The Age of Bronze; Or, Carmen Seculare Et Annus Haud Mirabilis

John Hunt, 1823 - 31 páginas

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Página 7 - Yes ! where is he, the champion and the child Of all that's great or little, wise or wild ; Whose game was empires, and whose stakes were thrones ; Whose table earth — whose dice were human bones ? Behold the grand result in yon lone isle,5 And, as thy nature urges, weep or smile.
Página 28 - The first to make a malady of peace. For what were all these country patriots born? To hunt, and vote, and raise the price of corn ? But corn, like every mortal thing, must fall, Kings, conquerors, and markets most of all.
Página 6 - Reader ! remember when thou wert a lad, Then Pitt was all ; or, if not all, so much, His very rival almost deem'd him such. We, we have seen the intellectual race Of giants stand, like Titans, face to face — Athos and Ida, with a dashing sea Of eloquence between, which flow'd all free, As the deep billows of the ^Egean roar Betwixt the Hellenic and the Phrygian shore. But where are they — the rivals ! —a few feet Of sullen earth divide each winding sheet.
Página 6 - How peaceful and how powerful is the grave Which hushes all ! a calm, unstormy wave Which oversweeps the world. The theme is old Of" Dust to dust;
Página 30 - They roar'd, they dined, they drank, they swore they meant To die for England — why then live? — for rent! The peace has made one general malcontent Of these high-market patriots ; war was rent ! Their love of country, millions all mis-spent, How reconcile ? by reconciling rent...
Página 30 - See these inglorious Cincinnati swarm, Farmers of war, dictators of the farm; Their ploughshare was the sword in hireling hands, Their fields manured by gore of other lands; Safe in their barns, these Sabine tillers sent Their brethren out to battle — why? for rent! Year after year they voted cent, per cent., Blood, sweat, and tear-wrung millions — why? for rent! They roared, they dined, they drank, they swore they meant To die for England — why then live?
Página 20 - Which freed the Atlantic! May we hope the same For outworn Europe? With the sound arise...
Página 23 - tis not frost-bit $ Now half dissolving to a liberal thaw, 440 * * / But hardened back whene'er the morning's raw ; With no objection to true liberty, Except that it would make the nations free.
Página 14 - A single step into the right had made This man the Washington of worlds betrayed; A single step into the wrong has given His name a doubt to all the winds of heaven...
Página 39 - Twenty engravings of Lions, Tigers, Panthers, and Leopards. By Thomas Landseer, from Drawings by Edwin Landseer and Edgar Spilsbury. These Drawings are some of them taken immediately from nature, and the remainder from Rubens, Reydinger, Rembrandt, and Stubbs, corrected by a reference to the living animals. A Pictorial and Physiological Essay on the Carnivora will accompany the engravings.

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