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as displaying a strain of seriousneis tended long since to have reached your bordering upon the melancholy. hands, and which has been posiponed

for want of a suitable conveyance. But whoever peruses the following

When I reached Launcelion, on my letter, and reflects upon the dangerous ttate of health to which my workhouse. Here a scene of sluh, rags,

return from Bodmin, I visited the friend had been reduced, in confe- and wretcheduels, presented itself, quence of his exposure to the moit scarcely exceeded in the Tolbooth baneful air, resulting from confined at Glaigow*. The large room below filth and peitiferous effluvia, muftfairs has a nuud-floor; and whole fafeel fome depression in reflecting milies, men, women, and children, pig upon the dangers to which he is together. The apper room had leveliable in the exercise of philanthro- ral bedtieads in it, with the moti ragged pr, and on the irretrievable lofs and dirty beckling I ever fow; the

windows very finall 'and close; the which the publick would sustain

want of ventilation and decent cleanlia by his death-not on account of nels produced a fiench almoli infuphis uprightness as a Magittrate, or portable. I was in the room but a his station as the High Sheriff of few minutes before I was seized with the County of Bucks-otlier magif- fickness, which obliged me to withdraw.; trates are upright; and every County Lofs of appetite and a general debility affords a Sheriff—but who among fucceeded. This hattened my deparë tlie sons of Aflluence would plunge ture, and preveinted me waiting on into the dungeons of misery! or

the visit

magistrates. the incarcerated delinquent! or offer

Of your excellent recipe I conld not health and life as a sacrifice at the al- avail myself. My bouile of aromatic. tar of Benevolence! Thatotherindi- bark, were broken, as likewise the lite

vinegar, as well as that containing vidual, if an other exili, is not known

tle trunk in which they, together with to John COAKLEY LETTSOM.

my papers, were packed, in one of iny P. 5. I have just seen two letters Quisonic journeysidorough Wales, where in the last month's Magazine, in the protesque figures of mau and mule reference to the Letters on Prisons, (horie I could get but one), with my ligne! W. p. 496, and S. A. p. attendant 'Squire, portmuntean, and

; which are written in such li

writiny.catë, 'looked more like the beral and difpaflionate language as

knightof La Mancha than Buonapartet.

Change of air, I thought, wouldl to demond nay thanks, and which

have a beneficial effect ; but on any arI purpose foon to acknowledge in a rivalot Dorchelier I had scarcolvire gli fpecific addrets.

to go over the prison. It was in a state To Dr. LETT:OM.

of complete cicanliness, and hidl, lince Als Dear Friend,

my last visit, received leveral improveYou will fee, by the date of my visits ments through the benevolence of

my f in the leveral Prisons I purpose ring philanthropic friend, Mr. Norton Piet. you an account of, that ihis was in- My lickly fiate attracted more police

* In my fiftis lettur (Geni. Alas ļ• 2093,) the milerson: puro pulice of Edinburgh was noticed, and ine propriety of haarbasing a more duritable prison than the present Tolo booth was urged, and that even a sri per police was pointed wine by soy humane friend, who hd been presivully accompanied by t'ie bound Privift, Cinuncil, 24 Majittrates, in villiing several elegant Edifices in the city; anyet, inch is the in:!:wa! 10n os neglect of reilons in power! I have this initane learned hy ihe following:10 e friend hiri, Hai LiteJivre inay Aurifli, willi panic ruisery augnienis. “10 a luitor frien tie lerned and 12evolet:i l'refeffor Dunca, diled Edinb roll, May 24, 1904, liefars, "Tam sorry ! (en you ary accouit of the pri gress of our intended New Good at this price. It is full only suikeré of, alcoh other huillings go on vesu rapually."

to 11 apreceding letter my friend entertained me with an accunt of his having heen su spected as Buonamarle in siguise. This night, perlians, arise from the loyilly of the Welch; it might appear to them more probable, than tilit a gentlemair of independent funilin thould leave home and every confusi, to visit the dreary prifon, and risk los life on roads ni admilarye in a carriage! Wilia contralt it's these christens exhibit! One has wadevi llisolgh blood to the imperial dia'tin; the milier clunys Only the humi: le title vf" The visitor' of priloni', the friend of the friendlcis!"



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here than I wished. I felt it myself, has a curious mode of discriminating and let out for Blandford. The next the poor in the workhouse;

" chele," morning I proceeded on my journey to favs lie, " are my people; those are Poole, not without Irong lufpicions the town's." I did not ask her explaof being a fpx. On ny arrival thele nation, but fuppole the former live aldoubis were toon cleared. When I logeiher in the house, and the latter came to Winchelier, my worthy friend have liberiy to work out. Sir Henry Mildmay happened to be I wailed on the mayor,' who is recthere ; be politely invited me 10 Dog- tor of the parish. He very humanely me eid, and took me in his carriage. ordered a feliry to be given out in I laid two or three days, recruited ex- church for the subsequent day (Monceedingly, and arrived at Chelsea in day); and the magisirates and physician tolerable health.

aliended, fo thai I had the luxury of I have mentioned Launcesion work- knowing on the spot, that the poor house. It is my practice, when time object was to be taken from his will permit, to visit houles of industry, wretched place of confinement, put work houses, and large manufactories, into a clean room, and properly taken and now and then the hospitals and care of. madhouses. Not that I have much For this great act of benevolence, I knowledge respecting the two latter, was much indebied to the humane and except as far as cleanliness and vensila

philanthropic Dr. Hall*, who gratuition are concerned. This has produced iously viliis and prescribes for the pria good effect in que instance. On via soners in this well-regulated and exeelfiling the workhouse at Bodmin, in lent prison. He attured me he would Cornwall, which I found in a very pay particular attention to the man; diriy state, I was shown down stairs that he was only temporarily deranged, into a room where a poor lunatic was and was frequently fune for a long time, coufined. He lay siretched on a little and would then do a mof astonishing short and dirty straw at the further end, deal of work for those he loved. with a lew rugs, but no thirt upon I represented the cleanliness, good him. He held a book in one hand at order, health, and chearfulness, I had arin's lengih, on which his eves were feen the week before in the work house intently fixed. His shaggy hair, long at Plymouh Dock; and I fincerely beard, dirty and livild face', give him wifi ine mafiers and milirelles or viher the appearance of a modlier rather than workhonfes would pay ibis u visit, and

He look no nolice, either on go and do likewile. opening the door, or during the time I The farage and inhuman treatment was in his room, till I came close up I bad ro laiely wiweffer at Bodwin to hiin; he then took his eyes off his presented itfelt in the Bridewell of book, and looked at me wiih a more Poole, in Dorleifhire; but the victinis forcible aj p-al to humanity.than I had were more 11nProus. Forir of thein cler felt.

(lumatics) had a finall degree of light The floor of this rooin was earth, and ventilation from an aperture in the and literally a puddle of water and dirt door; a fifihi was Mut up in a cell from more than one inch deep. It was with whic!, bolli air a:d light were almost difficulıy I could liep into it without totally excluded; ihis was an act of ihe treading in his excrement, which laid keeper's, for there were the means of everv where about the Anor; and, conreying both. He had wiih bin a from the appearance of what was in basket with four different kinds of the; must bare been here a merchandise, viz. macchies, lemons, fornigli or more. The keeper had garters, and laces. Lalked what crime molt innercifully beat the poor fellow, he had been guilty of. The-woman and given him tivo black eves. replied, he had been seen hegying ;

I endeavoured an investigate ihe mat- which ihe man positivelvvenien. “ Aud ter, but the miltels lept fich an in- is it for this," tuid I, " that you treat cellant clack ihai I couid not put in a hina worse van a felon?". word eilgewise. This loqniacions lady

6. How 1!16 (Xellene physician, who is ili joouby vidies the pritomers withoni len or reward, I found thios employed va iny first visit to the gaol, and is one of the few instancias of the kind I have met wiin.

+ Same ye 115 29.4 los moins fcandalous and criminal prictices were in mail boules (lio called, as io induce tie legislature to enact several tulang lans fos illi prolection of the


a man.


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“ How many pine in want and dungeon chapel. There are separate rooms and glooms,

(use fix courts for eacle sex of deblors, of Shut from the common air and common felons, and of petty offi nders, or BrideOf their own limbs!"

well prisoners; and eachprisoner has a The keeper of the Bridewell was not separate lodging room (about 8 feet at home. I had not uime, nor was I 2 inches by 5 feet 8, and 7 feet high), in health or vigour, to lay my com- which is furnished with a wood bed. plaints before the magifirates; but, in fiead, firaw bed, two blankets, and a ihe presence of a respectable inhabitant coverlet. Theie are two rooms for inwho accompanied me, I gave the mif firmaries, and under them three contress such a leciure as would, I think, demned cells. In two of the courts make hier ears tingle for a month. are baths. In the centre of the Gaoler's

You have lid it is strange, that a house there is a curet with an alarmmall, whole fortune “ would enable bell, and a clock The nien who are him so fealt on the elegancies of life, confined for petty offences are employ, should delight in nothing so much as ed in fawing and polishing stone, and visiling fcenes of filih and milery :" fawing limber; they have one half of but ihe facl is, I really feel a greater what they earn beside the county algratification in the portuit, than in any lowance. Women are enployed in other diljolal of my time, or that for- fioning and carding wool, and have tune can furnish.

one half of their earnings. The men's If I shall not tire your patience, I gaol is two stories, high, and con. will continue my narrative. When I ains eight cells on each story, divided left Penzance I wem 10 Bodmin, where from the court by a patrage of 4 feet the Magistrates have erected a munud- O inches. Men's Bridewell the fame. Inent of their humanity and attention The women's gaol and Brideweil are to the health and morals of prifoners. one fiory high, and each contains leven 'The Gavler, James Chappie, is intel cells, divided by a lobhy, the fame as ligent and humane: falary sol. and the men's. The common-side debtor's fees as per table in my printed look prison has mine rooms, about 10 feet hy on prilous, and one-fourth part of the 7, and 8 feet o inches high, for which clear earnings of the prisoners' labour. they pay as per table in my hook on Chapiain, Rev. Mr. Moryan; dnty prilons. every Sunday, falary. 501. ; Surgeon, There is a large work-room, in which Mr. Hamley, fölary 30l. ; mber of are several looms for weaving; and a purisoners 10ih O&t. 1313, debtors ?2, couri to work in, 40 yards by 32. A men telons 7, women felons 6; Bride- warın and cold baih and ovens to pu. well prisoners 20; allowance one rify the cleaths. When a prisoner is pound eleren ounces of bread daily, brought into cuftody, the Surgeon is made of wheat and barlev-meal in eo fent for, to examine him; and, if he is. qual quantities, and half a poud of unwell, he fe:ds himn medicines; if beef on Sunday's.

he is ragged and dirty, he is stripperi, This gaol is situated on a rising washed in the bath, and county clothes ground, fronts the Souilt, is well luip- put on hiin. plied with water and fieih air, which All the apartments are whitewashed inakes it very lealthy, there having been twice a year, and the sleeping-cells but seven deaths in 21 vears out of four times. The floors of the day3100 prilopers. Here is a good boule and fieeping-cells are washed for the Gaoler, in whicin there are four once a week in winter, and twice in 100.5 for mafier's side riebiors, and a firmmer, and livept every day. All mniane, or; vt si lo he lei. Ky lie in hljen. 10). c. 49. (wlich is enacted to be in force for five years; and hy the roih Geo. 111. ch. 15. is continued for seven years further; and hy 26th Gen. III. c. 91. mase pas petual), no person, on para of scol. M::ll antzit: or confis, in any house kept for the receivion of lunaticks, more than one lunasick at one time, wirlinee a licence being gian:ed yearly by the College of Physicians wiihin London and Westmiilter, and feven miles thereof; within the county of Middleiex, and elleudere, by the Justices in Seffionis. The College of Physicians depure forme of their ineminess annually io visit the refpective licensed luules; and the MaDistrices throuzid derivate limilar allension within tt.eir jurifliction ; and personally exanime :):- at se of the "serinle onjects under restraibi, and 1300 €pod spond the seport of any kreier. The thinking initances of cruelly at Bormin and Panie onuincio.ouze thie al'inizin rof everv Magiftrale in the kingdom, to preveni lhe p.tibiiy of such abula irma velg practice will dispunity. L.


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the prisoners attend chapel ; and their airy court-yard, but no water. There
behaviour when I was there (9th Oct. being no chapel, divine service is per-
1803) was orderly and devout, and di- formed in a little rooạn below.
Fine service imprellively performed by The Mayor fends the prisoners week-
the worthy Chaplain; the Pfalm for ly one filling's worth of best wheaten
the day was the 79th ; and the three bread : (weight, 18th Oktober, 1803,
men under sentence of death were len- 6 į lb.). No memorial of the legacy
fibly affected by the twelfth verle ; in the gaol. The Act for preserving

“o let the forrowful fighing of the pri- the health of prisoners is hung up, but Toners come before Thee!"

not ihe clause againfi fpiritnous liquors. This gaol (as well as many others) The prison clean. The dungeons of has its inconveniencies or defects. The the old gaol were filled up with lumconvicts remain a long while in the ber, and no appearance of their being common gaol after fentence, indiscri- ever used since the new cells were built. minately affociating with those com- Launceson town-gaol is over the mitted for trial. There is no proper South gate. One room, about 12 feet feparation of young beginners from old square, with a fire-place and three cageoffenders. It is worthy of remark, and cells with straw on the floor for felons ; inuch to the honour of the humane over which is a large room for debtors. keeper, that one prisoner, some time The whole prison is in a very filthy and after his discharge, said the day of his ruinous state. A debtor had escaped just commitment was the most fortunate in before my visit. The gaoler, who is the his life, as he had learned a trade (that Town-Serjeant, lives at a distance. Als of a fawyer) by which he could earn lowance ihree halfpence a day. No two guineas a week.

court. No water. Neither Act for There were committed to the Bride- preserving health, or clause againft fpiwell, from the 4th O&tober, 1802, to ritious liquors hung up. Prisoner the 5th October, 1803, prisoners 85 ; none, 18th October, 1803. their earnings during that period were Town Bridewell, is in the work. 1171. 8s.; of this sum the prisoners house yard. ill room with two small received one half, the Gaoler one quare sleeping-cells, one for nien, the other ter, and the other quarter was paid to for women. Straw on a boarded floor, the county ilock.

very dirty. No water. Prisoners are Launceston Gaol for FELONS for. not permitted the use of the court-vard. merly belonged to the Coultahle of the Master of the work-house the keeper ; Castle, but has since been purchased by falary 61. allowance the laine as one the County. Gaoler, John Mules, fa- poor. I molt now conclude, or I fall Jary 161. fees 13 s. 4 d.; Chaplain, not leave space foflicient to say with Rev. Mr. Lethbridge, fa ary 201. Juty what cordial esteern and regard I am once a week : Surgeon, Mr. Roe, fala- molt lincerely yours, Jas. NEILD. ry 16l.; prisoners, 18th October, 1803, Chelsea, November 5, 1903. one. Allowance 20 oz. of wheaten bread daily. In 1779, five hundred pounds of the King's bounty was appropriated to

Mr.URBAN, Birmingham, June 7. this gaol. In a passage 5 1 feet wide, HE history of Kit's Coity there are for men four new cells (8 feet House, by H. C. p. 409, is so by 6 }, and 8 feet four inches high), a

erroneous, that I must trouble you largeday-room, and spacions couri, with

to insert the following, by way of a pump of excellent water in it, which, correction; though I do not profess Tunning through the necessary, keeps it clean. The County humanely al

to give even an epitome of all that lows coals to the day-room. The cells has been written by different auhave boarded floors. Clean (raw, tuo thors respecting this curious relick blankers and a mg, are allowed each of antiquity. Prisoner. Over ihese rooms are the By " Kentergen and Horlus, two Gapier's apartments. Adjoining is the Danish princes,” I suppose H. C. old gaol, in the upper part of which is

means Catigern and Horfa, who a well-ventilated room with a fire-place in it, for women felons. Three llees- rude structure is situate; but the

were Nain at Aylesford, where this ing-cells, with bedding, the larve as the men's, and nearly the lime lize, former chieftain was a Briton, and open into it. They have a spacious brother to Vortimer; and the latter

a SL160,



I Nowing paffage :

a Saron, bearing the same affinity Mr. URBAN,

July 17. to Hengist: for the battle was Na work of Linnæus is the folfought A. D. 455, three hundred. years before the Danes molested

“ UVEDALIA. this Inland.

Polymnia foliis oppofitis hastatoThe most popular, I do not say finuatis. the best, opinion is, that Horfa Osteospermum foliís oppositis pal. was buried at Hored a place a

matis. Hort. Cliff. 424. Hort. Upr. few miles distant; and that Kit's 274. Gran. Virg. 133. Coity House was the fepulchral

Chrysanthemum angulofis platani memorial of Catigern ; though Mr.

foliis Virginiauum. Plu. Alm. 99, t.

33, f 3. King labours hard to prove it a

Chrysanthemum perenne VirginiBritith Cromlech, used for the hor

anum majus, platani Orientalis foliis. rid rites of Druidical worship, when Moris. Hilli

. 3. p. 22. f. 6. t. 7. f. 55. human facrifices were offered ; its Habitat in Virginiâ.' situation being in a beautiful am- Some of your botanical correphitheatre of hills, from which spondents will, I hope, favour me hills many thonsards and even my- with their reinarks on the above riads of people might diltinctly see passage; and inform me whether all that pailed upon the surface of it alludes to the Rev. Robert Uvethe top stone *."

dale, LL.D. of Enfield, MiddleThe late Mr. Boys (whose death fex, fellow of Trinity college, I fincerely lament, having often Cambridge, rector of Orpington, experienced his friendly counsel on Kent, and father of the Rev. Roliterary subjects ) thought he had bert Uvedale, D.D. vicar of Endifcovered in the name of Kit's field, 1721 to 1731. Dr. Uvedale Coity Houfe a corruption of the was a learned Divine and celeSaxon bis catez, b:nr; i. e. the brated Botanist, and an intimate place of contention between Catigern friend of Archbishop Tillotson and and Horfat.

Sir Hans Sloane *

R. U. This etymology, though rather fanciful, frems better founded than MR. URBAN, Homefield, July 23.

the Tuppofition of Hortas memory A exploits of our Ships of War

being yet preierved in Horfted; as villages of that name occur in are every day repeated, and our leveral counties, and are plainly Navy riding triumphant on the coinpouuded of two Saxon words, seas, one cannot but admire with meaning the place for Horses; as astonishment the accounts of such diftinguihed from the Cow-ley, wondrous machines ; but I with the hep-ley, and other allotinents many more living nearly in the of our rural forefathers.

centre of our Inand, and never I am alto forry I cannot praise traveling farther than the Londou the correctuels of H. C.'s drawing market, cannot have the pleasure The top itone in fig: 3 is too jag- of beholding such mechanical faged; and in fig. 4 the rules of brications without going to some perspective and thadow have been sea-port. If any of your correlo little obferved, that it is doubt- fpondents will favour me by saying ful whether a side or back view be where a real and exact model of a intended. 1 should presume the Fighting Ship may be seen (if an latter.

attendant to explain the utility of Erratum, p 408, b. line *14 from the several parts to an inquisitive bottom, read fine.

visitor the better), they will greatly Yours, &c. WILLIAM HAMPER. oblige Yours, &c. RUSTICUS.

* Some account of Dr. Uvedale may be * Munimenta Antiqua, vol. I. chap. V. seen in Hutchins's Dursetshire, vol. 11. p. t Ariliæsugia, vol. Xl. p. 38.



593, 2d edit.

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