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Good? What can any Man among us, that professeth to believe that Jesus was raised from the Dead, say for himself, if he leads a wicked Life? What Apology can he make for the continuance in his Sins ? Will he say, that the Temptations to Sin are too strong for him ; that he wants Grace, and Strength to overcome his evil Habits; and that through the Corruption of his Nature, he must of Neceffity remain a Slave all his Days to his Passions and Appetites, whether we will, or no? Why, in faying this, he forgets that Christ is risen from the Dead : For if he did remember that, he would remember also, that there is a Vertue and Power, above that of corrupt Nature, which he, as a Chriftian, may easily come by, if he seriously seek after it : Namely, the Grace and Strength of the Holy Spirit of God, which I have been speaking of, which Christ upon his Resurrection obtained the Disposal of; and which he never fails to send down upon every Soul that heartily prays for it ; and whenever he gives it, he gives it in fuch Measures, that a Man must certainly, by the Influence thereof, overcome all his evil and corrupt Affecti. ons; or if he do not, it shall be intirely his own Fault.

Oh, what a mighty Comfort and Encouragement ought this to be, to all those that heartily defire and endeavour to be Good! All such may with Boldness approach to the Throne of Grace, and confidently open their Wants, not doubting of such Relief, as is most convenient for them.. Our Saviour is risen,


and sits at the Right Hand of God. He'that loved us so dearly as to die for us, is now entred into his Kingdom, and is able to grant us whatsoever we ask.

Do we find ourselves burdened with our Sins ? Do we want Strength to resist Temptations, and to master our strong Corruptions? Our Saviour is risen, and now ever liveth to make Intercession for us. Let us fy to him for Succour, let us beg a portion of that Grace and Holy Spirit he hath purchased for us. We : may rest satisfied he will hear our Prayers, and derive such Vigor and Influence upon our Souls, that we shall, in due Time, by the Means thereof, vanquish and triumph over every Thing that opposeth us.

We cannot in any wise doubt of his Power; for God by raising him from the Dead, hath made him both King and Priest, hath exalted him to the highest Authority and Dignity both in Heaven and Earth. We cannot doubt of his good Will; for he that underwent so many Difficulties and Agonies for us in the Days of his Flesh, cannot forget those whom he hath ranfomed with so great a Price, nor suffer that Power which God hath given him, to lie by

, him un-imployed.

To conclude, Let us not faint; let not our Hearts be troubled ; let us not despair of any Thing. Our Saviour is risen. Our High-Priest is entred within the Vail, hath taken Possesfion of the highest Heaven, where he continually makes Intercession for us. Such a HighPriest as is Kind, and Compassionate, and


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Tender-hearted; that knoweth our Frame,and remembreth that we are but Duft; that pities our Weaknesses, and is sensible of the Difficulties we have to conflict with, as having himself had sufficient Experience of them. And withal, such a High-Priest as is able to save to the uttermost all those that come unto God through bim.

Thus have I given some account of the Vertue of our Saviour's Resurrection, in order to the making us sincerely Good. What remains, but that, as we should heartily thank God for these Benefits of it; so we should especially endeavour to be partakers of them; not contenting ourselves with a notional, ineffectual Faith, but labouring with St. Paul, experimentally to know Chrilt Jesus, and the Power of his Resurrection.

Now the God of Peace, that brought again from the

Dead our Lord Jesus, that great Shepherd of the Sheep, through the Blood of the everlasting Covenant, make you perfect in every good Work, to do his Will, working in you that which is wellpleasing in his fight, through Jesus Chrift, To whom be Glory for ever and ever. Amen.

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PSALM xcvii. 1. : The Lord is King, the Earth may be

glad thereof, yea, the Multitude of the Isles may be glad thereof.

HAT is to say, it ought to be

Matter of exceeding Joy to all the T

Inhabitants of the World, that amidst all the Uncertainties, and

Hazards, and Variety of Fortunes, which they here find themselves exposed to, there is One Above that Governs all.

GOD that made the World, is the King of it. All the Beings of the Universe, Angels, Men, and Devils, with all other Animate or Inania. mate Things in Heaven and Earth, as they are His Creatures, so are they truly and properly His Subjects, and act entirely in Subordination to Him, as Ministers and Instruments do under the Guidance of the Principal Agent. VOL. I. Вь


GOD doth as truly Reign in the World, as any King does in his Kingdom; He doth as truly order the Affairs of it, as any Master doch those of his own Family. Nay, a Man's own Thoughts and Actions, are not by a Thousand Times so much attended by himself, are not so much in his Care, as the Affairs of the Universe are attended by, and are the Care of God Almighty

This is the notion of the Lord's being King; and, do you not think it ought to be Matter of Rejoicing to all Reasonable Creatures ?

O Lord! what a gloomy dismal Scene of Things do they present us with, that give other Accounts of these Matters?

To banish God's Providence and Govern. ment out of the World, is to banish all Joy, all Peace, all Hope, all Comfort for ever, from all those that have the Power of Thinking.

A Brute, indeed, is not much concernd how Matters are order'd : An Ox may grow fat in his Stall, and a Colt frisk in his Pasture, let the Hypothesis of the Government of the World be what it will. But to one that is made with a Faculty of Reasoning, that has Hopes and Fears, and reflects on what is past, and hath a prospect of what is future; what black and melancholy Apprehensions muft it cause in such a one, to suppose that no care is taken of Human Affairs; but that we fail in the tempestuous Ocean of this World, every Minute in danger of Rocks and Quicksands, without any Pilot to steer us?

Take what Hypothesis you will ; either, That there is no God, but that all Things


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