The Life of ... Duke of Wellington, Volumen 1

Ingram, Cooke & Company, 1852

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Página 195 - I am concerned to have to observe that the army under my command has fallen / off in this respect in the late campaign to a greater degree than any army / with which I have ever served, or of which I have ever read.
Página 245 - You have sent me among the trophies of your unrivalled fame, the staff of a French marshal, and I send you in return that of England.
Página 173 - ... every moment. The number of dead on the field is very large. • " I am informed that Marshal Marmont is badly wounded, and has lost one of his arms ; and that four general officers have been killed, and several wounded. " Such an advantage could not have been acquired without material loss on our side, but it certainly has not been of a magnitude to distress the army, or to cripple its operations.
Página 85 - ... drive the English into the sea. ' It is to be hoped that the example of what has occurred in this country, will teach the people of this and...
Página 44 - I believe, so far advanced as we should and ought to have been on the night of the 21st. I assure you, my dear Lord, matters are not prospering here ; and I feel an earnest desire to quit the army. I have been too successful with this army ever to serve with it in a subordinate situation with satisfaction to the person who shall command it, and, of course, not to myself. However, I shall do whatever the Government may wish.
Página 195 - Officers of the army has induced many to consider that the period during which an army is on service is one of relaxation from all rule, instead of being, as it is, the period during which of all others every rule for the regulation and control of the conduct of the soldier, for the inspection and care of his arms, ammunition, accoutrements, necessaries and field equipments...
Página 195 - ... none in which the retreating armies were so little pressed on their rear by the enemy. We must look, therefore, for the existing evils, and for the situation in which we now find the army, to some causes besides those resulting from the operations in which we have been engaged.
Página 170 - The extension of his line to his left, however, and its advance upon our right, notwithstanding that his troops still occupied very strong ground, and his position was well defended by cannon, gave me an opportunity of attacking him, for which I had long been anxious.
Página 13 - ... murder, and he has certainly changed his mind ; but the world, which is always goodnatured towards those whose affairs do not exactly prosper, will not, or rather does not, fail to suspect that both, or worse, have been the occasion of my being banished, like General Kray, to my estate in Hungary. I did not look, and did not wish for the appointment which was given to me ; and...
Página 87 - Lisbon, and for the food of the army and of the people, while the troops will be engaged with the enemy. As for principal Souza, I beg you to tell him, from me, that I have had no satisfaction in transacting the business of this country since he has been a member of the government ; that, being embarked in a course of military operations, of which I hope to see the successful termination, I shall continue to carry them on to the...

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