Mycographia, seu icones fungorum, Figures of fungi from all parts of the world. Discomycetes, pt.1, Volumen 1

Williams and Norgate, 1879 - 267 páginas


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Página 47 - Mycogr.," fig. 89. Cup 2 £ lines broad. It can at once be recognized as wholly different from anything previously described. The cups were grouped on a spot five or six inches in length and two or three inches broad, on a decorticated trunk, saturated with water, in contiguity to Peziza scutettata (Dr.
Página 49 - Asci cylindrical, containing eight subcymbiform spores .00095 mcn l°ng> an<^ more or less obtuse at either end. When steeped in water, the inside of the stem acquires a slight foxy tinge. The substance is so totally different from Peziza, though this curious fungus is closely allied to P. leporina and P. onotica, that it cannot be placed in the same genus. Peziza macrotis Berk., a species found abundantly at Darjeeling at 7,500 feet, is clearly congeneric and may be characterized Wynnea...
Página 173 - X 9ju ; paraphyses stout, septate, apices clavate, forked, shortly branched, hyaline. Peziza sterigmatizans — Phil., Cooke's " Mycogr.," fig. 304. On damp ground. Autumn. Cup scarcely an inch broad ; paraphyses thick, septate, clavate at the tips, either furcate above, or with short lateral branches or bud-like processes. Name — <rrripiy/ja, a support; the paraphyses being like sterigmata.
Página 135 - Hymenium læve, persistons, distinctum. Asci ampli, distincti, fixi, sporidia elastice ejicienda includentes, paraphysibus immixtis. — Cupula centro adfixa, passim stipitata, libere evoluta, plus minus cava,- demum passim planiuscula, disco polito (nec villoso l. pulveraceo) discolori. Velum universale, sed non distinctum & sæpe nullum. Substantia carnoso-membranacea l. ceracea.
Página 38 - Sparsa, sessilis, hemispherica, atrovinosa, recens subviridis, extus farinosa, alba, margine inflexo. Ascis ellipticis. Sporidiis biseriatis, ellipticis, laevibus, .023— '025 X .012 mm.
Página 44 - Sessilis, irregularis, badiobrunnea, concava, demum convexa, expansa, margine libero, extus leniter subflocculoso. Ascis cylindraceis. Sporidiis globosis, uninucleatis, laevibus, diam.
Página 155 - Parva gregaria stipata irregularis carnosa fragilis, extus pallida pruinosa, intus aurantio-flava; stipite brevissimo vel obsoleto; sporidiis minoribns ellipticis laevibus binucleatis.
Página 183 - M. pileo campanulato, basi undato-plicato, albo-limbato ; costis longitudinalibus undulatis, anastomosantibus, basin versus parallelis, rectis; areolis oblongis, irregularibus , angustis; stipite elongato, subcylindrico, apicem versus attenuato, albo-sericeo, farcto, in...
Página 105 - External cells of the cup concatenate, with their free extremities breaking up, so as to give a farinose appearance to the surface.
Página 175 - Sessilis. Cupula applanata, margine incurvo, extus tomentosa, pallida ; hymenio rufo. Ascis cylindraceis, obtusis. Sporidiis ellipticis, hevibus.

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