Ecology, Conservation and Management of Wild Pigs and Peccaries

Mario Melletti, Erik Meijaard
Cambridge University Press, 23 nov 2017
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Wild pigs inhabit vast areas in Europe, Southern Asia and Africa, and have been introduced in North and South America, while feral pigs are widespread in Australia and New Zealand. Many wild pig species are threatened with extinction, but Eurasian wild boar populations, however, are increasing in many regions. Covering all wild pig and peccary species, the Suidae and Tayassuidae families, this comprehensive review presents new information about the evolution, taxonomy and domestication of wild pigs and peccaries alongside novel case studies on conservation activities and management. One hundred leading experts from twenty five countries synthesise understanding of this group of species; discussing current research, and gaps in the knowledge of researchers, conservation biologists, zoologists, wildlife managers and students. This beautifully illustrated reference includes the long history of interactions between wild pigs and humans, the benefits some species have brought us and their role and impact on natural ecosystems.

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Part I Evolution Taxonomy and Domestication
Part II Species Accounts
Part III Conservation and Management

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Sobre el autor (2017)

Mario Melletti is a member of the African Buffalo Initiative Group, part of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature, has studied forest buffalo for fifteen years in Central Africa and has authored three books and 45 scientific publications.

Erik Meijaard is Chair of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's Wild Pig Specialist Group. Erik is author of six books and 185 scientific papers, and a frequent writer in popular media. He has been influential in conservation policies and public opinion about them.

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