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Plaster for rendering linen cloth impenetrable to air and water,

ii. 2.
Plattsburgh, poetical description of, i. 39)---401.
Pleasantry (ill-timed) remarkable instance of, i. 63.
Plot formed for destroying his Most Faithful Majesty, i. 280.
Plough and harrow, new invented, ii. 377.
Plum-pudding, description and component parts of a very extra-

ordinary sized one, ii. 5.
Poetical epistle from Lady Bridget L-to Lady Bab But-
terfly, at York, i. 222.

description of an artist's chamber, ii. 325.
Polite arts, exhibition of, ii. 131.
Politics in low life, ludicrous description of, ii. 109.
Poor Fanny, observations on the fate of that well known charac-

ter, ji. 138.
Pope, (Alexander) anecdote of, i. 88.

Inscription for the villa of, i. 409.
Potatoe water a cure for insects, ji. 303.
Preachers, evangelical, description of, ii. 22.
Prevention of putrefaction, ii. 348.
Procrastinated climax, ii. 328.
Prologue to “ Love's Alarms," ii. 123.
Propagation of an error, ii. 391.
Prophetical Improbabilities; or, Woe to Englund, ii. 248.
Prussians, manners and religion of the, ii. 342.
Public characters, reflections on, by Cinna, ii. 195.
Pulling a nose, indictment for, îi. 209.
Punning defined, ii. 354.

Quackery (female) fatal effects from, ü. 10.
Quaker, bargain of a, i. 120.

trick of a noted one in the city, ir. 204.

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Rats, abundance of at St. Helena, and method of hunting them,

ii. 297.
Ravenous beast in France, explanation of the, i. 134.
Reading in bed, fatal accident from, i, 115.
Reason for not knowing a mother's maiden name, ii. 243.

for begging, ii. 273.
Receipt to pay a reckoning, i. 230.
Reflections in a flower garden, ii. 240.

on three periods of life, ii. 329.
Reform, prophecy on, i. 140.


Religious fanaticism in Sicily, i. 369.
Remarkable melancholy accident, i. 197.

event at Windwhistle, in Somersetshire, i. 296.
event at Brighton, ii. 100.

catastrophe of sudden death, ii. 211.
Remarks of a Frenchman in England, ii. 5.
“ Remember Me; or, The Last Ťoken," by Peter Pindar, i. 368.
Repartee of a military officer, i. 100.

good effects of a, i. 324.
Reply, (The) i. 43.
Reports of the day, ii. 403.
Resolution of a Brunswick trooper, i. 238.
Revival of an old story, ii. 141.
Riddle, i. 86.

(Thomas) curate of St. Giles's, his list of duties per-
formed on a certain Sunday, ii. 164.
Ridley, (Bishop) extract from the life of, i. 292.

his cheerful behaviour at his execution, ib.
Rodney, (Lord) anecdote of, i. 406.
Roman antiquities, description of those found at Carlisle, i. 273.

Catholic seminary in Dorsetshire, discovery of a, ii. 133.

pavement discovered near Yeovil, ii. 265.
Roubiliac, anecdote of, i. 25.
Royal tiger, particulars of one taken in a snare, i. 384.
Russian mission to Persia, account of their reception, ii. 29.

names perverted, or real life below stairs, ii. 233–37.

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Sacerdos Rusticos, his observations on the situation of the poor,

and his recommendation of a cheap meal for six people, i. 99.
Sadi, the poor Negro, a fragment, i. 55.
Sagacity of a favourite bitch, i. 299.
Sampson (female) advertisement respecting the, i. 48.
Saxony (King of) his present to the Duke of Wellington, ii. 26.
Sohoitz (Emanuel) the wonder of all the wonders the world ever

wondered at, i. 301.
Scotch harvest accounted for, ii. 186.

politics, fatal effects of, ii. 130.
Seal, destruction of one at Fortrose, ii. 36.
Secker, (Abp.) peculiar circumstances respecting him, ii. 243.
Sedition, punishment for, ii. 397.
Serious consequences from a fright, ii. 391.
Sextoness, conduct of one respecting her' drowned son, ii. 85.
Shakspeare defended, ii. 282.

bust of, ii. 321.

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Sharp, (Granville, Esq.) eulogy to the memory of, i. 156.
Sheridan, (Right Hon. Richard Brinsley) monody to the me-

mory of, ii. 265.
“ Shipwrecked Mariner," by Mr. Upton, i. 347.
Shocking occurrence of a Gentoo widow sacrificing herself on the

funeral pile, i. 159.
“ Shore of Athens," by Lord Byron, ii. 132.
Short courtships and happy marriages, ii. 41.
Short prayers, specimens of, ii. 359.
Sidney, (Algernon) original letter from, i. 27.
Sign-boards, a remarkable one in Cornwall and St. Giles’s, i. 242.
Silver toy presented to the Prince of W-s, ii. 162.
Singing at sight, i. 269.
Singular meeting of a mother and her son, i. 112.

lining for a coffin, i. 221.
circumstance attending a servant in Yorkshire, i. 218.
instance of presence of mind, i. 226.
instance of a ball lodged in an officer's skull, i. 232.

anecdote, extracted from Carr's Travels round the Bal-
tic, i. 370—73.

advertisement for a horse, ii. 59.
circumstance of three boys escaping from school, ii. 191.
attempt of three ruffians at Portsmouth, ii. 202.
advertisement from a publican, ii. 211.
toast at a public dinner, ii. 243.
epitaph, ii. 251.

notice on a Catholic chapel door, ii. 267.

comparison of Sir Jos. Yorke, ii. 403.
Sleep, singular occurrence in, i. 182.
Smollett, (Tobias) tomb of, at Arno, ii. 280.

English inscription on, ii. 281.
Snell, (Hannah) instance of her prowess, i. 87.
Snow, account of a man buried eight days in, i. 226.
Soliloquy in Hamlet, parody of the, i. 26.
Song, by George Alexander Stevens, i. 169.
----n, in “ Time's a Tell Tale," i. 350.
Sonnet, by Miss Mitford, i. 129.


on the approach of Winter, i. 341.

to the Evening Star, ii. 367.
Sorcery, a woman burnt alive for suspicion of, ii. 1.
Spaniards, remarkable customs of, i. 243.
Specimen of bombast, ii. 326.
Sporting anecdote, ii. 255.
Sportsmen, (modern) outdone by former times, i. 138.
Stael (Mad. De) banishment of, ii. 98.
Stanızas on the Bp. of Dromore's blind horse, i. 54.


Stanzas on the Poplar, i. 157.

written on an Emigrant's grave, i. 190.
on the peasant's sleep, i. 338
to my arm chair, i. 358.
on a late modern improvement, ii. 172.
in praise of soups, ii. 229.
on a fine Sunday in town, ii. 231.
on the pensive Enthusiast, ii. 308.
on a Church-builder, ii. 319.
from the Arabic, ii. 344.
on the death of his late Majesty, ii. 351.
to Memory and Hope, ii. 372.
to the Snow-drop, ii. 387.

to Woman, ii. 397.
Storm, distress arising from a, ii. 58.

--- description of a dreadful one, by a gentleman at Leostoff,

i. 296-99.
Story-teller, the insipid, example of, i. 8.

--, the long, examples of, i. 5.
-, the marvellous, examples of, i. 5, 6.

the short, examples of, i. 3, 4.
Stratagem of a sailor, i. 295.

of a Quaker to regain his money that had been stolen,
i. 134.
Stylish living at the expence of others, ii. 45-7.
Swedes, manners and customs of the, i. 175–81.

etiquette of the, i. 175.
description of their females, i. 175.
mode of their eating and drinking, i. 176.
are very musical and dance well, i. 178.
method of guarding against the cold, i. 180.
dress of the females, i. 180.

account of the stage, i. 181.
Swift (Dr. Jonathan) reception of, on arriving in Dublin from

England, i. 224.
St. Swithin’s day, former celebrity of, i. 173.
Suicide, remarks on, i. 89.

prevented, or second thoughts best, ii. 3.
Sutherland, (J. Esq.) coroner's inquest on, ii. 244.

circumstances relating to, ib.

lines occasioned by the lamented death of,
ii. 247.







Taylor, (the water poet,) jest of, i. 24; ii. 130.

(Mr.) his opinion of damnation, ii. 387.
Tempest, account of a, ii. 220.
Temple, (Sir Wm.) anecdote of, ii. 339.
Tiger, instance of civilization in a, i. 80.
“ The Annual Pill," a song, ii. 320.
“ The Dramatist and Quaker," a ludicrous poetical tale, ii. 381.
The Maiden's Leap, ii. 384.
“ The Pier,” a song, by Mr. Rushton, i. 284.
The Quick Retort, ii. 38).
The She and He Dandy, from the prologue to the new tragedy

of " Brutus,” ii. 375.
“ The White Rag," a poetic effusion, ii. 367.
Theatrical intelligence extraordinary, i. 192.

from the great booth in Westminster, ii.
Thieves' vinegar, a recipe for preparing, i. 205.
Thoughts on a well-spent life, i. 414.

Thyrsis and Cloe,” a song, ii. 170.
Time, a reckoning with, by G. Colman, the younger, i. 286.

To a pimple on Tom's nose, ii. 394.
To the Hertfordshire men who plat straw, a new song, ii. 227.
Tom Bowling, an old woman known by that name, who had

served as a boatswain's mate upwards of twenty years,

ii. 93.
Tom Jones, anecdote respecting the author of, i, 106.
Tonsor's petition, remarks on the, ü. 223.
Tooth-ache, cure for the, i. 137.
Travelling, singular observations upon, i. 32.
Trees, method to increase the growth of, i. 361.
Tudor, (Mary) daughter of Henry VIII., anecdote of, i. 93.
Turkish conjurer and the methodist, ii. 100.
Tyrolese, account of the French expedition against the, i. 121–



Vaccine incantation, a remarkable Irish story relative to, i.

Valentine sent to a young lady who said she would rather die than

marry a tailor, i. 410.
Valuable picture, circumstances attending one, ii. 304.
Valuable diamond from the east, ii. 377.

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