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THE volumes of Sermons, of the Rev. Dr. Buist, are presented to the publick, principally, at the request of the general body of his friends and congregation.

The reverend authour had, frequently, expressed his intention, to those with whom he was particularly intimate, of publishing a selection of his Sermons, whenever he should find leisure, froin his many avocations, to prepare them for

the press.

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The hand of death arrested the erecution of this design; and the partiality of friends has done, thus feebly, what Dr. Buist would have effected in the most able manner.

The love and csteem of his numerous and respectable congregation coincided with the affectionate regard of his friends. They could not consent to separate themselves for ever from the christian advice consolation to which they had, so often, listened with comfort and delight ; and as they could, no longer, enjoy these from the pulpit of Dr. Buist, they ardently wished to be able to read,

in their families and in retirement, discourses to which they had always listened with satisfaction.

Those to whom the selection for the publick has been committed, are aware, that there are many errours given in these volumes to the world, as Dr. Buist's, for which they alone are responsible. They trust, that every allowance will be made for a posthumous work; for the difference between a copy used by the preacher for his text, and the delivery itself ; for deficiencies, supplied in the course of exhortation, from the exuberance of the mind; in short, for the many blemishes, which the authour, who knew his whole ground, was adequate to turn into beauties.

It is to be lamented, that the reverend authour had not lived to prepare a selection of his Sermons for publication ; they would have been worthy of any man. His friends now give these to the world, trusting that they will be useful, knowing that they cannot but be interesting ; and, as they are addressed to christians, they hope that christian charity will cover all their infirmities, and christian knowlege supply all' their deficiencies.

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