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Trial and Execution of Marshal Ney. [March 1, Regency and Cortes, and representing we have to state, that the Northumber. that the alliance at present subsisting be- land arrived, on the 15th of October, tween the two countries affords the most with her too celebrated exile at St. Hele favourable opportunity for the interfe- na, where he is doomed to pass the rerence of Great Britain. The learned mainder of his days. Buonaparte landed gentleman was post satisfactorily an on the 17th with his suite, and every preswered by Lord Castlereagh, who pic- caution which human foresight can sug tured the Liberales, as they bave been gest, is adopted to prevent the possibility generally termed, as a party desirous of of escape. destroying all the ancient institutions of their country. His lordship farther state In resuming the summary of political ed, that not only had the British govern- events, interrupted since our 23d numment, but all the four allied powers ex ber, the first circumstance that claims erted their interest with the court of our attention is the continuation of the Madrid, as far as they could do consis- proceedings against Marshal Ney. We tently with the delicacy due from one have already stated that this officer apstate to another; they had not indeed pealed from the competency of a miligone to war with Spin, but done every tary commission, and insisted on being thing short of such a step. He depie. tried by the Chamber of Peers. Accated the adoption of the leasure now cordingly, after a considerable delay alproposer as likely to counteract British lowed for th summoning of witnesses, be influence on the Continent. The mo was brought, on the 4th of Decernber, be tion was negatived by a majority of 81 fore that tribunal. As the fact of his to 42.


treasonable conduct in deserting the On the 19th both Houses were called cause of the king and joining Buonato the consideration of the treaties be- parte with the force under his command tween Great Britain and the continental could not be controverted, the defence powers. In the Lords, the Earl of Li- of his counsel principally aimed at a palverpool, and in the Commons, Lord Cas- liation of his guilt, founded on the al. tlereagh, entered into an explanation of leged difficulty of the situation of the the views and policy of the allies, and Marshal, who was hurried away by the moved an address to the Prince Regent, force of circumstances. It was also expressing the thanks of the two Houses urged at the trial, as it had previously for its communication of the treaties, and been in a note addressed to the Duke of their approbation of the measures of the Wellington, that the convention conBritish government, and of the unanimi. cluded for the surrender of Paris held ty and vigour of the allies during the late out security to the persons and property contest with France. An amendment of its inhabitants, whatever might have was moved in both Houses, founded been their political conduct anterior to chiefly on the objection to the mainte- that event. The ministers of Louis nance of an army in France, but nega- XVIII. contended that this convention tived in the House of Lords in favour of could not have any reference to the the original motion by a majority of 104 kiog's dispositions and rights as sovereiga to 40, and in the Commons, after an ad- of the country, that he never acceded to journed debate, by a majority of 240 to it, and that consequently he could not 77.,

be bound by any of its provisions. These It is confidently announced that the and other less important grounds of deyoungest brother of the reigning Duke of fence proved of no avail to the prisoner, Saxe-Coburg, who has arrived in this coun- who on the 6th was declared by the try is about to receive the fair hand of Chamber to be guilty of high treason.the accomplished Princess Charlotte of On the following morning he was conWales. This Prince, whose name is Leo- veyed to an open place near the Obpold Gerrge Christian Frederic, was born servatory, in the plain of Grenelle, and in December 1790, and accompanied the there shot by a detachment of the Emperor of Russia and King of Prussia troops. to this country at the time of their visit in Count Lavalette, another of the taitorthe summer of 1811. One of his sisters ous adherents of Buonaparte, was tried is married to the Russian Grand Duke by the Court of Assize on the 21st No. Constantine.

vember, on a charge of previous correLord Amherst and his suite sailed on spondence with the usurper, and with the 8th of February in the Alceste from having, on the 20th March, before his Portsmouth, on his mission to China. entry into the capital, taken possession

As a matter of record, not of novelty, by force of the direction of the post

1816.) Escope of Lavalette-Law of Amnesty.

167 office, stopped the circulation of the law as finally adopted, is dated the 12th king's proclamations, and otherwise faci- of January, and is as follows :litated the enterprise of Napoleon. Art. 1. A full and entire amnesty is He was sentenced to die, appealed granted to all those who directly or indirectly to the Court of Cassation, which con

took part in the rebellion and usurpation of firmed the verdict, and at length found Napoleon Buonaparte, saving the following means to escape, on the night of Decem- exceptions, ber 20th, in the clothes of his wife, who

2. The ordinance of the 24th July shall was permitted to visit him in the Cone continue to be executed with regard to the

persons comprised in the first article of that ciergerie, wbere he was confined. It was

ordinance, at first very generally surmised that the

3. The King shall be empowered, in the king, or at least some of his ministers, hd space of two months, dating from the proconnived at the escape of this culprit; mulgation of the present law, to remove from but it has since been discovered that be France such of those individuals comprised was assisted in his plans by three: Eng: in the second article of the said ordinance as lish gen:lemen of some distinction :-Sir he shall keep on it, a:d who shall not have Robert Wilson, who, as a soldier and a been brougne before the tribunals; and in writer, has strongly manifested bis anti- this case, they shall depart from France, pathy to Buonaparte; Capt. Hutchinson, within the time prescribed for them, nor of the Guards, nephew to Lords Hutchis shall they return to it, without the express inson and Donoughmore; and

Mr. authority of his Majesty- the whole under Bruce, son of Crawford Bruce, Esq. pain of deportation. The King shall likebanker. The French government hava

wise be empowered to deprive them of all ing obtained satisfactory evidence to this property and pensions granted to them gra

tuitously. effect, caused them to be apprehended

4. The ascendants and descendants of Naon the 13th of Janaary. Their applica: poleon Buonaparte, his uncles and aunts, his tion to be allowed their liberty upon bail nephews and nieces, his brothers, their wives, has been refused, and they now await and their descendants, his sisters, and their their trial for the offence with which they husbands, are excluded from the kingdom in are charged. Whatever may have been perpetuity, and are bound to depart from it the motive of these gentlemen for their in the space of one month, under the peinterposition between a convicted crimi- nalties denounced by the 01st article of nal and the injured laws of his country, the penal code. They cannot enjoy any we cannot but deeply regret that they civil rights, possess any property, title, and should have suffered themselves to be le pensions granted to them gratuitously within trayed into so gross a violation of those it; and they shall be bound to sell, within

the laws, and so daring a defiance of the go


of six months, the property of vernment of a frieodly state. Nothing every kind which they possessed by onerous

title. indeed can be better calculated than such conduct to afford some colour to

5. The present amnesty is not applicable the charge repeatedly alleged against been commencer, or judgments obtained,

to persons against whom prosecutions have England, that wherever an opportunity before the promulgation of the present law; offers for involving France in civil or mi the prosecutions shall be continued, and litary broils, there her interference will the judgments executed conformably to the Dever be wanting. We know that this laws. idea is so strongly impressed upon many 9. Are not comprised in the present amminds, that in various parts of the Conti- nesty crimes or misdemeanors against private nent our governiuent was firmly believed persons, at whatever period they may have to have wioked at the escape of Buona- been committed. The persons guilty of parte from Elba, in the hope of again them shall be liable to be prosecuted accordplunging our national rival into all the ing to law. calamities of anarchy and irretrievable

7. Those of the regicides who, in despite ruin.

of a clemency without bounds, have voted On the 8th of December, the day after for the Additional Act, or accepted offices and the execution of Ney, the projet of a

employments from the usurper, and who, by Law of Ainnesty was submitted to the

so doing, have declared themselves irrecon

cileable enemies of France and of the legitiChamber of Deputies by the Duke de Richelieu, but it was not adopted with the kingdom, and are bound to leave i. in a

mate government, are excluded for ever from out considerable discussion, and the pro- month, upon the penalty inflicted by Art. 33 posal of various amendments which went of the penal code; they shall not be capable even farther than bad been contem- of enjoying in it any civil right, or possessing płated by his Majesty's ministers. The in it any property, titles, or pensions given

to them gratuitously.


Discontents in France.

[March 1,

Io a subsequent ordinance dated Jan. not to be procured except upon such 17th, the King, by virtue of the power of terms as nearly annount to a prohibition. revision, rested in him with respect to With the departure of the chief adherents the individuals named in the 2d Article of Buonaparte, whose interest it was to of the ordinance of July 24th, 1815, keep alive and aggravate the feelings of continues the list in its original state, dissatisfaction, we trust that these feeland conimands all persons included in it ings will subside. Cambaceres, Soolt, to quit France by Feb. 25th, at latest, on Massena, and many other revolutionary pain of transportation,

characters have sought refuge in Belgium, That these measures should excite whence Merlin bas embarked for the great dissatisfaction among the adherents United States of America. Carnot is of the usurper, as well those who are, as gone to Russia, and Fouché, not long those who are not proscribed by them, since sent as ambassador to the court of was no more than might rationally have Saxony, has been superseded and forbidbeen expecied. At Lyons, this spirit ac- den to return to France. Generals Detually burst forth about the end of Janu- helle, Drouot, and Cambrone, are impriary, into an open insurrection, in which soned at Paris, awaiting their trials, and Generals Meunier and Le Grange were legal proceedings have been instituted implicated. The rebellious attempt, against Grouchy and others included in however, failed; the former was killed, the first article of the ordinance of the and the latter afterwards secured, a few 24th of July last, though they have not leagues from the city. Indeed, the yet been apprehended. French papers themselves convey no flat The last posts held by the British in tering picture of the disposition of the and near Paris were delivered up to the country in general, throughout, which French in the last days of January, by numerous apprehensions for disaffec- which time the allied troops composing tion, are continually taking place. It the right wing of the army of occupation seems that this spirit has even spread had taken up the positions assigned them its contagion to a class of people, by the Duke of Wellington as Comwhom we should have supposed least mander in chief. They consist of 30,000 likely to fall under its influence--we English; 20,000 Russians, and 15,000 mean the collectors of taxes. Forty of Danes, Saxons, and Hanoverians. The these men have been suspended in the Saxons and Danes form a line which exdepartment of the Aude alone, and 550 tends to the French fortresses in Artois; persons employed in the collection of the the Hanoverians are concentrated about indirect laxes have been removed since Condé; the Russians have extended the appointment of M. de la Barente to themselves farther into the French territhe general direction of that branch of tory—their left wing is supported upon the public service, for having manifested Charlemont, their right upon Maubeuge, opinions unfavourable to the government, and the most advanced troops of the cenThe violent attacks on the Bourbon fa- tre reach to the frontiers of the district mily, in which some of the English news- of Laon. Behind all these positions are papers have indulged, and the malicious the English en echellon, extending from fabrications to which they have given Valenciennes to Somme. All the for publicity, were in truth well calculated tresses this line have numerous garrito feed the flame of discontent, which is sons, and the positions are so chosen, far from being smothered in this unhappy that the Allies can at any time cut off country; their introduction into the read those strong places which still have ing-stalls and news-rooms has in conse French garrisons from all communication quence been forbidden; and they are with the interior.


With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Characters.

Bulletin of the King's Health.

Mr. Dodd, the engineer, has announced Windsor Castle, Feb. 3. the design of a magnificent iron bridge, His Majesty has passed the last month in which he proposes to call the Toptine Waa general state of tranquillity, and in the en- terloo Bridge, and to carry across the Thames joyment of good bodily health. His Majes- from Rotherhitife to the opposite shore, ACty's disorder remains unaltered,

cording to the plan of the projector, it

ston, bart.

Promotions and Appointments.

169 should be so constructed as to admit vessels Viscount Bantry to be Viscount Bear to sail underneath it, and without spandrels haven and Earl of Bantry. of arches to obstruct the sight.

Visc. Mountjoy to be Earl of Blessington. Promotions and Appointments.] Colonel Baron Sheffield to be Viscount Pevensey, James Bathurst to be Lieut.-governor of the

and Earl of Sheffield, in Ireland. Virgin Islands, vice Lieut.-colonel Napier, Baron Cahir to be Viscount Cahir and Earl resigned.

of Glengal. James Robt. Márthews, esq. to be his Ma Baron Frankfort to De Viscount Frankfort jesty's Consul at Cadiz.

de Montmorency. Adm. Sir Chaloner Ogle, knt., General Baron Adare to be Viscount Mount Earl. Banastre Tarleton, and General John Floyd,

Baron Eunismore to be Viscount Ennisto be Baronets.

more and Listowel. Major-gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, knt, to be Baron Kiltarton to be Viscount Gort. a Knight Commander of the Order of the Sheriffs appointed by the Prince Regent in Bach.

Council for 1816. Lieut.-col. Baron Tripp, and Major the Bedfordshire-Henry Brandreth of HoughHon. George Dawson, to be Companions of ton Regis, esq. the Order of the Bath.

Berkshire--Rich. Powlett Wrighte Benyon, James Allan Park, esq. to be one of the of Englefield, esq. Justices of the Court of Common Pleas, vice Buckinghamshire Thos. Tyringham Ber Sir Alan Chambre, knt. resigned.

nard, of Nether Winchendon, esq. Rev. Jas. Stanier Claike to be one of the Cambridge and Hunts-John Whitby QuinDeputy Clerks of the King's Closet.

tin, of Harley Saint George, esq. Lieut.-gen, Sir John Coape Sherbrooke, Cheshire-Sam. Aldersey, of Aldersey, esy. K. G. C. B. to be Captain-general and Gover- Cumlerland-William Brown, of Tallantire nor in Chief of Upper and Lower Canada,

Hall, esq. New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Derbyshire-John Peel, of the Pastures, esq. islands of Prince Edward and Cape Breton. Devonshire-Sir Arthur Chichester, of Youl

Lieuto-colonel Charles W. Maxwell to be Governor and Commander in Chief of Do Dorsetshire-John Herbert Browne, of Weyminica.

mouth, esq. The Duke of Richmond to be Lord-lieutc- Esser-Nicholas Pearce, of Loughton, esq. nant of Sussex.

Gloucestershire-Daniel John Niblett, of James Buchanan, esq. to be his Majesty's Harefield, esq. Consul at New York.

Herefordshire-Kingsmill Evans, of the Wm. Dawson, esq. to be his Majesty's Consul in the State of Maryland.

Hertfordshire-Daniel Giles, of Youngsbury, Major-gen. Sis Fred. Phillips Robinson, esq. K. C. B. to be Governor of Tobago,

Kent-Alex. Evelyn, of St. Clere, esq. Major-gen. George Wm. Ramsay to be Leicestershire- Charles Wm. Pochin, of Govemor of Antigua and Montserrat.

Barkby, esq. Thomas Probyn, esq. to be Governor of Lincolnshire-Nevile King, of Ashby, esq. St. Christopher, Nevis, and the Virgin Monmouthshire-Sir Henry Protheroe, of Islands.

Llantarnam Abbey, knt. Majar-gen, Phineas Riall to be Governor Norfolk-Sigismund Trafford Southwell, of of Grenada.

Wroxhani, esą. Patrick Savage, esq. to be his Majesty's Northamptonshire-Sir James Langham, of Consul in the State of Virginia.

Cottisbrooke, bart. John Leach, esq. to be Chancellor and Northumberland- Matthew Bell, of WoolKeeper of the Great Seal to H. R. H. the sington, esą. Prince Regent.

Nottinghamshire-Sir Robert How Bromley, Wm. Draper Best, esq. to be Attorney of East Stuke, bart. general to H.R. H. the Prince Regent. Oxfordshire-John Phillips, of Culham, esq.

Wm. Harrison, esq. to be Solicitor-general Rutlandshire-John Colc Gilso!, of Burto H. R, H. the Prince Regent.

ley, esq. Matthew John Tierney, esq. M.D. to be a Shropshire-Sir Thos. John Tyrwhitt Jones, Physician in Ordinary to H. R. H, the Prince of Stanley, bart. Regent.

Somerselshire-John Goodford, of Yeovil, The Earl of Ormonde and Ossory to be esq. Marquis of Ormonde.

Sioffordshire--John Smith, of Great FeoThe Earl of Londonderry to be Marquis of ton, esa. Londonderry.

Connty of Southampton-John Morant, of The Earl of Conyngham to be Viscount . Brockenhurst, esq. Slade, E: r1 of Mount Charles, and Marquis Suffolk-Sir Chas. Bluis, of Cockfield Hall, Conyngham.

bart. New MONTILY MAG.-No, 26, Vol. V.

Hill, esq.



Ecclesiastical Preferments, Births, Marriages.

[March 1,


dion, esq.

Surrey- Benj. Barnard, of Ham Common, Rev. T, MORGAN to be Chaplain of the esq.

Royal Naval Hospital, Plymonth. Sussex John Ingram, of Rottingdean, esq. Rev. C. PENRICE to the rectory of Hampe Warwickshire-Wm. Holbeche, of Farnbo- net, Somerset. rough, esq.

Rev. Thos. Price to the vicarage of Si, Wiltshire-John Hussey, of New Sarum,esq. Peter, Worcester. Worcestershire-Joseph Lea, of the Hill, esq. Rev. WM. WEBB to the vicarage of Lite Yorkshire-Richard Oliver Gascoigne, of lington, Cambridge. Partington, esq.

Births) Lady Sarah Lyttleton of a daughCarmarthen-John Colby, of Pennywern, ter. esq.

The lady of Major-general Beatson of a Pembroke-Hen. Mathias, of Fem Hill, esq. daughter, Cardigan-Thos. Lloyd, of Coedmiore, est. The lady of Rear-adm. Sir Geo. Cockburn Glamorgan-Henry John Grant, of Gnoll of a daughter. Castle, esq.

The lady of the Hon. and Rev. Geo. HerBrecon Edw. Kendal, of Dan y Park, esq. bert of a daaghter. Radnor-Sir Harford Jones, of Boultibrook, The lady of the Hon. Charles Law of a bart.

daughter. Merioneth-Thos. Duckenfield Astley, of The Countess of Ashburnham of a daugh

Cwmllecoidiog, esq. Carnarvon-Thos. Burrow, of Benarth, esq. Lady Harriet Paget of a son. Anglesey-Robt. Bulkeley, of Gronant, esq. Lady E. W. B. Webster of a son. Montgomery--Thomas Watkin Youde, of Lady Ponsonby, widow of Major-general Cloghfan, esq.

the Hon. Sir Wm.P., of a son. Denbigh-Edward Edwards, of Cerig Llwy- The Duchess of Bedford of a son,

At Hampton, Lady Edmonstone of a son. Flint-Geo. Boscawen, of Marsord, esq. The lady of Sir John Chandos Reade, bart. Cornwall. Sir Arscott Ourry Molesworth, of a son. of Pencarrow, bart.

At his house in Great Coram-street, the Members returned to Parliament.] Vis. lady of James Elmes, esq., architect, of a count Barnard for Winchelsea, vice Calver- daughter. ley Bowicke, esq. deceased.

Married.] Ant. Hammond, esq. of Sa. Sir Charles Cockerell, bart, for Seaford, ville-row, to Theodosia Elizabeth, eldest vice John Leach, esq., who has accepted the daughter of Nath. Gostling, esq. of Earl's Chiltern Hundreds,

Court House, Old Brompton. George Bankes, esq., for Corfe Castle, vice Major Thos. A. Brandreth, R. A. to SaPeter Wm. Baker, esq., deceased.

rah, eldest daughter of the late Geo. Curling, The Hon. Henry Caulfield for the county esq. of Cleveland-row. of Armagh, vice Wm. Brownlow, esq., de- W. M. Peacock, esq. to Sophia, only ceased.

daughter of the Baron La Cainea, consulEcclesiastical Preferments.]

Capt. Francis Baker, R. N. to Caroline el. JOHN ASHBURNHAM, to the vicarage of Pe

dest daughter of the Rev. Dr. Price, prebenvensey, together with the rectory of Guest

dary of Durham. ling, Sussex. Rev. S. COLE to be Chaplain of Green

Capt. Henry Pigott, 82d foot, to Marga. wich Hospital.

ret, eldest daughter of Scrope Bernard MorRev. STUART CORBETT to the rectory of

land, esq. M. P. Scrayingham, York.

Capt. Wood, of the E. I. C. service, to

Ellen, eldest daughter of Jos. Murphy, esq. Rev. JOHN DAVIS to the rectory of St.

Spencer Perceval Mansel, esq. son of the
Clement, Worcester.
Rev.John Douignon to the vicarage of Bishop of Bristol, to Agnes, daughter of Dr.

Ainslie, of Dover-street.
Gooderstone, Norfolk,
Rev. BENJAMIN EDMONSON to the perpe-

Thomas Pain, esq. of Windsor, to Miss tual curacy of Wetherby, York.

Hooper, daughter of the late Mr. Henry H. of Rev, WM. ELWYN to the rectory of St.


The Rev. Wm. Wescomb, rector of Lang. Mary Abchurch, with the curacy of St. Law

ford, Essex, to Jane, grand-daughter of the rence Pountney, London. Rev. WM. GREENE to the rectory of St.

Hon. General Douglas, M. P. Olave's, Southwark.

Thomas Barnewall, esq. of ColemanRev. CUTHBERT Henley to the rectory

street Buildings, to Mrs. Allan, of Quebecof Rendlesham, Suffolk. Rev.John Hoyle to the rectory of Comp- R. N. to Eliza, eldest daughter of Mr. T.

At Edmonton, Wm. M, G. Cobbe, esq. ton Martin, Somerset, Rev. Walter Kitson to the rectory of

Hammond, surgeon. Chilton Foliat, Wilts.

Died.] In Burr-street, Jas. Flower, esq. 49. Rev. H. LLOYD to the rectory of Llangci- urst, second son of the late, and only brother

In Mount-street, the Hon. Apsley Baththo, Wales,

of the present Earl Bathurst.

The Rev. general at Nice.


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