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Contents of this Number.

Ha! Ha! History, Ha! Ha! !



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The Aetheringtoh Brothers arn the largest Bee-



.5 Keepers in the U.S: Binghlım &*Hetheringtoni smo-


.46 LADIES' DEPARTMENT. .40 kers and Honey-Knives were the only ones at the






last American Bee-Keepers' Society; also at the



Michigan State Society. They were invented for


our own use in our own apiaries, and patented to


secure us the credit of their invention, and the

means of advertising them so as to guard bee-keep-

A Beginner's First 3 Seasons. 17 Honey-Beetle.

Abraham's Report... 40 Honey Dew, Origin of.

ers against worthless imitations. There are no oth-


Adams' Horse-power.

.37 Honey - Plants, various. 13

er smokers advertised which were not made by sup-

Advantage of Italians among Huminel's Report.. .35 ply dealers, and not for their own use. Twenty


.38 Hylocapa as an Enemy.

ihousand of ours are in use in the best apiaries. All

Almost Blasted Hopes .33 In-and-in Breeding.


Alsike Clover.

36 Journals from Publishers, etc ih praise them as best. None complain. We are the

Amber Cane

.36, 41

Kleinow's Swarm'g Troubles 15 only legal makers of them, and we sell no other sup-

Answering Promptly.

.6 Letting Bees Starve.. ...41 plies. We are proud of them. Send card for circü-


.11 Mallows as a Hopey plant 12

lars or wholesale rates to

Bad Report from Sugar .35 Mandrels, Cheaperga


Marking Hybrids.



Bee-Stings and Rheumatism, Mignonnette



Otsego, Michigan.

.24. 30 Millers on Spider Plants


Bees Leaving during Cold Mrs. Cotton



...10,27 Newell's Report.


Bee Talk, and Lazy Bees....31 New Year Greeting.




Bees that won't accept Qu'n.37 No. of Stocks for one locality 36

Bee Poisoning.

.12 Not" Blasted Hopes


Beginner's Troubles..

"Parody” on Winter.


Blue Thistle..


Peet Cage...


Blowing Bees from Boxes. Peach-Blossoms.



Black Bees in Italy

.34 Phacelia Congesta.

Blacks and Italians.

.28 Planer Saws...


Box Hives and Black Bees. .29 Poisoning Bees, etc.

Bonham's Process for Fdn...26 Pollen in November..


Brood Late in Fall.

.31 Prepared Paper for Fdn.. .36


28,32 Quarter-blood Italians.. .41

California Letter

..7 Queens thrown from Hive in

Calendar Clocks.

48 Winter..



Single Queen, Tested..

Ramble No. 1..

$2 00



Cellar Wintering

24 Recipes, Selling.

Untested (laying)..


1 00

Celebrating the Fourth. 33 Report of Crop of 1880. .31 Sent by mail and safe arrival guaranteed.

Chaff Covering for Winter...19 Report from an Illinois Bee- 8 Frame Colony

Chase's Receipt Book. ..49 Keeper..


Clarifying Syrup with Clay..35 Reports from Medina Co.. 3


3 00

Corn as a Honey-plant. 11 Report from Red Clover... .38 2

2 50

Cotton as a Honey.plant. .11 Sagging of all Fdn.

17 Safe arrival guaranteed by express.

Cottonwood for Honey .41 Scale to Register Daily Yield.59

Doubling up in Spring .41 Scotland, a Letter from. 12

Address W. P. HENDERSON,

Doolittle's Review.

20 Seed Farms..

32 1-6ing Murfreesboro, Ruth. Co., Tennessee.

* Down-East Scholars.....32 Sep's of Perf. Metal. .10

Dysentery in December. .34 Shipping Bees from South...28

Experiments with Honey Simpson Plants..



.23 Simplicity Hives...


"Fair'' Treatment. 36 Silver-drip Syrup..


Faris Machine..

.29 Stingless Bees...


Feeding Comb Honey. .40

Feeding New Swarms. :37 Suggestion on Introducing...38 To send a postal card for our Illustrated Catalogue of

Fireweed, Great Yield from. 26 Twenty-five Dollars per Col...7

Fifteen from One in 1 Season 27 Two Colonies in a Chaff Hive 17


First Summer with Bees.. .34 Weekly Bee Journal

Filling Combs with Syrup.

48 Before purchasing elsewhere. It contains illustra-

What to do for Bees having


Florida, Report from. .27 Dysentery..

49 tions and descriptions of every thing new and desi-

Foul Brood..

19 What 1 lb.ot Bees in June did 34 rable in an apiary,

Galvanized Iron.

.34 White Wax


Getting Cells for Rearing. .33 Willow.

.14, 28


Given's Column..

.16 Wire Cloth over Bees in Win

Grape Sugar.



35 Italian, Cyprian, and Holy-Land Queens and Beos.

Hardening Plaster Casts.


Wire Cloth for Cages... .35

J. C. & A. P. SAYLES,

Home Decorations.... .14


Hartford, Washington Co., Wis.



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Retent Additioits :to the 26 | Hunter's Sifter. The regular price

is 750. A rotary flour and meal
sifter, mixer, SCOOP, measure,
weigher, egg-beater, rice-washer,
pumpkin, tomato, starch strainer,

12 80 23 00 Our friends will bear in inind the price of single 30 : Vises, Iron parallel jaws, 12 inch articles are given at the head of each list, and that

wide, to screw on table or bench, the figures refer only to lots of 10 and 100.

very handy..

1 3 25 131 00

Seventy-Five Cent Counter. FIVE-CENT COUNTER.

60 Coffee-Mill with a covered hopper. Postage.]

[Pr. of 10, of 100
Extra nice

6 00 | 55 00 10 | Brackets to hold clock-shelf

| 45 | 4 25 2 | Silk Handkerchiefs, Beautiful.. 17.00 65 00 % Copper Wire, on spools; suitable for

mending things when they get broken 403 50 ONE DOLLAR COUNTER. 6 Hammer, Tack, coppered; iron handle 40 3 50 4 Hammer, Tack; wood handle...

35 3 00 64 | Wrenches, Coe's pattern, malleable, 16 | Hammer, Carpenter's, full size... 45 1 4 225 black, 15 in. long, extra heavy and 1Pencils, red one end blue the other,


17 50 | 70 00 the best pencil of American Lead Pencil Co.....

| 40 13 50

A. I. ROOT, Medina, o. 2 | Handkerchiefs, all-linen; good size; fine, and neatly hemmed..

| 45 | 4 25 2 | Knives and Forks, small size, and very neatly finished, knife and fork are

| 45 | 4 25 7 | Pie-plates, Tin; Just right for pumpkin pies..

| 40 : 3 50 4 | Tablets, Suitable for writing and coun

Bound in paper, mailed for $1.00. At wholesale, ter-slips; on excellent writing paper | 40 | 3 50 clubbed. One copy, $1.00; 2 copies, $1.90: three cop

same price as GLEANINGS, with which it may be

ies, $2.75; tive copies, $4.00; ten copies, $7.50. TEN-CENT COUNTER.

The same, neatly bound in cloth, with the covers 20 Coal Shovels, wrought iron, with a tin

neatly embellished in embossing and gold, one copy, covered handle to prevent their get

$1.25: 2 copies, $2.40; three copies, $3.50; five copting hot...

| 85 ; 8 00 ies, $5.25: ten copies, $10.00. It ordered by freight 10 | Egg-beaters, single-geared; a wonder

or express, the postage may be deducted, which will for the money

| 851 8 00 be c on the book in paper, and 150 each, on the | Butter-Dishes, individual; glass, 3 for

book in cloth. 10 cents.

| 25 1 2 25 Cook's Manual in paper or cloth at the same price as 2 | Handkerchiefs, all-linen; good size

above. for gentlemen

| 91 8 50 2 | Knives for boys, Two-bladed; although

A. I. ROOT, Medina, o. the blades are not American make, they are steel, and a wonder for the money | 95 | 8 30

199 | Pencils, i doz. for 100. Am. Pencil Co;

and very fair pencils (doz. packages) / 75 1 7 00
FIFTEEN-CENT COUNTER. In 2 oz. bottles, black, violet, or blue, in 4

gross boxes, per gross.....

$4 00 | Combination Salt and pepper, gives both or either condiment at pleas

In quantities of 5 or more gross, $3,20 per Gross. ure 11 40 13 00 In Pint Bottles, per doz..

.$3 00 | Honey or Syrup Cup; glass, with

In Quart

6 00 hinged tin cover 11 20 | 10 00 In Gallon Jugs

12 00 | Berry Comports, no foot; glass; very

Green and Red ink are necessarily more expenpretty.

11 30 | 12 50 | Bütter-Dish, on foot: glass; a very

sive, and the price will therefore be one-half more.

50 nice piece of work for the price 11 30 | 12 50 Liquid Bluing, in 6 oz. bottles, per doz.. | Wire-ringed Pot-Cleaners, The cele

gross ......

.$5 40 brated Iron-Dish Cloth

11 20 | 10 00 I will send y gross, 2 oz. inks, assorted colors,

black, blue, violet, and one bottle each of green and Twenty-Five Cent Counter. red, as a trial order for $1.00.

WM. OLDROYD, Columbus, Ohio. | Clock Oil, an excellent oil for clocks, watches, or any light or delicate

T HIE machinery

12 00 | 18 00 2 i Counter Brushes, a neat and useful article..

11 75 | 16 00 13 | Family Egg-beaters, double geared; a regular fifty-cent article

11 15 | 16 00

The British Bee Journal is now mailed to our ad16 | Lantern, Convex reflector; a very good lantern for only 25 cents | 2 10 20 00

dress in packages, each month. In order to dispose 36 | Twine Boxes, ironed japan..

200 18 00

of them, we offer them at present at $1.00 per year, 20 | Vise to screw on the bench, with

postage paid, beginning Jan. 1881. Will guarantee anvil

12 25 | 21 00

safe arrival of every No. | Wheat-bread plates, glass; has the

A. I. ROOT, Medina, Ohio. motto, "Give us this day our daily bread," blown in the glass around

IMPROVED the edge; a most beautiful plate .. 12 00 18 00 48: Clothespins, best wooden, 6 doz. in a

basket, basket and all, oply 250 .... 1 I 60 | 15 00 2 | Watchmaker's Eye-glasses, a most useful magnifying-glass for a vari

Supplies for the Apiary. Comb Foundation a speety of purposes..

11 50 : 14 00 cialty. Being able to procure lumber cheap, I can

furnish Hives and Sections very cheap. Send for a Thirty-Five Cent Counter. circular.

A. D. BENHAM, 2ud

Olivet, Eaton Co., Mich. | Glass Pitchers, % gallon, very handsome

12 80 125 00 FINE MIXED CARES, with name, 10 cents, | Berry Comports, glass, on foot; a

postpaid. M. L. DORMAN, Sinclairville,
most beautiful article.

1 2 50 122

Chaut. Co., N. Y,

British Bee Journal.

Langstroth Mives.



OIN our club and get free one pound package of The ABC book is received, and my wife and I are

a NEW SEEDLING potato - the finest we ever very well pleased with it. I can hardly see how such Saw --- or 20 Strawberry plants of varieties that sell a nice book can be sold for so little money. Bookfor 550 to $1 per doz. Particulars free.

keepers in these parts would charge $2.00 for just 1-2 P. SUTTON, Ransom, Lack'a Co., Pa. such a book. All the goods that I have ordered

from you have been received, and give good satisW ANTED.--An experienced apiarist; one who

faction. They were also packed in the best of order.

D. F. C. HAMBLEY. can do all kinds of farm work, and handle tools to some extent. Single man preferred. Ap

Spanish Ranch, Plumas Co, Cal., Nov. 16, 1880. plicant must be of good habits, a “man of activity," and ready and willing to take hold of whatever turns

BE YE TEMPERATE IN ALL THINGS. ur. Address immediately, W. P. CLEMENT.

Inclosed find 45 cents, the price for sending 5-cent 1d Motticello, Green Co., Wis.

Sunday-school books for 8 weeks. I think they come

weekly, the same as a newspaper. I would rather F VOR Catalogue and Price List of young Sour- they would come so, even if I had to pay a little more

wood, Black Locust, Buckthorn, Buckbush, postage; for, although I think that I am strictly and other forest trees and seeds,

temperate, as far as the use (or, rather, the disusel Address CHAS. KINGSLEY,

of ardent spirits is concerned, but not always so 1-2 Greeneville Greene Co., Tenn. when I have too much on band at once to read.

White House Station, MRS. WALTER SMITH.

Hunterdon Co., N. J., Dec. 16, 1880. KIND WORDS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS.

I can not for my life understand why any single

subscriber can ask for GLEANINGS at club rates, or I am very much pleased with the Sunday-school complain at you for allowing a small margin to books you sent.

AUSTIS M. MAGEE. agents. If they want the profit, they should get up Coopers, Chilton Co., Ala., Dec. 7, 1880.

the club. Perhaps a great many complain just for

the fun of a growl; if so, just let them growl on, as I received my watch to-day, Dec. 22, and it is a

it perhaps enables them to sleep better. GLEANINGS beauty; and let me thank you for it, for it is just is worth a dollar, without the Home Papers; and the watch you said it was.

H. C. KERSTEN. they alone are worth more than a dollar a year Brooklyn, Iowa.

without the bee department. ENOCH ARWIRE. The inkopowder, gauge, and file, came all right to

Bean Blossom, Brown Co., Ind, Dec. 14, 1880. day; ink is made, and I am writing with it. It flows well.


The above order I culled out of the pamphlet you Barry, Pike Co., III., Dec. 13, 1880.

sent to Miss M-list week. About bees-ahem!

she wants to know if you can not send her some I want to say this, that the 150 coal shovel, though Italian queens for samples on trial!! the handle got broke in the mail, is still worth twice

N. B.-I am innocent if there be a joke in the mat. tbe money. If you only could send tongs to match


A. B. C. it! If you get any tongs before my box of goods

Medway, Greene Co., N. Y., Nov. 29, 1880. leaves, put a pair in.

ISAAC B. ROMFORD. (Why, friend A. B. C., I am really sorry to refuso Bakersfield, Kern Co., Cal., Dec. 12, 1880.

to oblige Miss M.; but you see it is such awful bard

work to raise queens, that, if we did that with ail the The goods came last Saturday. The charges were brothers and sisters, there wouldn't be enough to go $1.35. That was very reasonable, I think. The ex- round; at least I am afraid there wouldn't, and you tractor is just splendid-much nicer than I expected know I am of a careful turn of mind. Abem!) it to be, and the box of bee material was all packed in good shape.

A. OSBUN. The two Sunday-school books that you sent me of Spring Bluff, Wis., Nov. 23, 1880.

late we all like very much, and are hungry for more.

The names of those two were “Pilgrim Street," (God Inclosed find $1.00 for GLEANINGS another year. help us all to gain the victory as little Tom did!) and Thanks for the Home Papers. They help us in West. "General Peg and Her Staff." I enjoy reading ern Connecticut to be unselfish, and thoughtful of GLEANINGS as much as ever - especially "Our others. May the great Lover of us all sustain and Homes.” My prayer is, that God will continue to keep" you until you come to his everlasting king- bless our Christian friends in India. I felt sorry dom.

MRS. A. E. JORDAN. for you when I read the Growlery of this month, beRedding, Ct., Nov. 25, 1880.

cause J. A. Hopkins had such bad luck with his per

chases. We like our little thermometers very much, The A B C book came to hand. The paper, print and Edward Carson thinks his little 150 plane as ing, and binding, are all that could be desired, and near perfect as any thing could be for the price. yet $1.25 pays for it all! The minute precision of its

MARY E. HARTWELL. details makes it a handy book for the novice in bee Medora, Macoupin Co., II., Dec. 6, 1880. culture, and is a guarantee of sound information and instruction.

GEO. H. WADDELL, M. D. Coronaca, Abbeville Co., S. C., Nov. 19, 1880.

The A B C book came to hand all right, and after

reading it all through once, and some of it twice, I The Waterbury watch ordered on the 8th inst, ar- think-well, I will just tell you wbat I think. rived safely on the 16th. Thanks. To say that I am

I think, friend Root, pleased with it, does not express the full truth of

You made a pretty good shoot the matter (I do not wish to beggar the English lan

When you undertook guage.) What a revolution there is in watches!

That A B C book; and they keep on revolving (?) providiog we keep

And we all should peruse, them wound up.


With joy profuse, Kosbkonong, Wis.

A book so free I was much pleased with the several small arti

In its knowledge of the bee.

And long may you live. cles. They are cheap, if they are what they appear to be, and I have no doubt they are, for I have sent

And happy should you be,

In such a book to give, to you several times, and was always well pleased,

As the A B C. and will risk sending to you once more. I was es

W.H. TURNER. pecially pleased with your ten-cent balance. Send me two more.


Fises, Goochland Co., Va. Catherine, Schuyler Co., N. Y., Nov. 22, 1880.

I would as soon be without an almanac for 12 I received the watch on the 14th inst., all safe. I months as to do without your bee journal. I do not wound it up and started it in 24 minutes after I got write for it, for I do not want to be consigned to it, and it has run to a minute with my clock ever either the Growlery or Blasted Flopes. I can not since. I am well pleased with it. You may look out boast of as much as some of your people do; yet I again for orders. "I also received the scissors and concede that I am doing far better since I adopted GLEANINGS for December. Thanks for your prompt- the Simplicity hive and got the Italian bees than I ness.

J. D. COOPER ever did before. But wbile I can not boast of as Traveller's Rost, s. C., Dec. 16, 1880,

much as some do, I love to read their reports.


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