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of the First Part.


From the Year 1704 to 1710.

· LETTER I. OF Mr. Dryden's Death : bis Moral Chao

ratter : the Poets who succeeded him : the Temper of Criticks. : * Letter 2. From Mr. Wycherley. Letter 3. Mr. Wycherley's Humanity ; his

Encouragement of young writers : concerning

the Author's Pastorals. * Letter 4. From Mr. Wycherley : Answer

to the former. * Letter 5. From the same. Letter 6. Some reasons why Friendships may be

contracted between persons of unequal years, and

the advantage of such Friendships. . Letter 7. Against Compliment. Letter 8. An account of the duller fort of Country, Gentlemen, and Country Life,

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* Letter 9. From Mr. Wycherley. · Letter 10. From Mr. Wycherley. Of the

Correćtion of his poem to Mr. Dryden, and

other papers. · Letter 11. Of the same, a Plan for correcting

and improving those Poems. * Letter 12. From Mr. Wycherley. Letter 13. On the same, and farther proposals

for 'correcting them.
Letter 14. From Mr. Wycherley.
Letter 15. More concerning Corrections of tle

Letter 16. From Mr. Wycherley, after his

* Letter 17. From Mr. Wycherley.
Letter 18. From Mr. Wycherley. Concern-

ing the Miscellanies, and the Criticks. .
Letter 19. Concerning Miscellanies, and the

danger of young Poets.
* Letter 20. From Mr. Wycherley.
* Letter 21. From Mr. Wycherley.
Letter 22. From Mr. Wycherley. His de-

fire of his Company; and request to proceed in

correcting his papers.
Letter 23. More about the Poems.
* Letter 24.
Letter 25. From Mr. Wycherley. ' In answer

to the account of the state of his Papers.
Letter 26. The last Advice about his Papers,

to turn them into Select Maxims and Refle-
ctions, which Mr. Wycherley agreed to and
begun before his death."


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LETTERS to and from Mr. WALSH.

From 1705 to 1707. * Letter 1. Mr. Walsh to Mr. Wycherley, Letter 2. Mr. Walsh to Mr. Pope. Concern

ing Pastoral and Pastoral Comedy. Letter ž. The Answer. Of correčting, and the Extreme of it. Of Pastoral Comedy, and its Character. Of the Liberty of borrowing

from the Ancients. Letter 4. From Mr. Walth. On the same

subjects. Letter 5. From Mr. Walsh. Of mechanical

Criticks ; of Wit and Conceit, a request con

cerning one of his Pastorals. Letter 6. Some. Critical Observations in Eng

lish Versification.

LETTERS to and from Mr. CROMWELL.

.: From 1708 to 1711. * Letter 1. To Mr. Cromwell.

* Letter 2: * Letter 3.

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Letter 4. Concerning the first Publication of the

Author's Poems. Letter 5. Of his Translation of the firft book of Statius.

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Letter 6. Of his 7 uvenile Poems.
Letter 7. Criticisms on Statius.
* Letter 8.
Letter 9. Of the general Conduct and Inequa-

lity of Men's lives. Letter 10. The use of Poetical Studies. A

Panegyrick upon Dog's. Letter Il. Of the Taste of Country Gentlemena * Letter 12. Letter 13. After an Illness. The Obscurity of

a Country Vife. Letter 14. On the same Subject. Concerning

Rondeaus. Letter 15. From Mr. Cromwell. On Priam's

Speech to Pyrrhus in Virgil. Letter 16. Answer to the same. Letter 17. Criticisms about an Elegy of Ovid. Letter 18. On Sickness, and Disappointment. Letter 19. * Letter 20. Letter 21. From Mr. Cromwell. On a Pal

Jage in Lucan. Letter 22. Answer to the former, with another

Criticism on Lucan. * Letter 23. From Mr. Cromwell. * Letter 24. * Letter 25. From Mr. Cromwell. Letter 26. Observations on Crashaw's Poems. Letter 27. Concerning Laughter. * Letter 28. From Mr. Cromwell. Letter 29. Of the Study of Poetry ; Mr. Wy- cherley, &c.

** Lets

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