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Stradling versus Stiles.

Le report del case argue en le commen banke devant tout les justices de le mesme banke, en le quart, an. du raygne de roy Jaques, entre Matthew Stradling, plant. & Peter Stiles, def. en un action propter certos equos coloratos, Anglice, pueJ) Bor0e0, post, per le dit Matthew vers le dit Peter.

Le recitel O 31 in John Swale, of Swale-Hall in del case. Swale-Dale fast bo tfje IRtber Swale, tit. tnaoe £i0 Hasst Mill ano Testament: in togtcfi, among otfjer 315eq.u«JtjJ, teas tgisJ, viz. Out of the kind love and respect that I bear unto my much honoured and good friend Mr. Matthew Stradling, gent. I do bequeath unto the said Matthew Stradling, gent, all my black and white horses. Cfic Ccgtator Sao sir blatfe Borises, stir tofiite Barses, ano git* pueo fiorsicsi.

Cfie SDebare rgrofot* toass, (LdtgetBcc Le point, or no tljc 0aiO Matthew Stradling sljoulo gate tlje saio ppro IjorocfS op tumir of tfie saio Beojicst.

Atkin Pour le pi Atkins apprentice pour It pi. mop

Se;r.b[e que Ic pi. recobcra. 2uo first of all it cccmerlj erpciiicnt to consign: ifi tl)C nature of horses, auo alSO toft at IS the nature of colours; ano so tljc argument toill con* scqucntlp Siuifcc itself in a ttoofolo toan, tftat is to Sap, tlj.C formal part, ano substantial part.

Horses arc tlit substantial part, or thing ucqueafftco: black and white tijc formal or orocriptiuc part.

Horse, in a pftpsital sense, Dot!) import a certain quadrupede or four-footed animal, which by the apt and regular disposition of certain proper and convenient parts, is adapted, fitted and constituted for the use and need of man. JIca, SO UCCCSSflrp ano

contmtiuc teas- tins animal conteiDco to be to tljc fcrftoof of tl)c commontoeal, tftat fiunorp ano oiiicrss acts of parliament ftai;c from time to time been matlC in favour of horses.

ist. Edw. VI. S?afocs tfie transporting of horses out of tf|e fcinglom, no less a pcnaltp tljau tljc forfeiture of 40I.

id and 3d Edward VI. t£afcCS from horse-stealers tljc benefit of tljeir tlcrgu.

And the Statutes of the 27th and 32d of Hen. VIII. conorstcno so far as to taftc tare of tljeir ticrp breed: dxec our ccom ancestor pruocntlp forsering, tftat tfru cculo not letter take care of tfteir oton pooteritp, tlv.n is» also taking care of that of tljeir horses.

fluo of co great esteem arc horses in tljc e;ic of tftc common lato, that toftcn a Knight of the Bath rommittctft ami great anD enormous crime, Ijisf pmric-ftmem is to ftaSc ft:? spurs chopt off with a


cleaver, being, as master Bracton toell obserbetlj, unworthy to ride on a horse.

Littleton, Sect. 315. saith, 3f tenants ill common make a lease resettling for rent a horse, tBep sfiall babe but one asst3e, because, saith the book, tbe lato toill not Suffer a horse to be severed. Snotget argu* mnit of fiicfi estimation the lato maltetg of a gorse.

I5»t as flic great difference secmetlj not to be So mutjj touching tge substantial part, horses, let us proceed to tbe formal or bescriptibe part, viz. Sfllfiat Borses tbep are tijat come toitjjin tljis 2!5e= quest.

Colour^ are tommoulp of various kinds and different sorts; of togicb~ white anb black are tfie ttoe ertremes, anb, consequrntlp, comprehend within them all other colours whatsoever.

15p a IPcqueSt therefore of black and white horses, gray or pyed horses may well pass; for toljm ttoo f.r» tremes, or remotest en&s of anp tljing are dedised, tbe lato, bu common intendment, toill intend whatsoever is contained between them to be devised too.

3i5ut t&e present case is Still stronger, coming not onlp toitfiin tfie intendment, but also tfic btrp letter of tfje toorDS

15p tfie toord black, all tlje fiorses tDat arc black are devised; bp tlje toord white, are deuiSed tliosc tfiat are white; anb bu tlje same toord, tottlj tbe con|unction copulation, and, bcttocen tljem, the horses that are black and white, tfiat iS to jJilp, pyed, are devised also.

CtibatCbcr is black and white is pyed, and toBatebtr is pyed IS black and white; ergo, black

and and white IS pyed, atlD, vice versa, pyed IS black and white.

3!f therefore black and white horses arc tiebiscti, pyed horses shall pass by such devise; but black and white horses are devised; ergo, the pi. shall have the pyed horses.

Catlyne Serjeant: mop semble al' Pour le contrarp, the plaintiff shall not have defend. the pyed horses by intendment; for if bp the DCbiSe of black and white horses, not onlp blatfe ano tohite horses, but horses of anp colour bettoecn these ttoo ertremes map n.lSjS, then not only pyed and gray horses, but also red or bay horses would pass likewise, which would be absurd and against reason. #110 this i$ another Strong argument in lato, Nihil, quod est contra rationem, est licitum: for reason is the life of the law, nap tfje common law is nothing but reason; tohith i0 to be unOCt0tOOO Of artificial perfection and reason gotten bp long StuDp, antl not of man's natural reason; for nemo nascitur artifex, and legal reason est summa ratio; atlD therefore if all the reason that is Disperseb into so manp Different hcaos, toere unitco into one, lie cottlo not make Suth a lato ass the lato of England; because bp manp successions of ages it has been firco ana refireD bp grabe ano learneb men; so that the oltj rule map be benftctj in it, Neminem oportet esse legibus sapientiorem.

as therefore pyed horses Do not tome toithin the tutentnncnt of the Request, so neither Do thep toithin the letter of the toovbs.

3 pyed horse is not a white horse, neither is a

pyed pyed a black horse; goto tgen Can pyed horses tome UH&cr the toortJS of black and white horses?

SSesitics, tohere custom hatlj aoaptco a certain Determinate name to ami one tiling, in all oeuises, feofmentS ant) grants, that certain name shall be made use of, and nouncertain circumlocutory descriptions shall be allowed; for certaintp is the father of right, ano the mother of fustier.

Le reste del argument jeo ne pouvois oyer, car jeo fui disturb en mon place.

3le court fuit longtment en ooubt' tit e'est matter, rt apres grant) Deliberation ru, Suogmeut fuit Donne pour le pi. nisi causa. Motion in arrest of judgment, that the pyed horses

were mares; auD thereupon an inspection was prayed.

€t SUC ceo le court advisare vult.


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