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Sept. 5. Ath is imagined an infallible prevenTHE

'HE AM-tree described by your tative of their ravages in lands.

Correspondent, p. 512, grows by Yours, &c. ANOTHER R. G. the side of Shirley-itreet (the road leading to Birmingham from Hockly- Mr. URBAN,

Sept. 24. 'HE

from Solihull parish. The upper part of the silver coin in my poffeffion. It is gap formed by the chizzel has clofed ; without a legend, and may possibly be but the lower remains open, as repre- the ancient Skeatta, as I have also fented, Plate I. Fig. 1 ; and ihe tree is piece of copper half the fize of the above healthy and Aourishing. Thoinas Chil- with a finilar portrait, which I conlingworth, fon of the owner of an ad ceive to be the Styca. The above coin joining farm, now about 34, was, when is rather convex, tapering from its cen, an infant of a year old,'passed through 'tre to the edge. These coins were found a fimilar tree, now perfectly found, in the North of this kingdom. J. M. which he preferves with so much care *** It is probably a Saxion Sceatta. No. that he will not suffer a single branch

I. in a plate of ancient and singular coins to be touched, for it is believed the found in the Isle of Thaner, and published the life of the patient depends on the by Mr. John White of Newgate-street, is life of the tree, and ihe inoment that very nearly fimilar to it. Edit. is cut down, be the patient ever 10 Fig. 3 is a figure' at Shurston, bedistant, the rupture returns, and a mor- tween Malmsbury and Brittol. tification enfies, and terminates in Fig. 4 is the seal of the Staple of St. death, as was the case in a man dri- Botulf, now Boston, in the possession ving a waggon on the very road in of Samuel Gale, efq. who engraved it question. Rowe's son was passed on a separate plate, 1736. It reprethrough the present tree in 1792, at fents St. Botulph, the Patron Saint, the age of one or two. It is not, how- with a crofier, in his right and a book ever, uncommon for persons to fur- in the left band, and in his lap a woolvive for a time the felling of the tree.

fäck. It is circumscribed Sigill. StaIn one case the rupture returned fud- pulz de Cango Botulio. There denly, and mortification followed. were" lays (Leland, Itin. VI. 59) III) These trees are left to close of them. Colleges of freres (brethren) marchantes felves, or are closed with nails. The of the Sulliard cunminge by all parts Wood-cutters very frequently ineet by East, that were wont greatly to haunt with the latter. One felled on Bun- BoltonThe Staple and the Stilliardnan's farm was found full of nails. This honles vet there remaining.

r. The belief is so prevalent in this part of the Staple for wool,” says Camden, “ being country, that instances of trees that letiled here, brought in great wealth, have been employed in the cure are

and invited merchants of the HanThe like notions ob- seatic league who established here their tain credit in fome part of Effex. Dr. guild, or house." St. Botulph, he Borlafe (Nat. Hift. of Cornwall, p. 179) ailds, was a most.pions Saxon, who, mentions a noted tione in Made in according to Bede, hacl a Monastery at parish, through'which it was cofio. Icanhoe. He travelled into Belgic mary for persons !o creep for pains Gaul for knowledge, and returned in their backs and limbs; and the fan- uinto his native country; died A. D. ciful parenis, at certain times of the 655, and was buried at Thorney. Four year, did cofiomarily draw their young parishes in London bear his vamé, and children through, in order to cure them : one at Colchester. His anniversary of the rickets; and that two hrals pins was on June 17.-Butler's Lives of were carefully lair! across each other, Saints, VI. 252. on the top-edge of this sone" for oracolar purposes. Whether these cu


O&t. 2. fons have any reference to each other; Nahe monument of Francis fixth

earl of , concerning the power of Attrees in church, Leicestershire, it is recor:led, repel other maladies or evils, fuch as

that by his fecond ladly he had “ two Drew-mice, the stopping one of which fons, both which died in their infancy animals alive into a hole bored in an by wicked practices and forcery.” The Genr. Mag. Oslober, 1804.


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very common.

for con

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circumstances which gave rise to this fore Sir Henry Hobart, and Sir Edward fuppofition were briefly these. « Joan Bromley, Judges of Allize, Flower and her two daughters, Marga- felling themselves Actors in the Degarettà and Philippa, fervants at Bel- struction of Henry Lord Rotse, with voir Castle, were disinilled for neglect their damnable Practices against others of bufiness, and various misdemeanours. the Children of the Right Honourable This excited their revenge against the Francis Earl of Rutland. Together family; they therefore made use of all with the severall Examinations and the enchantments, spells, and charins, Confellions of Anne Baker [of Bottesthat were at that time supposed to an. ford, fpinister), Joan Willimot [of fwer their malicious purposes. Here Gowby, widow], and Ellen Greene ry, the eldest of the fons, died foon [of Malherne], Witches in Leicesteraftter their dismislivn; notwithstanding ihire. Printed at London, by G. Eld, which, no fufpicion of witchcraft arofe for I. Barnes dwelling in the Long till five years afterward; when the Walke, neere Christ Church, 1619," woman and her two daughters, who 4to. are said to have entered into a fornial From the latter pamphlet the porcontract with the devil, and to have traits here given in Plate II. are faith. , become · devils incarnate themselves,' fully copied. It is preserved at large were accused of murdering Henry lord in Mr. Nichols's History of LeicetterRofs by witchcrasi, and torturing the fhire, vol. II. Appendix, p. 69; and is Jord Francis, his brother, and the lady a moft ttriking proof of the then preCatherine his sister. Being apprehend- ralent opinion on the subject of witched five years after the lipposed fact, craft. The examinations were taken after various examinations before Fran- by Magistrates of the first conséquence cis lord Willoughby of Erefby, fir in the neighbourhood. George Manners, fir William Pelbam, In 1621 appeared, "Strange and wonfir Henry Hastings, Knighi, and Sa- derful Witchcrafts : difcovering the dammuel Fleming, D. D. Rector of Bortes- nable Practices of seven Witches against. ford, and other his Majesty's Justices the Lives of certain noble Personages, of the peace for the said parts of the and others of this kingdom; with an county, they were committed to Lin- approved Trial how m find out either coln gaol. Joan Flower died at An- Witchorany Apprentice toWitchcraft.”. caster in her way thither, by wishing, See also Turner's Hiftory of Remarkthe bread aud butter she aie might able Providences," &c. choak her if the was guilty. The two The calamilies in the Earl's family daughters were tried before fir Henry are faid to have occasioned the famous Hobart, Chief Justice of the Com- Act of Parliament in that reign, against mon Pleas, and fir Edward Bromley, sorcery, and other diabolical practices, one of the Barons of the Exchequer; which was lately repeated. Howel tells confelled their guilt, and were executed. us, in his Letters, vol. I p. 58, that at Lincoln, March 11, 1618-19. king James, a great while, was loth 10

However we may deplore the ig. believe there were Witches; but that norance of the times, these unhappy which happened to my lord Francis women could not be said to be inno- of Rutland's children convinced him.' cent; as, from the depositions of others. This is contradictory to the tenor of the and their own examinations and con- Dæmonologia,' which was published fellions, there could be no doubt of long before. their intentional guilt. In short, they Yours, &c.

M. Green. believed themselves witches. Many of the evidences in the different examina- Mr. URBAN,

Oct. 5.

CHE and in register Church, in p. 471, that time, some of their descendants did not imply that the old materials heing yecliving. Their case was print- should not be put properly together. ed 1618, Ato; and soon after was pub. It required them to be properly forted Bished “The wonderful Discoverie of and arranged for rebuilding the tower the Witchcrafts of Margaret and Phil- and chancel

, according to Mr. Heylip Flower, Daughters of Joan Flower, ward's plans and specifications. Your neere Berer Casile; executed at Lin. Correspondent, E. B. p. 721, says the colneMarch 11, 1998,

who were

new tower is to be built parily of the fyecially arraigned and condemned be- maierials of the old ; but link's the idea


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tione concerning the witcherafe were of The Adverifement about Kirtan

of rebuilding the c clancel. He best the motives for thefe multitudinous in= knows his reasons for the latteri; and stitutions, do

o thev better the

tempers he inay learn that there are instances of their promoters? Do they not rather, where a parish have discharged the in innumerable instances, stamp upon impropriator from the expence of keep the character the austerity of a Quaker ing up the chancel, in confideration of (for Fanatic is too religious a term)? his giving them a sum to rebuild it, and tempt too many of these fupporters, and taking the future repairs and fulten- who thus enrol themselves under the tation of it on themtelves. P. Q. took banner of an Advertisement, to say to all his information about Kirton from those who do not join them, “Stand by; your Miscellany. He will, however, I am belter ilian thou ;" I have more be obliged to E. B. if he will favour of the milk of human kindness, more you with the drawing he took of the of true benerolence and philanthropy! Church, and of any notes of infcrip- Noterery man's purse, any more than his tions, &c. in it.

Q. P. understanding, is equal; and, if I cannot

follow the rich philanthropist, I am at Mr. URBAN,

Sept. 29 leaft entitled to common civility from I

PROPOSE to the explanation of him. Do they not distinguish them

your geological Correspondents the felves by a discontent and fretfulnels of following pallage jo Pennant's Tour temper because every one does not adopt from Dover to the Land's End, p. 187. their contrivances for tweeping chimSpeaking of St. Catherine's Chapel, or neys, which their advertisements and rePharos, in the Isle of Wight, he says, ports certify do not always fucceed; for « Divines, who seek for the completion inaking provision, to the full extent of of prophecies, may have more com- their willes, for restoring unhappy wofort and authentic proof, from the re- men to their distant friends, in which cent appearance of Shanklin Down, from they are ashamed to own how they have the tower of St. Catherine's. With- been imposed on? Men fequestering in memory of man, another, called themselves from the world, wonder the Week Down, interfered so far as to ren- world is so wicked; and mortify like der the former scarcely visible from the herinits, because they cannot make a tower . but at present, Shanklin Down world to theinfelves. Why will not appears from that antieni structure 100 these tender-hearted people join their feet higher than that of Week ; fo thai in parishioners and parish officers to reform this instance at least,” • every valley shall their parishes, instead of discountebe exalted, and every mountain shall be nancing those parochial reliefs, which made low.' I well remenaber the in- the law, supplying the defect of the finite satisfaction I gave to a truly learn- ] Reformation, has provided ? Why is ed and pious Divine on this subject, by there not a fociety for the relief of the relating to him that the latter measures distresled children of the honest, as well of the height of our boasted Snowden as of the vicious? Why are the pupils made it about 150 feet lower than it of the Philanı hropic Society to have a was in the preceding century.

preference in practising certain trades QUERIST. and sciences, for which they have never

been suitably educated, to the excluMr. URBAN,

Oct. 4 Gon of the honese industrious men who charitable lottitutions among us, and that there are a set of benevolent vice encou

couraged by lenity of punishperlons of both sexes eager to publish inent? \Vhs are any objects of that their names, and to take the chances excellent inftitution, the Magdalen of fuccefs, dealing out proposals to puff charity, rejected, that it should be every charity, and perhaps afterward to neceffary to institute a fupplement to build receptacles for the objects of it; a it? Laitly, Why do not thote who reflection suggested itfelt that the Mar- are thicked at the killing a fv, or quis de Bouillè, in his Memoirs of the turn away their eyes froin beholding French Revolution, and his own con- the death of a bird, take up the cause duct in it, quotes a great Critic, who of the dumb animal kind, and found calls that Revolution the “ Hypocrisy an hospital for all the beasis of burden of Liberty.” May we in like they can rescue or redeem from their manner characterise the fashion here merciless masters; or, as the Dean of alluded to as the Hypocrisy of Cha. St. Patrick's has it, rity?" Now, admitting the purity of “ Die and endow a college, or a cat comes


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Yours, &c.

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