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zards he was continually exposed to, and Returned him safe to us, but returned him like. wise with such Reputation for his Courage, and Vigilance, and Conduct, in the Difficulties he had to struggle with, as has gained him the highest Esteem among his Enemies, and therefore ought much more to endear him to his own Subjects.

And now, let all this be considered, and then let any Man fay, that really loves the Interest of his Country, whether we have not reason to look upon these Things as Great Blessings; and as such, to return our Solemn Thanks to God for them?

And then, in the Second Place, as to our Future Successes, let us all chearfully depend upon God's Providence, and trust in his Mer. cy for them.

This is all the Rejoicing we can express as to Future Things; and this is that which the Apostle calls Rejoicing in Hope.

And surely, great Reason have we thus to do, when we consider who it is that orders our Affairs; One, whose. Kindnes we have no reason to doubt of, having had so many Experiences of it, even beyond our Hopes and Expectations : And one likewise upon whose Power we may securely depend, since His Arm is not shortned, nor ever can be, how much soever

our Arm of Flesh may. God Almighty is our King, and He both certainly knows, and will certainly do, that which is best for us, provided we take care to do that which becomes us.

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Away therefore with all Fear, and Diftruft, and Defpondency; it is an Argument of Infidelity and Irreligion, as well as Cowardice, to despair of the Common-wealth.

We are in as good Hands as it is possible for us to be : Nay, we ourselves cannot wish to be in any other.

Let us but do our Parts, by qualifying our felves for God's Mercies; and that is to be done by contributing our best Endeavours, every Man in his place and Station, to the Service of the Publick; and then we may safely cast all our Care upon him who careth for us, and we may be fure we shall not be disappointed.

This Method, as it is much more easy, fo we shall find it much more conducing towards the obtaining the Successes we defire, than Complaining, and Fretfulnes, and a tormenting Anxiety about our Affairs.

We may, indeed, by our Peevis and Querulous Humour, disquiet ourselves, and put others into a Ferment, nay, and at last, perhaps, may contribute a great deal to the Glory of hindring and defeating the most wise Counsels, that are proposed for our Safety; but that is the greatest Point we gain.

God Almighty will not alter his Methods, for any of our foolish Passions; but there is a way to prevail upon God himself, to do for us all that our own Hearts can desire, provide ed that which we desire be good for us; and that way is, to own Him and his Government; to love him, and to serve him; to be thankful for his Mercies; to be easy and chearful under all his Dispensations to us; and, lastly, to re



fer our felves entirely to his Wife Counsels, and : to trust in his Mercy for all that is come.

Great, indeed, and wonderful, are the Promises that are made to those that put their

Trust in God. Cursed (faith the Prophet ) fer. 17.5. i be the Man that trusteth in Man, and maketh

Flesh his Arm : But, Blessed is he that trufteth in the Lord, and whose hope the Lord is. Many Sor-Plal. 32. rows (faith the Psalmist) shall be to the Wicked: But whoso trusteth in the Lord, Mercy fall embrace him on every side. And again, O taste and fee, 34.8. how gracious the Lord is : Blessed is the Man that trusteth in him.

If now we believe these Things, (and if we be Chriftians, we do and must believe them) consider, I beseech you, the Use we are to make of them.

What have we all to do? Let our late Difappointments have put us into never so bad a Humour; let our present Circumstances be entangled with never so many Difficulties; yet what have we all to do but to Rejoice in GOD, and to Trust in his Mercy?

All is well, and all will be well for Ever,
to them that Love God, and put their Trust in

Sing we therefore unto the Lord a new Song:
Let the Congregation of Saints praise him. Let
Israel rejoice in him that made him: And let the
Children of Sion be joyful in their King. God is
the King of all the Earth, let us sing Praises with
Understanding. The Lord hath Pleasure in his
People : He will for Ever help the meek-hearted:
For his delight is in them that fear him, and that
P#1 sheir Trust in his Mercy, He is our Help and


Strength, a very present Help in Trouble : therefore will we not fear, though the Earth be moved, and though the Hills be carried into the midst of the Sea: Though the Waters thereof rage and (well

, and the Mountains fbake at the Tempest of the fame. Even in that Case, the Rivers of the Flood there. of shall make glad the City of God. All the Blufterings and Storms that threaten God's People

, shall turn to their Advantage, and shall really

, at length, prove Matter of Rejoicing to them, how terrible and dreadful soever they appeared at first: For, as it there follows, God is in the midst of her, therefore shall she not be removed: God will help her, and that right early. God will be with his Church, and will deliver his people

, whenever it is proper and seasonable so to do.

Nay, let the Worst come; though we were reduced even to the utmost Extremities; which, yet, God be thanked, we neither are

, nor, I hope, ever shall be; yet even in that Case, the Consideration that God is our King, ought not only to support us, but to fill us with Joy. Even in that Case, every Man should bear his part in the Song of the Prophet Habbakkuk, ( 3. 17.) with which I conclude.

Although the Fig-tree fall not blossom, neither sball Fruit be in the Vine : Although the Labour of the Olive shall fail; and the Fields shall yield no Meat : Although the Flock be cut of from the Fold, and there be no Herd in the Stalls » Tet will I Re. joice in the Lord, I will joy in the God of my Salvation.



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Prov. iv. 23. Keep thy Heart with all Diligence, for

out of it are the Issues of Life.

HE Argument with which this Au

dience was entertained the last T Lord's Day, being the Government of

the Tongue; I cannot think it impro

per or unseasonable for me, who have the Honour to come next, to treat about the Government of the Thoughts : There being a near Relation between these Two, and a necesfary Dependance of the one upon the other.

Our Words, indeed, are more easily governed than our Thoughts, because they are more in Our Power. But it will be impossible, either to govern our Words, or our Actions, as we should, unless we first bring our Thoughts in some measure under Government,


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