Parliamentary Papers, Volumen 33


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Página 451 - He paused, as if revolving in his soul Some weighty matter, then, with fervent voice And an impassioned majesty, exclaimed — " O for the coming of that glorious time When, prizing knowledge as her noblest wealth And best protection, this imperial Realm, While she exacts allegiance, shall admit An obligation, on her part, to teach Them who are born to serve her and obey ; Binding herself by statute to secure For all the children whom her soil maintains The rudiments of letters, and inform The mind...
Página 375 - ... for upon the state of the coffee market all enterprises and industries depend. CACAO. In cacao there has been, unfortunately, a considerable falling off in the quantity exported, the amount for 1891 being 82,928 pounds, as against 158,324 pounds in 1890. There has been, however, no decline in values. It is to be regretted that more attention is not paid to the cultivation of this staple, which, on account of its recognized superiority in foreign markets over that grown in other parts of the world,...
Página 414 - The end then of learning is to repair the ruins of our first parents by regaining to know God aright, and out of that knowledge to love him, to imitate him, to be like him, as we may the nearest by possessing our souls of true virtue, which being united to the heavenly grace of faith, makes up the highest perfection.
Página 451 - Both understood and practised, — so that none, However destitute, be left to droop By timely culture unsustained ; or run Into a wild disorder ; or be forced To drudge, through a weary life, without the help Of intellectual implements and tools ; A savage horde among the civilized, A servile band among the lordly free...
Página 59 - Bedford . Berks Buckingham Cambridge . Chester Cornwall Cumberland Derby . . Devon Dorset Durham Essex Gloucester . Hereford Hertford . Huntingdon Kent .... Lancaster . Leicester . Lincoln Middlesex . Monmouth . Norfolk . Northampton Northumberland Nottingham Oxford Rutland Salop .... Somerset Southampton Stafford Suffolk Surrey Sussex Warwick . Westmoreland . Wilts.
Página 547 - ... the answer to this is the same as the answer to the objection urged against the plan of retaining the scholar in the same class for all parts of his work.
Página 32 - That in all cases of application for pensions a report shall be required from the Inspector, and from the trustees and managers of the schools, as to the character and conduct of the applicants, and the manner in which the education of the pupils under their charge has been carried on. The amount of the pension shall be determined according to such report, but shall in no case exceed two-thirds of the average amount of the salary and emoluments annually received by the applicant during the period...
Página 45 - PRESENT : The QUEEN'S most Excellent Majesty in Council. Her Majesty in Council was this day pleased...
Página 344 - I could not discover anything about the drainage of the premises that could affect the one room more than the other; but I observed that the room occupied by the cheerful workers was wholly whitewashed, and the room occupied by the melancholy workers was colored with yellow ochre. I had the yellow ochre washed off and the walls and ceilings whitewashed.
Página 11 - School Management. 1. To teach a class in the presence of the Inspector. 2. To answer questions in writing on the following subjects :— n.

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