the royal navy, to Rev. Mr. H., 23.-Mrs. Weston, relict of Frances, second daughter of Ichabod. Wright, G. B. W. esq.-Mrs. Brown, wife of Mr.

esq. of Mapperley. Chas, B., 67,-Mrs. S. Giddons, 76.-Mrs.

Died.] At Gamston, Nath. Mason, esq. Curtis.

town clerk of Retford. A: Wells, the wife of Mr. Davey, school

At Nottingham, Mrs. Robinson, 70.master, 32.

Mrs. Ann Booth, 88.-Elizabeth, relict of At Foulsham, Sarah, relict of Thomas

Mr. Wm. March.-Mrs. Baker.-Mrs. Har. Burcham, gent. of Scarning, 83.

rison, wife of Mr. H. hatter, 43, and their At Longhain, J. I lastings, gent. 47.

youngest daughter Jane, 11.--Mr. Gunn, of At Yarmouth, John Kent, esq. formerly of the Britannia public-house. the customs, 84.- Capt. Thos, Colman, 54.

At Newark, Mr. Parke, 58.-Mrs.Tonilin-Mrs. Elliston, 87.

son.-Mrs. Cutts.



Weare, esq.


180 Oxfordshire-Sulop-Somerset-Stafford-Suffolk. [March 1,

Ár Sutton Bonington, Harriet, daughter of I think it is a duty incumbent on all medical Mr. Orme, stewart to Lord Rancliffc. practitioners to use their influence in their

respective spheres of practice, to prevent Married.] At Oxford, Rich. M. Boult: persons from taking male liquors where these bee, esy. son of Joseph B. esq. of Springfield deleterious machines are employed.” House, Warwickshire, lo Mary, only daugh- Married.] At Bristol, Wm. Capel, esq. ter of Sir Chris. Pegge, regius professor of of London, to Miss Porter. medicine in the University.-Mr. Jas. Kent, At Bath, Cape. Gleadowe, 20th Lt. Drato Miss M.Cormick.

goons, to Lady Johnstone, relict of Sir Rich, At Charlbury, Mr. Paterson, of Battle, Bemple J. bart. of Hackness, Yorkshire. Sussex, to Elizabeth, eldest daughier of Mr. Died.] Ac Long Ashton, John Fisher Banbury, land-surveyor.

Died.] Ac Wheatley, the Rev. Robert At Innox Hill, Frome, Mrs. Vincent, relict Downs, vicar of Vanny, Berks, 70; and i1 of John V. esq. 83. days afterwards, bis wife, Mrs. D., and Jane, Ar West Horrington, Jonn Lax, esq. their eldest daughter.

At Milverton, J. Weech, esq. solicitor. At Oxford, the Rev. T. Rathbone, of Maga At Bridgewater, Jane, third daughter of R. dalen College.--Win. Floyer, esq. of Baliol White, esq. of Ansford, College, eldest son of Wm. F. esq. of Ilints, At Bath, Frances, relict of Rich. Crowch, Staffordshire, 20.--Mıs. Barnett, 86.- Mrs. esq. of Titherington, Wilts.—Mrs. Moore, Ivory, 58.--Mr. l'arr, 59.–Mrs.Whale, 70. wife of · M. esq.-Elizabeth, daughter —Mrs. Mary King, 70.--Mr. Vickers, bed. of the late Rev. Walter Rainstorp, rector of maker, of Lincoln College. – Mr. Thos. Compton Gre held, Gloucestershire.-Sa. Bartlett.---Mrs. May.-Mrs. Dunn, 77. - rah, wife of Alex. Thomson, eg.-Major Mr, Routledge, 82.

Chester.- Mrs. Oliver.

At Bristol, Wm. Moncrieffc, M.D. one of Marriei.] At Shrewsbury, Mr. J. M. the physicians to the infiinary of that city. Clayton, printer, to Maria, eldest daughter At Clifton, Lieut.-col. Jas. Lumsden, late of the late Mr. John Northall, printer and of Briiton Ferry, near Swansca.-Aon, wie bookseller, of Sockport.

dow of Col. Montague, of Lackham, Wilts, Died.] At Clun, aged 93, Martha, relict and mother of the gallant Capt. Fred. M. of Mr. J. Micron, whoso death in September who fell at Albuera.--Mrs Maig. Kyffin, of last dissolved an union between them of 75 Baih. yuars.

At Oak House, near High Hatton, Mrs. Married.) At Aston, Wm. Dodwell, esq. Eliz. Podmore, 74.

of Great Packington, io Mrs. Smith, of At Wellington, Thos. Eyton, esq. banker, Castle Bromwich. of Slirewsbury.

Died] At Whitmore Park, Ann, wife of Ac Shrewsburv, Mrs. Childe, wife of Edward Mainwaring, esq. daughter of the late Wm. C. esq. of Kinlet, 66.

and aunt to the present Sir John Cherwode, SOMERSETSHIRE.

bart, and relict of Rob. Davison, esq. late of Dr. WILKINSON, of Bath, has pointed the Brand, Salop, 89. out the langer attending the use of the pumps At Burton, John, only son of the late muw so generally introduced in public houses Capt. Hawes, R.N. 14. for pumping up poster and ale to the bar, Chas. Moore, esq. proprietor of the salt owing to the lead pipe by which they com- works at Shirley Wich, near Stafford, 62. municate with the cellar. “ As it is well known," says he, “ that all the pipe below Married.)

At Tostock, the Hon. and the fixed valve must be always filled with the Rev. Henry Leslie, son of Sir Lucas Pepys malt infusion; and as this, particularly in and the late Countess of Rothes, to Elizabeth what is called stale beer, is frequently under. Jane, youngest daughter of the Rev: Jas. going the acetous fermentation, the lead is Oakes. acted upon, and a solution of this insidious Alfred Fox, esq. of Pembroke Hall, Cam. metallic poison is then drunk. I have had bridge, 10 Miss Clerk, eldest daughter of frequent opportunities of examining these Sam. C. esq. of Berg Apton, lead pipes, and I have also many specimens Died.] At Mouiton, the Rev. Dr. Bates, by me, that have all the appearance of the rector of Freckenham and a magistrate for carbonate of lead. As I have lately been the county of Cambridge, 81. He was forinduced to pay some attention to this sube merly of St. Peter's coll. Cambridge, where ject, I have frequently remarked many per- he proceeded A.B. 1759, A.M. 1762, and sons, accustomed to take malt liquor early in D.D. 1782. The valuable rectory of Freckthe morning, complaining of those dyspeptic enham, which the deceased had enjoyed for aticiions we find generally resulting from 56 years, is in the gift of the Masters and lead. In order to guard persons against Fellows of St. Peter's College. drinking porter where these machines are Al Ipswich, the wife of Mr. Chamberlain, employed, I have frequently shown to them chemist -Catherine, second daughter of Mr. the Icud precipitated by an hydro-sulphuret. Morrison.-T. Kent, gent. He has left his



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