Catalogue of the Library of the Law School of Harvard University, Volumen 1

Dennis & Company, 1909

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Página 73 - Articles of Religion agreed upon by the archbishops and bishops of both provinces and the whole clergy in the convocation holden at London in the year of our Lord God...
Página 543 - Protestant Subjects dissenting from the Church of England from the Penalties of certain Laws...
Página 1065 - A Discourse on the Institution of a Society for enquiring into The History, Civil and Natural, The Antiquities, Arts, Sciences, and Literature of Asia, Delivered at Calcutta, JAN.
Página 289 - CABALA SIVE SCRINIA SACRA : Mysteries of State and Government, in Letters of Illustrious Persons, and Great Ministers of State...
Página 453 - CONSTITUTIONS and CANONS Ecclesiastical, treated upon by the Bishop of London, President of the Convocation for the Province of Canterbury, and the rest of the Bishops and Clergy of the said Province...
Página 74 - A Discourse: wherein is examined, what is particularly lawfull during the Confusions and Revolutions of Government ; or how farre a man may lawfully conforme to the powers and commands of those who with various successes hold kingdoms divided with civill or forreigne warres, whether it be, 1.
Página 191 - Considerations on the Question whether Tenants by Copy of Court Roll, according to the Custom of the Manor...
Página 220 - Speeches of the Governors of Massachusetts, from 1765 to 1775; and The Answers of the House of Representatives, to the Same; with their Resolutions and Addresses for that period.
Página 428 - A treatise on the police of the metropolis, containing a detail of the various crimes and misdemeanors, by which public and private property, and security are, at present, injured and endangered, and suggesting remedies for their prevention ; 6th edition.
Página 203 - BOND'S A Handy Book of Rules and Tables for verifying Dates with the Christian Era, &c. Giving an account of the Chief Eras and Systems used by various Nations ; with the easy Methods for determining the Corresponding Dates. By JJ Bond. 5*. BONOMI'S Nineveh and its Palaces. 7 Plates and 294 Woodcut Illustrations. 5.?.

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