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Deaths in and near Lordon.


esq. banker.

In Bryanston-street, Mary Ann, widow In York-buildings, Lady Graves, widow of John Gibbs, esq. of Charlestown, South of the late Adm. Sir 'l'hos. G. Carolina.

In Charlotte-stree!, Elizabeth, widow of In Finsbury-square, Mary, wife of Dr. Capt. Barlow, R. N. 70. George Rees.

In Beaumont-street, Sarah, relict of John In Grenville-street, Brunswick-square, Mrs. Cosens, esq. of Jamaica, 65. Reid, wife of Dr. John R.

At the Manor House, Hounslow, Sophia, In Great Russell-street,Chris.Wm. Lynch, widow of Rich. Bulstode, esq: 78. esq.

At Stanmore, Mrs. Hawtayne, wife of in Lower Grosvenor-street, Stephen Tes. Capt. H. of his Majesty's ship, Scamander, sier, esq. 62.

31. In Vine-street, Piccadilly, Geo. Hodgson, In Portland place, Henry Fawcett, esq. esq. solicitor, and one of the coroners for M.P. for Carlisle. Middlesex.

In Gun street, Spital-fields, William CulIn Pilgrim-street, Blackfriars, Mrs. Pin. len Brown, M.D. son of the celebrated Dr. der, wife of Dan. P. esq. 82.

John Brown, of whose life he contributed In Upper Norton-street, Robert Shuttle- the account inserted in the third volume of worth, esq. of Barton Lodge, Lancashire, 71. our magazine, in the numbers of which

lo Duke-street, St. James's, Capt. Samuel there are several other papers from his pen. Malbon, R. N. 29.

(We should be thankful to any corresponAt Milbank-row, Mr. Robt. Stockell, 49. dent who could furnish us with particulars In Gloucester-place, Thos.W. Payler, esq. concerning him.] of Heden, near Canterbury, 68.

In York place, City road, Wm. Butler, esq. lo Bryanston-street, Mrs. Gough.

65. In Grosvenor-street, West, Mrs. Alexan In Montague place, Sir Henry Dampier, der, wife of John A. esq.

knt, one of the Judges of the Court of King's In Rathbone-place, Mw. Parisot, 71. Bench, 57.

la Tavistock-place, Lewis Crawford, esq. In Upper Charlotte street, Geo. Waddell, late of Montreal, Lower Canada.

esq. late of the E. I. C. Bombay civil estaIn Great Mary-le-bone-street, Mr. Bur- blishment, 43. net, surgeon.

In Mansion house street, Westgarth Snaith, In Salisbury-square, John Collier, esq. 84. At Dalston, John Compart, esq. 81.

In Great James street, Mr. Barber, solici. At the house of her son-in-law, George tor. Todd, esq. at Belle Size, Hampstead, Mrs. On the 22d Nov.1815, ELIZABETH, wife of Stegmann, late of Riga, 65.

JOHN Soane, esq. R. A. The death of this In New Boswell-court, Wm. Ross, esq.75. excellent and admirable woman, can neither At Brompton, Eleonora, widow of Thos. be passed over in silence, nor mentoned in Hutton, esq. surgeon to the E. 1. C. factory the common terms of regret ; for there at Canton.

were traits in the character of her goodness, In New Millman-str, John Rose, esq. 34. which rendered her virtues remarkable In Duncan-street, Chas. Bradburne, esq. among the virtuous.

Her une erstanding In Old London-street, J. Moravia, esq. 73. was solid, yet capacious—her heart firm,

At Putney, Mr. Wm. Layton, upwards of yet tender; uniting all that is great in man, 30 years farrier to the Prince Regent, 72.- with all that is endearing in woman. There Mrs. Eliz. Hooper.

was in her-judgment, sagacity, penetration, In Upper Grosvenor.street, Thos. Gardnor, energy, and decision ; a majesty of intellect, esq. one of the Directors of the Sun Fire Of- which appeared given by nature for the exfice, 58.

press purposes of guidance and government; In Princes-street, Cavendish-square, Capt. yet such was the compassionate sympathy of Barrington Price, aid-de-camp to the late her feelings, the considerare kindness of her Sir Thos. Picton, in the battle of Waterloo. friendship, and the glowing warmth of her

At Palmer's Green, Mary, reliet of Peter benevolence, that her power was ever grateFountain, esq. 20.

ful to all who owned its influence : --- it susAt Parson's Green, Henry Tahourdin, esq. tained and delighted ihe circle in which she of Olveston, Gloucestershire.

moved. Liberal, hospitable, and charitable, George Edwards, esq. an alderman of the this excellent steward of the gifs of Provi. borough of Lynn, Norfolk, 46.

dence combined economy with munificence, In Lincoln's-Inn Fields, W. Ch. De Cres- and generosity with prudence Her taste pigny, esq. son of W. Ch. De C. esq. of was elegant, her mind enlightened ; and, in King's Row, Hants.

the variety and activity of hur pursuits, there Ai Strawberry Hill, Elizabeth Laura, appeared a concentration of wisdom and geCountess of Waldegrave, 55.

nius, which, without assi.mpg their names, In Orchard-street, Sarah, wife of W. Buck- yet displayed their powers, ant awoke admicridge, esq. 76.

ration not less than her voitucs insured esIn Pall-Mall, Susan, wife of Mr. Edward teem and affection. To the most undeviating

integrity and high-souled sense of duty, sho



Account of the Earl of Buckinghamshire, &c.

[March 1,

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joined that gentle tenderness, and even play. and Infidelity, is some account of the late ful kindness, which are so peculiarly en- Mr. Justice Heath, who is contemptuously gaging in the female character, and which styled, “a good black letter lawyer ;' but rendered her the charm of youthful society. then it is added, that, 'as he advanced in As a wife and a mother, her conduct was years, he became obstinate and severe in the beyond ali praise, as her love was beyond administration of the laws. Now every all descriprions-it gave zest to the hour of body, who has teen at all conversant with joy, soothed the day of sorrow, alleviated the the practice of the courts for the last thirty pangs of sickness, and watched over the bed ars, will be ready to bear witness to the of disease, win the skill and kindness, the abominable falsehood of this assertion : for patience and consolation of a ministering in truth no judge on the bench in his time, angel. Deeply were all her virtues engraven was more patient in attending to the causes on the hcart of a husband, who needed not that carae before him, or more lenient tothe grave to teach bim her inestimable wards the side of mercy in criminal cases. worth ;--who loved and valued her in life, His integrity, indeed, was inflexible; but as he laments her in death, but whose sor- his disposition was mild and generous to a rows are too sacred for the hand of friend- degree that commanded the esteem an:: adship to unveil, as they are far beyond the miration of the persons best qualified to power of friendship to heal.

judge of his merits. In a capital convicIn Hamilton-place, Robert Hobart, tion, on which the writer of this note enterEarl of BUCKINGHAMSHIRE, President of tained some doubts, he communicated the the Board of Controul for the Affairs of In- same to the learned judze, who, instead of día, Clerk of the Pleas in the Exchequer in taking the interposition amiss, condescended Ireland, and a member of the cabinet. His to make particular inquiries into the circumlordship, the eldest son of George, the third stances, the result of which was, a full perearl, was born in 1760, and bred to the mi- suasion on both sides, that the verdict was litary profession. In 1793, he was appointed just, and the culprit was executed.” governor of Madras, and held that situation At Compion Verney, Warwickshire, John tiil 1797. He was called up to the house of Peyto VERNEY Lord WILLOUGHBY peers by writ, as Baron Hobart, in 17,98, BROKE, LL.D. a lord of the King's bedduring the lifetime of his father, whom he chamber. He was born in 1738 succeeded succeeded in 1804. In 1801, he was placed his uncle Richard, the late lord, in 1752, and in the important office of secretary of state married in 1761, Louisa, daughter of Francis, for the war department, made a commis. first Earl of Guildford. By this lady, who sioner for the affairs of India, and in 1806 died in 1708, he had a numerous family of appointed joint post-master general. In children, most of whom died in early infancy. these various situations, his lordship uni- The title now devolves to his eldest son formly proved himself a faithful and up. John Peyto, born in 1762. right minister of the crown: in truth, his Ac Richmond, Surrey, RICHARD Fitzcountry has seldom had to lament the loss

WILLIAM, viscount and baron FitzwILof a man more confided in by his sovereign, LIAM, vice-admiral of Leinster. He was fiore honoured by his colleagues, or more born in 1745, succeeded his father in Tespected by all political parties. He mar- 1776, and having never married, his titles rieri, in 1792, Margaretta, relict of Thomas devolve to his next brother, the Honour. Adderley, esq. of Innishannon, Ireland, who able John Fitzwilliam. His lordship posdied in 1796, and by whom he had one sessed one of the most valuable cabinet coldaughter (the first wife of the late Lord lections of pictures in Europe, more than Gardner); and secondly, the Hon. Eleanor 10,000 proof prints by the first artists, a very Agnes Eden, daughter of the late Lord Auck, copious library, and a scarce and curious land, by whom he had no issue. His lord collection of the best ancient music, includship’s last illness originated in a fall from his ing several favourite pieces of Queen Elizahorse two or three months ago. He is suc- beth, and many of the works of Handel, of ceeded by his brother, the Hon. and Rev. whom he was an enthusiastic admirer, in Henry Hobart, prebendary of Canterbury, the hand-writing of that great master, 1 hese and rector of Chipping Warden, Northamp. valuable collections his lordship has beconshire,

queathed to the university of Cambridge, At Hayes, in his 83d year, John HEATH, where he pursued his studies, and likewise esq. one of the Judges of the Court of Com- the sum of 100,000l. stock in the funds, for mon Pleas. He was of a highly respectable the purpose of erecting a building for their family at Exeter, and for many years filled reception. All his real and personal estates, the office of town-clerk of that city. He except the seat of Mount Merrion, near was afterwards called to the degree of ser- Dublin, he has left to his second cousin the geant at law, and promoted to the bench in Earl of Pembroke, for life, with remainder 1780. On the character of this venerable to the earl's eldest son by his second wife. minister of the law, a correspondent has Jan. 27, at his house in Queen Square, transmitted the following remarks :-"In Bath, aged 03 years, the Right Honourable fhe lust number of the Magazine of Scdision SAMUEL Viscount Hood, admiral of the


Account of Viscount Hood.


red squadron of his majesty's fleet, governor the rank of rear-admiral of the blue, and in of Greenwich hospital, elder brother of the the winter of that year hoisted his flag on Trinity House, and knight grand cross of the board the Barfleur, and soon sailed with a order of the Bus. His lordship was the squadron to the West Indies, to join Sir elder of the i vo sk 115 (the late Lord Bridport George Rodney, who then commanded in being the younger) of the Rev. Samuel Hood, that quarter. The year 1781 was employed vicar of Bu-leigh, in the county of Somerset. in naral maneuvring with the French feet He was born in the year 1724, and com

under Count de Grasse. We have not room menced his naval career in 1740, as mid to give a wetailed account of the persevering shipman in the Romney, of 64 guns, then courage and superior seamanship displayed commanded by Commodore Thomas Smith, by this brave officer, against the more commander in chief on the Newfoundland numerous fleet of the enemy. On the glo. station. Having distinguished himself in this rious 12th of April, 1782, Sir Samuel Hood situation he was promoted to the rank of had the good fortune to behold the Ville de lieutenant in 1746, when Commodore Smith Paris, Count de Grasse's flag ship, strike to commanded a squadron on the coast of Scot- the Barfleur, when the Count surrendered land. Soon after this he was appointed to his sword to an enemy whose uncommon the Winchelsea frigate of 20 guns, which in merit he was ever ready to acknowledge. the winter of 1748, engaged and captured a This distinguished officer, on this memorable French frigate of superior force. During the occasion, received a fresh mark of his soveaction, which was very severe, Lieut. Hood reign's esteem, being created Baron Hood of was wounded. In 1748, he was removed to Catheringion, in Ireland. The peace conthe Princess Louisa, then bearing Admiral cluded in 1783 suspended for a time the serWatson's fag, in which ship he sailed to vices of the Admiral. In 1784, Lord Hood Louisbourg. In 1954, he was further pro was elected one of the members for Westmoted to the rank of commander, and minster, and in April, 1786, appointed portappointed to the Jamaica sloop, then sta admiral at Portsmouth; in the following tioned at the Bahama "Islands; and the year he was made Vice-Admiral of the blue. year following joined Admiral Keppel in On the appointment of the Earl of Chatham Hampton road, Virginia, who commands to be first lord of the Admiralty, Lord ed the naval part of the expedition in Hood took his seat as one of the members which General Braddock was defeated. In of that board ; and on the armaments be1756, having been appointed by Commodore ing fitted out against Spain and Russia in Holmes, his captain in the Grafton, and 1790 and 1791, his lordship was appointed being present in the action of Louisbourg, to the command in chief of squadrons deswith a French squadron, he returned with tined for particular services; but the differhim to England at the close of the same ences with those powers being adjusted before year, and found on his arrival that he had been he sailed, he struck his fiag on each occasion, made post during his absence in July, 1756. On the commencement of the revolu-Captain Hood having thus passed through tionary war, in 1793, Lord Hood was called the first gradations of his profession, prepared forth to command a powerful fleet in the to increase the honours of that rank to which Mediterranean, and in the same year entered he had been deservedly raised. His first into negotiations with the royalists of Toubrilliant action was in the Antelope, of 50

lon and Marseilles for the surrender of the guns. In this ship, in 1757, he engaged former place, with its forts and the ships of and totally destroyed in the bay of Audierne, war in the harbours, which accordingly took near Brest, a French ship of 50 guns, and place in the month of August. His lord

In the following year, he was ap- ' ship returned to England in 1794, on acpointed to the Vestal frigate, of 32 guns, and count of ill health. In 1795, Lord Hood in 1759, sailed with Admiral Holmes in the was elected an Elder Brother of the Trinity expedition against Quebec. During the re House, and in April, 1796, on the death of mainder of the year 1759, Captain Hood's Sir Hugh Palliser, he was appointed Govership was attached, with other frigates, to Ad nor of Greenwich Hosphal. At the time miral Rodney's fleet, sent to bombard Havre of his death he was second senior admiral de Grace. He was afterwards employed for on the list. His Lordstip marriert, in 1749, two years on the coast of Ireland, and the re: Susanna, daughter of Edward Linzce, esą. maining three years of the war, he served in of Portsmouth, which lady was created a the Mediterranean under Sir Charles Saun- peeress of England, by the title of Baroness ders

. After the peace of 1763, Captain Hood of Catherington, in 1796. By her he Hood hoisted his broad pendant the had issue Samuel and Thomas, who both Romney, as commander of his majesty's died young, and Henry, who succeeded on ships on the Boswn station, in the year 1768. the death of his mother to the tile ot Baron --In 1778, Captain Hood succeeded the Hood, and who is now on tre decease of late Admiral Gambier as commissioner of his father Viscount Hood. Portsmouth dock yard, and was also created · At Bath, Henry HARRINGTON, M.D. an à baronet. In 1780, he was adyanced to alderman of that city. He was descended

450 men.

174 Berks Bucks--Cambridgeshire--Cheshire-Cornwall. [March 1, from an ancient and honourable family, who of a connoisseur, and the powerful conceplong possessed considerable influence and tion of a master. Perfectly familiar with properiy at Kelston, near Bath, where he classical literature, Dr. H. was equalled by was born in 1727. After receiving a suitable few as a general scholar, and his Latin comeducation in his father's house, under the positions were distinguished by their purity tuition of the Rev. Dr. Fothergill, he was and elegance. Some exquisite specimens in entered of Queen's College, Oxford, in his native tongue prove that he possessed, in 1745. In 1753 he commenced the practice no mean degree, the requisites of a poet. In of his profession at Wis, in Somersetshire, 1709 he published under the title of Nugæ but in a few years removed from that place Antiquæ, a collection of original papers in to Bath, where he ever since resided. On prose and verse, written by his ancestors and quitting the university he married a Miss their correspondents in the 16th and 17th Musgrave. His eldest son Sir Edward, who centuries, which in 1775 he enlarged from adopted the military profession, and was one to two 8vo. volumes. He also published knighted on presenting an address to the a Geometrical Demonstration of the india King, in his official capacity as chief magis- visibility of the Tri-Unity under the title of trate of his native city, died some years Symbolon Trisagion," and a “ Treatise since. The doctor was particularly attached on the. Use and Abuse of Music.” to the kindred pursuits of poetry and music, In Dublin, JOSHUA ALLEN, Viscount and has the honour of being the founder of and Baron ALLEN of Stillorgan. His lordthe Harmonic Society of Bath. In the mu ship, born in 1728, succeeded his brother sical world his name stands deservedly 'high John, the late viscount, in 1753, and maras a composer, and without being a per- ried, in 1781, Frances, eldest daughter of former on any instrument he thoroughly un. Gayner Barry, esq. of Dormstown, co. Meath, derstood the science of music. His produc- by whom he had issue Joshua William, his tions, whether humourous or grave, whether successor, and two daughters. light or sacred, alike display the refined taste


sor, 52.


At Walsoken, Mrs. Murley. Various alterations and improvements have At Whittlesea, Mr. Wigginton. been recently made in Windsor Park. A

CHESHIRE lodge has been built near the new entrance Married.] At Nantwich, Mr. K. Nixon, called it aterloo Gate, and a gravel walk, to Mary, eldest daughter of the late T. Sutgecured by neat railing, laid out to lead to it. ton, esq. of Batherton. A fine road has also been formed in the At Bromborough, Benj. Robinson, esq. of slopes through the plantations.

Great Neston, to Margaret, only daughter of Married.] At Shrivenham, T. Andrews, John Williams, esq. esq. of Kensington, to Miss Giles.

At Knutsford, John Turner, M.D. of WarDied.) At Windsor, Mrs. Ann Merrick, rington, to Ann, only daughter of — Law. 78.-Mıs. Mary Fennell, 87.-Mr. W. Ran- ton, esq.

Died.] At Chester, Mrs. Hoakesley.At Winkfield, Henry Reddington, esq. 81. Mrs. Ley, 75.-The wife of Mr. Rob. Jopes.

At the Priory, near Keading, Mrs. Halhed, -Mrs. Ann Gardner, last surviving sister of wife of Rob. Wm. H. esq. 52.

the late Rev. Dr. Philip G. of Gimingham, At Reading, Mrs. Cath. Pearse, relict of Norfolk, 84.-Ann, daughter of the late John P. esq. and daughter of F. Stonehouse, Rob. Berks, esq.-Mrs. Martha Smith, 78. esq. of Standen House, near Hungerford. -Mrs. Barlow. --Mr. Sharp, 82.-Marga

ret, wife of Mr. Orme, 62.-John Jones, Birth.] Ar Shardeloes, the lady of T. T. gent. 61.- Mr. Alderman Broster, 75. Drake, esq. M. P. of a son and heir.

At Hanchurch, Mr. Hall, who was 30 Died.] At Wendover, Mr. Quartermaine. years a faithful servant to Edw. Mainwaring,

At Eton, Mrs. Stocker, widow, 106.-Mrs. esq. of Whitmore, and subsequently for upBreach.

wards of 20 years with Thos. Swinnerton, At Aylesbury, Mrs. Hoge, mother of esq.of Butterton Hall, 75. Mr. H. liquor-merchant.-Mrs. Dell. --Mrs. At Nantwich, Mr. R. Owen.-Mr. Thos. Jordan.

Prescott, surgeon, 73.John Latham, esq.

of Ravenshaw, Stafford. Died.] At Wisbech, Mrs. Alice Arch. bould, 73,-Mrs. Powel, 61.- Miss Taylor. Died.] At Penryn, Mrs. Knox, wife At Thorney, Mr.J. Ground, 71.

of the Right Hon. Geo. K, and sister to At Cambridge, Henry Whitfield, esq. of Chichester Fortescue, esq. of Glyde Farm, King's College. - Mrs. Warren, wife of Mr. co. Louth.-Capt. Jas. Cock, of his Majesty's Geo. W.

packet Chichester, 36.




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175 At Truro, Mr. Wm. Tompion, 83.-Mrs. Two additional storehouses are about to be Sibley, only sister of the late Adm. Rey- erected in the dock-yard, Plymouth; and nolds, so.

lime-trees to be planted in the walk leading At Bodmin, Mr. John Parnall.

from the gates to the back of the officers' At East Looe, Mrs. M. Wynhall, 85. houses, At St. Dennis, Mrs. E, Cowlin.

The committee for conducting the Adult“ At Camelford, Mr. Fras. Treleaven, 91. Schools established at Plymouth report that

Ac Penzance, Miss Badcock.-Mr. Abr. though the progress of the men has not been Chergwin, 82.- Mrs. Harvey, 53.-Mrs. such as they could wish, that of the women Roberts.

has fully equalled their expectation; and At Helston, Mary Ann, wife of Dr. Jas. that among the most attentive of 'he pupils Lane, and second daughter to Mr. Edw. are some upwards of 60 years of age. The Hiekes, of Plymouth.

total number admitted since the opening of CUMBERLAND.

the school in May, 1814, is-males 69; Married.] At Kirkbraddon, I. of Man, females 110. Mr. Wm. Brook, of Huddersfield, to Ann, Births.) At Tetcott, the lady of Sir A.O. daughter of Jas. Clark, esq. of Kingston, Ja. Molesworth, bart. of a daughter. maica.

At Plymouth, the lady of Sir Orford GorAt Langholm, Thos. Whigham, esq. of don, bart. of a son and heir. Hindley Rea, Northumberland, to Mrs, El. Married.) At Dawlish, the Rev. Juhn liot, relict of John E. esq. of Cooms. C. Churchill, fellow of Corpus Christi Col

Died.] At Carlisle, Mr. Jos. Cartner, 73. lege, Oxford, to Lady Henrietta Dorothea -Mr. John Robinson.-Mrs. Marg. Smith. Wallop. -Mr. Wm. Park, 55.-Mrs. Mary Hewson, Ac Lympstone, Wm. Stewart Hamilton, 52.-Mr. Rob, Davison, 70.

esq. of Dublin, to Sophia, widow of the late At Wigton, Mr.John Wright.-Mrs. Dodd, 'M. Forde, esq. of Seaforde, co. Down, and mother of the Rev. Ms. D. 73.-Mr. Wm. daughter of the Rev. Dean Blacker, of CarTaylor, 55.-Mr. Jas. Symonds, 68.

rick, At Maryport, Mr. Henry Gate, 65.-Mrs. At Tavistock, Wn. Gill, esq. banker, to Eliz, Irwin, 72.

Miss Bredall, eldest daughter of Wm. B. esq. At Workington, Capt. R. Scott.

Died.] At Torquay, Kitty, fifth daughter At Booth by, Mrs. Davidson, 99.

of N. M. Pattison, esq. of Congleton, CheAt White haven, William, son of the late shire, 20. Miles Ponsonby, esq. of Hail, 21.-Mr. John At Mount Radford, near Exeter, John Heslop.- Isabella, wife of Mr. D. Lindow, Baring, esq. 85. For 35 years he repre30.--Mrs. Eliz. Simpson, 74.-Capt. Hugh sented that city in parliament, and resigned Finn, of the Jamaica packet.

the honour in 1783. During the prosperity At Parkgate, near Wigton, Mr. John Mes- of the woollen trade he was the most consenger, 74.

siderable merchant in this county, and his At Wheyrigs, Mrs. Mary Barnes. cuncerns with his younger brother Sir Fran

At Penrith, Mr. Wm. Hogarth, 48.-Mr. cis B. in London were also of great magniAnt. Soulby, bookseller.-M. Wm. Young, tude.

At Exeter, Mr. Robert Trewman, for At Egremont, Mrs. Jane Roberts, school- many years printer and proprietor of mistress, 72.

the Exeter Flying Post, 49. The uniform At Kirkandrews, Mr. Jos. Liddell, 87. mildness of his manners, and respectability

At Cardew, Mr. John Sewell, officer of of his conduct, gained him, as a public chaexcise, near Stockport, Cheshire, 25. racter, numerous and fervent friends; while DERDY.

none could be his enemy without being an Married.] At Derby, Ms. Brough, of enemy to truth; nor were the more endearNottingham, to Miss Helen Matchitt, of ing ties that united him to the closer conSinfin Moor Cottage.

nexions of private life less to his honour. He Died.] John Dixon, esq. proprietor of was justly beloved and revered in his family, the glass house and very extensive colliery at and by all who had the happiness of his acWittington, near Chesterfield.

quaintance. Mr. Trewman was high in At Spring Vale, Mr. Jas. Pickford, of civic honours; and would have been chief Chapel-ir-le-Frith, 64.

magistrate next year, had his valuable life Ac Long Eaton, Henry Howitt, esq. 78. been so far prolonged.The Rev. Wm. At Duckmanton, Miss E. Wragge, 25. Aldridge Cockey, rector of St. Stephen's in At Bolsover, Rebecca, wife of Mr. Hinde, this city, and of West Ogwell. --Jonathan of Grange Wood, Chesterfield, 29.

Worthy, esq. an alderman and justice of DEVONSHIRE.

peace for this city, 544. On the 21st of January 13 dwelling At Tavistock, Charlotte, wife of Fras. kouses, besides workshops and other build. Willesford, esq. and youngest daughter of ings were consumed by fire at Moreton- the late Rer. Walter Burne, rector of Lefton. hafapstead. One poor woman lost her life

At Exmouth, Valentine Gardner, esq. in the flames.

uncle of the late Adm. Viscount Gardner,


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