The History of the War with Russia: Giving Full Details of the Operations of the Allied Armies, Volumen 5

London Print. and Publishing Company, 1855

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Página 30 - For whosoever will save his life shall lose it; but whosoever shall lose his life for my sake and the gospel's, the same shall save it.
Página 105 - Majesty feels called upon, by regard for an ally, the integrity and independence of whose empire have been recognised as essential to the peace of Europe, by the sympathies of her people with right against wrong, by a desire to avert from her dominions most injurious consequences, and to save Europe from the preponderance of a Power which has violated the faith of treaties, and defies the opinion of the civilized world, to take up arms in conjunction with the Emperor of the French, for the defence...
Página 85 - The fall will be a great misfortune; and it is very important that England and Russia should come to a perfectly good understanding upon these affairs, and that neither should take any decisive step of which the other is not apprised.
Página 87 - he may suddenly die upon our hands: we cannot "resuscitate what is dead. If the Turkish Empire "falls, it falls to rise no more; and I put it to you, "therefore, whether it is not better to be provided "beforehand for a contingency, than to incur the "chaos, confusion, and the certainty of an European "war, all of which must attend the catastrophe if it "should occur unexpectedly, and before some ulte"rior system has been sketched. This is the point to "which I am desirous you should call the attention...
Página 102 - ... is that the danger which may result from a catastrophe in Turkey will be much diminished, if, in the event of its occurring, Russia and England have come to an understanding as to the course to be taken by them in common. That understanding will be the more beneficial, inasmuch as it will have the full assent of Austria. Between her and Russia there exists already an entire conformity of principles in regard to the affairs of Turkey, in a common interest of conservatism and of peace.
Página 104 - Majesty has been engaged. The Emperor of Russia had some cause of complaint against the Sultan with reference to the settlement, which His Highness had sanctioned, of the conflicting claims of the Greek and Latin Churches to a portion of the Holy Places of Jerusalem and its neighbourhood. To the complaint of the Emperor of Russia on this head, justice was done ; and Her Majesty's Ambassador at Constantinople had the satisfaction of promoting an arrangement to which no exception was taken by the Russian...
Página 105 - Her majesty the queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, having been compelled to take up arms in support of an ally, is desirous of rendering the war as little onerous as possible to the powers with whom she remains at peace.
Página 86 - I did not inherit those visions — those intentions, if you like to call them so. On the contrary, my country is so vast, so happily circumstanced in every way, that it would be unreasonable in me to desire more territory or more power than I possess. On the contrary, I am the first to tell you that our great, perhaps our only danger, is that which could arise from an extension given to an empire already too large.
Página 97 - It is in this work of benevolence and of sound European policy that her majesty's government are desirous of co-operating with the emperor. They feel entire confidence in the rectitude of his imperial majesty's intentions, and, as they have the satisfaction of thinking that the interests of Russia and England in the East are completely identical, they entertain an earnest hope that a similar policy there will prevail...
Página 86 - His Majesty said, the dreams and plans in which the Empress Catherine' was in the habit of indulging, these were handed down to our time, but while I inherited immense territorial possessions I did not inherit those visions, those intentions, if you like to call them so.

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