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Commissioners of Patents for Inventions. Specifications of letters patent for inventions. 1852-.

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Alphabetical index of patentees of inventions, from March 2, 1617 (14 James I) to October 1, 1852 (16 Victoria). 1854. 647 p.

Edited by Bennet Woodcroft. Name, progressive number, date, subject-matter of patent, in columns. Continued as Name index of applicants for patents of invention, 1886-88, then as Index to the Illustrated Official Journal. 1889-1916. Now Index to names of applicants.

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Reference index of patents of invention, from March 2, 1617 to October 1, 1852 Pointing out the office in which each enrolled specification of a patent may be consulted; the books in which specifications, law proceedings, and other subjects connected with inventions, have been noticed; vii, 681 p.

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Edited by Bennet Woodcroft. List of magazines and works on inventions and list of law reports with references to them.

Subject-matter index (made from titles only) of patents of invention, from March 2, 1617

1854. 2 vols.

Edited by Bennet Woodcroft. patent, date, name of patentee. specifications of patents.

. to October 1, 1852

Subject-matter of patent, number of Continued as Subject-matter index of


The annals of electricity, magnetism, & chemistry; and guardian of experimental science. 1837-43. 10 vols.

Edited by William Sturgeon. Monthly. Essays on experiments in electricity.

The annals of philosophical discovery and monthly reporter of the progress of science and art. July-Dec., 1843. Nos. 1-6.

Conducted by William Sturgeon. Monthly. Illustrated. Short scientific papers, some of a practical nature, e. g., railroad accidents, boiler explosions.

Annals of Philosophy, Natural History, Chemistry, Literature, Agriculture and the Mechanical and Fine Arts, 1801-2.

Edited by T. Garnett and others. Accounts of scientific discoveries, English and foreign, lists and summaries of all sorts of books, obituaries.

Annals of Philosophy; or, Magazine of Chemistry, Mineralogy, Mechanics, Natural History, Agriculture, and the Arts. 1813-1826. United with The Philosophical Magazine. Edited by T. Thompson, 1813-20; by R. Roberts, 1821-26.

Monthly. Essays on pure and applied science. Biographies.

The Artisan; or, Mechanic's Instructor: containing a popular, comprehensive and systematic view of the most useful sciences, with biographical notices of eminent scientific men. 1825. 2 vols. Edited by G. G. Carey.

The Artizan. A monthly journal of the operative arts. For 1843-71. 1844-72. 29 vols.

By the Artizan Club. Short essays, quotations from journals, analyses of books. Includes railroads, steam navigation, invention, etc. Technical.

The Civil Engineer and Architect's Journal, scientific and railway gazette. Oct., 1837-May, 1868.

Monthly. Accounts of inventions, public works at home and abroad, brief memoirs, short notices of proceedings of societies.

The Inventor's Advocate, and Journal of Industry: a British and foreign miscellany of inventions, manufactures, trade, science, and the arts. Aug. 17, 1839-Dec. 11, 1841.

Illustrated. Weekly. Notes of patents, inventions, manufactures, railways, patent law, editorials on economic questions.

A Journal of Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, and the Arts. 1797-1801. 5 vols. New series. 1802-13. 36 vols.

By W. Nicholson.

learned journals, etc.


Papers, original and quoted from

Many themes. Notes of new publications. In

corporated in 1813 with The Philosophical Magazine.

The London Journal of Arts and Sciences; containing reports

of all new patents . .

1820-1828. 14 vols. 2d ser., by W.

Newton and C. F. Partington, 1828-34. 9 vols.

Continued as The London Journal of Arts and Sciences, and Repertory


of Patent Inventions. By W. Newton. 1832-54. 45 vols. Accounts of experiments, descriptions of inventions, book reviews, quotations from journals.

The London Mechanics' Register. Nov. 6, 1824-Ap. 1826. Illustrated. Mainly reports of lectures at the London Mechanics' Institution. Short essays.

London Mechanic's Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette. Dec. 2, 1837-Mar. 3, 1838.

Illustrated. Letters from subscribers and quotations from other journals. Small.

The Magazine of Popular Science, and Journal of the Useful Arts. 1836-37. 4 vols.

Monthly. For the general reader.

The Magazine of Science and Artists, Architects and Builders' Journal. 1840-1852. 15 vols.

Many illustrations. Popular. New discoveries, scientific theories, manufacturing processes, natural history. Book reviews.

Mechanic's Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal & Gazette. 1823-72.

Illustrated. Edited by J. C. Robertson. Weekly. Intended to appeal to workmen. Miscellaneous contents, especially brief notes of inventions and contrivances.

The Patent Journal and Inventors' Magazine. 1846-51. 12 vols. The Philosophical Magazine. Comprehending the various branches of science, the liberal and fine arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce. 1798-1813.

By A. Tilloch. Continued as

The Philosophical Magazine and Journal. 1814-26. Then, 182732.

United with the Journal of Science and continued, 1832- to date. Monthly. Short scientific articles.

The Practical Mechanic and Engineer's Magazine. Glasgow, 1842-47.

Edited by William Johnson. Illustrated. Continued as the Practical Mechanic's Journal. Glasgow, 1848-69. Essays, book reviews, patent lists, booklists. Monthly.

The Register of the Arts and Sciences. 1824-27. 4 vols. Continued as The Register of Arts and Journal of Patent Inventions, new series. Edited by L. Hebert. 1828-32. vols. Weekly.

Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, consisting of original communications, specifications of patent inventions,

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1825. 63 vols.

Continued as Repertory of Patent Inventions, tended to popularize improvements.

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1825-62. In

Retrospect of Philosophical, Mechanical, Chemical and Agricultural Discoveries: being an abridgement of the periodical and other publications, English and foreign, relative to arts, chemistry, manufactures, agriculture and natural philosophy with re

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Quarterly papers on engineering. 1844-49. 6 vols.

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Edited by John Weale. Many handsome plates. Memoirs. Accounts of achievements. For engineers.

The Scientific Gazette; or, Library of Mechanical Philosophy, Chemistry, and Discovery. July, 1825-Feb., 1826. 2 vols.

Edited by C. F. Partington. Illustrated. Patronized by the London Institution. Articles by eminent men. Quotes lectures. Wide range of subjects.

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The Surveyor, Engineer, and Architect Monthly. Illustrated. Conducted by Robert Mudie. Engineering works of all sorts. Many short notes. Reviews. Lists of patents.

The Technical Repository; containing practical information on subjects connected with discoveries and improvements in the useful arts. 1822-27. Continued as Gill's Technical Repository 1827-30.

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Transactions. 1836-.

Institution of Civil Engineers.

Illustrated. Papers on engineering achievements and experiments, by prominent engineers.

Institution of Civil Engineers. Minutes of proceedings. 1838 to date. Illus. General index, vol. 1-30. 1865-71. 2 vols. Subject index for vol. 1-58. Name index for vol. 1-58.

Abstracts of papers and discussions. Wide range of topics.

Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Proceedings, 1847-.


mingham, 1849-1876. London, 1877-. Illus. Subject index of papers published in the proceedings, 1847-June, 1900. 1903.

Technical papers on all sorts of machines. Includes mines.

London Electrical Society. Proceedings sessions 1841-42 and 1842-43. 1843.

Monthly meetings. Papers reported.

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The Literary and Philosophical Society of Manchester. Memoirs and proceedings. Warrington, 1785-.

Illustrated. Full reports of papers on "Natural Philosophy, Theoretical and Experimental Chemistry, Polite Literature, Civil Law, General Polities, Commerce, and the Arts."

Royal Society of London, Philosophical Transactions, giving some account of the present undertakings, studies and labours of the ingenious in many considerable parts of the world. 1665 in progress.

Reprints short papers by the distinguished scientists elected members. Highly technical. Covers all phases of pure science. Abstracts were also printed.

Premiums by the Society, established at London, for the encour agement of arts, manufactures, and commerce. 1759. 47 p.

Long list of notices of subjects for which premiums were announced. Rules and orders of the Society instituted at London for the encouragement of arts manufactures and commerce. 1760. 23 p.

Transactions of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. 1783-1852. 56 vols.

Illustrated. Descriptions of machines, agricultural methods, etc.

Journal of the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. 1853 to date.

Reports of meetings, letters, proceedings of other societies, including foreign.


British Association for the Advancement of Science.

of the exhibition of models and manufactures, tenth meeting. Glasgow, 1840. 28 p.

Numerous models listed.


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