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IT were no more than just, to let our friends in NEIGHBOR DEAN has just been in, and now gives Canada know they are indebted to Mr. Geo. O. Goodhis honey crop at 1000 lbs., instead of three or four hue, Danville, Quebec, Canada, that we are enabled hundred, as I gave it last month. About 350 of it is to use all Canada money and postage-stamp3, at par. comb honey, and the rest is extracted. He said his He has simply, for the sake of serving his country bees filled sections right along in August, from the men, been doing quite a little banking business with red-clover blossoms. Bees gather honey from red us for over a year past, making no charge for his clover in Medina County, if they don't in other services. I presume be will scold at my making this places.

mention, but I do not wish to receive credit for what

belongs to another. If Queen Victoria's subjects are All who are intending to attend the National all like our bee friends in Canada, I could, with a Convention, at Lexington Ky., Oct. 5, 6, and 7, will

whole heart, say with them, “God save the Queen!'' need to set about it as soon as this is in their hands. I see by the A. B.J. that Mrs. Lucinda Harrison

THE MICHIGAN SUFFERERS. proposes an impromptu meeting to be held

I PRESUME most of you have, before this time, in the Mammoth Cave, after the discussions are

done something for these friends. In our town, we over. I should be very glad indeed to attend, but I

bave sent several large boxes of clothing, etc., and have been absent so much this fall that it seems

also some money. A few of our bee-folks are among next to impossible, and we are now just in the

the sufferers, and, one letter is at hand, telling of a midst of preparing our 300 colonies for winter.

little boy who burned. May God help the parents in MAY God bless the kind friends who have written

this great affliction, and may he show us how best to they would take notbing from me for the money

manifest our sympathy. It seems these fierce fires they sent Burch. I do not want to ask release from

are not alone confined to Michigan. See the followany promise I have made; but such expressions

ing:seem to say that my attempts to reform existing

A terrible prairie fire swept away my apiary Sept. 6th. Chaff

hives burnel lively. The apparent resources are cut off, but the evils have been approved by both God and my fel- unseen are still abundant, God is safe to trust in.“ Although

the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be on the viney; low-men, Truly can I say with David, "For he shall the labor of the olive shall fail, and the fields whall yield no give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all

meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be

no herd in the stalls; yet I will rejoice in the Lord.” thy ways. They shall bear thee up in their hands, Baxter Springs, Kan.. Sept. 23, 1881.

C. D. WRIGHT. lest thou dash thy foot against a stone."

I hope, friend W., it was not a great many chatt

bives that were burned, and that you have not lost Once in a while, when things do not please, some all your bec8. Truly, the unseen resources of the body throws it up to me about the pretensions I great Giver are never cut off. make. My friends, if I have made pretensions I did not mean to; for in truth I am selfish, cross, and at

FRIENDS, when you order boney-labels, please times, I fear, crooked and hard to get along with. If write out exactly what you want, or send us a samthere be any merit in being grievously sorry for ple label of what you had fixed in your mind. We these faults and failings, when I look back and see

will send you package of samples free of charge to them, I do not know but that I have that merit. select from. If you do not take the trouble to do Sometimes it seems to me that I must give up in de- this, but say simply, “Send me some honey-labels," spair, were it not for the comforting promise, “ The you will have to take whatever the printers see fit blood of Christ cleanseth from all sin."

to give you. One friend, in complaining, says he

should think we might have known he didn't want BEES TO BE KILLED,

labels for extracted honey, and I presume we should, Is there anybody near friend P. who can take the had we recollected all his correspondence. At the poor bees and save them from death? Read:- very low prices we furnish them, the best I can do is

I have 50 stands of bees that I expect to kill. They are in to hand your letters to the printers; and if you do Diehl patent hives. If you want them you can have the comb and honey at 150 per lb., and pay me $2.00 for my hives. not tell them just what you want, I do not know give you the bees. Write at once.

G. N. PHARES. Kempton, Ind., Sept. 24, 1881.

how I can take them back. We are your servants, Friend P., if you would leave out those patent and are, also, really anxious to please; but I do not hives, and give us just the bees and combs, we would see how we can, unless you give full and plain orbe better pleased; but even then the express charges ders. Cut out the size you wish, then write out would be a serious obstacle with us. Can not some

with a pen every word and figure you want on it, of our readers near there save them? Bees will be and I assure you we can please, in quality of work “ cash money" next spring.

as well as promptness.

I will


TIIE OHIO STATE FAIR. EVERYBODY who sends $1.00 for GLEANINGS for As our Ohio people saw fit to appoint me one of the year 1882, during this present month, may have tac judges on honey and apiarian supplies at the any article on the 15-cent counter as a premium for State Fair, I thought best to attend. I am happy to so doing, providing he comply with the following say that the exhibits were very fair, and I enjoyed conditions: You are to state the dollar was sent in very much the duties assigned me, more especially accordance with this notice, tell what article you as my co-worker was the Rev. Mr. Ballantine, who want, and the amount of postage. Those who have gives us the excellent letter in Our Homes for this remitted before this reaches them, for 1882, can month. The third one on the committee being abhave the premium by calling our attention to it, sent, we picked up a bee-man to assist. The pleasand sending the postage. The 15 cents can be used ant part of the whole of it was, that all parties, so for articles on any other counter, if you choose; far as we knew, were perfectly satisfied and pleased but if wanted by mail, be sure to send the postage. with the awards. I met and made many new friends In November, the premium will be from the 10-cent at our capital, and came away feeling happy, becounter, and in December, from the 5-cent counter. cause I had known and seen more of Ohio and our






Ohio people in two or three days, than ever before their teens, who are more prompt and true than in my life. Almost the only sad thing I saw at the some who are worth their thousands. fair was the long row of beer-barrels, with Ohio

BEES THAT ARE TO BE BRIMSTONED, TO boys standing behind them, realy to serve anybody | TAKING who had the requisite nickel. Is it possible this state of affairs is to remain thus in our beautiful

MANY are asking if they can take bees that are ofState of Ohio? To make the said barrels more at: fered as a gift, or at a low price, and build them up tractive on a hot day, huge blocks of ice surmounted now by feeding. Yes, sir, you can do it every time, them. Plenty of iced drinking water was found on

but you musi be about it at once. If this journal all parts of the fair grounds, and every thing con- reaches you after dark, and you bave colonies that ducive to the comfort of the 75,000 whom I am told

are weak in bees, out of stores, and out of brood, were in attendance. I do not know what the cus-give them a feed of something before you go to bed, tom may be throughout our land, but I thank God

and then have them taking feed continually, for the that no beer is sold openly on the grounds of the

next month. It is of the utmost importance that Medina County Fair.

you improve every hour of warm weather. You all know by experience what it is to try to feed during

such weather as we had last April. While it is OF BEES WILL DO

warm with warm nights, feed will do wonders; but WAEN in Michigan, I made a note of what friend

you want to have it all over, before it gets to freezHunt had done with two packages of black bees, ing. Feed until the combs are full and bulging, and each containing a pound, and a black queen. I lost

little bits of wax are stuck on top of the frames, and the memoranda, but if I recollect aright, each built all over the hive. After you get the queen to laying up a good colony, and gave a swarm; and when I well, do not take out the frames any more until next was there the whole four were storing honey in sur- May. But let them build it all up solid just as they plus boxes. Perhaps he gave each a couple of have a mind to. Feed granulated sugar, if you can; frames of brood, but I am not certain. I think he

if not, coffee A. Cheap yellow sugar will sometimes purchased them in May. It seems a little strange

answer, but it is very much more apt to cause dysthat a pound of bees and queen should amount to

entery. It will perhaps take 25 lbs. of sugar to feed more than a whole swarm ordinarily does, but many

up a colony thus, having no stores, but it is cheaper reports seem to indicate that they have done so dur

to give them the whole 25 lbs. and have them come ing the past season. I can think of no other explan- through strong, than to stop at 15 and lose bees and ation, than that the owner took more care and pains sugar too. You want to feed until yJu get them with them, just because a pound of bees in a wire

booming." cage was a sort of new thing, and a curiosity, as it You know it has been said that Italians pro

SEPARATORS, OR NO SEPARATORS. duced the great results they have, just because they OUR neighbor Sbane has had the most of his comb were a new thing, and received extra care and atten- honey made in the combined shipping and honey tion. Friend Hunt's success with the “black lbs.,” | crate (shown in our price list), without separators. would seem to encourage this idea. I presume many The crate is taken right from the hive, and carriel of you remember the great things that used to be

to market, without any repacking. The saving of done with a single strawberry plant of some wonder- labor by so doing is of course immense; and as his ful new kind.

honey is straight enough to bring 240 per lb., wholeMORAL:-Just take the bees and plants you have sale, it certainly can not be very bad. I believe all already, and make believe they are some new, won- hands admit, too, that we get quite a little more derful kind; and if your faith (and energy) are suffi-honey, when the bees can fill the whole case with cient, you will find they really are.

solid honey, just as they naturally do, without any

separators of any kind in the way. The great drar SQUARE MEN.

back is, that you must leave the case on the bive unMy friends, I am not only willing, but glad, to til every section is sealed; or at least it is a great serve you in any way in my power, even to advanc- deal more trouble to select the first-capped sections, ing money for you in a contingency, providing I and get them into a case, without having one secknow you are square and true, to the extent, if you tion mash into its neighbor. It seems much a ques should die, or meet with any other misfortune, your tion of the time the bee-keeper has to devote to the wife, mother, grandmother, or any or all of your re

matter. Another thing: you must use separators, lations, would have respect enough for your bright if you expect to glass each section. If I am corrent, name to see that every thing was straightened up, sections glassed are in some disrepute just now, be

square and true, right on the spot. There are cause the public object to paying for glass at the such men among you, and, I repeat, it is a pleasure same price of honey. We have sold a great quanti. to me to advance money to them, on a few days, of ty of these cases, to be used without separators, course, or recommend them to others, or to give this season, and I would be glad to have reports caem assistance in any way. Well, other folks are from them. We have bought tons of tin for sepawanting to know who these square men are, and rators. Shall bee-keepers keep on buying them? I sometimes the square men ask me if I will please once said I did not want any more section boney say to somebody that I know them, and know they built without separators; but it was before we got are square. Well, now, I have been thinking wbat up the case mentioned above. How is it, friends! a nice thing it would be to bave a list of the straight Let us bear your different experiences. I beliere ones, and also a list of the crooked ones. Let it in- friend Hedilon has discarded separators. clude, say, every one among our bee-men who advertises any thing for sale at all. It is not to tell We have to-lay, Sept. 23th, 4419 subscribers. Our how much a man is worth, alone, but what his hab- list seems to "stick" this year, when we get above its are; for we have those in the ABC class, and in the fourth thousand.

Contents of this Number.

$1.00 Queens.


A Barnes Foot-Power circular and scroll-sawing INDEX OF DEPARTMENTS.

machine, all in complete running order. Price, $26. 11

H. L. RICHMOND, St. Johns, Olivet Co., Mich. Black List

Juveni'. Department. .......537 Bee Botany

.5.36 Kindw.. is from Customers23 Kee Entomology

Ladies' impartment.


.557 Lunch Rom. Cartoon

Notes and Queries,

558 R. A. LABAR, ALLENTOWN, LEHIGH CO., PA. Editorials


Reports Encouraging.
Heads of Grain.
.516 Smilery

Sample by mail, 10 cents.

11d Honey Column

.570 The Growlery Humbugs and Swindles

Tobacco Column..


Names of responsible parties will be inserted in AND OTHER SHORT ARTICLES.

any of the following departments, at a uniform

price of 20 cents each insertion, or $2,00 per year. Alley's Italians.


Honey, Thin, why it does Ants in Florida.

Not Sour in Hive... 151 Another ABC Scholar.

Honey from Smartweed.. 110 Atmos. Feeders, a difficulty How Shall We Winter!. 512 with

Household Queens.

546 Banner Apiary

Hurrah for Texas!.

5.58 Rees, Pound of in June 558 Information Wanted. Bees, Holy Land...

558 L. Frame, The.. Bees Balling their Queen

Names inserted in this department the first time with.651 Lady-birds on Spider Pl't... 150 Beey, Taxing .519 Marking Wt. on Cans.

out charge. After, 200 each insertion, or $2,00 per year. Bees and Grapes,

,528, 547 Merry banks.. Rees on a Rampage.

531 Miller'y Report Bee Caves of Texas.

Neighbor H's Letter, 527 Big Red Clover for Honey..510

Those whose names appear below agree to furnish No Brood nor Eggs in Oct...535 Boxes, Side-storing

Italian queens for $1.00 each, under the following K38 Patent Hives... Buckwheat and Stings .549 Plea for Gloves and Veil.

conditions: No guarantee is to be assumed of purity, Caging Virgin Queens 516


558 or anything of the kind, only that the queen be reared Candy for Bees.

.638 Postmasters, Stirring t'p. from a choice, pure mother, and had commenced to Cages, Large v. Small. .318 Pollen in Winter.....

529 C Sugar v. A..

lay when they were shipped. They also agree to re550 Queen Flying 27 Milles Compar. Value of Sugar and Queens, 2 in a Hive..

turn the money at any time when customers become Honey for Feed

.517 Quren, An Uneasy 155 impatient of such delay as may be unavoidable. Colorado, One Swarm in....518 Queens Killing workers....536 Bear in mind that he who sends the best queens, Cross Bees from Imp. Q'n..352 Queer Ways Bees have of Cyprians Hard to Handle..., 552

put up most neatly and most securely, will probably Consuming Stores

556 Cyprians Ahead....

159 Questions from a Scholar...113 receive the most orders. Special rates for warranted Credit Side of Humanity ,568 Rapp, or Winter Rape..

and tested queens, furnished on application to any Comb-Holder, A New

Room Wanted in Smilery

548 of the parties. Names with *, use an imported queen Comb Crate 2 Tiers High. .555 i Square Men...


mother. Dadant on Foundation... 511 Saw-set, A New


If the queen arrives dead, notify us and Dean'Report. .549 Still Hopeful.

548 we will send you another. Probably none will be De Worth's Perf. Machine..559 Scraper, A Handy

549 sent for $1.00 before July 1st, or after Nov. If want. Division Boards, 541 Stings and Rheuinatism.

ed sooner, or later, see rates in price list. Disheartening....

Sections, 1 lb. v. 2. Ib. 5.16 Doolittle's Report .626 Scotland *E. W. Hale, Newark, Wirt Co., W. Va.

2-1 Fragments from a Scholar..532 Sending GL.without Orders 368

*A. I. Root, Medina, Ohio. From 9 to 20, and ton of Smokers, Troubles with 50c,567 Honey..

*H. H. Brown, Light Street, Columbia Co., Pa. Ott Trans in October...

.555 Flour Feeding in Fall. Ventilation, Upward, ...518, 551 *E. M. Hayhurst, Kansas City, Mo.

1-12 Fdn. Withont Wires Waterbury Watches.. 560 *Paul L. Viallon, Bayou Goula, La.

itid Gallup and his Ranche. 539 Water for Bees.... *D. A. McCord, Oxford, Butler Co., 0.

1-12 Good for an ABC Scholar..551 Waste Basket. Our. Good For a Small Venture..651 Wakefield's Queries 516


*S. F. Newman, Norwalk, Huron Co., 0. H. A. Burch & Co...... 568 What a good Col. is Worth 557 *Wm. Ballantine. Sago, Musk. Co., O.

7tfd Hayhurst's Letter 127 What two Hives did 5.40) *C. B. Curtis, Selma, Dallas Co., Ala.

6-11 Honey in New Brunswick...559 White's Report

*T. W. Dougherty, Mt. Vernon, Posey Co., Ind. 7-12 Honey-dew Not Gathered...559 Wintering and Ventilation 5:35 Honey for Shipping Bees...559 Wireweed


C. A. Deane, Sr., Mortonsville, Woodford Co., Ky. Honey from (ofton...... Yellow Bees from a Black

Stid Honey, Ext. v. Strained.....556 Queen..



[blocks in formation]

The four queens came to hand in nice order.
Ventura, Cal., Aug. 26, '81.


Tako Notico! This honey will candy, or become white and hard, as soon as it becomes cool, or cold weather begins, and this candying is, in fact, the best proof of its purity. To restore it to the liquid form, set it in a warm oven, or on the reservoir of the stove, remoring the stopper so it will not ooze out. When it is all melted, remove and cork again. If sealed up while quite hot, with a cork dipped in melted wax, it will usually not candy again. Some liquify it by placing the bottles in hot water. To prevent breaking the glass, let the bottles rest on a thin strip of wood.

I am well pleased with my Clark's cold-blast smok er; would not give it for four of the kind I formerly had, although costing considerable less.

FAY KENNELL. South Gates, Monroe Co., N. Y., Sept. 22, 1881.

Eitber of the above labels, printed on gummed paper, will be furnished at 10c per 100, or $1.00 per 1000. 18 sent by mail, 2c per 100 extra.

A. I. ROOT, Medina, Ohio.
A sample copy of the NEW ENGLAND BEE

The dozen glass-cutters are “boss." I cut all my glass with one, and it cut the last one as well as the first. I don't think I need a diamond now. The lahels are nice.

D. G. WEBSTER. Blaine, Ill., Sept. 26, 1881.

I have just finished the 10 hives and find every piece all right. The 244 lb. scales are just the thing,

could not do without them, all that have seen them Bee-keeper must be experienced, and thoroughly are surprised at the low price. Freight on the hive reliable. No person using tobacco or cigars need and scales, $3.37, wbich I think reasonable. apply. Address S. NUGENT, "Linden Apiary,"


Strathroy, Ontario, Canada. Norwion, Chenango Co., 31. Y., Oct. 19, 1881.

Honey-pails came all right. I am well pleased with

PAPETERIES. them. Thanks for promptness. A. A. PARSONS. Where on earth did you scare up that atrocity Avon, Ind., Sept. 24, 1831.

which you have christened “ Papeteries"? (See Cat.

alogue, p. 3:2.) Had you not better sharply mark tho I bave received the ABC book of you, which I little chap, say with the policeman's star, lest his sent for. I am surprised at the beautiful way they own mother should not know him? Jokingly, are bound, and don't see how you can do it so cheap- Koshkonong, Wis., Oct. 17, 1881. D. P. LAXE. ly. Please accept my thanks. J. E. TODD.

[I didn't christen it at all, frien, L.; it is the name Unadilla, N. Y., Sept. 24, 1881.

the paper and envelope manufacturers give to a

little box of stationery. I do not know whether the Inclosed find $10.00, for which please send 3 more pretty pictures on the lid of the box have any thing of those Waterbury watches. The one I ordered ihe to do with the queer name or not; but some way 20th came to hand ihe 230. I can't see how they can they seem to please, especially the small ones for be sold for that inoney, if they are all as good as the the juveniles. one Igit.

J. C. HOSSLER. Mouitrie, Columbiana Co., O., Sept. 27, 1881.

You see, friend Root, my showing your double-end

er files hus sold some more for you, and handles to You are very kind to offer to pay damage on boot. The other goods came in very nice order. smoker, but the expense of repairs was small; be- One of the smokers I sold the next day after I resides, I think your customers can afford to stand ceived it, to a brother bee-keeper. I have sold an. damages once in a while, as you sell your goods so other one to-day, and my old Simplicity The scales low.

CLARENDON BUTMAN, and feeders are for myself. I had a pair of the Little Plymouth, Penobscot Co., Me., Sept. 3, 1881. Detective scales, and I sold them; I want a pair that

I can weigh hives on, and in fact every thing, even

R. P. LOVEJOY. The watch is a wonderful piece of mechanical to the wife," if I wish. skill. The whole of its internal arrangement turns

Greig, Lewis Co., N. Y., Sept. 26, 1881. with the minute-hand, and if it continues to work [Thanks, friend L. There will be no trouble at all as it now does, it will be one of the most remarka- in weighing the “ wives " as well as bees, on our ble productions of this remarkable age.

large scales, if they don't weigh over ::44 Ibs.. and it Wellsville, Mo., Oct. 10, 1881. J. T. STEMMONS. seems to me any woman might be satistied with that

limit.) KNIVES BETTER THAN CIRCUSES. I am a 14-year-old boy, and I want a knife. I have got of you have given satisfaction in every re

I don't know wbat is the matter, but the goods we bought one from you lnst winter, and I lost it, and I want another. My pa gave me 500 to go to the cir: spect. We have filled every order for queens, and

bave given satisfaction so far as we have any knowl. cus to-day, so I changed my mind, and send you the

edge. If there are any of our customers that are 50c for a knife.


not satisfied, we will try to satisfy them if they will Custer, DeKalb Co., Ind., Sept. 7, 1881.

let us bear from them. Mr. Johnson and have in

creased our bees to 65 stands from 35, some of them The queen I ordered from you about the 10th of

very weak.

T. S. HALL this month I received in less than three days from Kirby's Creek, Ala., Oct. 6, 1881. the time I sent for it, which was much sooner than I expected it. I introduced her according to direc

[It may be urged by some, that the above looks a tions, and she was received in good shape, and is do

little like free advertising: so it is, friends, and I ing finely. The hive is well filled with brood to-day,vertisicg for every one of you. I can with a clear

shall be most happy to do the same sort of free adAug. 29th.

J. Q. A. WALKER. Union City, Erie Co., Pa., Aug. 29, 1881.

conscience do almost any thing for those who give

satisfaction to their patrons; but you do not know The bill of goods was received 0. K. a few days

how it pains me to hear advertisers say unkind ago, for which please accept thanks. The lace scis. things of those who have been so kind as to send sore, little plane, and, in fact, every article is all that

them their money and their custom. How is it,

friends? one could wish, and much better than any thing we

As the season closes, can you say, with a can get of the kind for the same money' in this

clear conscience, that every one with whom you "Sunny South land.” Becs are working gloriously.

have had deal, is satisfied, so far as you know?]

ALLA D. LAUGHLIN. Courtland, Ala., May 24, 1881.


What in the world did you send me your GLEAXWe like the scales, “The Favorite,' ever so much. INGS for 3 months for? That 250 was for postage on The selected tested quceo received of you last May the smoker you were fool enough to give me for not I put with two frames of hatcbing brood; filled up using tobacco, and I shall not use it, if I know it, the hive with empty comb as needed. They swarmed any

more. Now, I intend you to have your pay as twice, besides giving some surplus honey. I also soon I get the money, because you have enough to took out several frames of eggs for queen-raising. pay out for nothing. I think that some try to take Looking for her a week ago I found her not, but a the advantage of you. Friend Root, I feel as if you young queen instead. From 20 hives I will take 700 were a very near friend of mine, and can't help it. I lbs. extracted, and 100 lbs. comb honey.

would like to write you a long letter (I have so much

MRS. CIAS. FAVILLE. to say), but I can't, because my learning is poor. I South Wales, N. Y., Sept. 19, 1881.

never went to school since I was 8 years old. I am

a coal-miner's boy who never drank wbisky, and The carpenter's pencil came to hand last night;

now I have a little farm, and a good locality for bees, and all the other goods ordered, including matching out of my bard earnings. I never took an oath in planes and grate for smoker, have been received. my life; never was before judge or jury in any All are very satisfactory, and in good order, except

manner, and will try not to be. I would like to have lamp-shade, which was crushed and broken in the

some of your profanity cards to give the boys in our mail. But never mind. I sent for it more from curi- shop. I am working in C. M. Crandall's toy shop, as osity than necessity, and hardly expected to get it engineer, until I finish paying my debts, and then I safely through. Here they charge $3.00 for the same

will try bee-keeping and queen-rearing. When I kind of matching-planes which cost me only $1.65, was 12 years old my father got killed two feet from even when registered. WM. MUTH-RASMUSSEN,

my side, in the mine. I was a door boy at the time; Independence, Inyo Co., Cal., May 21, 1881.

father was the mine boss. My eldest brotber was

near at the time. It was in 1862. Brother went to TIIE HUNTER SIFTER; ONE OBJECTION FOUND TO IT

the war, and left mother and me and four little ones,

so that is the reason I never could go to school, and AT LAST.

I have often sat down and cried when I bave seen I received the crank sieve, but I am sorry to say other boys going to school, and I had to go in mines it is not what I want. I wanted a sieve to sift medi- to dig coal. When I was 17 I was a miner, and at cine. This will not answer, and I should not like it that age I have handled 19 tons of coal in one day, to sift flour. The object in sifting flour is to get out with the pick and shovel. What would a boy think the worms; but this thing will grind the worms, and to-duy to see a boy going in the mine with his lamp the discuits would be equal to Liebig's extract of and book? Ah, Mr. Root, I learned to read in the meat. I have tried to sell the thing, but it is no go. mine. This is from one who loves to do right. I will return it. V. LEONARD.

ROBERT J. THOMAS. Springfield, Bradford Co., Pa., Sept. 5, 1881.

Montrose, Pa , Sept. 6, 1881.

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NOTES FROM THE BANNER APIARY. daughter was as fair and large a queen as any I have had, and

she has turned out just as prolific as any queen can be. Now

the question is, Is it safe to breed from this queen! I think not, No. 21.

though she is what any one would call a selected queen. But

then, I believe a little in Darwin. APIS AMERICANA.

Now about those rearing queens and claiming that they are mated with selected drones. I know that we can have colonies

with selected queens rear a great many drones, and the proba HE following letter was received from friend

bilities are that many of the queens will mate with these choice

drones; but how can a man prevent his other colonies from P. L. Viallon, and, thinking it “too good to rearing drones! and if he has a neighbor apiarist, how can he keep" all to myself, I take this method of re

control the production of drones in his apiary? If every colony

in the yard has been deprived of every particle of drone comb, plying:

it is astonishing to see the number of drones that will be

reared. l'nless a man has only a few colonies, and is isolated FRIEND HUTCHINSON :- As you are a queen-breeder. like my. for several miles from other bees, and then gives a thorough self, and knowing that you are of that class that will tell the examination when required, how can this selection of drones truth in spite of all, I thought I would ask your opinion of the be accomplished! Apis Americana, or, rather, the American improved Italian bees. Well, friend H., I hope you will excuse me for having written I would say your experience, but I am not aware of your exper- so much about these things, but they were on my mind, and I imenting in this line. I use the word opinion, as you have been felt like speaking about them to some one, but do not feel like sending queens to many, and you certainly must have received giving them to the bee journals, as I have neither time nor inreports from the majority, so as to be able to compare your clination to enter into a public discussion. Trusting that you queens with the improved queens reared under the swarming are satisfied with this season's result, I am, impulse, etc. Now. for my part. I have experimented upon this Bayou Goula, La., Sept. 15, 1881. Yours Truly, subject for several years, and I have come to the conclusion

PAUL L. VIALLOX. that it is an easy matter to degenerate bees, and that there is no improvement to be made on the daughters of selected im

Well, friend V., and all the rest of the friends, I ported mothers. Since 1876 I have been importing queens from have owned only three imported queens,-one from Italy. I have never imported more than two years from the same district, and although I have paid extra to have queens

Dadant and two from Nellis. These were all good selected, I must say that at least one-half of the imported queens, and my apiary has been almost entirely queens are not worth breeding from, hence the outery against stocked with their daughters. I have had no exthe better half, to breed from, then from these queens he can perience with queens removed many generations rear queens that are as good, if not better, than the great Apis from imported stock. Some apiarists assert, that but give it as the conclusion that I have arrived at, after actual the so-called Albino bees are the result of continued cheaper and less trouble to breed from home Fred mothes : bus breeding from light-colored home-bred stock. Who as I have found my bees to be a little less energetic after two or has the bees that are the furthest removed from imported mothers of my own importation, as then i can select ported stock, and yet are superior, or even equal, to what I want. have the cells built in moderately strong colonies, and hatch written, praising my queens, but none have made

I do not rear queens by any improved process or principle, but the average imported stock? Many customers bave and for want of stronger colonies, I have had some cells built any comparisons between them and queens reared in very weak colonies, and, though the cells are few. I have had just as fair and as good queens; which has often made me

under the swarming impulse. I have, this season, think that many of the theories advanced are - well, only had quite a number of queens reared under the theories.

Now another case: In examining a colony last spring. I found swarming impulse, and although the cells were it to have a queen as small as a worker, probably a little longer, larger and nicer-looking than many of those obdays, but, not having any queens to spare, I left her, as she was tained by removing a queen from a colony, I have place her, I found that she had been superseded, and that her failed to detect any difference in the queens. Two

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