AIDS-Related Cancers and Their Treatment

CRC Press, 19 abr. 2016 - 448 páginas
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This book summarizes the etiology, presentation, and treatment of the complex symptoms, infections, and opportunistic cancers of people living with HIV/AIDS.
Presents therapies that strike a balance between controlling and eliminating cancer and minimizing the damage to the immune system.
Illustrates points with clear and easily read figures, tables, and flow charts!
Written to survey the magnitude of the impact HIV and AIDS have had on public health and oncology, AIDS-Related Cancers and Their Treatment
  • identifies types of cancer and gives evidence for their associations with immunosuppression
  • compares and contrasts AIDS-related cancer with non-HIV malignancies
  • investigates the pathogenesis of malignancy in HIV/AIDS patients
  • provides guidelines for recognizing possible symptoms and making accurate diagnoses
  • supplies algorithms for evaluating and staging patients at presentation
  • outlines potential problems and obstacles in caring for AIDS-related cancer patients
  • suggests optimal therapeutic approaches for the care of patients with AIDS and cancer
  • discusses prognostic factors in response to therapy and survival statistics
  • describes preliminary experience with emerging therapies and projects new approaches
  • advises how to enroll patients to participate in clinical trials of new therapies
  • considers the psychological impact on patients and their need for counseling and support
  • reviews access-to-care issues in AIDS and the community burden of this epidemic
  • provides information sources for both AIDS patients and their physicians
  • and more
    With contributions from nearly 25 clinicians and citing more than 1200 references to support and elaborate on text material, AIDS-Related Cancers and Their Treatment is a crucial reference for oncologists, immunologists, infectious disease specialists, hematologists, internists, microbiologists, virologists, epidemiologists, molecular and cell biologists, pathologists, and medical students in these disciplines.

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