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Mickewicz A. Cours de Littérature Slave du Collège de France,1842–

43, publié d'après les notes Sténographiées; Première Partie,
Littérature et Philosophie; Deuxième P., Religion et Politique.

2 vols. Svo. Paris, 1815
Les Slaves, Cours professé au Collège de France, 1840-41. Vol.
I. Les pays Slaves et La Pologne. Histoire et Littérature.
Vol. II. Histoire, Littérature et Politiqne. Vol. III. La Pologne
et le Messianisme, Histoire, Littérature et Philosophie.

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1849
Mickle W. J. Poems, with Life by R. A. Davenport. 12mo. Chiswick, 1822
Microcosm (The). A Periodical Work by Gregory Griffin of the Col-
lege of Eton.

8vo. Windsor, 1787
The principal Writers in this Periodical were George Canning,
John Frere, J. & R. Smith, Lord H. Spencer, Capel Lofft, B.

Way, and Mr. Littlehales.
Microscopical Journal and Structural Record for 1841–42, edited by D.
Cooper and G. Busk.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1841-42
Microscopical Science, Quarterly Journal, including the Transactions

of the Microscopical Society of London, edited by E. Lankester
and G. Busk. (Wanting No. 3 of Vol. I.) Vols. 1-5.

5 vols. 8vo. London, 1853–58
Middelburg. Catalogus der Bibliothek van het zeeuwsch genootschap
der Wetenschappen.

8vo. Middelburg, 1845
Middeldorf H. See Bibles Syriac, Codex Hexaplaris.
Middendorp J. See Academiarium celebrium.
Middleham. Documents relating to the Foundation and Antiquities

of the Collegiate Church of Middleham in the County of York,
with an historical introduction and incidental notices of the

Castle, Town, and Neighbourhood, by W. Atthill. 4to. London, 1847
Middle Temple Library Catalogue. See London, Law Library Cata-

Middlemore R. A Treatise on the Diseases of the Eye and its appen-

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1835
Middleton Christ. The Legend of Humphrey Duke of Gloucester. In

Harleian Miscellany, Vol. 10.
Chr. Capt. A Vindication of the Conduct of Capt. C. Mid-
dleton in a late Voyage on board H. M. Ship the Furnace, for
discovering a N. W. passage to the Western American Ocean.
In answer to certain objections and aspersions of Arth. Dobbs,
with an Appendix containing the Captain's Instructions, coun-
cils held, etc. etc.

8vo. London, 1743
Con. Remarks upon the Proposals lately published by Richard
Bentley for a new Edition of the Greek Testament. 4to. London, 1721
Some further remarks upon the Proposals, etc. 4to. London, 1721
Germana quædam antiquitatis eruditæ monumenta quibus Ro-
nianorum veterum Ritus varii tam sacri quam profani, tum
Græcorum atque Ægyptiorum nonnulli illustrantur---Romæ olim
maxima ex parte collecta, ac Dissertationibus jam singulis in-

4to. Londini, 1745
Miscellaneous Works, 2d Edition. 5 vols. 8vo. London, 1755
Vol I. Preface, Introduction and Postscript-A free inquiry
into the miraculous powers supposed to have subsisted in the

Middleton Con.

Christian Church from the earliest ages-Letters to Mr. Warbur-
ton and others.
II. Remarks on two Pamphlets against Dr. Middleton's Intro-
ductory Discourse-A Vindication of the free Inquiry into the
miraculous powers-A Preface to an intended answer to all the
objections—Cursory Reflections on the dispute between the Apos-
tles Paul and Peter at Antioch-Reflections on the Variations
which are found among the four Evangelists—Essay on the Gift
of Tongues-Remarks on a Story told by the Ancients concerning
St. John the Evangelist and Cerinthus-Essay on the Allegorical
and Literal Interpretation of the Creation and Fall of Man.
III. A Letter to Dr. Waterland, containing some Remarks on
his Vindication of Scripture--Defence of the same-Remarks on
a reply to the Defence-Remarks on some observations addressed
to the author of the letter to Dr. Waterland-Remarks ou Bent-
ley's Proposals, with a Table of the Editor's Contradictions and
False Assertions.
IV. Oratio de novo Physiologiæ explicandæ munere—De lati-
narum literarum pronunciatione_Bibliothecæ Cantabrigiensis
ordinandæ methodus quædam-De medicorum apud veteres
Romanos degentium conditione Dissertatio--Dissertationis de-
fensio-A Treatise on the Roman Senate-Preface to the trans-
lations of Cicero and Brutus's Letters.
V. A Letter from Rome, showing an exact conformity between
popery and paganism-An examination of the Bishop of Lon-
don's Discourses on the use and extent of prophecy, with an
additional dissertation, containing an inquiry into the Mosaic
account of the fall-A Dissertation concerning the Origin of
Printing in England.

A Treatise on the Roman Senate, in two parts. The first part
treats of the manner of creating Senators; the second of the
power and jurisdiction of the Senate, of the peculiar dignity,
honors, and ornaments of a Roman Senator, of the different
ranks of men in the Senate, etc.

8vo. London, 1747 History of the Life of Cicero.

8vo. London, 1848 Dissertation on the state of Physicians among the old Romans, translated from the Latin, and remarks on same by P. W.

8vo. London, 1734 Middleton E. Evangelical Biography, or an historical account of the

lives and deaths of the most eminent and evangelical Authors
or Preachers, both British and Foreign, in the several denomina-
tions of Protestants, from the beginning of the Reformation to
the present time. New Edition with fitty-one Portraits.

4 vols. Svo. London, 1816
Sir H. Voyage to Bantam and the Maluco Islands, being the
second Voyage set forth by the Governor and Company of Mer-
chants of London trading into the East Indies; from the Edition
of 1606. Annotated and edited by B. Corney ; Hakluyt Soc.

8vo. London, 1855 II. The Government and the Currency. New Edition, with additions.

12mo. New York, 1850 J. View of the Agriculture of Middlesex. 8vo. London, 1807

p. 570.

Middleton J.J. Grecian Remains in Italy. A description of Cyclopian

Walls and of Roman Antiquities, with topographical and pictur-
esque views of ancient Latium.

Fol. London, 1812
- T. The Triumphs of Truth, a solemnity at the confirmation of
Sir T. Middleton in the honorable office of his Majesty's Lien-
tenant the Lord Mayor of London. In Nichols's Progresses K.
James I. Vol. II. p. 679. Civitatis Amor, the Citie's Love, an
entertainment by water at Chelsey and Whitehall at the joyful
receiving of the high and mighty Charles to bee created Prince
of Wales, etc. Ibid. Vol. III. p. 208. .

The Triumphs of Love and Antiquity, an honorable solemnitie
performed through the citie at the confirmation of Sir W. Cock-
ayn in the office of Lord Mayor of London. Ibid. Vol. III.
The sunne in Aries, a noble solemnity performed through the
citie at the confirmation of the Rt. Hon. Edward Barkham in
the office of Lord Mayor of London. Ibid. Vol. III. p. 724.

A Mad World, my Masters—The Roaring Girle—The Mayor of
Quinborough ; Comedies in Dodsley's Collection of old Plays.
Vols. 5, 6, 11.
A tragi-comoodie called the Witch. In Ancient British Drama,

Vol. 3.
Midolle J. Alphabet de lettres initiales historiques, avec Bordures et

Fleurons d'après les 14me et 15me Siècles. Fol. Gand, 1846
Miège M. Histoire de Malte. Vol. I. Statistique. Vol. II., III. His-

3 vols. 8vo. Paris, 1840
Miegius J. C. Constitutiones servi IIebræi. In Ugolini Thes. Vol. 26.
Mielcke C. G. Littauisch-deutsches u. Deutsch-littauisches Wörter-

Buch worinn das vom Ruhig zur hälfte vermehret und verbessert

2 vols. Svo. Königsberg, 1800
Anfangs-Gründe einer Littauischen Sprach-Lehre.

8vo. Königsberg, 1800
Mielle J. F. See Fortia d’Urban.
Miers J. Travels in Chili and La Plata including accounts respecting

the geography, geology, statistics, government, finances, agricul-
ture, manners, and customs, and the mining operations in Chili.
Illustrated by original Maps.

2 vols. 8vo. London, 1826
Miesegaes C. Chronick der freyen Hanse-stadt Bremen.

3 vols. 8vo. Bremen, 1828–33
Mignan R. A Winter Journey through Russia, the Caucasian Alps and

Georgia, thence across Mount Zagros, by the pass of Xenophon
and the ten thousand Greeks into Koordistaun.

2 vols. 12mo. London, 1839
Mignard B. R. Guide des Constructeurs, ou Traité complet des Con-
naissances théoriques et pratiques relatives aux constructions.

2 vols. 4to. Paris, 1847
H. Histoire de l'Idiome Bourguignon et de sa littérature propre,
ou philologie comparée de cet idiome, suivie de quelques poé-
sies Françaises inédites de Bernard de la Monnoye. 8vo. Dijon, 1856
Première Partie Glossaire Etymologique et comparé de l'Idi-
ome Bourguignon.
Deux. P. Grammaire comparée de l'Idiome Bourguignon.
Trois. P. Bibliographie raisonnée de l'Idiome B.

Mignard H.

Quatriènie P. Poésies Bourguignonnes inédites, accompagnées

de quelques autres d'une grande rareté.
Migne J. P. (Comme Éditeur,) Dictionnaire des Cardinaux contenant

des notions générales sur le Cardinalat, la nomenclature com-
plète par ordre alphabétique des Cardinaux de tous les temps
et de tous les pays, la même nomenclature par ordre chronolo-
gique; les détails biographiques essentiels sur tous les Cardi-
naux sans exception par l'abbé B.

Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1857
Dictionnaire d'Archéologie sacrée, contenant par ordre alpha-
bétique des notions sures et complètes, sur les antiquités et les
Arts ecclésiastiques, savoir; l’Architecture, la sculpture, la pein-
ture, la mosaique, les émaux, les vitraux peints, l'orfévrerie, la
céramique, avec des descriptions et des Instructions sur l'établis-
sement et la restauration des autels, les fonts baptismaux, etc.,
en un mot, sur tous les objets et monuments relatifs à la science
de l'antiquité chrétienne.

Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1851 Dictionnaire d'Épigraphie chrétienne, renfermant une collection d'inscriptions des differents pays de la chrétienté, depuis les premiers temps de notre ère; suivi d'une classification géographique des inscriptions et augmenté de planches, fac-simile, et d'une liste d'abréviations servant à déchiffrer les inscriptions des differents siècles, par M. X. 2 vols. Roy. Svo. Paris, 1852 Dictionnaire de Paléographie, de Cryptographie, de Dactylologie, d'Hiéroglyphie, de Sténographie et de Télégraphie, par M. X.

Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1854 Dictionnaire des Papes, ou Histoire complète de tous les souverains pontifes depuis Saint Pierre jusqu'à Pie IX., considérés à la fois comme papes et comme souverains temporels, avec celle de la cour de Rome de ses institutions et de ses cérémonies. Histoire puisée principalement dans les documents originaux et les lettres mêmes des Souverains Pontifes, qu'elle reproduit pour la plupart; leur action religieuse, sociale et civilisatrice, constituant le centre de l'Église, le Foyer de la vie spirituelle du monde, l'unité vivante du genre humain; créant les peuples modernes, leurs meurs, leurs institutions, leurs gouvernements, leurs lois; suscitant, conservant, propageant les lettres, les arts, les sciences, l'économique, l'industrie, en un mot tout l'ordre de la civilisation morale et matérielle de l'humanité, par M. C. F. Chevé.

Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1857 Dictionnaire des objections populaires contre le dogme, la morale, la discipline et l'histoire de l'Église catholique, contenant, pour chaque difficulté, une réponse claire et précise, offrant outre les propres idées de l'auteur ce qu'ont dit de plus remarquable les plus célèbres apologistes tant anciens que modernes, par l'abbé Pinard.

Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1858 Dictionnaire des Manuscrits, ou Recueil de Catalogues de Mannscrits existants dans les principales bibliothèques d'Europe concernant plus particnlièrement les matières ecclésiastiques et historiques, par M. X.

2 vols. Roy. 8vo. Paris, 1853 Patrologiæ Cursus completus, sive Bibliotheca universalis, integra, nniformis, commoda, economica, omnium SS. Patrum, Doctorum, Scriptorumque ecclesiasticorum, qui ab ævo apostolico ad usque Innocentii III. tempora floruerunt; Recusio chronologica omnium quæ existitere monumentorum catholicæ traditionis per

Migne J. P.

duodecim priora ecclesiæ sæcula, juxta editiones accuratissimas,
inter se cumque nonnullis codicibus manuscriptis collatas, per-
quam diligenter castigata. Indicibus donata. Series prima in qua
prodeunt Patres, Doctores Scriptoresque Ecclesiæ Latinæ, a Ter-
tulliano ad Gregorium Magnuin, Accurante J. P. Migne.

Imp. 8vo. Parisiis, 1844
This voluminous Cursus Patrologiæ includes more than eight
hundred Patristic and other ecclesiastical writers, and cannot
easily be consulted without the aid of an Index; for which
reason, as the full Index promised by the Editor has not ap.
peared, a short one is here given, referring only to the names
of the writers and the number of the volume in which they are

Abaelardus, Opera Omnia V. 178 Ahyto Basileensis Episc. V. 115
Abedoc, Abbatus Hibernus

Aimericus Patriarcha Antio 201
Abbandus Abbas

166 Aimo Abbas S. Petri Divensis 181
Abbo S. Abbas Floriacensis 139 Aimoinus Mon. Floriacensis 139
Abbo Sangerman. monachus 132 Alanus Antissiod. Episc.

Absalon abbas Sprinckirsbac. 211 Alanus de Insulis.

Achardus abbas S. Victoris 196 Alanus Tewkesberiensis Abbas 190
Adalbero Laudunensis Episc. 141 Albericus Aquensis

Adalbero Remensis Archiepisc. 137 Albericus Ostiensis Episc. 155
Adalbertus Metensis Scholastic. 136 Albertus Abbas Miciacensis 139
Adalbertus Mogun. Episc. 172 Alcheruis Claraevall. monachus 194
Adalbertus Prag. Episc. et Mart. 137 Alcuinus Opera Omnia 100-1
Adalgerus incertæ sedis Episc. 134 Aldricus Cenomanens. Episc. 115
Adalhardus S. Corbeiensis Abbas 105 Aldricus S. Senonen. Archiepisc. 105
Adamnanus S. Abbas Hiiensis 88 Alexander II. Pontifex. Max. 146
Adamus Canon Bremensis 146 Alexander III. Pontifex. Max. 200
Adamus Perseniæ Abbas 211 Alexander Gemmeticensis Abbas 205
Adamus S. Victoris

196 Algerus D. Canonicus Leodiensis 180
Adelboldus Trajectensis Episc. 140 Algrinus J. S. R. E. Cardinalis 206
Adelgorius Archiepisc. Mag. 157 Alpertus S. Symphoriani Meten. 140
Adelmannus Brixiensis Episc. 143 Alphanus Salernit. Archiepisc. 147
Ademarus S. Cibardi Monachus 141 Alvarus P. Cordubensis

Ado S. Archiep. Vienn. in Gallia 123 Amalarius, Trevirensis Archiep. 99
Adrevaldus Floriac. Monachus 124 Amatus, Burdegalensis Episc. 155
Adrianus I. Papa Pont. M. 96 Ambrosius S. Med. Episc. Op. 14-18
Adrianus II. Papa Pont. M. 122 Amedeus, B. Lausannensis Episc. 188
Adrianus III. Papa Pont. Max. 126 Amoenus, Enchirid. V. et N. Test. 61
Adrianus IV. Papa Pont. M. 188 Amulo Episc. Lugdunensis. 116
Adso Devensis Abbas

137 Anamodus Ecclesiæ subdiacon. 129
Adventius Metensis Episc. 121 Anastasius I. S. Papa I.

Aelraedus Rhievalensis

195 Anastasius III. Papa, pont. Rom. 131
Aeneas Parisiensis Episc. 121 Anastasius IV. Papa, pont. Rom. 188
Agano Augustodunensis Episc. 150 Anastasius S. Mon. et Eremita 149
Agapetus I. Papa Pont. Max. 66 Anastasius Bibliothecarius 127-9
Agapetus II. Papa Pont. Max. 133 Angelomus Luxoviensis monac. 115
Agio Archiepisc. Narbonensis 132 Angelramnus Metensis Episc. 96
Agnellius, Episcopus Ravennas 68 Angelrannus abbas Centulensis 141
Agnellius, Abbas S. Mariæ 106 Angilbertus S. Centul. abbas 99
Agobardus S. Episc. Lugdunen. 104 Angilbertus Corbeiensis abbas 129
Ahyto seu Hatto, Basil. Episc. 105 Annales Hildesh. Weissem.Quedl. 141

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