Microbial Biodegradation: Genomics and Molecular Biology

Eduardo Díaz
Horizon Scientific Press, 2008 - 402 páginas
In this timely book, expert international authors critically review all of the most important topics in this exciting field. This book is unique in that it is the first to review the area from a molecular biology and genomics perspective. Topics covered include: aerobic and anaerobic biodegradation of aromatic compounds; molecular detection methods (e.g. microautoradiography, mRNA analyses, etc.); genome-based predictive modeling; elucidation of regulatory networks; bioavailability; chemotaxis and transport issues; functional genomic analyses; natural attenuation; community fingerprinting and metagenomics; biotreatment; and biocatalysts engineering. The book will be essential reading for microbial degradation and bioremediation scientists, and of general interest for microbiologists working in field of environmental microbiology.

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Página 2057 - Tyson GW, Chapman J, Hugenholtz P, Allen EE, Ram RJ, Richardson PM, Solovyev VV, Rubin EM, Rokhsar DS, Banfield JF (2004) Community structure and metabolism through reconstruction of microbial genomes from the environment.
Página 2052 - Identification of polyphosphate-accumulating organisms and design of 16S rRNA-directed probes for their detection and quantitation.

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