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Price B. A Treatise on the differential calculus and its application to
Algebra and Geometry, founded on the method of infinitesimals.
8vo. Oxford, 1852
D. Chronological Retrospect, or Memoirs of the Principal
Events of Mahomedan History, from the death of the Arabian
legislator to the accession of the Emperor Akbar, and the esta-
blishment of the Moghul Empire in Hindostan from original
Persian authorities.
3 vols. 4to. London, 1821
G. A. Treatise on Fire and Thief-Proof Depositories, and
Locks and Keys.
8vo. London, 1856
8vo. Paris, 1827


Mémoires sur la restauration des Stuart.

L. Tauromachia, or the Bull-Fights of Spain, illustrated by
twenty-six plates representing the most remarkable incidents
and scenes in the arenas of Madrid, Seville, and Cadiz.

Fol. London, 1852

R. Observations on the Nature of Civil Liberty, the Principles
of Government, and the Justice and Policy of the War with
12mo. London, 1776

A Review of the principal questions in Morals, particularly
those respecting the origin of our ideas of virtue, its nature,
relation to the Deity, obligation, subject-matter, and sanctions.
Third Edition.
Svo. London, 1787

A Discourse on the Love of our Country, delivered Nov. 1789.
Svo. London, 1789

Observations on Reversionary Payments, on Schemes for
viding Annuities for Widows and for Persons in old age, on the
method of Calculating the Value of Assurances on Lives, and
on the National Debt.
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1783
Same. Seventh Edition. New arranged and enlarged by the
addition of Algebraical and other Notes, and the solutions of
several new problems in the doctrine of annuities, by W. Mor-
2 vols. 8vo. London, 1812
-T. The Wisdom and Genius of Shakspeare, comprising Moral
Philosophy, Delineations of Character, Paintings of Nature, and
the Passions; one thousand Aphorisms and Miscellaneous Pieces.
12mo. London, 1853

Sir U. On the Picturesque, with an essay on the Origin of
Taste by Sir T. D. Lauder, and sixty illustrations by M. Stanley.
Svo. Edinburgh, 1842
W. A Grammar of the three principal Oriental Languages-
Hindostanee, Persian, and Arabic, to which is added a set of
Persian Dialogues, accompanied with an English translation.

4to. London, 1823
Elements of the Sanscrit Language.
4to. London, 1828
A new Grammar of the Hindostanee Language. 4to. London, 1828
Journal of the British Embassy to Persia, embellished with
numerous views taken in India and Persia; also a Dissertation
upon the Antiquities of Persia. Second Edition.

Oblong Quarto. London, 1832
Prichard J. C. Analysis of the Egyptian Mythology. 8vo. London, 1819
A Review of the Doctrine of a Vital Principle, as maintained
by some writers on physiology.
8vo. London, 1829
The Eastern Origin of the Celtic Nations proved by a compari-


Prichard J. C.

son of their dialects with the Sanskrit, Greek, Lat. and Teutonic.
8vo. London, 1831
On the different forms of Insanity in relation to Jurisprudence,
for the use of persons concerned in legal questions.

12mo. London, 1842

Researches into the Physical History of Mankind. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1841-47 The Natural History of Man, containing inquiries into the modifying influence of physical and moral agencies on the different tribes of the human family. Third Edition, enlarged, with illustrations. 8vo. London, 1848 Pridden W. Australia, its history and present condition, containing an account both of the Bush and of the Colonies. 12mo. London, 1843 Prideaux H. The true nature of Imposture fully displayed in the Life of Mahomet. Svo. London, 1697 The Old and New Testament connected in the history of the Jews and neighbouring nations from the declension of the kingdoms of Israel and Judah to the time of Christ. Nineteenth Edition, carefully corrected. 3 vols. 8vo. London, 1825 T. S. Economy of Fuel. 12mo. London, 1853 Pridham A. Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Romans.

12mo. Bath, s. a.

Notes and Reflections on the Epistle to the Hebrews.

12mo. Bath, 1852

J. The Church of England as to her excellencies and defects, with a plan of ecclesiastical reform in her spiritualities and temporalities. Svo. London, 1842 Priest J. American Antiquities and Discoveries in the West, being an exhibition of the evidence that an ancient population of partially civilized nations, differing entirely from those of the present Indians, peopled America many centuries before its discovery by Columbus, and inquiries into their origin.

8vo. Albany, 1835 Rev. J. Bible Defence of Slavery, and Origin, Fortunes, and History of the Negro Race. Fifth Edition. 8vo. Glasgow, Ky., 1852 Saint John. General View of the Agriculture of Buckinghamshire, with an Appendix, containing extracts from a survey of the county by Mr. Parkinson. 8vo. London, 1813 Priest (The) and the Bible, o padre e a biblia. Eng. and Portug. 12mo. Bombay, 1849 Priestcraft Defended. A Sermon occasioned by the Expulsion of Six Young Gentlemen from the University of Oxford for Praying and Expounding the Scriptures. Repr. 12mo. Boston, 1802 Priesthood and Clergy unknown to Christianity. 12mo. Philadelphia, 1857 Priestley J. Hartley's Theory of the Human Mind, on the principle of the association of ideas, with essays relating to the subject of it. 8vo. London, 1790 Heads of Lectures on a course of Experimental Philosophy, particularly including chemistry, delivered at the new_college in Hackney. 8vo. London, 1794 Miscellaneous Observations relating to Education, more especially as it respects the conduct of the mind. 8vo. Birmingham, 1778

Priestly J. A general view of the Arguments for the Unity of God,
and against the divinity and pre-existence of Christ from reason,
from the Scriptures, and from history. Third Edition.

12mo. Birmingham, 1798
An Essay on the first principles of Government, and on the
nature of Political, Civil, and Religious Liberty. 8vo. London, 1768
Remarks on some Paragraphs in Blackstone's Commentaries.

8vo. Dublin, 1770

Reply to the Remarks, and Answer to the Reply.

8vo. Dublin, 1770

The Evidence of the Resurrection of Jesus considered.

8vo. Birmingham, 1791
A particular attention to the Instruction of the Young recom-
8vo. London, 1791

The Proper Objects of Education in the present state of the
Svo. London, 1791
A Discourse on occasion of the Death of Dr. Price.

8vo. London, 1791

Histoire de l'Electricité, traduite de l'Anglois.

3 vols. 12mo. Paris, 1791
Geschichte und gegenwörtiger Zustand der Optik, übersetzt
und mit Anmerkungen und Zusätsen begleitet von G. S. Klugel.
2 vols. 4to. Leipzig, 1776
Memoirs to the year 1795, written by himself, with a continua-
tion to the time of his decease by his Son, and observations by
T. Cooper.
Svo. Northumberland, 1806
Prieux C. A. Instruction sur le calcul décimal appliqué principale-
ment au nouveau système des poids et mesures.
Nouvelle instruction sur les poids et mesures.
Rapport sur les moyens préparés pour établir
poids et mesures dans la république.

Priezac S. de. Dissertation sur le Nil.

Svo. Paris, 1796
8vo. Paris, 1797
l'uniformité des

8vo. Paris, 1796
12mo. Paris, 1764

Prime S. I. Travels in Europe and the East. 2 vols. 8vo. New York, 1855
Primi Principii di Grammatica Italiana.
8vo. Prato, 1833
Primitive Church (The) in its Episcopacy, with an Essay on Unity, and
counsel for the present times, etc.
12mo. London, 1844
Prince A. The Record of Patent Inventions, with an abstract of all
specifications enrolled during each month, lists of all new patents
granted, and law reports of patent cases, scientific notices, etc.
8vo. London, 1843
J. Danmonii orientales illustres, or the Worthies of Devon, a
work wherein the lives and fortunes of the most famous divines,
statesmen, and other eminent persons, natives of that province,
are memorized.
4to. London, 1810

O. H. A Digest of the Laws of the State of Georgia, con-
taining all statutes and the substance of all resolutions of a
general and public nature, and now in force, passed previous to
Dec. 1837.
8vo. Athens, 1837

T. A Chronological History of New England, in the form of
Annals, being a summary and exact account of the most mate-
rial transactions and occurrences relating to the country, in the
order of time wherein they happened, from the discovery of

Prince A.

Capt. Gosnold, in 1602, to the arrival of Gov. Belcher in 1730. Reprint from the Edition of 1736. Svo. Boston, 1826 Prince Edward Island. A short account of, designed chiefly for the information of agriculturists and other emigrants of small capital. Svo. London, 1839

Princeton Review. See Biblical Repertory.
Principles of the Low-Church-Men represented and defended. Svo.

Wants Title.

Pring D. Sketches of Intellectual and Moral Relations. 8vo. London, 1829 Pringle J. Observations on the Diseases of the Army. 8vo. London, 1761 Prinsep E. A. Sanscrit Vocabulary-English and Sanscrit.

8vo. London, 1847
H. T. A Narrative of the Political and Military Transactions
of British India under the administration of the M. of Hastings.
4to. London, 1820

Origine et progrès de la puissance des Sikhs dans le Penjab et
histoire du Maha-Radja Randit Singh, trad. de l'Anglais.

Prior Jas. The Life of Oliver Goldsmith.

Svo. Paris, 1836 2 vols. 8vo. London, 1837 Same. American Edition. Svo. Philadelphia, 1837 Memoir of the Life of Edmund Burke, with specimens of his poetry and letters, and an estimate of his genius and talents.

Svo. London, 1839

M. A new Collection of Poems on several occasions.

12mo. London, 1775 12mo. Chiswick, 1822 2 vols. Boston, 1854 Chalmers, vol. 10.

Poems, with Life by Dr. S. Johnson.
Poetical Works, with a Life by J. Mitford.
Same in Anderson's Br. Poets vol. 7, and in
Priscian. De octo partibus orationis, cum J. de Aingre expositione.
Quæ omnia ingenti cura emendavit B. Brugnolus.

Folio, Venetiis, 1492 Opera ad vetustissimorum codd. nunc primum collatorum, fidem recensuit, emaculavit, lectionum varietatem notavit et indices locupletissimos adjecit Aug. Krehl. 2 vols. 8vo. Lipsiæ, 1819-20 Quæ extant omnia. In Gram. Vet. ed. Putsch. vol. 1. Opera minora, edidit Fr. Lundemann. 8vo. Lugd. Bat. 1718 Prisme (Le) Encyclopédie morale du dix-neuvième siècle, illustré par MM. Daumier, Gagniet, Gavarni, Grandville, etc. 8vo. Paris, 1841 Prisons. Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons on the Construction, Ventilation, and Details of Pentonville Prison, 1844.

Svo. London, 1844

Second Report of the Surveyor-General of Prisons.

8vo. London, 1847 Reports of the Prison Discipline Society, Boston, 1826-53. 3 vols. 8vo. Boston, 1855 Lepelletier A. Système pénitentiaire. 8vo. Paris, 1857 For Works on the subject of Prisons see Reports to the Legislatures of the several states of the U.S., Index to the British Parliamentary Reports under the head Prisons, and the Catalogue of this Library under Adshead J., Appert B., Ducpetiaux Ed., Gray F. C., Howard J., Julius N. H., Marquet-Vasselot, Moreau Christ., Oscar K. of Sweden, Vilain XIV.

Prisse d'Avennes E. Monuments Egyptiens-Bas-reliefs, peintures,
inscriptions, etc., d'après les dessins executés sur les lieux, pour
faire suite aux monuments de l'Égypte de Champollion.

Folio, Paris, 1847
Fac-simile d'un Papyrus Égyptien, en Caractères hiératiques,
Folio, Paris, 1847

trouvé à Thèbes.

Oriental Album, Characters, Costumes, and Modes of Life in
the valley of the Nile, illustrated from designs taken on the spot,
with descriptive letterpress by J. A. St. John. Folio, London, 1851
Pritchard A. A list of all the Patents for Inventions granted in Eng.
land during the present century.
12mo. London, 1841
History of infusorial animalcules, living and fossil, illustrated by
several hundred magnified representations. A new edition en-
8vo. London, 1852

G. The Missionary's Reward, or the Success of the Gospel in
the Pacific. With an Introduction by J. A. James.

12mo. London, 1844
Pritts J. Mirror of olden time; Border Life, embracing a History of
the Discovery of America; also History of Virginia and of the
early Settlement of Pennsylvania.
8vo. Abingdon, 1849

Prittwitz M. von. Untersuchungen über den Weg eines gleichförmig
fortrückenden Körpers der in jedem Augenblicke sich grade
gegen einen andern gleichförmig und zugleich gradlinigt fort-
laufenden Körper hinbewegt.
4to. Leipzig, 1816.

Pritzel G. A. Thesaurus Literaturæ Botanicæ omnium gentium, inde
a rerum botanic. initiis ad nostra usque tempora. 4to. Lipsiæ, 1851
Die Abbildungen sichtbar blühender Pflanzen und Farnkraü-
ter aus der botanischen und gartenliteratur des XVIII. und
XIX. jahrhunderts in alphabetischer Folge zusammengestellt.

4to. Berolini, 1855
12mo. Paris, 1725.

Privat de Molières J. Leçons de Mathématique.

Premier recueil des leçons de Mathématiques dictées au Collége
royal de France.
12mo. Paris, 1753

Réponse aux principales objections contenues dans l'examen des
leçons de physique.
12mo. Paris, 1841

Private Life of an Eastern King, by a Member of the Household of his
late Majesty Nussir-U-Deen, King of Oude. 12mo. New York, 1855
Privilegia Universitatum, Collegiorum, Bibliopolarum et omnium
demum qui studiosis adjumento sint a P. Rebuffo.

12mo. Francofurti, 1525

Probus Æmilius. See Cornelius Nepos.

Procédure par Jurés.

Procédures curieuses de l'Inquisition de Portugal contre les Franc-
Maçons, par un Frère Maçon, l'an de la fondation du temple,


12mo. s. 1.
8vo. Paris, s. a.

Procès de la conspiration du 19 Août.
Procès-verbaux des Séances du Comité historique des monumens écrits.
Svo. Paris, 1850
Prochaska Faust. Miscellaneen der Böhmischen und Mährischen Lit-
teratur, seltener Werke, und verschiedener Handschriften.

8vo. Prague, 1784

G. Disquisitio anatomico-physiologica organismi corporis hu-
mani ejusque processus vitalis, cum tabulis aeneis. 4to. Vienna, 1812

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