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With the Death of the Good Duke Humphry.




Humphry Duke

uncles to Cardinal Beaufort, the King.

Bp of Winchester, Duke of York, pretending to the Duke of 'Bucking

of the King's Duke of Somerset, ( party. Duke of Suffolk, Earl of Salisbury, 1 of the York Earl of Warwick, S fa&tion. . Lord Clifford, of the King's party. Lord Scales, goverror of the

tower. Sir John Stanley Sir Humphry Stafford. Young Stafford, his brother. Alexander Iden a Kentifla gen

tleman. Young Clifford, fon to the Lord

Clifford. Edward Planta

genet, fons to the Duke Richard Planta of York,


Lord Say.

Vaux, a sea-captain, ani Walter

Whitemore - pirates. A Herald. Hume and Southwel, two priests. Bolingbrook, an astrologer. - A Spirit attending on jordan the

Thomas Horner, ar armourer.
Peter, his man
Clerk of Chatham.
Mayor of St Alban's.
Simpcox, an impostor.
Jack Cade, Bevis, Michael, Jo!ın

Holland, Dick the butcher,
Smith the wenver, and seve-

ral others, rebels. Margaret, Queen to K. Henry VI.

fecretly in love with the Duke

of Suffolk. Dame Eleanor, wife to the Duke

of Gloucefier. Mother Jordan, a witch employed

by the Duchess af Gloucester. Wife to Simpcox. Petitioners, Aldermen, a Beadle,

Sheriff, and Officers, Citizens, with Faulconers, Guards, Mefsengers, and other attendants,

The SCENE is laid very dispersedly in several parts of England.

This and the third part were fillt written under the title of The Cortention of York and Lancaster, printed in 1600; but since vastly improved by the author. Mr Popen. VOL, V.


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