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The perverter of Christian principles is therefore the most formidable, as well as the most insidious enemy of Christian truth.

The superstitious frauds of Popery have almost entirely destroyed the sincere profession of the gospel in Catholic countries; and the vain pretensions of Enthusiasm threaten the speedy extermination of it in the Reformed church. Many are disgusted by its arrogant presumption and affected piety; but more are misled by its claims to extraordinary illuminations and pe

culiar grace.

Hence, with the most charitable disposition towards the Methodists, we may be allowed to expose the pernicious tendency of their tenets and their preaching; calculated on the one part, to increase scepticism and profaneness, and on the other, to create that blind infatuation which has heretofore been the scourge and terror of mankind.

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The error of Methodists in confounding causal and final

justification. The latter shewn to depend on the practice

of Christianity.--Union with Christ no unfailing assurance

of it, according to St. Paul and St. Peter.-Moral fitness a

requisite qualification for the divine favour.—The Clergy

calumniated as preachers of new doctrines.-Opinions that

were held in the Reigns of Elizabeth and James I. upon

this subject, as recorded by Fuller and Strype........... 153

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