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That this vain and transitory World will shortly be brought to ks final Dissolution.


Woe! Woe I Woe I

WOE to London! Woe to Westminster! Woe to Southwark! and, Woe to the inhabitants thereof.

I am loth to say, Woe to the old and new churches, those that are built, and those that are not built!

But woe to the gates, the streets, and the houses \ Woe to the men, the women, and the children! for the Mohocks and Hawcubites are already come, the time draweth near and the end approacheth!

Not to mention the near resemblance between the names of Mohock and Goc, Hawcubite and Magog (though I think there is a great deal even in that) I shall go on to proceed in my more solid


arguments, proving to you not only the things that are, but also the things that are not.

The things that are, are the Mohocks and HawCubites; the things that are not, are Goo and Magog; and yet both the things that are, and the things that are not, are one and the same thing.

How this matter is, or when it is to be fulfilled, neither you nor I know, but I only.

For when the Mohocks and Hawcubites came, Satan came also among them: and where Satan is, there are Gog and Magog also.

They have the mark of the beast in their foreheads, and the beast himself is in their hearts, their teeth are sharp like the teeth of lions, their tails are fiery like the tails of scorpions, and their hair is as the hair of women.

[Here the spirit paused a while, and thus again proceeded.]

Now listen to what is to come:

Those that are in shall abide in, and those that are out shall abide out. Yet those that are in shall be as those that are out, and those that are out shall be as those that are in.

Be not dejected fear not but believe and


The lions of this world are dead, and the prince* of this world are dead also, and the next world draweth nigh.

That ancient whig, the antichrist of St. John, shall lead the van like a young dragon; but he shall be cut piecemeal, and dispossessed.

The dragon upon Bow church, and the grasshopper upon the Royal Exchange, shall meet together gether upon Stocks market, and shake hands like brethren.

Shake therefore your heads, O ye people! My time is short, and yours is not long; lengthen, therefore, your repentance, and shorten your iniquities.

Lo! the comet appeareth in the south! yea, it appeareth exceedingly. Ah poor deluded Christians! Ah blind brethren! think not that this baleful dog-star only shaketh his tail at you in waggery; no, it shaketh it as a rod. It is not a sporting tail, but a fiery tail, even as the tail of a harlot, yea such a tail as m3y reach, and be told, to all posterity.

I am the porter, that was barbarou.dy slain in Fleet street: by the Mohocks and Hawcubites, was I slain, when they laid violent hands upon me.

They put their hook into my mouth, they divided my nostrils asunder, they sent me, as they thought, to my long home; but now I am returned again to foretel their destruction.

The time is at hand, when the freethinkers of Great Britain shall be converted to Judaism; and the sultan shall receive the foreskins of Toland and Collins* in a box of gold.

Yet two days, a day, and half a day, yet, upon the twelfth hour of the fourth day, those emblems of Gog and Magog at the Guildhall shall fall to the ground, and be broke asunder. With them shall perish the Mohocks and Hawcubites, and the whole world shall perish with them.

[Here the spirit disappeared, and immediately thereupon held his peace.]

• Authors of several books in favour of infidelity.

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[From the henroost, August the 4th.]

1 WO days ago we were put in a dreadful consternation by the advance of a kite, which threatened every minute to fall upon us: he made several motions, as if he designed to attack our lefc wing, which covered our infantry. We were alarmed at his approach, and, upon a general muster of all our forces, the kitchenmaid came to our relief; but we were soon convinced that she had betrayed us, and was in the interest of the kite aforesaid; for she twisted off two of our companions necks, and stripped them naked: five of us were also clapped in a close prison, in order to be sold for slaves the next market-day.

P. S. The black hen was last night safely delivered of seven young ducks.

Vol. XVII. A a [From

[From the garden, August the 3d.]

The boars have done much mischief of late in these parts, to such a degree, that no: a turnip or carrot can lie safe in their beds. Yesterday several of them were taken, and sentenced to have a wooden engine put about their necks, to have their noses bored, and rings thrust through them, as a mark of infamy for such practices.

[From the great pond, August the 1st.]

Yesterday a large sail of ducks passed by here, after a small resistance from two little boys, who flung stones at them : they landed near the barn door, where they foraged with very good success. While they were upon this enterprise, an old turkey-cock attacked a maid in a red petticoat, and she retired with great precipitation. This afternoon being somewhat rainy, they set sail again, and took several frogs. Just now arrived the parson's wife, and twenty ducks were brought forth before her, in order to be tried, but for what crime we know not: however, two of them were condemned. 'Twas also observed, that she carried off a goding, and three sucking pigs.

[From the little fort at the end of the garden, August

the 5th.]

Last night two young men of this place made a detachment of their breeches, in order, as it is thought, to possess themselves of the two overtures of the said fort; but at their approach they heard great firing from the port-holes; they found them already bombarded by the rear-guard of Sarah and Suky, who,


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