The History of the Valorous and Wity-knight-errant, Don-Quixote of the Mancha, Volumen 2


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Página 255 - I dare avouch of myself, that when I read them, as long as I do not think that they are all but toys and untruths, they delight me ; but when I ponder seriously what they are, I throw the very best of them against the walls...
Página 223 - O you that be no troopers, but thieves in troop, and robbers of highways by permission of the Holy Brotherhood ! come hither, I say, and tell me, who was that jolt-head that did subscribe or ratify a warrant for the attaching of such a knight as I am ? Who was he that knows not how knightserrant are exempted from all tribunals? and how that their sword is the law, their valour the bench, and their wills the statutes of their courts?

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