The history of the rebellion and civil wars in England, begun in the year 1641. 3 vols. [each in 2 pt.].


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Página 74 - ... and had inclination to that duty and obedience they had never been taught; so that when it pleased God to bring King Charles...
Página 181 - ... the duke of Richmond, the marquis of Hertford, the earls of Southampton and Lindsey, were the chief; all four gentlemen of his bedchamber, and of his privy council.
Página 355 - Lord, vouchsafe yet to touch the obdurate heart of this proud incorrigible sinner, this wicked, perjured, traitorous, and profane person, who refuses to hearken to the voice of thy Kirk...
Página 187 - ... thought all would be ready. They without made the sign agreed upon, and were answered by one of the sentinels from the wall ; upon which they run to both places where they were to mount their ladders. By some accident, the other sentinel who was designed was not upon the other part of the wall...
Página 357 - ... itself. He was of very good parts, which were improved by a good education: he had always a great emulation, or rather a great contempt of the Marquis of Argyle (as he was too apt to contemn...
Página 270 - As near that place as could conveniently be, they caused the grave to be made. There the King's body was laid, without any words, or other ceremonies than the tears and sighs of the few beholders. Upon the coffin was a plate of silver fixed, with these words only, King Charles, 1648.
Página 267 - ... not brag of their liberty : and he did not only permit, but direct his bishops to prosecute those scandalous vices, in the ecclesiastical courts, against persons of eminence, and near relation to his service.
Página 31 - ... he had himself been the author of, or too much contributed to, and lamented it to his nearest friends and confidents ; and died of grief, and heart-broken, within a very short time after he departed from his majesty.
Página 270 - ... mutation over the whole, that they knew not where they were : nor was there one old officer that had belonged to it, or knew where our princes had used to be interred. At last there was a fellow of the town who undertook to tell them the place, where, he said, " there was a vault, " in which king Harry the Eighth and queen Jane
Página 272 - England that would forsake the royal interest; that he had great courage, industry, and generosity; that he had many friends who would always adhere to him; and that as long as he lived, what condition soever he was in, he would be a thorn in their sides; and therefore, for the good of the commonwealth, he should give his vote against the petition.

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